Stavrosif you do revert -r -3, how does bzr know you're on an old revision to avoid backing up the file when reverting to the latest rev?02:19
bob2what are you trying to do?02:41
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AzendaleSo, I think I might be doing something wrong because stuff seems harder than it should be17:02
AzendaleI have a project that I'm working on, and try to make a branch for each new feature. This sometimes means that I end up having a branch of a branch, etc. (Which could probably be shown as a tree)17:03
AzendaleThe problem I have is that every (sub) branch has it's own folder in one main folder regardless of what it is a branch of, and I'm having a hard time knowing what came from what. This has caused problems when I finish a feature, and merge it into what I think is it's parent, and then merge that fix into the parent of that. Somewhere along the line I mess up because I don't know how the branches are related17:06
AzendaleThis causes problems where I later then try to merge two branches and they have conflicts because I've applied the same finished feature to then since the were branched from each other17:07
AzendaleI've tried reading the documentation on the various repository formats, but I'm getting confused, and I'm not totally sure what questions to ask17:08
AzendaleI guess I'm wondering if there is some way to organize the branch hierarchically, but still be able to switch between working on various branches?17:09
AzendaleIf it helps, I'm the only one working on this at the time, so major reorganizations are not out of the question17:10
AzendaleOr maybe there's a way to have the branches be a tree of folders, and then have a totally separate folder that is a workspace that you can copy the current version of any of the branches to to work on? I'm mostly guessing here17:15
AzendaleOk, think I may have found part of it http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/beta/en/user-guide/shared_repository_layouts.html#nested-style-project-branch-sub-branch17:23
AzendaleIs doing a checkout and then an unbind the same as branching?19:17
jelmerAzendale: yes19:20
Azendalejelmer: Ok, thanks19:21
AzendaleSo, from reading the docs, I think I realize that I've just been using branches and not a repository. If I create a new repository, is there a way to import a branch to it?19:36
jelmerAzendale: just clone it into a local inside of the repository19:43
Azendalejelmer: As I understand it, that would be the branch command (docs say clone is an alias?) I'll try it, thanks :)19:47
jelmerAzendale: yes19:47
Azendalejelmer: Thanks for the help, I think I see how to fit the pieces together now. (Set up a no trees repository, make branches in hierarchies inside that, then make a separate working tree location to work with that is a checkout of the branch I want to work on)19:55
jelmerAzendale: that should work19:58
jelmerit's a lot more complicated than how most people use bzr though, including myself19:59
Azendalehow do most people who do feature branches keep track of what is a parent of what?20:00
jelmereach branch has a pull_location that is generally set to its parent20:01
AzendaleI see. I think I was messing that up by rsyncing between two computers so the locations were becoming invalid. I think I'll avoid doing that in the future though20:06
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