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snap-lIs anyone else having problems getting to sites?14:29
snap-lI can't seem to get to wunderground.com, the actual noaa weather site, and clickondetroit.com14:41
brouschworks for me14:45
brouschGet a real Internet!14:45
snap-lApparently I need one14:48
brouschOh, I forgot to congratulate you for finding duckgrind14:50
snap-lbrousch: I figured you would like that. :)14:50
brouschFrickin awesome14:51
snap-lJoDee didn't quite understand why I was falling off my chair laughing14:52
snap-lHm, seems like a local routing problem14:55
brouschI love it14:58
brouschMy wife said it is horrible, but she sat through 2 songs15:12
brouschThat's 1.75 more songs than usual15:13
Wolfger_duckgrind? I'm afraid to ask15:38
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snap-lGood afternoon19:24
brouschsnap-l: My kid loves duck grind. He's been talking like Donald Duck all day20:57

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