aquariusjono, yep00:06
aquariusQt.openUrlExternally should do it00:06
aquariusI think that's what it's called00:06
jonothanks aquarius00:07
jonowow, up late00:07
aquariusdidn't even go to the pub, in the end00:07
aquariusthat's health, right there00:07
jononice :-)00:08
jonoexcellent, I just scratched my first itch with the SDK00:08
jonoa neat little app on my android phone just shows a bunch of recent news articles from google news00:08
jonoI just wrote that in QML :-)00:09
aquariusnext step: world domination00:14
aquariusthat is in itself quite a useful app!00:14
aquariusespecially if you hatted up to the extent of using xmllistmodel.00:15
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RobbyFwow this project is really picking up speed00:31
RobbyFI need to ask an embarrassing question;00:32
RobbyFhow do i run the touch gui on desktop so I don't need to install on my daily device?00:32
RobbyFI'm pretty sure it's the SDK but i get the feeling there are more steps00:33
mhall119Laney: it seems powerd is dying on startup00:48
mhall119mfisch: who's responsible for powerd now if not you?00:48
jonomhall119, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q2h3psZ6J8&feature=youtu.be01:22
mhall119dammit, chromium is being a pain01:23
mhall119jono: not bad, QML is pretty easy isn't it?01:25
mhall119does it open URLs in the browser on devices?01:25
mhall119jono: also, please add it with links to the code on the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Collection01:26
mhall119so we can get it into the PPA01:26
mhall119powerd, why must you break?01:46
jonomhall119, will do01:54
jonoand yeah, QML is pretty neat01:54
jonomhall119, haven't tested if it loads in the browser on the device yet01:54
mhall119jono: did you use Qt.openUrlExternally() ?01:56
jonomhall119, yep01:57
jonogotta run, will be back later01:57
mhall119Laney: FYI, reverting to powerd 0.10 on my nexus 7 makes the power button work again02:05
mhall119I had to build it from the bzr branch, rev 2402:05
mhall119well, mostly work..02:06
mhall119it doesn't appear to completely power off the screen02:06
mhall119sforshee: ^^ FYI, since I see your name in the bzr log02:08
mhall119ricmm: ^^ you too02:11
mhall119Laney: https://bugs.launchpad.net/powerd/+bug/1186469 if you want to subscribe02:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1186469 in powerd "segfault on nexus 7" [Undecided,New]02:13
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hopkinskong_w8anyone are here?05:16
hopkinskong_w8I've successfully boot into the Android, but i could not start ubuntu-touch.05:16
hopkinskong_w8Jun  1 04:47:01 localhost kernel: imklog 5.8.6, log source = /proc/kmsg started.05:17
hopkinskong_w8Jun  1 04:47:01 localhost kernel: Cannot read proc file system: 1 - Operation no05:17
hopkinskong_w8t permitted.05:17
hopkinskong_w8Jun  1 04:47:31 localhost kernel: last message repeated 318923 times05:17
hopkinskong_w8Jun  1 04:48:31 localhost kernel: last message repeated 772104 times05:17
hopkinskong_w8Jun  1 04:49:31 localhost kernel: last message repeated 840620 times05:17
hopkinskong_w8and after all, it repeats the line of XXX times05:17
* snwh is away: Montreal05:45
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hopkinskong_w8Anyone know if rsyslogd should be running as root or not?06:37
hopkinskong_w8and how about dbus-daemon?06:38
hopkinskong_w8Anyone could help me please?06:53
Stskeepsrsalveti: good work07:31
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hopkinskong_w8Anyone could help me please?08:29
beidlawesome work with 3g, hats off09:01
user82beidl, is it working now?09:04
beidluser82: yup, but it requires shell commands to work atm09:09
user82beidl, every time i boot up or once for a config?09:09
user82maybe got a link for me..so i do not have to ask what is in the doc's/wiki?09:10
beidluser82: haven't rebooted with it yet, but my guess is you'll have to09:10
beidluser82: https://plus.google.com/100264483712374857174/posts/3o1tjYo9Ghx09:10
beidlnext step to world domination: creating wifi hotspots :)09:32
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user82some phablet-flash dev here?11:05
user82uhm how can i mount usb from fastboot or recovery? ogra_  do you happen to know11:10
user82my device is in recovery and adb push does nothing(just sits there idle). can someone please tell me how to proceed?11:16
user82sorry. did not know it does not update the terminal.11:19
user82sorry to ask this but is there a tut how to install the core apps and whosthere in ubuntu touch?11:31
user82if someone could tell me how to install apps that would be nice. there sure must be a link to a tutorial i missed?11:57
mzanettimhall119: how do packages get submitted to the ppa currently? are you guys building them manually and uploading to the ppa?12:22
hopkinskong_w8hello, i met this: [alsa-sink] alsa-sink.c: ALSA woke us up to write new data to the device, but there was actually nothing to write!13:18
hopkinskong_w8any way to fix it?13:18
defuerahi all! I'm trying to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 7, but after compliting phablet-flash -b command it's just reboots into bootloader and no flash or recovery appears to be installed, any suggestion please?14:37
defueraoh, my bad, it reboots into recovery, but anyway after rebooting there's no recovery or flash14:38
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wolvelopezHello friends, I am following the guide http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/ to begin developing applications and I have a problem. When creating a project internto "Select the Projects> Ubuntu> Ubuntu UI - Simple template and click Choose ..." I do not see the option of Ubuntu.15:31
wolvelopezThe installation was done without problem. You know you can be?15:31
wolvelopezSorry, but my English is very bad and the translator helped me15:31
netcurliwolvelopez: what version of ubuntu do you use?15:36
wolvelopeznetcurli, 13.0415:37
netcurliand you added the ppa's listed on that page and installed then ubuntu-sdk?15:40
wolvelopeznetcurli, yes and I donĀ“t have any problem with installation15:41
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netcurlican you make a screenshot of your qt creator?15:42
wolvelopezyes, one moment15:42
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wolvelopeznetcurli,the screenshot is http://www.flickr.com/photos/wolvelopez/8913201221/15:50
netcurlihm.. so you have the Ubuntu welcome and the devices tab but not the template selection thing..15:53
netcurliMirv: ping15:53
wolvelopezyes , the tenplate selection is not15:59
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netcurlido you also have qt4 installed?16:05
netcurliyou could try out the fixes describe here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtcreator/+bug/113533616:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1135336 in qtcreator (Ubuntu) "Qt Creator misconfigures itself on first run if qt4-qmake is installed (does not respect qt5-default)" [High,Fix released]16:05
netcurlialthough that should have been fixed..16:05
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netcurliwolvelopez: rm -r .config/Trolltech.conf .config/Qt* .config/Nokia*16:07
WebbyITWe have a new core-app?16:26
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wolvelopeznetcurli, thank you very much, it worked following the link you put on me. In the end it worked putting this: "Remove the package qt4-qmake Already if you did not remove it: sudo apt-get remove - purge qt4-qmake"17:38
netcurlicool :)17:38
wolvelopezthanks netcurli ;)17:39
mhall119mzanetti: yeah, popey and I just build them and dput them18:11
mzanettimhall119: there is a problem with the debian directory apparently. it conflicts with nokia packaging18:11
mzanettimhall119: in nokias sdks all the packages are in a subdirectory qtc_packaging/<platform>18:12
mzanettiwhen building the package, qtcreator copies the appropriate platfrom folder to /debian and builds it18:12
mzanettimhall119: is it ok if I put the ubuntu stuff into qtc_packaging/ubuntu and you copy that manually before building?18:13
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mhall119mzanetti: for the collections PPA I suppose it would be okay20:19
mhall119I won't be able to "bzr builddeb", but as long as I can "debuild" from that other directory20:19
mzanettimhall119: you'd need to do a "cp -r qtc_packagin/ubuntu debian" first, then you can debuild20:23
mhall119can you not "ln ls ./qtc_packaging/ubuntu ./debian"?20:24
mhall119or would that throw off the nokia packaging?20:24
Orangermhall119: Hey ! Sorry to annoy you at the weekend ^^ I made a merge proposal yesterday to fix the bug, since I'm the only one to work on docviewer can you please review it ? ^^20:27
rsalvetiStskeeps: thanks20:36
szymon_whello! I'm trying to set up connection on my nexus4 fallowing tutorial on G+ and I getting error when trying to bring connection to life:21:05
szymon_wroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# sudo nmcli con up id "3 connection 1"21:05
szymon_wError: Unknown connection: 3 connection 1.21:05
rsalvetiszymon_w: check if this file is indeed available at /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections21:05
rsalvetiand if it's with 600 as permission21:06
rsalvetithen reboot to be sure21:06
szymon_wrsalveti, its there...21:08
rsalvetialso, run as user21:08
nik90mhall119: is there a way for you to test a launchpad branch on your nexus 7?21:30
nik90mhall119: I am working on the stopwatch delay fix, and would like to know if it works or not before I push it to trunk.21:30
szymon_wrsalveti,  ok it works :-)21:31
szymon_wrsalveti, the problem was that I was running it through adb not on device. 3G on my Ubuntu Touch device :D here the fun begins  :D thank you!21:32
rsalvetiszymon_w: great21:33
Orangermhall119: Oh and poppler work nice with Qt5 :)21:39
rickspencer3hey all, I have to find .5 Gigs to delete from my N4 so I can do phablet-flash ...21:54
rickspencer3anyone know off hand where all the sample data is so I can nuke it?21:54
rickspencer3I already deleted the old .zip files21:54
szymon_wIs there any way of importing contact to UT from file ? I have about 150 contacts and this method only import up to 50 http://sergiusens.github.io/posts/google-contacts-on-ubuntu-touch.html22:08
rickspencer3szymon_w, what I did was create a temporary google account, imported the file into there ...22:10
rickspencer3and then imported to my phone from that temporary google account22:10
rsalvetiszymon_w: run 'syncevolution --sync one-way-from-server Google_Contacts addressbook'22:10
rsalvetia few times22:11
rickspencer3a hideous kludge22:11
rsalvetithat will download 50 contacts per time you run22:11
rickspencer3rsalveti, hey!22:11
rickspencer3rsalveti, I'm desperately looking to for .4 gigs to delete from by N4 so I can update today22:11
rsalvetirickspencer3: how big is your sdcard?22:11
rickspencer3rsalveti, hmmm, not sure22:11
rsalvetiyeah, that size limitation can decrease for sure22:12
rickspencer3but I need .4 gigs22:12
rsalvetiour image nowadays is way smaller22:12
rickspencer3needs 4, found 3.622:12
rsalvetilet me check the code in phablet-flash22:12
rickspencer3rsalveti, should I just do a full reinstall?22:12
rsalvetithat would work, but then you'd not get the backup22:12
rsalvetijust flash it anyway22:12
rsalvetilet me find the line for you to comment out22:12
rsalvetiwill send another mr monday to decrease the size limite22:13
rickspencer3rsalveti, I already deleted all the sample data I could fine22:13
rickspencer3find *22:13
szymon_wrsalveti, thanks, it works!22:13
rsalveti/usr/bin/phablet-flash -> line 32122:13
rsalvetichange >=4 to >=322:13
rsalvetiand flash22:13
* rickspencer3 tries22:13
rsalvetiwill work just fine with our latest image, as it's way smaller22:14
rsalvetiszymon_w: cool22:14
rickspencer3thanks rsalveti, seems to be working22:15
rsalvetirickspencer3: awesome22:15
rickspencer3rsalveti, I thought I deleted the sample pictures and videos, but I still see pictures in my gallery app22:15
rickspencer3is there somewhere else i need to go to delete that stuff?22:15
rsalvetidon't remember if the app was also loading the pictures from /usr/share22:16
rickspencer3never thought to look there22:16
rsalvetiif that's indeed the case, with latest image it should be just the ones available in your home22:16
rickspencer3found a bunch of stuff in /data/ubuntu/usr/share/demo-assets/22:19
rickspencer3if it's still there after I flash, I'll just nuke all the files there22:19
rickspencer3woah, nice enhancements to gallery app22:21
mhall119nik90: what's the branch?22:22
nik90mhall119: I haven't uploaded it yet. Its almost complete but I was just wondering if it is possible.22:23
nik90mhall119: If it is possible I will ping you tomorrow morning most likely with the branch.22:24
mhall119nik90: that'd be fine, QtCreator makes running stuff on the N7 without installing very easy22:25
nik90mhall119: perfect. Due to the changes I have to change the laps code as well which is what I am currently doing. I should have it ready by tomorrow morning. will let you know then.22:26
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harriswhen will ubuntu touch be fully out23:14
harrishey reneg23:17
harriswhen will ubuntu touch be fully out23:42
mhall119harris: october23:49
harriswill it void warrentys23:49
mhall119not if it comes on the phone you buy23:49
harrisno if i out it on23:50
harrissamsung galaxy tab 2 10.123:50
mhall119well that'll be up to Samsung23:50
harrisok gotta roll23:50

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