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BluesKajHiyas all09:57
mattiagHi! Is this the right place to ask support for ubuntu 13.10?10:59
BluesKajmattiag, yes11:00
mattiagHi BluesKaj, my notebook does not shoutdown/reboot/surpend/hibernate properly anymore after upgrading to 13.1011:01
BluesKajmattiag, first thing is to update/upgrade to make sure you have the latest libs etc11:02
BluesKajok, bb in 5 mins11:03
mattiagFully updated The model is HP550. The command "sudo halt" does not work. It stops on the voilet csreen with the five dots blinking11:03
mattiag*violet screen11:03
mattiagAre there any helpful logs/config files I can check?11:04
mattiagOh thanks, I'm waiting for you to come back!11:09
BluesKajhelpful is the key word , you can try /var/log  and check syslog11:10
mattiagGreat! I already checked /var/log/syslog but I don't know exactly what to search for11:11
BluesKajlook for a process that hangs ..probly a daemon of some kind11:12
mattiagCan I use grep to look for any meaningful line and paste it back to you?11:14
BluesKajmattiag, you can , but that doesn't mean I can help :P11:15
mattiagThanks, of course! I would file a bug if I knew what package to file it against...11:16
mattiagHow can I recognize the first log line after power on, so I can read the last log lines backwise?11:18
mattiagThis one?            "Jun  1 12:27:46 laptop kernel: imklog 5.8.11, log source = /proc/kmsg started."11:21
BluesKajnot sure but boot.log might give you a hint11:21
penguin42mattiag: Depends a bit which log you're looking at, in /var/log/messages the first one is normally something like syslogd (some version number): restart11:22
mattiagThanks penguin42! But that file does not exist...11:27
mattiagHi, can anyone who has just joined help me with a shotdown problem?11:43
penguin42what's the problem?11:46
mattiagOn "sudo halt" the system hungs on the violet screen whits the blinking dots (laptop HP550)11:47
penguin42oh that's annoying11:47
mattiagit is :D11:47
mattiagsame for "sudo reboot"11:48
penguin42when it first switches to that screen can you hit something like ctrl-alt-f1 to get a text console?11:48
mattiagI didn't try yet, but I tried to switch to a console and then "sudo halt" and it hungs.11:49
mattiagSoult I try this now and take a note of what it says when it hungs?11:49
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RepentRepent! for the kingdom of god is at hand!18:42
lordievaderUgh, another one?18:48
penguin42well, if it is it had better be checked in soon other wise it won't make the release18:49
bjsnideri wonder why people waste time with this, just trying to get banned18:53
bjsnidermaybe they're spoofing somebody's vhost, and getting it banned is the goal18:53
bjsniderbut i don't know how to spoof a vhost or even if it's possible18:53
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NikThUnity Next discussion here ?23:27
penguin42I think there's a unity channel of it's own (or perhaps ayatana?) - this is more specifically for what's in the current +123:33
Daekdroom#ubuntu-unity ?23:49
NikThThanks guys.. I will try those channels23:59

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