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yax51I need help trying to make and run a script for the upside down webcam fix17:42
holsteintry elaborating...and dont assume its "the" upside down fix.. most of us might probably dont need it17:43
holsteinyax51: do you have a fix that works? and you just need to run it at login?17:43
yax51holstein: yes and yes, just can't recall how to make it into a script that executes it17:44
holsteinyax51: what operating system are you on?17:44
holsteinmain ubuntu?17:44
holsteinyax51: this might help you set it up on main ubuntu 13.04 http://linuxg.net/how-to-display-the-hidden-startup-applications-on-ubuntu-13-04/17:45
yax51yeah 13.04....I decided to change from unity to classic gnome17:46
holsteinyax51: and you see the startup applications by the method i gave?17:47
yax51ok I figured it out...I forgot about launchers17:52
yax51I got the fix here: http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Libv4l_Upside_Down_Webcams it works for my machine17:53
yax51and then placed the command into a .sh file and allowed running as a program17:54
yax51then created a launcher and pointed it to the .sh file I made earlier :)17:54
holsteinhmmm.. i'll just have to owe you one...17:55
yax51now f I added that command into the startup, it should start skype on startup yes?17:55
holsteinskype has a "start on starup" option17:56
holsteinthere is nothing about ubuntu that is preventing any application or script from being started that way17:56
holsteinif you implement it properly, it should work17:56
yax51true, but it will have the webcam upside down, apparently this command needs to be run for each application needing to use the webcam17:57
holsteinsure.. see above ^^ "elaboration request17:58
holsteinthen, you'll need that startup script, which is not being prevented from running by anything here17:58
yax51other then this "bandaid solution" I haven't yet found a more permenant on17:58
holsteinyou wont have that hardware forever though17:59
holsteini wouldnt worrry about it too much17:59
yax51hehe true18:04
yax51I guess its my OCD :P18:05
holsteinif you really want to get OCD, start trying to take it up with the folks who are responsible for the hardware support18:05
holsteinstart emailing and calling the vendor of the hardware and ask them to fix the support issues you are having18:05
holsteinthat should keep you busy ;)18:06
yax51I should....asus customer support isn't the greatest though :P18:06
holsteinwell, they dont, and didnt promise you linux support18:07
yax51I tried calling them on a RAM issue I was having, and needed to replace the stick18:08
yax51I just needed the type of RAM for my machine, and when I told them I was running linux they said they couldn't help me :P18:09
holsteini would go to crucial18:09
holsteinthey dont promise you to be able to change the ram... for a while, they soldered it into the early EEE's18:09
yax51so I called back, told them I was running vista, an they gave me what I needed18:09
yax51hmmm I was not aware of that18:10
holsteinit doesnt say on the box "change the components all you want!'18:10
holstein"asus encourages you to upgrade any component you want!"18:11
holsteinthats *not* the deal you have with asau18:11
yax51heheh true18:11
holsteinconsier system76 in the future.. they might not encourage or support changing all components either, but they do support linux18:12
yax51hmmm might be a good idea18:28
yax51but I'm not ready to give up this machine yet, I've had it for over 5 years now18:29
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