mijkI'm debating building an arm "desktop"00:02
mijkI've looked at a few options00:02
maxinuxim running ubuntu arm w/ xfce4 on bbb00:02
maxinuxsound is still a fail00:02
maxinuxand 720p max00:02
maxinuxraspi too slow still, but raspian is a reasonable distro00:03
mijki was looking at the via vab-80000:05
maxinuxlooks nice00:09
maxinuxit can be a bit of an experience if you havent done it before00:15
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mijki haven't00:34
mijki built a system that booted up the power supply, drives and usb devices, but i couldn't get the os to boot on the pandaboard00:35
mijki gave up because i had little time00:36
infinityIf you have a Panda, that's going to be a more fun experience than the VIA.00:38
infinityThe CPU on that VIA machine isn't what I'd call "fast".00:38
mijkthe problem was getting it to look like an atx system00:41
mijki had a make-shift io shield that was hell to make and far from practical00:41
mijkhe's not having any luck connecting00:56
lilstevie<mijk> I'm debating building an arm "desktop" <-- This is something I'd love to do, but still waiting for an SoC with enough of a wow factor,03:09
lilsteviefingers crossed on armv803:09
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icerootis there a way to have flash?16:42
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