SonikkuAmericaMess up fstab and permanently cause damage.00:00
seronisi've used nano before =-) no risk of me fubaring my fstab00:00
SonikkuAmericadez: It could be.00:00
seronis(disclaimer: last time i used nano was 15 years ago)00:00
amanda_i'll be careful to only type what you tell me00:00
SonikkuAmericaamanda_: Now that you're at the bottom, type the IP address of the target, followed immediately by a colon and immediately after that the path to the folder you want to mount.00:01
SonikkuAmericaHit TAB twice, then type in the path to where you want to see it on your file system.00:03
SonikkuAmericaHit TAB twice, then type in exactly this:     nfs00:04
SonikkuAmericaHit TAB twice, then enter the digit 0, then repeat. (Just once.)00:05
SonikkuAmericaSo a sample line looks like:00:06
SonikkuAmerica192.168.1.1:/home/sonikkuamerica/       /mnt         nfs          0           000:06
amanda_ok i got it right00:09
SonikkuAmericaNow hit Ctrl+X, then Y, then hit ENTER until you see a command line.00:10
SonikkuAmericaNow reboot, login and see if the folder is there.00:11
amanda_ok cool thx00:12
SonikkuAmericaamanda_: If it's not, tell us... we might've missed something.00:12
amanda_i did it with out him lol he's gonna be like wtf?00:12
amanda_ill brb00:13
deznice work taking the initiative!00:13
dezha, timing.00:13
dezguys any tohughts on the graphics driver thing? worth just updating to 13.04 or might there be a better drive choice to try?00:14
SonikkuAmericadez: What are you using right now? (I wasn't looking if you answered)00:15
dezusing nvidia inary xorg driver, kernel module an vdpau library from nvidia-current00:15
SonikkuAmericadez: So nvidia-current then.00:16
dezsorry, i wrote that firs but didnt repaste it00:17
dezwanna keep you on your toes?00:17
amanda_nope not there anymore00:17
SonikkuAmericaThe folder?00:17
amanda_it's 2 hd's and was under devices before i rebooted00:18
SonikkuAmericaAnd it's not there anymore...?00:20
SonikkuAmericaYou might be able to get away with dumping that huge [ sudo mount -t ... ] command into a startup application.00:22
amanda_ok cus i just ran that mount command you told me in term and it works00:23
SonikkuAmericaThat giant mount command you can go to Settings Manager > Session and Startup > Application Autostart and type it in the Command field. Give it a name and description, hit OK, reboot, log in and you're golden.00:26
amanda_and we try again brb00:28
dezguys, apologies for bumping, any ideas about the video driver or do you think that's a write off?00:31
amanda_didnt work either00:32
amanda_is it cuz it goes to /tmp/ folder?00:34
sketch_hello everyone... how would you get nfs files to show up auto mount?01:11
sketch_my friend toast got his pc set up as a host and me and my girl amanda can access it but it would be a pain to have to do it in the terminal every boot01:14
hipster4uis there no alternate install iso for 13.04? can't find it on the download page01:14
hipster4uor will it be available at a later time maybe?01:15
bskhipster4u: alternate CDs were dropped from Ubuntu 12.1001:19
hipster4uoh ok. too bad01:20
hipster4ualso I just read support period for non LTS releases is now only 9 months01:21
hipster4uthat kind of sucks01:22
hipster4umaybe I will stick with 12.0401:22
bskit's a good choice01:23
surfdaemonor you could also upgrade later, right?01:23
hipster4uupgrading for me means a fresh install which is a bit of a hassle. and if I use the auto upgrader I would attribute everything that doesn't work exactly as expected to that from there on so I just can't do that01:24
hipster4uwow even 12.10 has longer support than 13.0401:29
dezhi, anyone about?02:25
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chaitimehow do I get a wifi utility to scan for networks?03:01
chaitimeI dont see any tool for this03:01
chaitimeI did ifconfig and wlan0 is listed03:01
chaitimeso at least I guess xubuntu knows I do have wifi03:02
holsteinchaitime: there should be a network icon in the tray in the panel.. just use it to locate wifi access points03:03
chaitimeholstein: yup I have that networki manager03:03
chaitimebut nothing is listed03:03
chaitimeI have to add it manually03:03
chaitimeit seems...03:03
chaitimewhy is that?03:03
chaitimeunder network connections, its not listed03:04
holsteinchaitime: several things.. your hardware is not supported.. your hardware is able to be supported, but not made so by installing drivers or modules.. the wifi card is off in the bios or hardware switch03:04
chaitimeif wlan0 is listed in ifconfig, that is a good sign though right?03:05
holsteinchaitime: i "good" sign would be, you are connected.. and if you are not, you are not03:05
holsteinchaitime: i would run "lspci" and see what hardware i have.. i might run "lspci -vv" to see what (if any) modules are being used03:06
holsteinchaitime: do you know that the access point is good?03:06
chaitimeAP is def good03:07
chaitimeim just wondering why xubuntu doesnt come with a wifi utility03:07
holsteinchaitime: do you know the wifi hardware is good?03:07
chaitimeespecially if ifconfig says I have wlan003:07
holsteinchaitime: it does03:07
holsteinchaitime: typically, you literally just click on the includd utility i have mentioned above.. it will just show the access points03:08
holsteinchaitime: let us assume for a minute that it *does* include such a tool.. and its not working due to driver support03:08
holsteinchaitime: what hardware do you have? when you run lspci? what is the output for the wifi chip?03:08
chaitimecheck this....03:09
chaitimeI hit ADD, and then manully entered the info, AP name and wep key03:09
chaitimeit now says "connected to ISX"03:09
chaitimethe ap03:09
holsteinchaitime: if i were you, i would disable WEP, as it could be the issue03:10
chaitimeand now I see an arrows icon on bottom03:10
chaitimeand now I see all these other networks03:10
chaitimeso it works now03:10
chaitimeI just dont get why xubuntu doesnt have a utility by default03:10
chaitimeto scan03:10
holsteinchaitime: test with no encryption, then, you can switch to WPA, as you should be using03:10
holsteinchaitime: ?03:10
holsteinchaitime: that *is* the utility.. and it *is* scanning03:10
chaitimeoh sorry03:10
holsteinchaitime: it scans, and finds wifi points03:10
chaitimefogive me on the confision03:10
chaitimeit works!03:10
chaitimelet me disconnect03:10
chaitimemy direct line03:11
chaitimethanks holstein03:11
holsteinchaitime: ok... enjoy.. but, you should *not* use WEP03:11
chaitimecool it works03:12
Unit193holstein: Half the time I have to service network-manager restart it first.03:16
holsteinUnit193: you think thats the case there? that it just got "cycled" or whatever?03:17
Unit193Haven't been able to read scollback, barely skim.03:20
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i_Hi guys, where can I find information on whether or not my computer is 64bit compatible?04:38
Unit193In /proc/cpuinfo04:39
i_I'm using windows04:42
bazhangask in ##windows04:43
Unit193WinKey+Pause/Break to bring up sysinfo, but it'll only tell you if you are running such.  Can lookup your processor info.04:43
skp1does anyone know of a way to make wobbly windows work in xubuntu 13.04?05:45
skp1nm, i got it05:49
xubuntu007There is someone ?09:41
xubuntu007I'm alone.09:41
koegsno patience...10:00
Starcraftmazteri'd like a shell script to execute when my user logs in11:46
Starcraftmazterhow can i do this11:46
brainwash_Starcraftmazter: create an autostart launcher, or are you looking for another method?11:51
Starcraftmazteri wanted to do the autostart actually but it didnt work11:54
Starcraftmazterseems like just symlinking to the script isnt adequate, have to create a whole .desktop file11:55
Starcraftmazterno...its still not working11:56
Starcraftmazterbrainwash_: anything special i need to do? give the .desktop file execute permissions or something?11:57
brainwash_nah, just make sure your .desktop file is valid11:58
brainwash_and it is located in ~/.config/autostart?11:58
brainwash_you didn't mention the actual content of your script yet, but it might be necessary to delay the execution (sleep x)12:00
Starcraftmazterstarts a program12:00
Starcraftmazterwhich typically runs from the shel12:00
brainwash_the script itself is marked as executable? how does your Exec= line look like?12:02
Starcraftmazteryes, just the script location and name12:03
Starcraftmazterhell this is too much effort, ill just plug the monitor in and do it with gui12:03
brainwash_so it's calling some xrandr commands?12:04
Starcraftmazterunamazingly it did not work12:04
brainwash_creating an autostart launcher is the way to go, not sure what might be wrong on your end12:05
dezhi, anyone here today?12:06
brainwash_Starcraftmazter: but you could also try to add it to your .profile file12:07
Starcraftmazterthats only for terminals12:07
Starcraftmaztercorrect me if wrong12:07
brainwash_test if the X server is running12:07
Starcraftmazterwell it must be, im looking at my desktop12:07
brainwash_nah, you can test in your .profile if the X server is running and run your script12:08
brainwash_if $DISPLAY is set12:08
brainwash_otherwise the script shouldn't be run12:09
Starcraftmazterwhen does .profile get executed?12:11
brainwash_on login12:11
Starcraftmazteralright lets find out12:13
brainwash_back to the .desktop file, does it actually work if you open it by clicking?12:13
brainwash_or with exo-open in the terminal12:13
Starcraftmazterno, i dont open it by clicking on it i just run it in a terminal12:14
Starcraftmazterie. /home/user/file.sh12:14
Starcraftmazterif i put it in profile...the line executed but the script isnt running wtf12:14
Starcraftmaztermaybe i will put a sleep in, for good measure12:15
brainwash_yea, i guess some debugging is needed12:16
dezanyone free to offer a moment & hopefully an idea or two? thanks in advance.12:19
Starcraftmazterbrainwash_: it just runs the script but it immediately exists :/ wtf12:20
Starcraftmazterdoes it matter if its in a screen? i mena idk12:20
knome!ask | dez12:20
ubottudez: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:20
knomeStarcraftmazter, please watch your language12:21
dezsorry guys. right:12:21
Starcraftmazterurgh, it says Must be connected to a terminal.12:22
dezyesterday my pc (12.10) went from fine to "really basic graphics, no internet connection in firefox, bottom panel on right instead of central & with different icons". I got help here which fixed the bottom panel & firefox worked again on restart.12:23
Starcraftmazteri think this is a question for #linux at this stage12:23
dezbut main problem remains:12:23
brainwash_Starcraftmazter: so add "Terminal=false" to your .desktop file12:23
brainwash_ehm, True12:23
dezBeOS looking graphics12:23
dezno option to change...anything, on the settings (e.g. different desktop resolutions)12:23
dezscreen res is wider than the monitor so the top right icons (inc error logs etc) are missing.12:23
dezrebooting doesn't change anything.12:23
dezi can menually change res with  [ xrandr -s $WIDTHx$HEIGHT ]12:23
dezas per instructions last night from SonikkuAmerica12:24
Starcraftmazterbrainwash_: but its no longer a desktop file :P12:24
dezwas using nvidia inary xorg driver, kernel module an vdpau library from nvidia-current (proprietary, tested)12:24
dezwhich is 310 i believe. but have tried others with no change.12:24
brainwash_or call it with xfce4-terminal --command=/path/to/script.sh12:25
dezlast night i updated to 13.04 but it didn't change anything12:25
SonikkuAmericadez: [ do-release-upgrade ] I presume?12:25
dezi ended up just clicking the option in the GUI, but it upgraded fine, it seems.... other than not changing the driver/display problem :/12:26
SonikkuAmericadez: Did you fall back to Nouveau?12:27
dezdidn't try that, no. worth a shot?12:27
dezpic of my problem here: http://imgur.com/MW5VgEs12:27
SonikkuAmericadez: uhh... wow. Do you have ARandR by any chance?12:28
SonikkuAmerica(If not, install it)12:28
dezum, not sure, sorry! can't check now as i'm not in front of my machine, but i'm assuming [ apt-get install ARandR ] will do the trick?12:29
dezwill that hopefully/maybe fix the problem by itself, or is it an intermediary stage/solution?12:29
SonikkuAmericaWell, [ arandr ] anyway, but then you'll have to open it.12:29
SonikkuAmericaMy guess is that the "phantom monitor" will be detected by ARandR, so one it's open, see if you can remove the "phantom monitor."12:30
SonikkuAmerica*so once it's open12:31
dezi only have one monitor on this setup, btw. i used to connect to my tv as a second monitor but not since ubuntu so i'm surprised if that's the monitor being left over, HOWEVER,12:31
dezas per the screengrab you can see there's a second "digital display"12:31
Starcraftmazterbrainwash_: did the terminal thing, terminal came up and immediately disappeared on login :(12:31
dezwhich has only blank settings12:31
dezarandr is the best way to remove this, yeah?12:32
SonikkuAmericadez: It's the program I trust to get rid of extra monitors.12:32
dezand that might then make life simpler for the display driver? which might then simply work and display stuff as normal?12:32
SonikkuAmericaYeah. So open up ARandR and get rid of the other monitor (I think it's an "X")12:34
dezwill do.12:35
SonikkuAmericaOr rather, select the display you want to get rid of and click the pushed-in check box12:38
SonikkuAmerica(I was thinking of KDE's display manager)12:38
dezsounds simple enough. i'll give that a try this evening & cross my fingers. If that doesn't do anything, any secondary ideas off the top of your head, just in case it doesn't & i'm no further this time tomorrow? (thanks in advance!)12:39
SonikkuAmericaIronically enough, ARandR never failed me, but if all else fails, you may need to try a reinstall (from the reinstall option on a 13.04 live image).12:40
SonikkuAmericaIt should reset the X.org configuration as well as the rest of the system, but it'll also keep your personal files (i.e. your /home folder)12:40
dezboo. well at least i've finally got my backup process sorted and have /home seperately partitioned.12:41
dezThanks a lot for all your help/ideas mate, i really appreciate it12:41
SonikkuAmericaYou're welcome.12:41
dezaaaand, back to work :)12:41
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Starcraftmazterwhen xubuntu has an improper shutdown, the grub screen sits there until an option is selected13:16
Starcraftmazteris there a way to prevent this?13:16
koegsStarcraftmazter: yes13:19
Starcraftmazterkoegs: please reveal to me your ways13:20
Starcraftmaztergood good13:22
Starcraftmazternext up, xubuntu rarely manages to properly shut down my computer13:22
Starcraftmazterusually leaves it on13:22
GridCubei can't setup the USC to work with my proxy13:49
GridCubei modified .bashrc to have HTTP_PROXY and http_proxy and apt-get works13:51
GridCubebut the aditional drivers can only be installed from the usc now, so i need that to work with the proxy13:52
GridCubeoh look at that, i installed synaptic and setted up the proxy there, and now the USC works13:53
koegsGridCube: you could have set it in /etc/profile or in /etc/apt/apt.conf :)13:55
GridCubei tried the later and that didnt work either13:57
GridCubei haven seen anyone pointing to profile13:57
GridCubei find it rather sad that xubuntu doesnt have global proxy settings13:57
GridCubelike from a gui13:57
koegsneither does ubuntu :(13:57
TheSheepGridCube, koegs: fortunately they both accept patches14:01
koegsi don't really care, i am good with apt.conf and firefox-settings :)14:02
phisher1hello all, I'm having problems getting an ssh:// protocol handler working with xdg-open15:18
phisher1I've made an ssh.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications/  and /usr/share/applications that point to a script that will handle ssh:// urls  .. the script works fine..  I have set an xfg-mime handler using: xdg-mime default ssh.desktop x-scheme-handler/ssh  ..  through google chrome though, which uses xdg-open and even running xdg-open manually, if I xdg-open ssh://host.name     it will open an sftp:// session in Thunar15:21
SonikkuAmericaphisher1: Have you tried Gigolo?15:21
phisher1any help greatly appreciated..15:21
phisher1I don't want a gui SFTP window.. My script opens xfce4-terminal  .. which is what I would like to happen15:22
phisher1I want to be able to click ssh:// links and have them open in a terminal window and then ssh to the host15:22
phisher1but yes, I have used Gigolo15:23
SonikkuAmericaphisher1: Is OpenSSH installed?15:23
SonikkuAmericahttp://askubuntu.com/questions/11805/how-to-open-ssh-usernamehostname-link <<< You'll want to modify the commands a bit but I think this is along the lines of what you're trying to do.15:25
phisher1precisely the same page I've been on.15:25
phisher1ahh, well one of them.15:26
phisher1Ah, although I am in #xubuntu, I should state that I am using Xfce, not Gnome.15:27
SonikkuAmericaOr you could set the MIME handler for SSH to go directly to xfce4-terminal15:27
SonikkuAmericaphisher1: That's why I said "You'll want to modify the commands a bit"15:27
phisher1the commands related to my situation have been modified.15:28
phisher1The problem I can see is that xdg-open is ignoring my newly specified mime type15:28
phisher1or rather, the change of application handler for the ssh mime type.15:28
SonikkuAmericaphisher1: You wouldn't need xdg-open to dump the ssh:// URL into a terminal15:30
phisher1Google chrome uses xdg-open for external protocol requests..15:30
phisher1I am trying to make ssh:// web links open a terminal and ssh to the host in the URL ..15:31
SonikkuAmericaIn all reality you could just copy the URL and type [ open [CTRL+SHIFT+V] ]15:31
phisher1.. In all reality, I can just type ssh hostname15:31
SonikkuAmericaTru dat15:31
phisher1Not my current goal.15:31
phisher1getting somewhere.. got xdg-open working with a different protocol handler..16:04
phisher1now ..just getting it to properly handle x-scheme-handler/ssh    .. whereas it will properly handle x-scheme-handler/abc   i.e.   I can  xdg-open abc://host.name   .. and it calls my script, which opens terminal and ssh's to the host16:05
gatsu1000hi all16:38
gatsu1000need a little help down there!16:38
SonikkuAmerica... down there? XD16:40
gatsu1000yep :P16:40
gatsu1000can you help me? i don't know why the system isn't recognizing any cd-rom16:40
SonikkuAmericaWell ask up! I'm also in #ubuntu-classroom for Ubuntu OpenWeek; Mark Shuttleworth is holding a Q+A right now16:40
gatsu1000oh, good!16:40
gatsu1000still new to linux in general, so i have some problems trying to figure out how everything works16:41
SonikkuAmericaAbout 20 mins left in that session16:41
SonikkuAmericagatsu1000: It's not recognizing the CD drive, or just the media you put in there?16:42
gatsu1000the drive16:42
gatsu1000i've googled something, and the result is i've no "dir" named cdrom0 or so on in media nor mnt16:42
gatsu1000and the fstab file doesn't have any line regarding the cdrom too16:43
SonikkuAmericagatsu1000: Can you insert a disc into the drive and see if something shows up?16:43
gatsu1000i tried, nothing showed up16:43
TheSheepgatsu1000: you lost it just from googling?16:43
gatsu1000nope, i tried to find a solution with google :P16:43
TheSheepgatsu1000: did you have it before?16:44
phisher1do you know if the cdrom drive has ever worked?16:44
TheSheepgatsu1000: the cdrom, I mean, did it disappear?16:44
gatsu1000no, since the installation some days ago, never found it16:44
gatsu1000but i never had the issue to use it, so i noticed only now that it doesn't mount or found at all16:44
TheSheepgatsu1000: does lshw list it?16:45
gatsu1000i try again, but if i remember well, not16:45
TheSheepif not, then I have to ask this, don't feel offended: is it connected at all?16:45
gatsu1000yep, electrically it works16:46
gatsu1000it open and close right16:46
gatsu1000and in windows it worked correctly16:46
gatsu1000and if i remember well, bios sees it too16:46
TheSheepgatsu1000: it can also be disabled in bios16:46
gatsu1000i will check it again, but i'm quite sure it doesn't16:47
phisher1if you recently installed Ubuntu using the cdrom, and you haven't made any changes in the BIOS, then the cdrom drive is likely physically functioning16:47
gatsu1000i've installed it through usb16:47
phisher1Ah.. So, you don't know for certain if the cdrom drive is working at all then16:48
gatsu1000and haven't made changes in bios, perhaps only taking the usb as first boot16:48
gatsu1000well, just before installing the os, yes, it was working...16:48
phisher1I would insert a known working cd, then run dmesg16:49
phisher1see if anything shows up regarding the rom16:49
TheSheepphisher1: it won't, if even lshw doesn't see it16:49
gatsu1000i can post the lshw if you want16:50
gatsu1000but i can't see nothing about the cdrom16:50
TheSheepgatsu1000: yes, please, it may be not obvious, use a pastebin16:51
gatsu1000erm... how?16:51
TheSheepgatsu1000: http://paste.ubuntu.com16:51
TheSheepgatsu1000: paste it there, save and give us the url here16:51
gatsu1000suppose that can be right16:54
TheSheepgatsu1000: Maxtor?16:55
gatsu1000nope, there are 2 hdd16:55
gatsu1000plus the cdrom16:55
TheSheepah, so it indeed doesn't see it16:56
TheSheepgatsu1000: you can looks into 'dmesg | less' to see if there are warnings about the cdrom16:56
TheSheepgatsu1000: but I would also check the data cable (not the power one) of the cdrom, just to be sure16:56
TheSheepthen again, if bios sees it, it's not the cable16:57
gatsu1000nope, cannot see any warning in dmesg16:59
phisher1is this machine dual booting?17:00
phisher1what type of cdrom is it? sata? ide? usb?17:00
gatsu1000nope, i erased windows partition17:02
gatsu1000the cd is ide, it's an lg, cd writer and dvd reader17:02
phisher1do you have any cds or dvds that boot.. just so you can test the drive, make sure it is functioning outside of Ubuntu ?17:03
gatsu1000yes, i've17:04
gatsu1000i can give it a try17:04
gatsu1000ok, going offline a sec17:04
gatsu1000coming back as soon as possible17:04
phisher1okie dokie17:04
[0gb_us]My system ended up damaged yesterday, so I reinstalled Xubuntu. Now some of the software I used to have from the Ubuntu Software Center is no longer there. For example, Puzzle Moppet. I've tried running "sudo apt-get update", but it didn't re-add Puzzle Moppet to the Ubuntu Software Center. And according to https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/puzzle-moppet/, it should still be there. Any ideas?17:05
phisher1reinstall it..17:06
[0gb_us]Drats. I just finished putting all my files back on the drive.17:07
Sysi[0gb_us]: are you browsing it from a category or using search?17:07
[0gb_us]Sysi, I've tried both.17:07
[0gb_us]I've also tried clicking the software link on that page I posted the URI of, which should have pointed directly at it.17:08
TheSheep[0gb_us]: what does 'apt-cache policy puzzle-moppet' say?17:10
gatsu1000same issue... cd is detected and working fine on boot17:10
gatsu1000i used a boot cd and it asked me if i wanted to boot from it17:10
gatsu1000so, cdrom is really working17:10
TheSheepbut once booted, does it see it?17:10
gatsu1000could not try it, sorry... it was the windows xp installation disc :P17:11
gatsu1000but i still suppose it's not an hardware related issue17:11
gatsu1000because the cdrom, at low level, is working fine17:11
[0gb_us]TheSheep, "N: Unable to locate package puzzle-moppet".17:11
gatsu1000any clue about that?^^17:12
TheSheepgatsu1000: I found something similar: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=12568617:14
TheSheepgatsu1000: but it doesn't have to be the same17:15
gatsu1000it's not sata...17:15
gatsu1000it's ide17:15
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TheSheepgatsu1000: ide is handled by the same driver as sata in recent kernels, iirc17:16
gatsu1000ah, ok17:16
gatsu1000ok, i will try to change the cable with one of the other hdd17:17
gatsu1000i will let you know if this comes to and end ;)17:17
gatsu1000thanks a lot for your help!17:17
Gloamglozerthe .gconf metacity folder is missing, how do I get it back?19:38
TheSheepmetacity is a gnome app19:40
TheSheepnot related to xfce or xubuntu19:40
TheSheepwe simply don't know19:40
GloamglozerFair enough19:40
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g0tohi there, gents and gals20:43
g0tosince I upgraded to 13.04 my volume control is buggy20:43
[0gb_us]That's not good. I don't know what to do about that, I'm still on 12.04. Maybe a driver issue?20:44
g0tothe lowest level I can set is 18% of the total, a bit loud when I use headphones20:44
g0to[0gb_us], I tried alsamixer from the CLI to test the weird behavior20:46
SysiI have the same issue on 12.04, but I can lower volume with alsamixer or xfce4-mixer using "PCM Front" slider20:46
Sysi(without pulseaudio it was just Front on this soundcard)20:47
g0toSysi, could you be more precise? I tried raising and lowering the PCM values using alsamixer, but I couldn't get rid of the issue20:48
Sysitry all of values20:48
Sysiall different bars/sliders that is20:49
g0tobut the main volume is controlled by dedicated keys in my keyboard20:49
Sysibut if you lower that switch it stays lower and you can just use the main control20:54
g0toSysi, I just installed xfce4-mixer20:55
g0toit's not the default volume control application in 13.0420:55
Sysiit's just GUI for alsamixer20:56
g0toso I'm doing the same I was doing with the CLI alsamixer :S20:56
g0toSysi, are you sure that xfce4-mixer is exclusive for ALSA?20:58
Sysiit can change pulseaudio master volume too but not other settings for pulse20:59
g0tothis isn't working as it should. I don't know how to describe it but, definitely, is not working21:02
g0toI'm gonna try asking in the Ubuntu channel. Maybe is not a Xubuntu exclusive issue21:21
iamyounowI ran apt-get update and it seems to update the repo list22:29
iamyounowbut how do I update all the packages I have installed?22:29
iamyounowapt-get upgrade22:30
seronis'sudo' and yes22:36
iamyounowthanks seronis22:37
=== nyRednek is now known as dark_djinn
sdedhi all. i was on here earlier & SonikkuAmerica was helping me with a display problem. it looked like [ arandr ] could be the solution to my problems, allowing me to delete a second 'ghost' monitor which is interfering with my display settings. But i've got it open now and can 'deactivate' the ghost, but not delete it. And it keeps coming back. Anyone know how to do it?22:45
knomesded, can you pastebin your 'xrandr' output?22:50
sdedum.... do you know the command to do so?22:50
sdedif it's the properties thing22:51
knomesded, 'xrandr | pastebinit' should do it22:51
knomesded, then paste the url22:51
sdedum, sorry knome, how do i do the straight bar? i did alt-gr [top left key] and it gave me the xrandr options list22:53
knomesded, altgr + <> key does it on my keyboard22:53
sdedknome, haha, i don't even know what that key would be!22:54
sdedtalk about failing at the basics! i'm usually *quite* good with this stuff... :/22:54
sdedgot it!22:54
knomeokay :)22:55
sdedti'm not chating from the xubuntu PC so i had to type that somewhere, will paste it once it loads in browser on this machine22:55
knomeis this with the ghost monitor being enabled or disabled?22:55
sdedenabled, currently.22:56
sdedwhich is DVI322:56
knomeapparently, your screen is bigger than your resolution22:56
sdeddvi-i-2 is the proper screen22:56
knomeare you using the proprietary nvidia dirvers?22:56
sdedthe screen's spreading onto the ghost monitor22:57
sdedyep, proprietary current22:57
knomehave you looked at nvidia-settings?22:57
sdedsonikku half-suggested trying the nouveau drivers, but he didn't suggest it (or she), just askde.22:57
sdedhaven't yet, am now22:57
knomei would try to fix the issue via that GUI first22:58
sdedum, which GUI?22:58
knomethe nvidia-settings GUI22:58
sdedthing is, i'm not really sure what i'm looking for.... nothing looks overly out of place. ghost monitor isn't shown here....23:00
knomesded, xrandr doesn't really show a ghost monitor either. it just thinks the display area is larger than it should23:00
knomeit's hard to explain it, but that's two different things..23:00
knomei would try to autodetect the monitors in nvidia-settings23:01
knomei can't access the GUI atm, since i'm not on a pc with an nvidia card23:01
knomeso i'm not able to tell you exactly where to find that...23:01
sdedwell xrandr at least has the ghost listed, which is what i'm hoping to delete, based on Sonikku's.... idea23:01
knomexrandr says it's disconnected though23:02
sdedin advanced: mode name: nvidia-auto-select23:02
sdedi know, that's what's weird. it's defo tracking onto the ghost23:02
sdedwhich is why i suspect deleting it completely might be useful23:02
knomedo you have anything plugged to it ever?23:03
sdedmaybe it's a remnant from when i plugged my tv in as a second monitor once. at some point later, ubuntu went nuts and died, hence me being on xubuntu in the first place :)23:03
sdedjust realised the cable was sytill plugged in23:04
sdedwill redo xrandr23:04
sdedno change, rebooting23:05
sdedhaha, there's me gone23:05
sdedhmmmm. sexy. screen res normal. screen size normal. icons look fine. bottom shortcuts popup is correct. crash which i've seen before: /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-http23:10
knomesounds unrelated though23:10
sdedi think it is23:10
sdedpreviously was making firefox not connect to net but software updater wsa fine23:10
sdedand a reboot fixed it23:10
sdednot  a priority23:11
sdedso that seems to have sorted it.23:11
knomeso i suppose your fix it.. don't plug in cables if you want the correct resolution23:11
sdedglad i didn't reinstall from live USB!23:11
knomeapparently it messes up nvidia23:11
sdedcan't believe it was all because of a cable!!!!!!!!23:11
sdedsorry ubuntu!23:11
knomelad it works now23:12
knomeglad too23:12
sdedthanks for your help knome. and sonikkuamerica, even though you're not here. crazy that that was what did it.23:12
knomeno problem :)23:12
sdedknome does british grandpa impression23:12
xubuntu287Evidently, I have lost most of my Linux prowess and have failed repeatedly trying to get my ATI card working.23:12
knomei don't currently have too much beard.. but yeah, i could when i do23:12
=== xubuntu287 is now known as robm111
knomerobm111, start explaining by what is wrong and let's see if we can help23:13
robm111I've followed several guides, everytime I install the ATI catalyst drivers, I get a black screen with a visible task bar at the top23:13
robm111Each time I have to CTRL-ALT-F1 into terminal and remove everything and try again23:14
robm111Let me track down the last guide I used as a reference I suppose23:14
sdedok i'm off, thanks again guys. g'night (or afternoon or morning)23:14
robm111This is probably the first one I used23:15
knomerobm111, is there a reason why you need the closed source drivers?23:16
robm111Not that I'm aware of. I've tried both ways however, both to the same effect23:16
knomeyou don't need to install catalyst if you use the open source drivers23:16
robm111Unless I'm missing something anyway. Default video driver that installs gives me a pretty bad display... glitching while scrolling in Firefox, for example23:16
knomeunfortunately, i'm not too experienced with ati23:17
robm111I'll try reinstalling the open source driver again, I think I've only tried the closed-source the past two times23:18
robm111Hmm ok, when I try aticonfig --initial, I get "No supported adapters detected" after installing fglrx23:22
robm111Which, as I remember now, is why I started heading towards the closed source drivers23:23
robm111Yep, black screen again.23:36
robm111Trying to remember the last time I messed around with the xorg.conf file23:37
knomei'm off to bed now23:38
knomegood luck!23:38
robm111Thanks! :)23:38

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