SergioMeneseschilicuil, \o00:45
SergioMeneseshi everybody00:45
chilicuilhello SergioMeneses o/00:46
SergioMeneseschilicuil, I sent you a message by gtalk00:47
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SergioMeneseshi everybody!16:16
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Noskcajhow has lubuntu got oversized already?22:54
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phillwNoskcaj: it happens because of the nature of the auto build, I'll flag it up.23:13
phillwNoskcaj: is it all images?23:14
TheLordOfTimei guess we'll never know :P23:19
phillw(00:14:56) phillw: Noskcaj: is it all images?23:42
Noskcajphillw, i didn't check, the amd64 definitely is. i'll check them all now23:45
Noskcajdesktop PPC and AMD6423:46
Noskcajkubuntu active, ubuntu i386 and PPC, both kylins, both gnomes and server amd64, amd64+mac, PPC23:48
Noskcajso a lot of oversized images23:49
phillwNoskcaj: over DVD size? only lubuntu sticks to CD size these days?23:49
Noskcajsomething is wrong with their algorithm then. they come up like that on the tracker23:50
Noskcajquick question: what's the status of Fake-PAE?23:50
Noskcajnever mind, the guy went offline23:51
phillwNoskcaj: I do not have hardware that needs it, so not really in a position to answer.23:51
phillwNoskcaj: there is a wiki page (lubuntu) at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu-fake-PAE23:54

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