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mmn_Hey, is there anyone alive around here?!04:23
Shubuntuhey guys, how do i use netcat to reverse dns look up?04:24
mmn_Shubuntu look here http://dcssrv1.oit.uci.edu/~franklin/doc/netcat.html04:29
mmn_hope it will help04:30
Shubuntummn_: thanks04:30
Shubuntuthat link didn't have any details though, just said that it's possible04:32
mmn_and why only netcat?04:32
Shubuntucause it's a commandline toolkit04:33
mmn_need to use it in some scripts?04:34
mmn_and why not nslookup?04:37
mmn_hi, boss04:38
mmn_200+ users on channel04:40
mmn_and everyone is silent04:41
mmn_Shubuntu, what version of Kubuntu do you have?04:41
Shubuntummn_: 13.0404:42
mmn_I'm having big trouble with installing nvidia driver04:42
valoriemmn_: this is a help channel, not a chat chan04:59
valorieif you have a question ask it, and perhaps people can help04:59
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mmn_I have a 13.04 on Laptop ASUS K53S05:05
mmn_video is nvidia GeForce GT 630M05:05
mmn_I tried different drivers - both Proprietary and Open05:06
mmn_But some of the desktop effects still don't work, and system is extremly slow05:07
mmn_That means, that drivers doesn't work, as far as i understand05:07
skreech__mmn_: You have a question?05:09
skreech__Whoops page down :)05:09
skreech__Oh wait youstill haven't asked yet05:09
mmn_It's a preface05:09
skreech__Yes I see :)05:10
mmn_the question is that I can't install the driver correctly05:10
mmn_When using console installer I recieve error messages05:10
skreech__can you pastebin05:10
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mmn_smthg about the cc compiler version05:10
mmn_and that kernel model compilation failed05:11
mmn_it was from a pseudographic installer05:11
mmn_which runs in console mode w/o X server05:12
skreech__What kernel do you have?05:12
mmn_the last one - 3.9.0-030900rc6-generic05:13
mmn_also, i checked Xorg log05:13
mmn_and found:05:13
mmn_mmn@mmn-K53SM:~$ cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE05:14
mmn_        (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.05:14
mmn_[    23.025] Initializing built-in extension MIT-SCREEN-SAVER05:14
mmn_[    25.784] (EE) Failed to load module "intel" (module does not exist, 0)05:14
mmn_[    25.932] (EE) Failed to load module "nouveau" (module does not exist, 0)05:14
FloodBotK1mmn_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:14
mmn_[    26.034] (EE) Failed to load module "intel" (module does not exist, 0)05:14
valorie!pastebin | mmn_05:16
ubottummn_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:16
mmn_valorie thx05:16
mmn_btw this orange lines in Quassel IRC are private messages, right?05:17
mmn_How can I send them?05:17
valorieI use Konversation, so dunno05:17
skreech__mmn_: depends. Is this orange?05:17
mmn_Skreech yes it is05:18
skreech__mmn_: It's just highlighting that someone said your name05:18
mmn_ah ok05:18
mmn_i also tried installing drivers with "Programs and updates05:20
mmn_ -> additional drivers tab05:20
mmn_and with apt-get05:20
mmn_but still no destop effects :(05:20
mmn_some of them work however, the most beautiful like cube with desktops, and waving of windows when you move them do not05:22
mmn_when I try to turn them on, i recieve a message that openGL is required05:23
mmn_Lol, only now I realise how poor my English actually is05:24
mmn_Any bright ideas, guys?05:29
mmn_If you need some logs or configs i'll gladly use a pastebin )05:29
valorieskreech__: is much more technically knowledgeable than I am05:30
valorie!info opengl05:31
skreech__lol :)05:31
ubottuPackage opengl does not exist in raring05:31
skreech__mmn_: alright what's the error you are getting?05:33
mmn_when installing from console?05:34
mmn_several ))05:34
mmn_at first it says that it seems there is no device supported by this driver05:35
mmn_however, install continues05:35
mmn_than it says that another nvidia driver installation is found05:36
mmn_tries do delete it and also generates some error like "file not found"05:37
mmn_btw i rememvered now05:37
mmn_the installer said that there must be a log file05:37
mmn_i dont  remember the name exactly05:37
mmn_but i'll take a look thro my /var/log05:38
mmn_1 moment plz05:38
greyganI am having a problem. I just installed Kubuntu 13.04 and my apps do not see my drives. Only the home folder unless I go in and mount them manually. Any suggestions?05:38
mmn_greygan how your /etc/fstab looks?05:38
greyganhas a single line... sec05:39
mmn_add all the partitions you need05:39
mmn_a tutorial is easy to google05:40
greyganK thanks05:40
greygan(My first time in KDE... Gnome didnt have this issue)05:41
valoriegreygan: if it makes you feel any better, I've never heard of anyone having this trouble05:42
greyganvalorie: it is weird. Thy all show up in Dolphin, it is just the apps that cant see them untill I mount from term or select them in dolphin05:44
valoriethat's extremely odd05:45
mmn_I had same problem with my NTFS disk05:45
mmn_It was always open in Dolphin05:45
mmn_And every time system loaded, i had a message that it's unreachable05:46
mmn_fstab saved me :)05:46
greyganwell it is high time I learn how to edit fstab... so here goes :)05:47
mmn_anyone is lookin through my log already?05:47
greyganI looked at it long enough to see you are loading an Nvidia driver... That is what broke my Gnome install and got me here... LOL05:47
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greyganI should say my Ringtail install. The nvidia driver broke it to the point I could only run in Gnome Fallback05:49
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:50
skreech__!info gcc05:51
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.120ubuntu10)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.3-1ubuntu10 (raring), package size 5 kB, installed size 41 kB05:51
skreech__valorie: can't apt-get install an older version from the repos?05:51
skreech__apt-get install gcc=4.6 or so?05:52
skreech__mmn_: so if you press ctrl+F9 nothing happens?05:53
mmn_btw after the driver installation my notebook loaded with 640*480 res05:54
mmn_Had to rm xorg.comf05:54
mmn_skreech__ it makes all the windows visible at one time05:55
skreech__Is ti slow?05:55
mmn_they become smaller and ...05:55
mmn_fast enough05:55
skreech__What do you see when You alt tab. Do you get small previews of the window?05:56
mmn_skreech_ yes, but they supposed to switch like a carousel05:57
mmn_and they don05:57
mmn_just rectangles on a flat surface05:58
Unit193!info gcc-4.6 | skreech__06:00
ubottuskreech__: gcc-4.6 (source: gcc-4.6): GNU C compiler. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.6.4-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 7339 kB, installed size 15219 kB06:00
mmn_btw, while we are chatting here. I tried to install same version with apt-get06:01
mmn_now i see a message, that driver is installed but not activated06:02
mmn_in a util... Don't now how it's called in English06:02
skreech__mmn_: A carousel?06:02
mmn_I can make a screenshot one moment06:02
skreech__what setting do you have for window switching ?06:02
mmn_carousel AFAIR06:03
skreech__Unit193: Thanks :)06:03
greygan1 more quick question... Has the command kdesu been removed in 13.04 or is that a system problem I am having?06:05
mmn_oops, no carousel06:05
greyganas in " kdesu kate /etc/fstab "06:06
mmn_I tried to set carousel, but it turned of automaticly06:06
mmn_because of none-workin openGL06:06
mmn_greygan I get kdesu - command not found06:07
valorieuse that instead06:07
greyganmmn: OK, I feel better. Thats what I get.06:07
greyganOK cool thanks06:08
mmn_this is what I see regarding the drivers06:13
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> »  to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why.06:14
mmn_caption of this window is translated as "Device drivers"06:14
mmn_And the text near a green dot at the bottom - this driver is activated, but not used now06:15
skreech__mmn_: Might have to reboot?06:15
mmn_the question is  - how to make the system use it06:15
skreech__I remember something about that with the nvidia installer06:16
skreech__course that was years ago when I had nvidia06:16
mmn_I'll try, but previous times it did not helps06:16
mmn_ok, ill reboot anyway, brb06:16
kkerwinHi. Anyone familiar with a portable form of disk encryption that would be installable on a flash drive, and runnable on Windows/Mac/*nix systems without admin priveledges?06:16
mmn_I'm bavk06:21
mmn_same s**t after reboot06:22
kkerwinmmn_: Good to meet you, bavk.06:22
mmn_driver is activated, but not used06:22
mmn_kkerwin hi06:22
mmn_what's bavk?06:22
valoriemmn_: do you have kde-jockey?06:22
mmn_Hmm I'll check 1 moment06:22
valorieI've not used that for awhile, but it does still work for messing with drivers06:23
valorieif not, might be worth installing06:23
mmn_simply by apt-get?06:24
valorieyes, that will work06:24
ahoneybunvalorie: jockey is installed by default06:26
mmn_Yes it is, I sent a screenshot of it 5 minutes ago06:27
mmn_but I don't see any possibility to make this driver be used06:27
ahoneybunyou can just use kickoff and search jockey06:27
mmn_Maybe now it's time to configure xorg06:28
valorieor alt+f2 'jockey'06:28
valoriecan't hurt, might help06:28
mmn_ahoneybun : i'm using it right now06:28
ahoneybunI have krunner set to ctrl space06:28
mmn_so how can this jockey help me?06:32
mmn_I see a list of drivers in it06:33
mmn_I see that one driver is currently installed06:33
mmn_and the others are not %) LOL06:33
greyganOK, I edited my fstab abd still have the same problem. Did I do something wrong?  http://paste.kde.org/755450/06:35
mmn_greygan: Yes you did06:37
mmn_U R trying 2 mount all your partitions to /06:37
greyganso I need to create seperate mount folders / points?06:38
mmn_and there may be only one partition at one mounting point06:38
greygani c06:38
greyganthanks again... ima neewb06:38
mmn_Lol me to06:38
mmn_ ))06:38
mmn_hmm looks like every one is afk06:39
mmn_ore they just don't wanna mess up with my video06:39
mmn_Guuuaaays, I neeed yeeer heeelp06:40
mmn_Somebody... Anybody?!06:40
rosco_yCan anyone tell me how to install twiki?06:43
valorierosco_y: is there a twiki package?06:46
valorie!info twiki06:46
ubottuPackage twiki does not exist in raring06:46
valoriethen you may have to find a .deb06:46
mmn_hmm if no one knows about video06:47
mmn_one simle questions06:47
mmn_how can i make links open in firefox by default06:48
mmn_cos now they are opened in rekonq06:48
mmn_and i use it to browse tor06:48
mmn_so it's slow06:48
rosco_yvalorie: ty.  I tried aptitude, didn't find anything in there.....06:49
tsimpsonmmn_: System Settings -> Default Applications -> Web Browser06:50
mmn_Oh that easy06:50
mmn_thx a lot06:50
valorierosco_y: you can look on twiki.org and see if they have .deb files06:50
rosco_yvalorie: I think you're right about the deb.....06:50
rosco_y:) I'll do that, thank you....06:51
mmn_here are the errors of Xorg.0.log06:55
greyganI think I have the fstab file correct now, as my computer is tryng to index ALL my drives... LOL that index is going to be HUGE!06:56
valoriemmn_: googling on one of your errors got me the hint to install and run 'nvidia-xconfig' which I recall has helped me in the past06:57
mmn_hmm nvidia-xconfig alreadyplayed a bad joke with me06:58
mmn_after using it and rebooting i had my monitor resolution set to 640*48006:59
mmn_with no ability to change it06:59
mmn_so i just rm xorg.conf06:59
mmn_and now enjoying a normal resolution06:59
mmn_hm i think i'll try to find good xorg conf tutorial in my native Russian language07:01
greyganIs it just indexing because I put my mount points in my home directory? Should they be elsewhere?07:01
mmn_greygan: you can mount them everywhere07:01
mmn_I don't have indexing turned on07:02
mmn_by default, NTFS partitions are mounted in /MEDIA07:02
greyganI should just turn it off as well. There is about 3 terabytes of data trying to be indexed now.07:03
mmn_3 terras07:03
greyganmostly video07:03
mmn_what are you collecting?07:03
mmn_Child porn? %)07:03
greygantv shows and movies mostly07:03
mmn_joking, joking07:04
valorienot appropriate for this channel, ever07:04
greyganOK, this is crazy. Now that I have fstab configured to mount the drives, the app that could not see the unmounted drives will not launch...07:11
valoriegreygan: start it from the console07:14
valorieand see what errors are thrown07:14
greygank, sec07:14
greygan[ERROR   ] 02:15:07 ipcinterface:156 Deluge restart failed: Couldn't listen on any:/home/greygan/.config/deluge/ipc/deluge-gtk: Cannot acquire lock.07:15
valoriewow, I would google that07:15
valoriehave not seen the like07:15
valorieI've never heard of any of the difficulties you are encountering07:16
valoriemost strange07:16
greyganit worked before I mounted the drives. can it be because I mounted them in a new folder in the home directory?07:16
valoriehaven't a clue about that, tbh07:19
greyganwhat is the command to delete a file from terminal?07:25
valorierm filename07:26
* valorie reboots07:27
lordievaderGood morning.07:30
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mmn_lordeivader hi!07:32
lordievaderHey mmn_, how are you?07:32
greyganOK, I have to mount the drives in /media. How can I make the mount point folders there. Dolphin wont let me, and in terminal the mkdir command brings up a new line >07:39
mmn_maybe sudo mkdir ?07:40
greygandoes the same thing with the new line >07:40
mmn_Lordievader: bad07:40
mmn_i can't install xorg-edit07:41
greyganwell kdesudo does anyway. havent tried just sudo07:41
lordievadergreygan: What are the permissions on the mount?07:42
lordievadermmn_: Have you tried apt?07:42
mmn_they just don't exist07:43
mmn_only deb07:43
mmn_and it doesn;t work07:43
mmn_it can't satisfy the dependencies07:43
lordievadermmn_: Ok, so you have deb, does "sudo dpkg -i <file.deb>" work?07:43
greyganI set the mounts up in fstab but created mount points in my home directory. I need them in /media and I can not create a folder there for the mount points07:44
mmn_one moment I;ll paste you the output07:44
lordievadergreygan: That is probably true, a user has no write access to /media. Using "sudo mkdir <target>" should work, you can verify with "ls /media".07:46
greygancool thanks07:46
mmn_now my question is07:48
greyganI get the same thing when trying sudo mkdir. It just drops to a new line with the ">" sign07:48
mmn_how to install older version of a package07:48
mmn_than i have now07:48
lordievadergreygan: mkdir doesn't output anything if there is no error.07:48
mmn_libwxgtk 2.807:49
greyganbut there is no new folder and instead of dropping me to a normal prompt I get >07:49
mmn_but i need a 2.6 version to install xorg-edit07:50
greygani used command "sudo mkdir /media/newfoldername07:50
lordievadergreygan: Hmm, that's odd. Could you pastebin that?07:50
tsimpsongreygan: you should remove the first quote07:50
greyganI didnt use quote. sec Ill paste07:50
lordievadermmn_: I would do that through muon.07:50
lordievadermmn_: What version of the lib do you need?07:52
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tsimpsongreygan: you used a single-quote07:52
lordievadergreygan: You need to escape the ', so "sudo mkdir Donna\'s"07:53
tsimpsonyou need to either escape it `sudo mkdir /media/Donna\'s` or quote it `sudo mkdir "/media/Donna's"`07:53
lordievaderEuhmm ^ that.07:53
lordievader!info libwxgtk2.607:53
ubottuPackage libwxgtk2.6 does not exist in raring07:53
lordievader!info libwxgtk07:53
ubottuPackage libwxgtk does not exist in raring07:53
lordievader!info libwxgtk*07:54
lordievaderIn raring only 2.8 exists it seems.07:54
mmn_that sux07:54
mmn_I can't write xorg.conf by hands07:55
mmn_it's simply impossible07:55
mmn_and when i try2use Xorg -configure07:55
mmn_it gives me error07:55
greyganAWESOME guys thank you!07:55
mmn_and, by the way, there's still no nvidia in it;s drivers list07:56
lordievadermmn_: You are talking about this right: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15624307:57
lordievadermmn_: You know it is a post from 2006, and probably not updated since?07:57
mmn_oops didn't notice it07:58
mmn_but anyway07:58
lordievaderAh nvm that. Last update is 2008.07:58
mmn_there must be a gui generator07:59
lordievadermmn_: Do you have version 08.08.06?07:59
lordievaderErr 07.08.1107:59
lordievaderHmm perhaps the source of 08.08.06 doesn't require libwxgtk2.6.08:00
mmn_anyway theres no nvidia driver in the list of Xorg -configure08:00
lordievaderWhat do you mean with Xorg -configure?08:02
lordievaderBtw nowadays xorg.conf is not used by default.08:02
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mmn_hm ok, but how do i make my driver work without it?08:09
lordievadermmn_: What driver and what card are we talking about here?08:10
mmn_GeForce GT 630M08:10
mmn_(in my laptop)08:10
mmn_and it also has a built-in-CPU intel graphics card08:11
mmn_however a workin geforce will be more than enough for me08:11
lordievaderUgh, bumblebee (or however it is called). Most unfortunately I have no experience with such a setup, I know it is a hassle to get it working.08:12
lordievadermmn_: What does the jockey say?08:12
mmn_it says "This driver is activated, but not used now"08:13
mmn_not sure about "activated"08:13
lordievadermmn_: Is that the recommended driver?08:13
mmn_cos i have russian version08:13
mmn_It's the last one08:13
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mmn_AFAIR thats the same version that is donlpoaded from nvidia com08:14
mmn_when i seltcted my video and OS in the lis08:14
lordievaderYou would say the folks at nVidia know what driver to use...08:15
greyganThanks again to all who helped me. I finally got all of this working correctly and learned how to edit fstab in the process :)08:15
mmn_i thought - yes08:15
mmn_to optimistic?08:15
FloodBotK1mmn_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:16
lordievadermmn_: You could go experiment with the other drivers, you might just end up with a working geforce ;)08:17
mmn_i did already08:17
lordievaderThough I have to say it is not risk free.08:17
lordievaderIts an optimus thing right?08:18
lordievaderIf so take a look at this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee08:19
mmn_apt-get told me, that bumblebee is already installed08:28
lordievadermmn_: And the rest?08:29
mmn_u mean the other packages?08:29
mmn_virtualgl linux-headers-generic08:30
mmn_already installed too08:30
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BluesKajHiyas all09:57
BigWig_Hey, my widget dashboard isn't transparent anymore. Anyone know of a fix?09:58
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BluesKajBigWig_, system settings>workspace appearance>desktop themes , get new themes , find one that you like10:01
BigWig_That didn't fix the problem. What's happening is that the dashboard (ctr+f12) isn't translucent anymore.10:07
BluesKajoh sorry I misunderstood , never used the dashnoard before , just the panel options10:13
BluesKajtool  box10:14
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gillesHello every body, I need help13:01
JohnThePreacherRepent now! For The Kingdom of Heaven is at HAND!13:02
BluesKajJohnThePreacher, when do the spaceships arrive , and where ?13:02
BluesKajgilles, ask your question13:03
JohnThePreacherBluesKaj, And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.13:03
gillesok, I have a problem with grub : I have update the kernel with the 3.8.0-23 version and after the reboot only old kernel appear in the grub menu. Exemple 3.2.0-2413:05
gillesI look in the /boot/grub.cfg file and the 3.8.0-23 is present13:05
gillesWhat appends ?13:05
BluesKajgilles, how did you update the kernel ?13:05
BluesKajgilles, run sudo update-grub13:06
gilleswith the package manager13:06
gillesI do update-grub a lot of time13:07
gillesand it find the new kernel13:07
BluesKaj3.2 to 3.8 is quite a jump13:09
gillesit's because I update from 12.04 to 13.0413:10
BluesKajgilles, how did you update ?13:15
BluesKaj12.04>12.10>13.04 ?13:16
gillesI did an upgrade13:16
gillesyes BluesKay13:16
BluesKajok upgrade , sorry13:16
gillesIt's possible the problem was present for a long time because when the computer start I don't read exactly the kernel number13:18
BluesKajgilles, ok run sudo apt-get update:sudo apt-get distupgrade , then ,  sudo apt-get autoremove , then sudo apt-get autoclean13:19
BluesKajerr dist-upgrade13:19
BluesKajgilles, correction , sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:22
gillesyes because the first commande return an error13:24
gillesit's ok13:24
gilleswhat must I do now13:25
BluesKajrun the other autoremove and autoclean commands13:26
BluesKajok  gilles now try sudo update-grub13:29
gillesI have a kernel within13:30
gillesand a kernel more13:30
gillescould I reboot to see if there changes13:34
GolligySuttonYay! I'm a Xubuntu user NOW!13:35
BluesKajI have to check my other OSs ...bbiab13:35
gillesI'm back BluesKaj, but there's no changes !13:41
gillesIs there a command to find the menu.cfg use by grub to boot ?13:42
BluesKajgilles, is your new kernel available in grub now ?14:09
gillesunfortunately not, have you any idea14:10
BluesKajcan you see it ?14:10
gillesBluesKaj I find what's wrong. Grub load an old grub.cfg of an partition where is installed kubuntu 10.0414:19
gillesHow can I setup grub to my new grub.cfg14:19
BluesKajgilles, is your 13.04 on the first partition ?14:22
gillesit's complicated14:23
gillesI have 5 disk with 1 up to 5 partitions14:24
BluesKajgrub should be installed to the mbr of the front of the HDD , usually /dev/sda14:25
BluesKajgilles, if your 13.04 is not located on on /dev/sda , then sudo grub-install /dev/sda should work14:34
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gillesBluesKaj It's work   thanks a lot for your help14:50
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scherenhaendenhello ppl...16:00
lordievaderHey scherenhaenden16:00
scherenhaendeni need help, im trying to get video on my computer after upgrading... but nothing, but it works good in live system....16:00
scherenhaendenbut how ever i do... it does not works on my realsystem16:01
lordievaderscherenhaenden: What video card do you have?16:02
scherenhaendenati hd 420016:02
scherenhaendeni know if i restard, i got no video... with lshw -c video it says that my display s being unclaimed16:03
lordievaderHave you installed the closed source driver for it?16:03
scherenhaendenive tried to installed anything... the closed, the open... but nothing16:03
scherenhaendeneven... 13.04 has that configuration system for monitors in systemsettings... but i dont have it16:04
scherenhaendeni get always error16:04
lordievaderWhat error?16:05
scherenhaendenby last time using sudo ./amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13.1-legacy-linux-x86.x86_64.run --buildandinstallpkg Ubuntu/raring --force16:05
scherenhaendeni got Error 2....16:05
scherenhaenden:S i cannot copy from console :S16:05
lordievaderscherenhaenden: Have you tried the jockey?16:06
scherenhaendenwell yes... but a long time ago i didnt16:06
lordievaderYou probable have a choice between fglrx and fglrx-updates. I'd say try fglrx-updates first.16:07
scherenhaendenbut ive tried to install em a looooot of times16:08
scherenhaendengot nothing from jockey16:08
scherenhaendeneven not the other drivers16:08
scherenhaendeni dont know what i got to do16:09
scherenhaendenit looks like it works with aptitude16:12
lordievaderIs your card supported by the fglxr driver? (I mean the version you've downloaded from the ati website)16:12
scherenhaendenwell officially yes... but not that kernel... but it could be working good with the driver from linux... but it also doesnt work16:13
scherenhaendenwell... it works in live version but here... im not capable to install it16:14
scherenhaendenim gonna autosuicide to myself16:15
scherenhaendenit till says unclaimed16:16
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scherenhaendenlordievader: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/fglrx_2%3a12.100~beta7-0ubuntu1~xedgers~raring1_amd64.deb: Unterprozess neues pre-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück16:19
lordievaderYou know xorg edgers is bleeding edge right?16:21
scherenhaendenwhat? i dont understand about what r u speaking sorry16:21
scherenhaendenwhat kind of edgers?16:21
scherenhaendenedgers ppa?16:21
lordievaderscherenhaenden: It seems to me that you added the xorg edgers ppa.16:21
scherenhaendenive added some ppa16:22
scherenhaendenbut from amd i think16:22
scherenhaendenim trying to resolve here since manyhours ago16:22
scherenhaendenwell since yesterday16:22
lordievaderI'd recommend removing this xorg-edgers ppa.16:23
scherenhaendenhow can i do that?16:24
scherenhaendeni dont have ppa from xorg16:25
lordievaderHmm, unfortunately I have to say that I do not know how to proceed. Sorry.16:27
scherenhaendenfgl_glxgears works16:28
scherenhaendenis that normal?16:28
lordievaderscherenhaenden: Yes, the cpu might even render that.16:29
scherenhaendenmm, oh man i dont know what to do16:29
lordievaderWait a minute, do you mean fglrx_glxgear?16:30
lordievaderOk, do you have amdcccle on your pc, and does it not give you an error when you fire it up?16:30
scherenhaendenlordievader: ive tried to installed but nothing16:31
scherenhaendeneverywhere says i got to deinstall doing sudo sh /usr/share/ati/fglrx-uninstall.sh16:34
scherenhaendenbut i got error for that16:34
lordievaderscherenhaenden: What error?16:34
scherenhaendenim trying to copy him over here16:34
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scherenhaendenlordievader: IT LOOKS LIKE I DID IT16:53
scherenhaendenbut ive fear about reboot16:53
lordievaderWhat did you do?16:54
scherenhaendendont know... im on the graphics but till not work17:01
scherenhaendenknow id like to remove the flgrx n try to install that xorg driv17:01
scherenhaendendo u know how to install the default driver ?17:02
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puffHeya... I was on kubuntu on 12. L04TÃSÃ.  I just intalled 13ubuntu 13.4 and the installed kubuntu-desktop, ld in with theDE PlasmaÃa manager... this is very different from my old kubuntu desktop.  Did things change or is there something I need to install/set to make it more like my old UI?17:35
puffFor example, I'm pretty sure I was using a different terminal app, which is pretty important for me because I use a lot of shell and ssh,  vt100 emulation on remote boxes, etc.17:36
ed356hi, anyone know why after formating my usb flash drive (corsair 16gb) from fat32 to ntfs I got two partitions, one the ntfs partition, the other is "unallocated" which is 4mb in size, is this normal?17:37
lordievadered356: I think so, seen it a number of times.17:38
puffHm, I just noticed that under kde it's not auto-mounting my extra partition.17:39
puffIs there an easy/gui way to do it, or do I need to mount them manually?17:39
lordievaderpuff: You can mount partitions through 'dolphin', the file-manager.17:40
puffHm, under dolphin the extra partition does show up, but not in "df -h" or "mount" output.17:40
lordievaderpuff: Is it mounted?17:41
puffAh, it's mounted in /media/_mcgee17:41
ed356lordievader ok thanks17:41
puffCan I have my old kubuntu back? :-)17:41
lordievaderFor 12.04 there are still a couple of supported years left ;)17:42
pufflordievader: Yeah... I was told in the past that it is okay to just install mainstream ubuntu and then apt-get kubuntu-desktoip, is this still the case?17:43
puffIn other words, 13.4 + kubuntu-desktop doesn't look like my old kubuntu UI, is that because kubuntu changed or because I didn't do it right?17:44
lordievaderRaring is very stable, heck even Saucy is stable (though I do not recommend to install Saucy ;) )17:44
puffI'm not sure what terminal I was using previously, but ctrl-shift-t would open a new terminal tab, ctrl-pgup/pgdwn would cycle through the tabs...17:45
lordievaderKDE 4.10 is a bit more flashy than KDE 4.8 (Not sure if Precise has 4.8, but it was something along those lines), is that what you mean?17:45
lordievaderpuff: Konsole still has those functions :)17:46
pufflordievader: Well, alt-tab does this fancy 3D carousel of screens, terminal doesn't seem to work the same, etc.17:46
puffI'm in konsole and ctrl-pgup and ctrl-pgdwn aren't cycling me through the tabs.17:46
lordievaderpuff: That sounds like a non-standard setup...17:47
ahoneybunlordievader: precise has 4.8 but 4.10 is in the backports17:47
ahoneybun4.10.3 I believe17:47
pufflordievader:  It's just a 13.4 install plus apt-get kubuntu-destop17:47
ahoneybunpuff: you can install any desktop you want on any ubutnu17:48
puffahoneybun: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out if this is easily fixable or not.17:50
ahoneybunpuff: what happened?17:50
lordievaderpuff: Did you install with an existing /home?17:51
puffahoneybun: I installed the normal ubuntu 13.4 raring, then did apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, and the UI is throwing me off.17:51
pufflordievader: Yes.17:51
lordievaderI.e. did a kde profile exist before you installed raring over it.17:51
ahoneybunpuff: can you provide screenshots?17:51
pufflordievader: Wait... I have a vanilal 13.4, and then did apt-get install kubuntu-desktop.  I have my old /home mounted as a separate partition so I can get at my old data files.17:51
puffahoneybun: Sure, what of?17:52
ahoneybunpuff: just of the problems that you are seeing17:52
puffahoneybun: It's more that certain keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work.17:52
puffI'm very, very keyboard driven...17:52
ahoneybunoh ok17:52
ahoneybunwell you can change that17:53
stardolphinmy music plays back at 50% higher speed appx. Don't know what triggered the change or how to fix in Kubuntu 13.0417:53
puffahoneybun: E.g. in my terminal I'm used to ctrl-pageup/pagedown cycling through the terminal tabs.  I'm running console and contorl-shift-t opens a new tab, but ctrl-pageup/pagedown don't work.17:53
lordievaderstardolphin: Does that happen when you open skype?17:53
stardolphinpandora, youtube basically any flash-driven program Chrome is up to date, not using skype (ick)17:54
lordievaderstardolphin: Hmm, too bad. I had a similair problem once, everything would speed up if skype was opened.17:54
stardolphinall i can think of is k3b might have done something, only idea i have17:55
stardolphinthank you, lordievader. Will keep searching. Will consider full blown re-install if necessary.18:00
ahoneybunpuff: you can edit keyboard shortcuts in the system settings18:02
puffahoneybun: Yeah, I just wanted to start by making sure I'd done it right.18:05
ahoneybunpuff: yea just install the kubuntu-desktop package18:06
puffahoneybun: I did.18:06
ahoneybunok good18:06
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m0nk3yjoeWhat is the command to disable a service?  I tried update-rc.d and it doesn't work for Bluetooth18:50
m0nk3yjoeI want to remove bluetooth and IPP18:51
lordievaderm0nk3yjoe: update-rc.d is used to remove things from init. To stop a service you can use: sudo service <service-name> stop18:52
m0nk3yjoelordievader, I know how to stop a service.  I want to REMOVE it from starting the first place18:52
m0nk3yjoelike chkconfig does on RHEl18:53
lordievaderm0nk3yjoe: Ah, yes for that update-rc.d is indeed used, IIRC: sudo update-rc.d -f remove <service-name>18:54
m0nk3yjoelordievader, I did sudo update-rc.d -r bluetooth remove and it says it removed them and then stopped the services.  Thanks! =)18:58
m0nk3yjoelordievader, I thought with the move to upstart we didn't use rc.d scripts anymore.  Am I incorrect?19:02
lordievaderm0nk3yjoe: That is something I do not know.19:03
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F41lQuick question, I have kmail, and every time I try to open a link, it screams at me about missing rekonq (which I removed in favor of firefox) any idea how I can make it discontinue this annoyance?19:32
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jacklkgood evening19:59
jacklkCan someone help me with an issue?19:59
Snowhogjacklk: Just state your question.20:07
jacklkSnowhog: Now?20:10
F41lQuick question, I have kmail, and every time I try to open a link, it screams at me about missing rekonq (which I removed in favor of firefox) any idea how I can make it discontinue this annoyance?20:11
SnowhogF41l: System Settings > File Associations > text > html and move (or remove) rekong from the Application Preference Order list and ensure that firefox is at the top.20:13
jacklkSnowhog: okay20:14
jacklkso bascially, what i need is20:15
GEO48hi, I have downloaded those files: http://sourceforge.net/projects/biblatex-biber/files/biblatex-biber/1.6/binaries/Linux/ after unpacking executing them does nothing20:56
GEO48could anybody download them and try to execute the files? I don't know where the problem could be20:56
GEO48./biber --help should at least output sth.20:57
GEO48output of strace biber: http://pastebin.com/X0tC5ABz21:03
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greyganHey guys, After installing "additional drivers" for my graphics card. I am seeing some errors flash by at shutdown and boot up as well as my boot time has increased drasticaly. Where can I find these error logs?22:18
SenjaiWhat version of gvim do I install for KDE22:32
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