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rmg51Morning JonathanD10:06
JonathanDhi waltman11:40
JonathanDwaltman: no mac programmers group today?11:40
waltmanI've got a lame excuse. I'm in Austin.11:44
waltmanI'm out of the country in Texas.11:44
waltmanBut good luck today!11:45
JonathanDlame ecxcuse.11:47
JonathanDcome anyway.11:47
JonathanDI hate lag.11:48
waltmanIf I can get online at 10:30, I'll try to heckle you :)12:12
* waltman checks the schedule...12:12
waltmanThere's a keynote from 9-10 cdt.12:12
JonathanDwaltman: you're assuming I can get on irc.12:14
waltmanI was going to try to hit one of the pages John linked to yesterday.12:14
JonathanDwaltman: I suppose you could modify the pres on etherpad12:14
JonathanDwaltman: well, the "notes" page is readonly :)12:15
JonathanDone of the features of etherpad you would have learned about, if you came to one of my talks12:15
waltmanWell, I'll be surrounded by the Republic of Texas's finest Linux minds. We'll have to hack our way in!12:15
waltmanHigh of 96 in Austin today12:16
waltmanI'm off to find some breakfast. Later.12:17
rmg51stupid kernel updates13:52
* waltman waves from Texas Linux Fest13:52
rmg51that's two days in a row13:53
* rmg51 waves from his desk13:53
* rmg51 waves again as he leaves to go to the bank13:56
teddy-dbearMorning peoples14:44
* teddy-dbear grumbles about two kernel updates in two days14:45
teddy-dbearonly two more laptops to go14:45
teddy-dbearsee ya14:45
waltmanBootup time is perfect chocolate munching time.14:45
rmg51waltman: any time is chocolate munching time14:48
JonathanDwaltman: you were apparently the MPSIGs first ever remote participant.16:51
JonathanDI think John wants to use etherpad for future talk notes.16:51
JonathanDso everyone can contrib.16:52
waltmanThe talk I'm sitting in now is by a guy who put a wifi router on a weather balloon and put it up to the edge of space while keeping a connection.16:53
waltmanThey usually go their launches in August because that's when the jet stream over South Texas is the best. But this time it didn't cooperate. "It took off like a howlin' cat!"16:54
waltmans/go their launches/do their launches/16:54
JonathanDdirected wifi?16:54
waltmanthey pointed the antenna down, so they had some issues with it taking off16:55
waltmantighter beam for best gain16:55
JonathanDI did 3 miles once, but thats it.16:56
waltmanbut they were also broadcasting a video signal over fm, and that was wide enough that he could use that to direct his wifi antenna.16:56
JonathanDmeh, just run a really long ethernet cable.16:58
waltmanthat might cause weight issues.16:58
JonathanDstring of smaller balloons to hold the cable.16:58
JonathanDyou launch new ones as you spin it out.16:59
waltmanI should point out that this gentleman pronounces wifi as "wah fah" :)16:59
waltman"There are 3 seasons in South Texas: Summer, July and August"17:02
JonathanDI should have given you flyers :P17:02
waltmanyou should have!17:03
waltmanthere are a LOT of tables here17:03
waltmanmaybe 20-30 strewn all over the floor17:04
JonathanDInvite them all :P17:04
waltmanmaybe 15-2017:04
JonathanDbring me back some biz cards.17:04
waltmanfor what?17:04
JonathanDso I can hound people for sponsorships of course :)17:05
waltmanthe only ground I haven't found here is Ubuntu!17:05
JonathanDright now I'm trying to figure out how to get tastycakes to england.17:05
waltmanpleia2: Do you know Philip Ballew?18:52
waltmanHe's talking about ubuntu at txlf right now.18:52
pleia2yeah (just had lunch with him s few days ago actually)19:02
pleia2he is very enthusiastic :)19:02
waltmanI'm sitting 10 feet in front of him right now :)19:02
waltmanHe's a big fan of orange and purple.19:03
waltmanI only say that because he just described them as the world's two greatest colors.19:04
waltman"The last thing Ubuntu wants to do is alienate its user." <the entire room laughs<19:08
waltmanJonathanD: http://2013.texaslinuxfest.org/sponsors19:59
waltmanJonathanD: I gathered some swag for you, too21:14
JonathanDCool :)21:15
JonathanDGood event?21:15
JonathanDwaltman: mpsig needs a speaker for august.21:16
JonathanDwould you like to volunteer.21:16
waltmanIt was great until this afternoon.21:16
JonathanDSomething happen?21:17
waltmanSecond session after lunch and I was getting drowsy. I went out to the hallway to get some more coffee, and discovered that all the urns had been replaced by bartenders.21:17
waltmanIn theory there's a Starbucks 2 blocks away, but in practice it's 4 blocks away and is closed for summer break.21:18
waltmanBut I think the walk revived me better than the coffee anyway. :)21:19
JonathanDwe'll have to get you a coffee flask, for when you're trapped in a bar and no coffee is ot be found.21:19
waltmanI didn't get enough sleep last night, and I had a big lunch, and the speaker had a really soothing voice21:22
JonathanDJohn said he would do his invisibility talk at fosscon.21:25
JonathanDIt'd kinda be offtopic, but it also sounds very interesting.21:25
waltmanI'd go!21:25
JonathanDSomeone from nasa asked him to do it.21:25
JonathanDfor them.21:25
waltmanopen source invisibility cloak!21:25
JonathanD(or something along those lines)21:25
waltmanthere was someone from nasa at the meeting today?21:26
JonathanDthe talk would really be on the math/science of it, with pointers on where to go do it21:26
JonathanDno... wherever it was he gave his talk21:26
waltmanOh, Balticon21:26
waltmanNASA people go to that.21:26
JonathanDI think I'd go to it too.21:27
JonathanDone of the guys (I don't know everyones name) was talking about using etherpad in a classroom or such.21:28
JonathanDI honestly think this is a great idea.21:28
JonathanDcollaborative notetaking?21:28
JonathanDRussianish accent?21:28
JonathanDor east europeish, anyway.21:28
waltmanThe crazy Brazilian guy who wants to do scientific programming in Applescript?21:29
JonathanDI don't recall if it's the same guy.21:29
JonathanDBut really scientific programming should be done in qbasic.21:29
JonathanDI'm not sure why anyone would do anything else.21:29
waltmanThere's another guy with an accent. Older guy.21:29
JonathanDThis was the older guy, then. I think :)21:29

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