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Kilosmorning all07:12
Kiloshi trender 07:28
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inetproMaaz: hmm...09:29
Maazhmm... is often used to try make others believe one is actually thinking09:29
inetprogoeie more oom Kilos09:29
Kiloshi inetpro 09:30
inetprooh and good morning to everyone else09:30
Kiloshi josvis 09:30
Kilosek vol slegte griep ai!09:31
* inetpro sukkel al amper vir 'n maand lank om ontslae te raak van gehoes en proes09:31
inetprodarem nie te erg nie maar wil net nie weg gaan nie09:32
Kilosdie een is kwaai, sien ook nie mooi nie en hoes baie en neus loop soos n kraan09:33
inetproja selle ding, ek was ook daar aan die begin van Mei09:37
Kilosjy dit vir my gegee09:38
charl_good morning11:52
charl_Maaz: coffee on11:52
* Maaz starts grinding coffee11:52
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!11:56
magespawnafternoon all12:17
Cantideafternoon :p12:17
Kiloshi magespawn Cantide 12:17
magespawni did not expect anyone to be here12:18
magespawni have a clean shop again12:18
magespawnnot chatting room was quiet12:18
Kilosim sicker so lying down mostly12:19
magespawncold or flu Kilos?12:20
Kilosbad flu12:20
Kilossounds like the same one the pro has had for a month12:20
magespawnhectic, i have heard this one is a bad one, get well you guys12:21
Kilosbut i still  hear bloeps12:21
magespawni do strange things to get better12:22
Kilostell all12:22
Kilosi dont like feeling like this12:22
Kilosand ian is coming today so he gonna get it12:23
magespawnlike viks vapo rub, lots of water and vitamin c, nasal cleaning12:24
Kilosi have chilli everyday anyway12:25
Kilosgot viks in nose down throat and under feet12:25
magespawnnever tried it under the feet12:26
magespawnback and chest12:26
Kilosworks well for small kids12:27
magespawnalso breath it in dissolved in boiling water12:27
Kilosi forgot that but no energy atm12:29
magespawnrest more then, home time for me12:37
magespawnlater all12:38
afrodeityhttp://bit.ly/12W7IL5 OBS Hack Fest pictures14:55
charl_afrodeity: what was this about exactly? some background info?16:58
charl_wb Kilos 17:01
charl_how's it going17:01
Kilosalive and you17:01
Kilosfulla flu17:01
charl_ah no man17:01
charl_get better soon17:01
charl_is it a cold or a full-on flu?17:01
Kiloswill do i hope, this sucks17:02
Kilosserious eina joints , lotsas coughing and sneezing, runny nose all the time etc etc etc17:02
charl_look well after yourself...17:03
charl_it goes over quickly enough17:03
Kilosthe pro has had it for a month17:04
Kilosserious new kinda bug17:04
charl_wow that sounds strange17:04
Kilosremember flu is a virus that mutates all the time17:05
Kilosao taking meds that suppress it only makes it stronger17:05
charl_afaik there isn't much you can do about it17:06
charl_but that sounds serious17:06
charl_i had a flu last year november, was sick as a dog17:06
charl_but it was over in 3 days17:06
Kilosyip normally you have to let it run its course17:06
charl_just monitor the temperature you have17:06
charl_if you go over 40 i think you are supposed to go to hospital17:06
Kilosno hospitals for me anymore ty17:07
Kiloshi nlsthzn 17:37
nlsthznhello uncle Kilos:17:55
nlsthznKilos: hoping for a Cheetahs win perhaps? ;)18:10
Kilosi only support the bulls against foreigners18:12
nlsthznat leasst18:12
inetproKilos: slaap jy nog nie?18:57
inetprojy moet slaap as jy siek is18:57
Kilosnog nie inetpro 18:57
Kiloshet rugby gekyk18:58
nlsthznuncle Kilos you feeling under the weather?18:58
Kilosvery nlsthzn 18:58
nlsthzn:( sorry to hear, hope you get better ASAP then!!!18:58
Kilosty laddy18:58
nlsthznstay warm and dry and rest!!18:58
nlsthznand have chicken soup18:59
nlsthznwith real chickens18:59
Kiloshow you stay dry when nose runs like a tap18:59
Kilosyeah heard the chicken soup thing before19:00
nlsthznhmmm... good pont19:00
inetprohmm... chicken soup sounds lekker19:00
nlsthznseason change colds/flu's suck19:00
Kilosstarnge ty be sick , it normally bypasses me and affects everyone else19:00
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight19:15

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