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robottinosinohi, i am having problems installing LaTeX. example: dpkg: error processing texlive-base (--configure)12:12
robottinosinoWhat debugging info should I provide?12:21
mitya57robottinosino: is there anything after that line?12:23
robottinosinohi mitya57, and thanks for helping.12:24
robottinosinoscreenfuls of error messages, even overflowing (as in: No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already)12:24
mitya57robottinosino: please pastebin those messages somewhere (or show a screenshot)12:24
robottinosinoNo problem to pastebin, where can I get the "log" from dpkg?12:25
mitya57also, which release are you using?12:25
mitya57/var/log/dpkg.log, but the printed error messages are usually more helpful12:25
robottinosinomitya57: Ok, so i need to copy/paste those from gnome-terminal? (it's a few screens of them) Or just pastebin the dpkg.log?12:28
mitya57robottinosino: please paste from terminal (not ones coming from apport, but ones coming from dpkg/apt)12:29
* robottinosino working on it..12:29
robottinosinorelease is: raring (but after an upgrade)12:30
mitya57!pastebinit | robottinosino12:31
ubotturobottinosino: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com12:31
mitya57^ you can use that, it makes things easier12:31
robottinosinomitya57: thank you.12:37
robottinosinomitya57: here is a start: http://sprunge.us/RGEj12:37
mitya57robottinosino: looks like texlive-base postinst script fails without any error message :(12:40
robottinosinobad times :(12:40
robottinosinoi can apt-get remove --purge manyThings12:41
robottinosinoshould i?12:41
mitya57robottinosino: can you please run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure texlive-base" and paste the output?12:42
robottinosinoof course i can. thanks again for "staying with this"..12:43
robottinosinoI am using the system directly as root, not sudo'ing, should I try doing the same routine as "tinosino"?12:44
robottinosinocould that be the problem?12:44
mitya57that shouldn't matter12:44
robottinosinoi noticed when you said "sudo ..."12:44
robottinosinooutput: /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: texlive-base is broken or not fully installed12:45
mitya57robottinosino: sorry, that command should be "dpkg --configure texlive-base" instead12:46
robottinosinosudo: dpkg-reconfigure: command not found12:47
mitya57robottinosino: stop, why do you have version 2009-15 on raring?12:48
mitya57it should be 2012.20120611-5...12:48
robottinosinooh... i have no idea why... here the output: http://sprunge.us/DDVU12:49
robottinosinoshould i apt-get remove --purge stuff... then you can tell me which package name to install?12:50
mitya57robottinosino: 2009-15 was in precise, and looks like it was really broken (I see lots of "installation failed" bug reports at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/texlive-base/)12:50
mitya57robottinosino: did you upgrade from precise to raring?12:51
mitya57and did you have texlive installed before upgrade?12:51
robottinosinoi googled before coming here and i did see many other people struggling12:51
robottinosinoas a matter of fact12:52
robottinosinoin the meantime i have got a VM up, to have a fresh install, and that fails too.. but the vm is 12.04 (please don't be confused by this, it's just an attempt i made on the side, to see whether i could quickly compile my latex and get on with the week-end.. :) so... it's failing in 12.04 fresh and in 13.04 upgraded..12:53
mitya57robottinosino: so you upgraded from 12.04 to 13.04, right?12:54
mitya57and did you have texlive installed before upgrade?12:55
robottinosinoin one system, yes12:55
robottinosinoyes, i did12:55
mitya57robottinosino: as a workaround, you can purge all texlive* packages and then try to install them back12:55
robottinosinothat's what i wanted to do :) thanks for giving me the go-ahead! :)12:56
robottinosinoapt-get remove --purge texlive* ?12:56
mitya57robottinosino: yes, that should work12:57
robottinosinomitya57: thank you12:57
mitya57we of course should fix texlive in precise also, maybe I'll look at it but not today12:57
robottinosinomitya57: right..12:58
robottinosinoall's gone. apt-get returned12:59
robottinosinomitya57: i am reinstalling texlive to try again13:13
robottinosinofamily calls though.. so i can't spend all day on this.. i'll be back with more info13:14
robottinosinomitya57: thanks a lot for your help so far, i appreciate it a lot13:14
robottinosinoit is my duty to report that i tried installing texlive-full (even..) on 12.04 LTS and that succeeds if run with sudo as user tinosino and _fails_ (!!) if run just the same but as root, without sudo...13:40
mitya57that's strange13:42
robottinosinomitya57: you know what? that _totally_ baffles me13:44
robottinosinoand that confusion, for me.. (in my case, not yours) is a total sign of ignorance.. i just realise i dont' really _understand_ the difference btw sudo and direct login13:45
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cjwatsonAha, I think I might be able to finish the libgd2->libgd3 (plus intertangled net-snmp) transition tonight22:39
cjwatson... except missed a bit in the transition tracker.  drat23:10

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