mhall119jono: I am now00:48
jonomhall119, nm, figured it out :-)00:48
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pleia2npr, huh!03:16
nigelbapparently, it's a big deal :P03:21
pleia2it's interesting how it's not to us03:21
nigelbI know, right?03:22
nigelbI haven't seen a blog post on the planet apart from the fridge post.03:22
pleia2I was thinking about it today, Microsoft is so... irrelevant03:23
pleia2anyway, time to make some dinner :d03:24
nigelbAnd I need to go groccery shopping :)03:24
mhall119pleia2: I think we all see it for what it is03:47
mhall119Microsoft was the titanic of the computer industry, but we all know it's hit it's iceberg03:48
mhall119it'll be slow sinking, but inevitable03:48
pleia2mhall119: indeed, I am letting it take care of itself :)04:02
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bkerensaIdleOne: yo23:47
bkerensaIdleOne: is all ok? :)23:47

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