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soy_el_pulpohi, any idea when openfire Version: 3.8.2 will be available via the official repos for 12.04?04:17
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germanstudent Hi. I am relatively new to KVM on ubuntu servers. I want to build a server where all VMs need access to data on the host machine frequently. Do I have to do this like this were seperate machines (sshfs, webdav etc.) or is there a better solution?12:02
RoyKgermanstudent: I'd use NFS13:05
RoyK!nfs | germanstudent13:10
ubottugermanstudent: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.13:10
tarvid_u1sdtool on a headless server gets Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X1115:38
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mikeeyWhat would be the best way to share files to Windows-only clients using Ubuntu? The server is on a gig link, running iperf between the computers I get around 880-920 Mbit/s. I have set up Samba and tuned it a bit and I get around 80-90 MB per second r/w speed, however I'd like to max out the gigabit link between the server and the clients, what would be the best way to do this? My disks16:36
mikeeyare capable of 140 MB/s .16:36
qman__samba is the best way, as it's the only way windows can natively connect16:38
qman__remember also that the client's ability to save the data matters too16:39
patdk-laphow do you expect to get >90MB/sec when the link only does 92MB/sec?16:39
patdk-lapqman__, windows supports nfs16:40
qman__actually, 920Mbit/s is 115MB/s16:40
patdk-lapand samba has overhead16:40
qman__but protocol overhead is going to cap you around 105MB/s16:40
qman__and that's if everything runs SMB216:40
mikeeyWhat can I do to make Samba max out the link then? My current settings are: http://pastebin.com/Jr9vpjD9 and I have dedicated 4 GB RAM to the fileserver16:41
qman__if you've got SMB1 in there, you're really looking at a theoretical maximum right around 90MB/s16:41
qman__the point being, you pretty much are maxing out your link16:42
mikeeyCan I somehow reduce the protocol overhead?16:42
patdk-lapuse ftp16:42
mikeeyGot any suggestions for a lightweight and secure FTP-server then? I've looked at vsftpd and proftpd16:43
qman__FTP isn't secure, and it isn't lightweight16:43
qman__but it has less overhead during a transfer than SMB16:44
mikeeyI assume sftpd would give me even poorer performance?16:44
qman__SFTP is slower due to the encryption overhead16:45
qman__if speed is all you care about, HTTP is going to be the fastest16:46
mikeeySo basically, my options are a) use FTP but have insecure transfers but less overhead/better speeds, b) use Samba but be capped at 105 MB/s tranfer speed?16:46
patdk-laphow is http secure?16:46
qman__HTTP is simpler, lighter, and faster than all of the above16:46
qman__it isn't secure16:47
patdk-lapdunno, normally http uses a few temp files, makes a lot of server overhead and processing16:47
patdk-lapupload -> apache (tempfile) -> php (tempfile) -> php app (save to real file)16:47
patdk-lapmaybe webdav?16:47
qman__put plainly16:48
qman__if security is a requirement, you're not going to get any faster than samba16:48
qman__the only secure methods of transfer have similar overhead16:48
mikeeyIf I have the processing power, would a VPN into the fileserver then ftp'ing into the actual server to transfer the file be any faster/more secure?16:49
patdk-lapthe vpn will cause all kinds of overhead16:49
patdk-lapnow you just doubled up the ip overhead16:49
mikeeyAnd the protocol overhead is impossible to reduce?16:50
qman__it's already recduced16:50
qman__getting 90MB/s+ over a gigabit link is really good16:51
qman__it's possible to get better but you need serious hardware and to get specialized16:52
mikeeyRight ok. If the peak is 105 MB/s, but the speeds are varying (on sequential read) down to 70-80 MB/s, would anything in my settings be the cause for that?16:52
qman__normally that means a write bottleneck16:53
qman__on whichever end is writing16:53
qman__or a crappy switch16:53
mikeeyOk, thanks for clarifying. Helps a lot.16:53
qman__most consumer grade switches can get full bandwidth between two of the ports, so long as none of the rest are in use16:54
qman__if you start pumping more data through, they tend to slow down16:54
qman__that's why enterprise grade switches cost so much more16:54
mikeeyYeah, that is called blocking right? Non-blocking would imply it can get full bw on all ports?16:54
qman__the best way to avoid that problem on the cheap is to just buy a much bigger switch than you actually need16:55
qman__a cheap 24-port switch should be perfectly capable of full bandwidth on 16 ports, etc16:56
enragedI want to run a command on multiple machines. I found out about Cluster SSH. However, ClusterSSH seems to, by all the documentation and videos I can find, require a desktop. Can ClusterSSH be run from a terminal, and if not, can anyone suggest an alternative for sending a single command to multuiple machines?17:03
mikeeyI just tried mounting the same disks in Windows, I get around 110-112 MB/s there and I get 110 MB/s all the time, not sporadic like I do in Ubuntu, there must be something wrong with my settings somewhere17:14
mikeeycould I try tweaking anything in the sysctl? Increase the tcp buffers and whatnot or would that be of little to no use?17:15
patdk-lapthere are lots of tweaks you could do17:20
patdk-lapbut is gaining from 92MB/sec to 95MB/sec worth the time?17:20
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mikeeypatdk-lap, I had 105 MB/s as the "maximum" speed I could get, if I could get a |stable| seq. r/w speed of 100-105 MB/s I'd be more than happy to spend time on it17:32
mikeeyI suspect it has got something to do with some buffers somewhere, as it will go up to 95-100 MB/s, then continue for maybe 3-4 seconds, drop down to 70 MB/s and be there for 2-3 seconds, then itll go back up to 95-100 MB/s and then the cycle continues17:37
arrrghhhhey all.  I'm trying to figure out how to route traffic with two NIC's... I use OpenVPN and it tunnels all my traffic17:54
arrrghhhThere's some services I would like to place "outside" of this VPN, like ssh - so I can still access my server while away17:55
arrrghhhI assume this involves iptables and POSTROUTING or maybe something else..?17:55
qman__enraged, if you're looking to set up a system to repeat this process on a given set of machines, you'll probably be more interested in something like salt17:56
qman__enraged, http://docs.saltstack.com/17:57
arrrghhhlol I thought you were talking to me at first... until I realized there was a fellow with the nickname of 'enraged' :)17:58
enragedthankyou qman17:58
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roborinoI just changed the ip address from dhcp to static now when I try to ssh ssh: connect to host calvin port 22: Connection refused, ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer or when I do get in I get Write failed: Broken pipe19:21
RoyKroborino: can you ssh from localhost?19:21
RoyKcan you ping the host?19:21
RoyKhave you checked the logs?19:22
roborinoRoyK:  I can ping and ssh from localhost...what log would I check?19:24
arrrghhhping from the client to server19:25
RoyKfirst try to ping the server from a client, then try to ssh into port 22 on the server if that works19:25
RoyKI mean19:25
RoyKtelnet server 2219:25
RoyKif that doesn't answer, something isn't listening or is blocked19:26
roborinoRoyK:  yep, that works too19:27
RoyKperhaps ssh -vvv19:27
arrrghhhI was going to suggest that, or kill ssh on the server19:28
RoyKand pastebin the results - not sure if I can help, though, but others may19:28
arrrghhhand run manually /usr/sbin/sshd -d19:28
RoyKarrrghhh: it's answering to port 2219:28
arrrghhhyes, but it might give more output as to what the issue is19:28
roborino-vvv not alot of help19:32
RoyKtry -vvv before the hostname19:34
RoyKconnection refused?19:34
RoyKdidn't you say telnet calvin 22 worked?19:34
roborinoon the client it doesn't work19:35
RoyK21:34 < RoyK> didn't you say telnet calvin 22 worked?19:36
RoyKconnection refused is an icmp message indicating the server doesn't listen to port 2219:36
roborinosorry...on the localhost it did19:36
RoyKwell, try from the client, as I suggested19:37
RoyKor perhaps give that server a wee reboot19:37
RoyK'have you tried to turn it off and on again?'19:37
roborinoa bit more info http://pastebin.com/wh2UQ2En19:38
RoyKplease use paste.ubuntu.com instead19:39
RoyKpastebin is so paranoid19:40
roborinosorry http://pastebin.com/wh2UQ2En19:40
roborinojust logged in and then after about a minute I get the Write failed: Broken pipe19:41
RoyKroborino: no idea19:42
RoyKoh, some nat in between?19:42
RoyKtry to add "ServerAliveInterval 5" to your ssh_config19:43
roborinoit worked fine for hours...no issues.  then I changed from dhcp to static got this going on19:43
roborinono nat19:43
RoyKwell, try it anyway19:43
roborinoits like changing the dhcp to static something is saved somewhere with that IP or something19:43
RoyKshouldn't be anything like that19:44
roborinosure...never ever had a problem like this before19:44
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roborinoput it back to dhcp...no issues at all20:12
RoyKdid you try to configure ssh with keepalives?20:12
* RoyK runs dozens of ubuntu servers on static IPs20:13
roborinoI do as well20:13
roborinoI think I figured it out...20:21
roborinosomething else is using the static ip20:22
roborinothat's gotta be it20:22
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arrrghhhhi all.  I'm trying to setup ssh so it is accessible outside my network while OpenVPN is also running22:47
arrrghhhit seems I need to split the traffic using iptables... I've read a few guides but I'm having issues applying it to my network22:47
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sharad_can anybody recommend some cpu and os benchmarking tools?23:18
tarvid_u1sdtool won't run23:27
tarvid_headless Ubuntu 12.04.223:28
tarvid_Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X1123:28
sharad_on what parameters can ubuntu-server be benchmarked?23:28
tarvid_disk to Ethernet transfer rate?23:29
sarthorHI, I have printer suremark 4610 installed and shared on windows 7 machine, How can i add that printer to the machine having ubuntu-server 12.04 installed ( no GUI ). HELP Please23:47
RoyKsarthor: cups23:55

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