echoei wish i had that. was going to build my own and try for it. @.@00:00
thecodeischaosi have 75TB ram00:00
thecodeischaosand a dozen quantum processors00:01
quibble_minimec: this is the mouse I am using http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.online365days.com/webshaper/pcm/pictures/keyboardnMouse/Logitech/M100_usb.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.online365days.com/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem%3D194&h=256&w=350&sz=6&tbnid=OxA-YTdKoNeT7M:&tbnh=90&tbnw=123&zoom=1&usg=___iUcOtDa-6j7Run5DvmK1o7ioNc=&docid=Yn2A_8650dT87M&sa=X&ei=0DmpUZK3G---4AOv1YCgDA&ved=0CGQQ9QEwBw&dur=37000:01
quibble_minimec: there must be two m100's00:01
SuperLagechoe: This is a ThinkPad W530.00:02
SuperLagKiB Mem:  32580568 total, 14647420 used, 17933148 free,   521112 buffers00:02
minimecquibble_: I surprised that you have problems with that kind of mouse. I mean it's a standard USB mouse without additional buttons. I only used Logitech mouses my whole life. I never had such kind of 'double click' problem.00:03
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quibble_minimec: I don't know. I've had linux for a few months now and this is the first time i've noticed an issue00:06
quibble_with mouses, that is *00:06
minimecquibble_: I am sorry, but I guess I cannot help you. I never had problems with a logitech mouse, even with addidtional buttons.00:08
echoeSuperLag, ahh. my laptop is a cheap a6. :P it does everything ok though. i would really only use 32G if i was spinning up a bunch of virtual environments00:08
quibble_minimec: that's okay, thank you :D00:10
betrayd does that laptop have the eraser head trackpoint quibble?00:11
boosalihay guys, i am having tgrouble for some time now - i am running ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and for a while now i am trying to upgrade, and i cant... i've looked everywhere, i tried the "do-realse-upgrade -d" thing: it says "No new version available" i changed to "prompt=normal"... and nothing00:13
boosalii've also reinstalled the update-manager...00:13
boosalii can do regular updates, but not the dist upgrade00:13
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boosalican any1 try and help me out?00:14
betraydboosali hows your current setup, 100% working?00:15
betraydwifi video internet multimedia all ok?00:16
minimecboosali: I don't know why 'do-release-upgrade -d' is not working for you. It works on my 12.04 desktop. But besides... You don't want to 12.10 ... ;) You might switch to a newer kernel in 12.04, but 12.10 is not worth an upgrade from 12.04.00:17
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boosaliamm, this is a desktop - net a server... i eventually would like to go to 13.04...00:17
boosalibut if its to hard, how do i go to the new kernel?00:18
epsilonorionI have an issue when using apt-get to install a package.  I had to compile and build a dependency from source, however, when I try to install a package, it still tries to install the binaries from apt-get of the package I manually installed.  Have I done something wrong when building?  Is there a way to fix this?00:19
Ben64boosali: do you actually need a new kernel?00:19
minimecboosali: 13.04 would mean two upgrades, as you cannot upgrade 12.04 -> 13.04. The newer kernels are available in the software repositories. The 3.5... series is 12.10; the 3.8... ones are backports from 13.0400:20
Ben64epsilonorion: you don't need to compile anything to be able to apt-get something00:20
boosalithank you guys, i know i need to preform 2 upgrades, thats why i am trying to go to 12.10...00:20
jaynwho has already installed the new IDE of android on Ubuntu please ?00:21
Ben64boosali: why upgrade every 6 months when you can upgrade every 2 years? :D00:21
boosalithis is not an importante desktop, its meaning is to try and use the new non LTS ubuntu versions00:21
minimecboosali: My desktop for example is a 12.04 machine with the kernel backport ftom00:21
boosaliso i am trying to do the update....00:21
epsilonorionBen64, not quite the issue.  I am attempting to install something from apt-get.  It has a dependency on something else, but I needed to build that part from source.  When I try to apt-get install the first one, it is still trying to install the second one as a dependency.00:21
epsilonorionI dont want this00:22
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epsilonorionas I have already built it manually and installed it00:22
Ben64epsilonorion: why would you need to build it if it's in apt-get00:22
epsilonorionits not, it just thinks it is00:22
Ben64what is it00:22
jaynWho has already installed the new IDE of android on Ubuntu please ?00:23
minimecboosali: O love 13.04, but my desktop (the working horse) will stay on 12.04. Stable, LTS... Ask your self that kind of questions. With 13.04 you have to update in abot 8 month from know again...00:23
Ben64jayn: not really relevant to ubuntu support00:23
minimecboosali: I love... ;)00:23
thecodeischaosjayn i have00:23
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epsilonorionI am installing a ROS (Robot Operating Systems) application through apt-get on an ARM based version of Ubuntu.  When I try to install the ROS application it depends on libyaml-cpp-dev.  Well, since there isn't a binary for it on ARM, I had to build from source00:24
epsilonorionwhen I go to install the first part again, it attempts to install libyaml-cpp-dev, even though I already did00:24
minimecboosali: 12.04 with the 3.8 kernel backport is really cool with my i5 Ivy bridge generation computer.00:24
Ben64epsilonorion: sounds like something that isn't supported in this channel00:24
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boosaliminimec: yeah, i know i will have to update again, i dont mind... this is the purpose of this desktop.... can you help me do the upgrade as i should?00:25
enymaworksHow do I setup a proxy with my irssi?00:25
SuperLagecanto: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-05312013-050621pm.php00:25
epsilonorionBen64: which is why I didn't explain it that way.  My question is not related to ARMs and compiling.  It is how do I make sure Linux/Ubuntu does not attempt to find a package that I have manually installed from source00:25
epsilonorionother than this channel or a general linux channel, I am not sure where is best to ask00:25
boosalii have tried even running the "do-realse-update -d" with a "debug level = 1" envaermental variable, but it said "cant find "percise" in some list00:26
ripplebitconstant beep after keyboard water damage, any ideeas?00:26
minimecboosali: NOt really. Run the according tool. Maybe disable some ppa, experimental GPU stuff...00:26
Ben64epsilonorion: might have to compile the whole thing, but we can't support ppas and stuff like that00:26
boosalii am running radeon 6950HD with Xinerama... can it be the problem?00:27
boosalii have 2 screens...00:27
SuperLagepsilonorion: lock the package in synaptic00:27
Ben64no... number of screens doesn't change upgrades00:27
epsilonorionSuperLag: how do I do that?  Sorry, never had to00:27
boosalimaybe the Xinerama is somehow makes ot feel uncomfartable ;)?00:27
epsilonorionSuperLag: I can look it up if it is easy or too complicated to explain in chat00:29
SuperLagepsilonorion: sorry. eating00:30
epsilonorionlol, no biggy00:30
minimecboosali: That may in fact be a problem..00:30
boosalilet me try to disable it00:30
ripplebitanyone know how to stop constant beeping of laptop?00:32
SuperLagripplebit: shoot iy?\\t?00:33
boosalii think it needs a restart... I"ll brb00:33
SuperLagshoot it00:33
ripplebittried that, no dice00:33
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ripplebitanyone know how to stop constant beeping of laptop?00:35
Ben64turn it off00:35
ripplebitany helpful ideas?00:36
Ben64go to #hardware maybe?00:36
cottondoes the BIOS/EFI say anything?00:37
SuperLagripplebit: if you tried shooting it, and it still beeps... it's time to take it to an exorcist :)00:37
TempusFugit32check to see if any keys are stuck?00:37
SuperLagripplebit: either that, or you're a REALLY bad shot :D00:37
ripplebiti cant access bios00:38
ripplebittried #hardware00:38
SuperLagwhy not?00:38
Ben64well its a hardware problem, not an ubuntu problem00:38
Ben64be patient00:38
ripplebitkeyboards broken00:39
ripplebiti want to turn off beeping00:39
SuperLagwhat do you mean the keyboard is broken?00:39
ripplebitwater dmg00:39
Campfirewhats a good channal  here with a lil less tech stuff00:39
betraydne key is shorted00:39
SuperLagthen it is probably affecting other things too... get your hardware fixed, amigo00:40
ripplebitbut i want to stop the beeping noise00:40
SuperLagCampfire: what did you want to talk about, your cat? :)00:40
Ben64#hardware --- stop asking here00:40
Campfireyeah something like that00:40
Ben64!alis | Campfire00:41
ubottuCampfire: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*00:41
Campfireor cat cmd00:41
betraydripplebit plug  in a headphone00:41
betraydthen an extra keyboard00:41
ripplebiti tried, still makes noise00:41
betraydwhich one00:42
Ben64betrayd: if you want to help ripplebit, great. just do it in a different channel00:42
ripplebitand dont have keyboard00:43
Campfirewhats the prob with ripplebit thingey00:43
betraydthats it00:43
Campfireso using on screen keybourd00:43
ripplebiti am, but i want to stop the beeping00:44
Campfirewell if no keybourd wonder what he using speak to text or something00:44
Ben64come on guys, this is for ubuntu support only. take it elsewhere. #hardware is perfect for this00:44
Campfireoh nice i used that00:44
boosalihay guys, I am back, I"ve disabled Xinerama and disconnected 1 screen, ubuntu knows i have onyl 1 screen now... still no upgrades are availabel00:45
Ben64boosali: i told you it wouldn't change anything00:45
boosaliyeah, but i had to try...00:45
ripplebitthanks for the help anyway00:45
boosalii am getting out of options here...00:46
Campfirehey bit what are you trying to do again00:46
betraydgot ati xinerama working on buntu? I would not touch it00:46
Ben64boosali: what does "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" say?00:46
boosaliNo new release found00:46
boosaliand i have changed the promts=normal thingi00:47
Ben64boosali: try this? http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/06/upgrade-to-ubuntu-12-10-quantal-quetzal-from-ubuntu-12-04/00:48
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boosalii saw that, tried it earlier and now again... didnt help :(00:49
boosaliits allready "for any new version"00:49
Ben64did  you hit the check button00:50
terretzI'm having an odd issue.  When I start my machine, I get an error that "/media can't mount" under the xubuntu logo.  My fstab is set to mound /dev/sdb1 to /media.  When I type 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1' - sdb1 mounts to /media with no issue00:53
terretzit just won't mount on start up00:53
terretzmy fstab is in pastebin: v00:54
terretzmy fstab is in pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721566/00:54
Ben64you need to have it in a directory inside of media00:55
terretzso, /dev/sdb1 needs to mount to /media/foo ?00:55
Ben64terretz: yep00:56
terretzalright - I'll give it a shot00:56
tgm4883terretz, also, you should mount by UUID and not device path, but that isn't the issue you are having (Ben64 is right)00:56
Ben64i always specify my own UUIDs, it's more leet. UUID=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000064 /mnt/tree       ext4    defaults 0 200:57
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driftkinganybody here?00:58
tgm4883!ask | driftking00:59
ubottudriftking: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:59
terretzack - how do I force fstab to run without rebooting?00:59
Ben64terretz: sudo mount -a00:59
tgm4883terretz, 'sudo mount -a'00:59
terretzthank you!00:59
boosaligyus ,how do i st up the env variable to debug = 1 for the do-realse-upgrade?00:59
terretzok - it ran successfully!00:59
driftkingi just installed Ubuntu on a Compaq Evo N610c Laptop and my GUI is not loading and this is the first time i tried it on?01:00
rypervencheWhat's the IRC command in most clients to output a console command? It's /something -o01:00
driftkingMy Ubuntu GUI is not loading! Anyone knows how i can fix this?01:02
tgm4883!patience | driftking01:02
ubottudriftking: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/01:02
grkbloodSomething happened with my video drivers and nwo whenever I try to play a video in vlc the video crashes but the audio continues to play. In "Additional Drivers" is says I'm using ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX drivers but the output of fglrxinfo is giving me: X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)01:02
driftkingdoes that mean that im going to have to wait or am i not going to get an answer cos no one knows?01:03
mkennedyi had that problem when i first installed try running sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade then reboot01:04
Guest3135does anyone here know anything about PHP or webapps?01:05
terretzBen64, tgm4883 Thank you!  Just restarted my machine - worked like a charm!01:06
boosaliok guys, i have something intresting:01:06
boosalii did this:01:06
boosaliexport DEBUG_UPDATE_MANAGER=101:06
boosalithen did the "do-release-upgrade -d"01:06
boosalithen i got this:01:06
boosaliChecking for a new Ubuntu release01:07
boosaliMetaRelease.__init__() useDevel=True useProposed=False01:07
boosalimetarelease-uri: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-development01:07
boosaliresult of meta-release download: 'timed out'01:07
boosaliNO self.metarelease_information01:07
boosaliNo new release found01:07
FloodBot1boosali: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
boosaliohh, sorry, it thinks i flooded...01:07
ilovettboosali: fuck off01:07
Ben64boosali: you did flood01:07
ilovettyou think?01:07
Ben64ilovett: watch the language and attitude01:07
Guest3135Is anyone else having a issue with youtube on Ubuntu 13.04?01:07
ilovettthe motherfucking bot just said you did01:08
ilovettBen64: fuck you too01:08
tgm4883!ohmy | ilovett01:08
ubottuilovett: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.01:08
ilovettfuck you all01:08
tgm4883good riddance01:08
davidfetterthat seems time-consuming, not to mention distasteful01:08
AwwGuest3135, what kind of issue?01:09
Guest3135about every 3rd time I go to watch a youtube, the youtube will com up but will be completely black, the sound will work fine but the video will just show a black screen01:09
terretzthat was straight out of nowhere01:09
boosaliany1 has any idea of what should i try?01:09
davidfetteri mean even if we credit mr. lovett with being able to manage this once every 15 minutes, that's 378 hours01:09
tgm4883boosali, what release are  you on?    can you pastebin a 'lsb_release -a'01:10
tgm4883IdleOne, thanks01:10
Guest3135I have reinstalled flash and also when I right click the youtube the settings are frozen01:10
the_eye_hi, any way to read intel gpu temperature ?01:10
tgm4883Guest3135, are you using html5 on youtube?01:10
terretzGuest3135, what browser are you using?01:10
boosalihow to post the result without flooding?01:10
Guest3135How would I tell?01:10
Tylerjdthe_eye_: What intel chip are you using?01:10
boosaliit sas: 12.04.201:10
tgm4883!pastebin | boosali01:10
Ben64boosali: the bot told you, use pastebin01:10
ubottuboosali: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:10
the_eye_Tylerjd, VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:a001] (rev 02)01:11
Guest3135hey sorry terretz01:11
boosaliroot@boosa-ubuntu:~# lsb_release -a01:11
boosaliNo LSB modules are available.01:11
boosaliDistributor ID:Ubuntu01:11
boosaliDescription:Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS01:11
FloodBot1boosali: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:11
terretzomg boosali stop01:11
Ben64boosali: dude come on01:11
terretzuse pastebin01:11
Tylerjdthe_eye_: I am asking more of is it a GMA950, HD 3/4000, I can't tell off of that01:12
terretzGuest3135, let me see if it's happening to me.01:12
the_eye_Tylerjd, Its  N10 (atom)01:12
boosalihow to use this pastebin?01:12
terretzboosali, first, goto the link01:13
terretzboosali, second, paste01:13
Tylerjdthe_eye_: Oh, okay, hah, didn't recognize that one, thanks. As long as there is a thermal sensor on the chip, you should be able to use lm-sensors01:13
IdleOneboosali: go to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ enter the text you want to pastebin into the box, click paste, tell the person helping you the URL01:14
Guest3135Thanks Terretz01:14
Tylerjdthe_eye_: Then a sudo sensors-detect should work01:14
phillyjthe_eye_: did you install sensors?01:14
phillyjthe_eye_: install lm-sensors and then configure with sensors-detect command01:15
boosalitgm4883: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721606/01:15
the_eye_Tylerjd, Yes I have sensors. No data about GPU.01:15
Tylerjdthe_eye_: Hmm, odd. I'm sorry but I don't know what to tell you then. Are you sure that GPU has a temp sensor on board?01:16
tgm4883boob00, can you pastebin the output of 'cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades'01:16
=== _BJfreeman is now known as BJfreeman
tgm4883boosali, can you pastebin the output of 'cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades'01:16
terretzGuest3135, like this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/281482/why-are-youtube-videos-not-playing-properly-on-chrome01:16
the_eye_Also no data in acpi -iV01:16
tgm4883Guest3135, you could check via 'http://youtube.com/html501:16
boosalitgm4883: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721613/01:17
the_eye_Tylerjd,  No I not sure if there is any sensor. I just trying to read if there is anything. Any workaround ?01:17
ncmxcxxwhat is the most common programming language used in ubuntu?01:18
ncmxcxxor on linux?01:19
tgm4883boosali, not sure. It looks like it should be working01:19
tgm4883ncmxcxx, python maybe?01:19
Tylerjdthe_eye_: I don't have one of those chips in front of me, so I am not positive, though it /may/ not have a thermal sensor on board just because it is such a low power chip. Don't quote me on that - the best I would say is just to monitor the CPU usage01:19
boosalitgm4883: i know, thats y i am here01:19
ncmxcxxwhat language would I have to learn that would allow me to write basic apps for most linux distros?01:19
Tylerjdncmxcxx: Ubuntu, many of the automated stuff is in Perl01:19
ncmxcxxis perl a complete language?01:20
tgm4883I write all my apps in python01:20
TylerjdWhat do you mean by complete?01:20
ncmxcxxwill your apps run on windows?01:20
the_eye_Tylerjd, ok thanks01:20
ncmxcxxdoes python allow me to make decentt guis?01:20
tgm4883ncmxcxx, yes, my apps run on windows01:20
boosaliany1 had any ideas?... :(01:20
Tylerjdthe_eye_: I mean the CPU temp, not usage, now that I just re-read that01:21
ncmxcxxtgm are they self installing or do they need to download additional stuff?01:21
tgm4883boosali, maybe try with sudo rather than being logged in as root?01:21
boosalitgm4883: tried that too01:21
tgm4883ncmxcxx, you'd need to have python installed on windows01:21
ncmxcxxso when distributing the app you would have tell the person to install python?01:21
tgm4883ncmxcxx, IDK, you'd have to look at the distribution licensing for python. I imagine you could build an installer that installed python if it wasn't already installed01:22
erasmusCan I tell apt-get to not install the packages but instead just download them to a specified location?01:22
the_eye_Tylerjd, Yes its seems right. Most of intel GPU are included in CPU.01:22
tgm4883boosali, where do you live?01:23
boosalitgm4883: check this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721620/  with the "export DEBUG_UPDATE_MANAGER=1" thingi01:24
boosaliso i get there a timeout...01:24
tgm4883boosali, I'm running out of ideas. Is that machine fully up to date? (eg. 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade')01:24
boosalibut on regular updates it works fine01:24
boosaliyes, machine is fully updated01:24
RarrikinsIs there an easy way to get add-apt-repository to add for distribution precise instead of raring?01:25
IdleOneRarrikins: no, and that is a bad idea. You shouldn't mix versions in your repos01:25
RarrikinsIdleOne: Some packages don't have raring versions.01:26
tgm4883boosali, seems like a networking issue then01:26
IdleOneRarrikins: which packages?01:26
RarrikinsIdleOne: One is natecarlson's maven301:26
boosalitgm4883: regular updates work fine... and if i try wget on these link there, they all work01:26
IdleOneRarrikins: I don't recommend this but you can add repos to /etc/apt/sources.list manually.01:27
boosalimaybe there is some proxy or dns config its looking for?01:27
IdleOneRarrikins: check the PPA and it will give you the full URL to add01:27
RarrikinsIdleOne: OK, thanks.01:27
IdleOneRarrikins: You should also file a bug against that package and request they add a raring version to the PPA01:28
boosaliwell, guys, i have to go now, I"ll try bothering you again  later :)01:29
tgm4883boosali, well it should look like this   http://pastebin.com/3DKtYEci01:29
tgm4883boosali, you could try blowing away the cache file01:29
tgm4883but IDK01:29
regorianerwell, i am too stupid to set up supervisor (daemontools) ... i installed daemontools and daemontools-run and put a testscript with a simple loop and echo to /dev/null as the run script in /etc/service/run. after running sudo svscanboot i get the processes supvervices (thats what i guess)01:30
regorianerroot@raspberrypi:/home/pi# pgrep -lf super01:30
regorianer1583 supervise testSupervise01:30
regorianer1587 supervise supervise01:30
regorianer1750 supervise01:30
FloodBot1regorianer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:30
regorianerbut i cannot stop with svc -d01:30
tgm4883IdleOne, Rarrikins you can use apt-add-repository to add full repo line rather than the short LP version eg. "apt-add-repository 'deb http://myserver/path/to/repo stable myrepo'"01:30
tgm4883Rarrikins, you'd still need to get the proper line from the ppa page though01:31
regorianerbut i cannot stop with svc -d01:31
IdleOnetgm4883: did not know that, thanks.01:31
boosalitgm4883: deleting the file should help?01:31
tgm4883IdleOne, yw01:31
tgm4883boosali, shouldn't hurt it seems01:31
tgm4883regorianer, a supervisor? what does that do?01:31
boosalitgm4883 ok, now there is new msg - we are getting somewhere :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/5721638/01:32
regorianertgm4883: monitoring if my process is running, if not it restarts the process01:33
tgm4883regorianer, ah, I'd just use upstart for that01:33
regorianerwell i have upstart installed too01:33
regorianerhow do you do that with upstart ?01:33
boosalino more timeout, but it cant find the local version or something01:33
regorianerall i read is that daemontools is easy to use ... but i have my problems ...01:34
tgm4883regorianer, I've got a basic upstart job I could show you, sec01:34
dr_willisdaemontools? isent that a windows iso-mounting software?01:34
regorianerthat would be great, i am a little bit ... lemme say ... overheaded with what i am doing, worked long time only with angstrom and now trying to port some packages to debian01:35
tgm4883regorianer, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5721646/01:36
tgm4883boosali, did the cache file come back at "~/.cache/update-manager-core/meta-release"01:38
regorianertgm4883: what it telling your server to restart after a crash ?01:39
regorianeror better said ... who is watching ?01:39
tgm4883regorianer, I'm assuming you mean what if the service crashes (not the server), upstart is watching01:39
regorianersure, service, sorry01:40
tgm4883regorianer, that is what lines 7 and 8 do. It sets it to respawn on crash. Line 8 specifies how many times it's allowed to restart it in a certain time span (no need to keep restarting a service if it just dies immediately)01:41
regorianertrue, and how you start this service on boot then ?01:42
regorianerand how u stop it ?01:42
regorianerneed these for the preinst and postinst script for the package01:42
tgm4883regorianer, that would be the 'start on' and 'stop on' lines01:43
tgm4883regorianer, so that one is starting when the local filesystems and also eth0 are both up01:43
regorianerok, i will try01:43
regorianerok means that upstart is already started01:44
=== Heisenbe1 is now known as Heisenberg
tgm4883regorianer, upstart is what ubuntu uses to bring up all the services01:44
seronisim currently trying to use the 'convert' command from the console to change a PDF to a PNG image.  The pdf is crystal clear but the fonts are highly blurred in the resulting PNG image and some fine lines are just missing01:45
tgm4883regorianer, it's a core part of ubuntu01:45
seroniscan anyone give help with fixing the quality ?01:45
regorianeryeah i just read it, sorry have to inform me better first before asking such questions ;)01:47
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=== Connections_ is now known as Connections
darkangelhey guys i need some help and havin problems01:53
darkangelany 1 here? :)01:54
seronis!ask | darkangel01:54
ubottudarkangel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:54
|1lithat's the way it goes in IRC usually01:55
|1linot like runescape01:55
darkangelu see my screen or something?01:56
darkangelwell any ways im havin log out problems ever since i updated to or something like that i been havin like alot of issues with my computer and nocking me off into like alot of codes area01:57
savidHow do I run a command with paramters under gksudo?01:58
seronisgksudo gedit path/to/file.ext01:58
=== Guest92509 is now known as McPeter
savidseronis, it doesn't work with flag args, such as "-n"02:00
savidgksudo start-stop-daemon -n foo02:00
=== morph3k is now known as morph3k|away
savidit fails with:  invalid option "n"02:01
zykotick9savid: for starters, i wouldn't try using gksudo for non-gui apps...  that's what sudo is for!02:03
savidzykotick9, yeah I wouldn't be using gksudo if I didn't need it for a reason :-P02:04
savidobviously I know about sudo02:04
deckardhello, which server is best for foot talk?02:04
tgm4883!OT | deckard02:04
ubottudeckard: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:04
deckardoh okay, yes i see02:04
tgm4883savid, have you tried "gksudo 'start-stop-daemon -n foo'"02:07
seronissavid: sorry tested a few programs with gksudo and they all accepted arguments02:07
savidtgm4883, yeah that doesn't work.  I just figured it out though.  it's:   gksudo -- start-stop-daemon -n foo02:07
savidseronis, I think the problem is with "-" args02:08
savidat any rate, there's a workaround.02:08
James_EppHas anyone here had success establishing audio/video with a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150?02:08
Ari-YangI have a question, lets say I get a repo from git, I ./autogen.sh then make but don't make install. Is the program installed or should I run make uninstall ?02:09
TempusFugit32hey all02:09
tgm4883James_Epp, yes02:09
James_Epptgm4883: What steps did you take?02:09
James_Epptgm4883: I installed suing that line: http://tv-viewer.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/index.php/Howto#K.2FX.2FUbuntu_and_other_debian_based_systems     and then I installed tv-viewer (latest)02:10
tgm4883James_Epp, it should pretty much work out of the box02:10
TempusFugit32anyone have a clue why cairo dock is making a phantom type chrome window I cant close?02:10
betraydAri-Yang if the make was successful all the good pieces will be in that src directory02:10
James_Epptgm4883: ubuntu 12.04.2 amd64 BTW02:10
zykotick9TempusFugit32: do you have 3d support in xorg?02:10
Ari-Yangbetrayd *nod* but lets say I want to make again, should I run make uninstall ?02:10
TempusFugit32yes It just started doing it today i added a few applets and now I have a new window I cant close02:11
tgm4883James_Epp, I've never used tv-viewer, does it let you specify which card to use?02:11
betraydAri-Yang some have make clean mentioned in teh README02:11
Ari-YangI don't recall make clean being there... I'll check02:11
TempusFugit32zykotick9: want me to post a pastebin?02:12
James_Epptgm4883: no, here is one of the preference tabs: http://i.imgur.com/1EPGvee.png02:12
betraydAri-Yang make uninstall would be it then, if no 'make clean' is  found02:12
zykotick9TempusFugit32: no, i have no idea.  but i know cairo needs 3d to display correctly.02:12
James_Epptgm4883: What program did you use? Movie Player? VLC?02:13
TempusFugit32zykotick9: ok ty02:13
tgm4883James_Epp, ok, assuming that the card is tuned to a proper channel, do 'cat /dev/video0 > ~/test.mpg', let that run for 30 seconds, then do ctrl+c and see if you can play back the file02:13
tgm4883James_Epp, mythtv, I haven't used my pvr-150 in a few years though02:13
Ari-Yangbetrayd, yeah, make uninstall it is, reason I'm doing this is because I got 1 error...02:13
clctozykotick9: cairo is composition, which means it neads 3d to be able to display windows with transparency and such02:14
betraydAri-Yang ok02:14
James_Epptgm4883: I got static. How would I set up mythtv?02:15
jibcageHello! Is anybody here familiar with the DNS tunneling program iodine?02:15
tgm4883James_Epp, so it sounds like it's working, just not tuned to a specific channel02:15
zykotick9clcto: thanks - i know.02:15
tgm4883James_Epp, can you do something like  "ivtv-tune -c25" (25 is channel number)02:16
James_Epptgm4883: Output: sudo aptitude install tcl8.5 tk8.5 ivtv-utils libtk-img xdg-utils02:17
James_Eppoops :S02:17
=== Heisenbe1 is now known as Heisenberg
Guest3135Terretz thank you for the link, however, I don't have the  pepperflash plugin /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/libpepflashplayer.so at all, just the /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so02:17
clctozykotick9: sorry i just joined i thought that was a question02:17
James_Epptgm4883: Output: /dev/video0: 229.250 MHz02:17
tgm4883James_Epp, ok, can you try the cat command again and see if you get video now?02:18
Guest3135Also sorry for the long time in between  responses02:18
zykotick9clcto: all good :)02:18
James_Epptgm4883: For a little bit of context, I am grabbing gamecube footage.02:19
tgm4883James_Epp, oh. Are you using the coax in then or something like svideo?02:19
tgm4883ah ok, that is something different. Sec02:20
tgm4883James_Epp, do 'v4l2-ctl -i 2'02:20
James_Epptgm4883: Video input set to 2 (Composite 1: ok)02:21
tgm4883James_Epp, that should switch it to composite, then do the cat command and see if it works02:21
James_Epptgm4883: I got some audio and video, but I do not believe the channel is correct. I am getting a lot of lines :P02:21
James_EppBut hey-- thanks for the help thus far!02:22
tgm4883James_Epp, you're doing composite, there is no channel02:22
James_Epptgm4883: My bad. Well, now that this is working, how would I go about watching it?02:22
tgm4883James_Epp, try tv-viewer again02:23
tgm4883James_Epp, there is an option in that screenshot to select composite I think02:23
tgm4883James_Epp, "video input", that should set to composite02:23
James_Epptgm4883: There is Tuner, S-Video 1, Composite 1, S-Video 2, and Composite 202:24
tgm4883James_Epp, composite 102:24
James_Epptgm4883: I am in Canada. What should I use for frequency table? I have the following: (us-bcast, us-cable, us-cable-hrc, us-cable-irc)02:25
tgm4883James_Epp, that shouldn't matter as you aren't scanning for channels02:26
tgm4883James_Epp, composite shouldn't need that02:26
ugly_duckok, not really a ubuntu issue at all, playing an online game and having issue, when i ping the server PING bp-fb-vip.sjc2.kixeye.com i get a response time of time=146 ms, is this high for a playing an online game, thoughts?02:26
tgm4883ugly_duck, for a FPS, yes02:26
ugly_ducknah, its a battle pirates, flash game02:27
tgm4883ugly_duck, then I don't see why your ping should matter02:27
TempusFugit32ok its been quite awhile since i posted on imagebin anyone offer a refresh?02:27
James_Epptgm4883: These settings with no input. http://goo.gl/zmOcV02:27
tgm4883TempusFugit32, uh, upload and paste link?02:27
tgm4883James_Epp, huh?02:28
ugly_ducktgm4883: well, my game crashed and i've asked them for credits, had to run traceroute etc and post it to them, they said my ping rate was too high and contact my isp to resolve the issue..02:28
tgm4883ugly_duck, hmm, weird02:28
sharpieStill can't get session manager to start gui.02:28
TempusFugit32tgm4883:  do i need to register or sign in?02:28
James_Epptgm4883: I am getting nothing through the video with those settings.02:28
tgm4883James_Epp, did you set the input to composite 1?02:28
James_Epptgm4883: I did.....it must have switched back automatically02:28
tgm4883TempusFugit32, you need to put in a nick and accept the terms I think02:29
tgm4883James_Epp, odd02:29
James_Epptgm4883: Actually, operator error. Tee-hee. No input with both composite 1 and 202:29
tgm4883James_Epp, but it works when we do it from the command line?02:30
James_Epptgm4883: Exactly.02:30
tgm4883James_Epp, sounds like an issue with the program02:30
James_Epptgm4883: I'll brb. MythTV wants me to log out to apply some stuff.02:31
tgm4883James_Epp, are you planning on trying to play a game on your gamecube through the pvr-150?02:32
James_Epptgm4883: Yes, that is the goal.02:32
tgm4883James_Epp, you'll get a 4 second delay with mythtv02:32
tgm4883James_Epp, I'd try VLC02:33
James_Epptgm4883: idk what options to use. I had this working on windows xp with a program called 'dscaler' (dinterlace.sf.net)\02:33
James_Epptgm4883: Correct: deinterlace.sf.net02:34
TempusFugit32http://imagebin.org/259771 ok so here is my dilemma with cairo, maybe the chrome applet somehow is opening a browser on boot. had to kill the cairo pid from term to get rid of it, looked through settings of cairo and applets and cant find anything to change or fix any ideas?02:34
=== Guest22196 is now known as McPeter
tgm4883James_Epp, I'd try VLC, only because it plays back everything I've thrown at it, it's cross platform, and it have support for capture cards02:35
=== McPeter is now known as Guest3514
James_Epptgm4883: Using these options, the program crashes right away. http://imgur.com/fss7rc302:35
tgm4883James_Epp, run vlc from the command line so we can see why it crashes, also, what are the options under capture type02:36
tgm4883James_Epp, err, capture mode02:36
TempusFugit32http://imagebin.org/259771 ok so here is my dilemma with cairo, maybe the chrome applet somehow is opening a browser on boot. had to kill the cairo pid from term to get rid of it, looked through settings of cairo and applets and cant find anything to change or fix any ideas?02:38
James_EppVideo for Linux 2, PVR,  TV (digital) and Desktop. This is what PVR shows: http://imgur.com/TaWJ3R0. I am not familiar with VLC from command line. vlc  vcd:///dev/video0 did nothing helpful.02:39
tgm4883James_Epp, just run 'vlc' from the command line, then it will start as normal but provide a log in the terminal. Then select PVR and put /dev/video0 for the device02:40
James_Epptgm4883: Segmentation fault (core dumped)02:40
James_Epptgm4883: SoL?02:41
tgm4883James_Epp, sec02:41
tgm4883James_Epp, how about this from a terminal   'vlc -vvv v4l2:///dev/video0:input=2'02:42
TempusFugit32anyone help me change the color of my font on a downloaded theme?02:43
TempusFugit32the font is white on a light blue background and very hard to see02:43
James_Epptgm4883: It goes past my terminal limit. ('Your command' >> file.txt does not work) http://pastebin.com/Uy2UwMbg02:45
b3nquestion -- how do I change the font of a specific application ?02:48
tgm4883James_Epp, not sure then. You could similarily try with totem. We know the card works, just have to find something to play it back in02:48
Heisenberghow to stop mode unity for install driver for video?02:48
James_Epptgm4883: totem? Is that not the built-in movie player?02:49
tgm4883Heisenberg, 'sudo service lightdm stop'02:49
tgm4883James_Epp, yes it is02:49
James_Epptgm4883: How do I open /dev/video0 in that then?02:50
tgm4883James_Epp, try "open location"02:51
Heisenbergtgm4883: thanks man02:51
James_Epptgm4883: Location not found.02:52
sharpieWhat would stop lightdm from starting gui?02:52
sharpiewas working fine until update02:52
tgm4883sharpie, check logs02:52
sharpiebeen looking at logs all day02:53
sharpieis there a way to run a debug command on it?02:54
sharpiecat dbus.log02:54
sharpieUnknown username "dnsmasq" in message bus configuration file02:54
razzledazzleanyone have the astyle plugin for geany on ubuntu?02:55
seronisQ: im using the 'convert' command on the console to get a PNG image generated from a pdf file. The pdf is crystal clear if I open it directly but the converted png has unreadable text and is missing details02:56
Ari-Yanghow do I set a new terminal as default?02:56
seronisanyone familiar with getting that command to produce higher quality ?02:56
James_Epptgm4883: Hopefully board.4chan.org/g/ will be my shining knight <302:58
seronisAri-Yang: in xubuntu in the Settings panel there is a 'preferred applications' option.  not sure if Unity is set up similarly or not02:58
sharpieStill i've been getting a black screen with mouse after login02:58
TempusFugit32ok so can anyone tell me how to change a system font color?02:58
mattttI'm struggling to make my GRUB menu legible.  I'm running from a live CD right now.  What do I do?03:00
sharpiegrub 2 is easier to view03:00
Jordan_Umatttt: In what way is it not legible?03:00
mattttJordan_U: only the upper 1/3 of the screen has anything on it.  And it's like each horizontal line of pixels is sliced up and displayed at random03:01
mattttsharpie: is grub1 the default grub installed with 12.04?03:02
=== wting_ is now known as wting
Jordan_Umatttt: Try GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT=console in /etc/default/grub.03:02
b3nquestion -- how do I change the font of a specific application ?03:04
sharpiematttt: Grub 3 or the second version of grub.  Arch linux uses the previous version.  I use arch for grub when I have 6 or more OS's on a laptop03:05
mattttJordan_U: k, I'm gonna follow this to make the change: howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd#.UalkvpEgjCI03:05
Ari-Yangcan someone help me, for some reason I don't have sound from anywhere at all03:05
Ari-Yangnot in movie players, or online stuff like youtube03:05
sharpiepulseaudio and or alsa for sound03:06
sharpieMy sound is gone too03:06
goddardis there a way i can make my computer use the onboard video card03:06
Ari-YangI see pulseaudio in the processes under system monitor03:06
sharpieOn-Board vid card is setup within the bios options not the OS03:06
Ari-YangI'm on ubuntu 12.10, this is all sudden... unless some dep packages I installed somehow screwed up the sound03:07
Ari-Yangwait it's back...03:07
sharpieI fixed sound by removing and reinstalling per a forum I read03:07
mattttJordan_U: GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT=console or GRUB_TERMINAL=console?03:08
sharpiemaybe dpkg-reconfigure03:08
goddardsharpie: so i can make my onboard default in the bios if i needed to?03:08
sharpiegoddard: The bios is where the OS gets hardware information from.03:08
Jordan_Umatttt: Either will work.03:09
sharpiegoddard: Option could read as which one to use first in bios03:09
mattttJordan_U: okay, heregoes; thanks03:10
sharpiegoddard: On older motherboards it's controlled by jumpers on the board03:10
sharpiegoddard: read the motherboard manual for clues03:10
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
b3nquestion -- how do I change the font of a specific application ?03:12
sharpieHope this link works http://pastebin.com/26vLxxCg     /var/log/gdm/greeter.log03:13
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:14
b3nquestion -- how do I change the font of a specific application ?03:14
sharpieIn the applications options?  Which app?03:15
sharpieIf your using Unity GUI.  File Edit Veiw is on the top bar when your using an app03:15
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
matttttJordan_U: Thank you!! That's been driving me nuts for days03:16
sharpiexfce4 is good. Have to install gnome-icons to make it look normal03:16
sharpieI still can't login to XFCE4 or others using lightdm, gdm and mdm.03:17
sharpieDriving me to drink, can't find what the update broke.03:18
VivekanandaHi everyone. For lubuntu how do I do normal network things like 1.Find out computers in my lan especially a mac computer 2. See my lan and other computers in it 3. Connect to the mac computer and exchange files.    All these for Lubuntu03:20
sharpie tcpdump? wireshark?03:21
Vivekanandasharpie: that for me ?03:22
sharpietcpdump can watch traffic03:22
sharpieso can wireshark with gui03:22
sharpieNot sure if samba can be used to share files with a Mac03:23
sharpieMight use the filemanager to search for shares and networks03:23
sharpieNautilus  Go/Network03:24
terretz_you can use SMB03:24
sharpiesamba is for windows03:24
terretz_it's what I use with my ubuntu/macs03:24
terretz_yeah but Mac OS supports SMB03:24
sharpiesmb and samba is the same03:24
sharpieworks with nmbd too03:25
sharpieMac is basically a Unix OS.  Maybe if you had root access you can use ssh or sshfs03:26
sharpiescp as well03:26
sharpieMaybe even NFS03:26
=== Tylerjd is now known as Tylerjd|Away
terretz_oh damnit03:28
=== harmagent is now known as vector
terretz_I forgot that I borked my SMB server earlier03:28
terretz_true story.03:28
sharpieAlways save a backup of the original config file03:28
terretz_yeah - I changed the name of the share point03:29
terretz_and forgot to update my conf file03:29
sharpiecp smb.conf smb.backup03:29
terretz_glad no one saw that03:29
soy_el_pulposharpie: smb is an option on macs03:29
terretz_heck yeah man03:29
terretz_I do that before I edit any file03:30
terretz_good habits03:30
refurb_NC_CM720is there any way to get noaa weather alerts on a linux computer?03:30
sharpieI'm not a Mac person. It's always been to proprietary for me.03:30
Jordan_Umattttt: You're welcome :)03:30
soy_el_pulposharpie: they are more open than you can imagine03:31
sharpieMac is Unix.  I can use Unix all day long03:31
sharpieBut not a mouse with one button03:32
soy_el_pulpoI heard of people installing ubuntu on Macs...03:32
refurb_NC_CM720it would be really awesome to give my desktop the functionality of noaa weather radio03:32
soy_el_pulpoit was really cool, but today the have no buttons at all.. they are touch sensitive03:33
terretz_I have 3 macs03:33
terretz_and 0 mice with 1 button03:34
sharpieI'll miss Ubuntu 10.10 when you could put things on the task bar03:34
terretz_all my mouses have many buttons03:34
terretz_and scroll wheels03:34
Guest3135Terretz Thank you for that link earlier I don't know if you saw me say that03:34
soy_el_pulpoI found one in a drawer today... the orifinal apple desktop mouse03:34
terretz_Guest3135: did that work?03:34
sharpieStill can't use this new install for anything until I figure what the Update broke.03:35
Guest3135Nope I don't have that in my pluins03:35
terretz_did you figure out the problem or is it still happening?03:35
Guest3135still happening to my knowledge it only happens every 3rd or 4th youtube I watch03:36
soy_el_pulpobut getting back, macs can do SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP, RFB, HTTP, SSH... you name it they integrate well with ubuntu and other environments03:36
Guest3135its one of those annoying problems that only  happening sporadically03:36
terretz_so - are these continuous videos or are you leaving youtube and going back?03:37
terretz_I'm assuming the former03:37
Guest3135I do have adobe flash but not the pepperflash the link talks about03:38
Guest3135I can watch them and hear them but every 3rd or 4th one its black and you can hear it still but the video is copmpletely black03:38
sharpieMight be the advertisement is broken03:38
Guest3135after refreshing once or twice the video works again03:39
terretz_have you tried a different browser?03:39
Guest3135lets try hold on03:39
Guest3135ya know, Firefox looks like its working, soo far that is03:41
terretz_that's what I'm reading03:42
Guest3135I'll see if uninstalling and restalling Chrome fixes it03:42
terretz_seems to be centralized around chrome03:42
sharpiehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1967794&page=2  Maybe this is what is causing my problem03:42
terretz_humor me for a sec03:42
terretz_see if pepperflash is in /home/my_user/.config/google-chrome03:42
silv3r_m00ni installed phpmyadmin from synaptic, its installed in /usr/share/phpmyadmin, but is accessible from localhost/phpmyadmin, how ?03:43
terretz_Guest3135: type about:plugins into your url field in chrome03:44
Guest3135Ok looking at .config now03:45
terretz_see if there are more than 1 flash player03:45
=== alan_ is now known as Guest1684
Guest3135whats weird, is I only see chromium under /home/user/.config/ not google-chrome03:47
Guest3135is that the same03:47
sharpieConsidering another disto.  Can't get ubutnu to work stable.03:47
terretz_hold pleas03:48
terretz_or - read over this03:48
Guest3135also under about:plugins I see Adobe Flash Player - Version: 11.2 r20203:48
zykotick9silv3r_m00n: one is a file path, the other a url.03:48
terretz_Chromium is a beta version of Chrome (i believe)03:49
silv3r_m00nzykotick9: that i know, how is localhost/phpmyadmin mapped to that directory, in my /var/www i dont see any symlink or something like that03:49
terretz_I use it as an alt broswer when needed03:49
Deepfriediceterretz_, ugly hacks from begining to end.03:49
terretz_what what?03:50
zykotick9silv3r_m00n: check your apache config(s)03:50
silv3r_m00nzykotick9: oh ok, got it03:51
Guest3135Ok cool about to do the purge flashplugin-installer03:51
Guest3135and try again03:51
terretz_I'd recommend installing full chrome as well03:53
bulldogggyhello everyone04:06
bulldogggyI have a laptop where the only user has someone been excluded from the sudoers group.  The machine also has an encrypted drive.  Is there away to get that user back into the sudoers group or will I have to do a reinstall?04:06
=== Chex is now known as Guest74525
bulldogggysomehow been excluded not someone04:06
Guest3135Ok I reinstalled it using the purge thing and it looks like its working perfect now!04:06
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: You can probably use a live CD, mount the drive somehow, and edit /etc/group.04:06
Guest3135Thanks Terretz_!04:06
dr_willisim not sure o the proper way to mount an encryptd drive.. but askubuntu.com may know04:06
bulldogggyRarrikins, thanks for the suggestion.  I tried that already, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be taking the change04:06
terretz_bulldogggy: can you su root?04:06
dr_willistheres encrypted home, then encrypting the whole / drive04:06
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: You could also edit a startup script that would add the user to a group.04:06
bulldogggyterretz_, nope I didn't activate the root account04:06
bulldogggyit was the drive04:06
terretz_Guest3135: What happened?04:06
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: Then, all you'd have to do whenever that happened would be to reboot.04:06
bulldogggyhmmm Rarrikins do you have a link or direct me in the right direction to do that04:06
Guest3135Also while I'm looking at youtube, here's an awesome video about Linux, ignore the title though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh-cnaJoGCw04:06
bulldogggyit is my work laptop, and I think when i added myself to the vbox users group it for whatever reason got rid of the admin group04:06
Guest3135Oh that text file you sent I did the sudo purge and updated my repos and reinstalled and it looks good now04:06
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-how-to-run-a-command-when-boots-up.html04:06
bulldogggyand I tried for like 3 hours last week to fix it04:06
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: You can use addgroup in a script.04:06
Guest3135Yeah Thats what i'm thinking04:06
terretz_if it happens again - I recommend getting Google Chrome instead of Chromium04:06
Guest3135[Thanks for the help04:06
bulldogggywill that script have the proper permissions to add it?04:06
bulldogggyduring boot?04:06
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bulldogggyour could I just go into where my groups are stored and edit it from a live disc?04:06
bulldogggyI have mounted the disk on other attempts to fix the issue04:06
BaahttiHi, so I was trying to follow steps to fix a video bug with Skype and added an i386 architecture. Now I can't fully uninstall skype because that i386 install of skype is still showing up in my dpkg. How can I find and remove this software?04:06
bulldogggyBaahtti, I believe a purge would fix that04:06
terretz_yeah - purge skype04:06
bulldogggybut not 100% certain04:06
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nightwolf_this is I have tryed the ver 10.04 LTS 12.04.LTS 12.10  and 13.04 and only 11.10 and 10.10 have fully work on my toshiba lap top I have 64 bit with a intel core i3 please fix this. ubuntu team.04:08
dr_willis!bug | nightwolf_04:08
ubottunightwolf_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.04:08
Baahttiso sudo apt-get --purge remove skype?04:09
dr_willisBaahtti:  are you sure skype is the package name?04:09
Baahttimaybe it's skype-bin. I've gotten rid of all the other skypes with "apt-get --purge remove skype" but "dpkg --list | grep -i skype" is still showing me an i386 client: "rc   skype-bin". let me try to purge that specifically04:11
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: You can start the computer with the live CD, mount the drive, connect to the Internet, go to webchat.freenode.net in a browser, and ask from there.04:11
Baahttiok yes that worked, I needed to purge "skype-bin"04:11
bulldogggyI will have to do that on Monday when I get to work04:12
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: Oh, OK.04:12
Baahttithanks for confirming I was following the right steps and helping me see more information than I was seeing before.04:12
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bulldogggyI don't have it in front of me right now04:12
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: My guess would be, if editing /etc/group didn't work, that the drive was mounted read-only.04:12
ajhlinuxuserFedora IRC is not very friendly...04:12
bulldogggythat is possible I will have to check it for sure04:13
Rarrikinsajhlinuxuser: That's because Indiana Jones isn't very friendly.04:13
ajhlinuxuserI got redirected to #fedora-unregistered, then I tried talking to people there, but was banned!04:13
dr_willisi bet they dont really like Offtopic discussions either. ;)04:13
ajhlinuxuserI needed to vent.04:13
dr_willisajhlinuxuser:  they most likely expect you to regiester your nick then join the proper channel04:13
* ajhlinuxuser feels better now04:14
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:14
bulldogggythanks Rarrikins I think just talking to you got me thinking and I think I can fix it now04:14
Rarrikinsbulldogggy: You're welcome.04:14
bulldogggyI like to think I know a little bit about linux but I am still a novice.  I learn everyday04:14
b3nquestion -- how do I change the font of a specific application ?04:15
dr_willisb3n:  settings in that specific app normally04:15
ajhlinuxuserAs a general guide, the menuitem Edit --> Preferences would be a good start to look into changing things like font.04:17
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mojtabaHi, is there any shortcut to jump to a workstation, instead of holding alt+ctrl+arrow keys?04:17
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dr_willis'workstation' ? you mean workspace?04:17
b3ndr willis -- thanks --04:17
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dr_willispress and hold the super key - to see a list of common unity shortcutss04:17
mojtabadr_willis: yes, sorry04:17
bulldogggyI believe you can set that shortcut key to something yo ulike mojtaba04:18
dr_willisyou might be able to make custome ones using  the ccsm or gnome-settings tools04:18
mojtababulldogggy: how can I do that?04:18
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bulldogggyI am looking04:19
bulldogggyI believe its in ccsm though04:19
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Baahttiso Ubuntu is a Debian kernel, right? Like, Ubuntu came from Debian?04:19
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GneaBaahtti: Ubuntu and Debian use a Linux kernel.04:19
BaahttiGnea, forgive my improper terminology04:20
bulldogggyubuntu comes from the debian tree, but seems to be headed in its own direction04:20
dr_willisUbuntu uses its own  kernel setup.  with some ubuntu patches and so forth.. most disrtos do this.. and send their patches and so forth back to the main kernel04:20
GneaBaahtti: Ubuntu uses the same package management system that Debian uses, but most packages are unique to Ubuntu04:20
BaahttiI see, thanks guys04:20
dr_willisBranches and trees  becoming their own forests. ;)04:21
Gneait's all good, better to ask and find out than to wonder forever :-)04:21
bulldogggyBaahtti, don't worry I learn new things everyday04:22
BaahttiAlright well. I seem to be stuck in finding a solution for my issue regarding skype. So it seems to be a common bug and there are a lot of 'solutions' but none are working. In skype my webcam is inverted. Could someone help me identify specifics about my machine/hardware to aid in my search?04:22
dr_willisi imaagine in the next year or 2 - thers going to be some huge  divergance by ubuntu from  debian. ;) going to be a interesting time.04:22
bulldogggyman Baahtti I saw that issue a year or so back, I can't remember how to fix it04:22
Yud_ZrocI built a computer for my brother, but the system had issues, the installation was locking up and the system froze when installing 13.04 x64, its a medium powered system 3.4ghz quad core, 8 gigs memory, 1tb hdd space, and all the hardware checked out in the bios, gfx card is an nvidia gt 43004:23
mojtababulldogggy: where is ccsm?04:23
dr_willisseen the upside down cam in skype mentioned in here a few times.. but i dont recall seeing a general fix04:23
bulldogggyBaahtti, do you have cheese installed on your machine? and does your camera work right in cheese04:23
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz04:23
dr_willisYud_Zroc:  you ran a memtest on it for a few hours?04:24
Baahttibulldogggy, I did install it and it seems to be working just fine for me. I haven't messed with my webcam too much in other applications but Skype is definitely buggy04:24
bulldogggyok so that tells us its something with skype itself04:24
Baahttiwhat commands can I run to find information about my webcam? It's an onboard webcam on an Asus laptop04:24
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bulldogggynow you installed a x64 system but tried to multiarch to install skype?04:24
Yud_Zrocdr_willis: No, but the memory read appropriately in the bios, it detected the make and model number, speed and ammount04:24
ubottumojtaba: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».04:25
danieloceanHello.  I am looking at running Claws-Mail inside of a virtual machine.  Is it possible to install Ubuntu Server and run claws-mail through xorg, or do I need a full desktop environment?04:25
dr_willisBaahtti:  there used to be a  'virtual webcam'  app called 'webcamstudio' that wwould let you do all sort s of tweaks and tricks to your real webcam (or other video feeds) then have a virtual webcam the apps used showing the effects.04:25
dr_willisYud_Zroc:  an install puts a big load on the hd and memory and other parts.. its possible it was overheating, or having memory issues under load.04:25
bulldogggyI guess we made mojtaba mad04:25
Baahttidr_willis, that was my first thought and I was hoping cheese would be that but it wasn't. I'll search for webcamstudio, thanks.04:26
somsipdanielocean: looks like claws-email needs X - http://is.gd/pNArPm04:26
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Yud_Zrocdr_willis: I wonder, could it also be under powered? I am using a 400watt PSU with a phemum II, and an nvidia card...04:27
dr_willisBaahtti:  it might no longer be in development. ive not ussed it in ages04:27
Yud_Zrocdr_willis: I ran a calculator and it said It only used about 300 watts04:27
Baahttiis there a way with apt-get to just SEARCH for a package but not install it?04:27
danieloceansomsip: so if I install Ubuntu server and install claws-mail from repo it should install that automatically, correct?04:27
BaahttiI mean from the commandline04:27
Vivekanandaif anyone knows and can pm me of how to install axel on mac I would be very grateful04:29
somsipdanielocean: theoretically, yes. Its a long chain of dependencies, but it makes sense04:29
elkingreyI'm about to install 12.04 and once it's finished I want to run update and upgrade, but I DON'T want it to upgrade to 12.10 or 13.04. How do I prevent that?04:29
dr_willisBaahtti:  apt-cache search pettern04:29
dr_willispattern )04:30
somsipelkingrey: it won't. Upgrade to new version is a different command. do-dist-upgrade or something like that04:30
elkingreysomsip: Okay, cool. Thanks!04:30
dr_willisan lts release will only notify you of being able to  do a release-upgrade to the next LTS release by default also.04:31
Baahttithanks dr_willis04:31
danieloceanThanks, somsip!04:31
danieloceanI'll try that now04:31
heavenmakerNew on linux... Any suggetions where to start?04:31
somsipelkingrey: it's do-release-upgrade. And note, you may need to 'apt-get dist-upgrade' to get the newest kernel. This will not be a version upgrade and will be okay for you to do (with the usual caveats)04:31
dr_willis!manual | heavenmaker04:31
ubottuheavenmaker: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:31
Deepfriediceheavenmaker: not sure if this is the right channel for this, but how new are you?04:32
heavenmakerI knw basics...04:32
dr_willisstart with the ubuntu manual. then start reading up on other topics you need to know more about.04:32
DeepfriediceThat doesn't really mean anything.04:32
Deepfriediceubottu: I should bookmark that, it looks like linking to that will be handy.04:33
ubottuDeepfriedice: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:33
dr_willisthey really need to make a link to that manual site on the  default desktop04:34
soy_el_pulpodr_willis: replace the license by the manual so you have to read it before installing...04:35
dr_willishave the install load the manual site... as it installs.. for you to read.04:35
snowrichardjust installed 12.04 on my net book lt4010u from flash drive (it has no optical drive)04:35
Deepfriedicesoy_el_pulpo, that's kinda evil, it is 145 pages.04:35
seronisSo my issue with converting PDFs to PNGs earlier i solved.  the specific option i needed to adjust was  -density on the input file04:36
soy_el_pulpoDeepfriedice: 395 for 12.04 lts, i have it open the pdf version04:36
dr_willisthats almost 1/2 the size of the normal Microsoft EULA!04:36
Deepfriedicesoy_el_pulpo, dr_willis, Oh God.04:37
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Baahttiok so I keep seeing this command "lsusb", how can I enter a terminal command to view information specific to my onboard webcam?04:40
DeepfriediceBaahtti, try lspci, then lshw04:40
alfredppHai... I hav msgd earlier as heavenmaker04:44
alfredppI like to know some good tutorials for linux04:45
alfredppi hav instaled ubuntu 12.04 on the system04:46
BaahttiI would also. I've had a look at the Linux Administrators Guide before. I like the techincal aspects of that manual, but I'm looking for something more of an introductory guide. Perhaps a booklist that would be good to check out?04:46
alfredppAny suggetions?04:47
Deepfriedicealfredpp, That "getting started" PDF looks good. Asside from that, while there are plenty of tutorials, most are pretty bad and or out of date.04:47
soy_el_pulpoBaahtti: try this one: http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:47
soy_el_pulpoBaahtti: has a nice pdf version04:48
Baahttithanks soy_el_pulpo04:48
Deepfriedicesoy_el_pulpo, that one is for 13.0404:48
soy_el_pulpoooppssss... I have the old version04:48
soy_el_pulpo10.04 on my machine...04:48
alfredppI have that...04:48
DeepfriediceThats... pretty old.04:48
BaahttiI have 13.04 though, so that's helpful to me, thanks.04:49
soy_el_pulposorry 12.0404:49
soy_el_pulpoDeepfriedice: your link is the correct one, sorry04:49
soy_el_pulpouuuffff, lucky04:49
DaveCore82Does anyone use Ubuntu for their work laptop in a Windows environment with everyone using Outlook/Exchange and MS Office? How do you do it?04:51
_dirk_i'm trying to run a update in the terminal and it says "could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: permission denied) E: unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?04:51
_dirk_how do i get back to root?04:51
DaveCore82dirk: sudo su -     ?04:52
DaveCore82dirk: or sudo bash04:52
soy_el_pulpo_dirk_: are you root?04:52
DeepfriediceDaveCore82, I know Evolution has support for Exchange.04:52
soy_el_pulposudo -i04:52
somsip_dirk_: just 'sudo apt-get update' is good enough04:52
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_dirk_are you root? what does that mean?04:53
soy_el_pulpoDaveCore82: do you need the advance exchange feature or just email?04:53
somsip_dirk_: you need to run apt-get with a higher level of priveleges. Just put 'sudo' before the command. that's all04:53
DaveCore82dirk: root is the almighty user on linux04:53
soy_el_pulpo_dirk_: that04:53
DaveCore82soy_el_pulpo: I need calendars04:53
_dirk_ok thanx i just forgot the sudo part i guess04:54
soy_el_pulpodo they have OWA?04:54
DaveCore82soy_el_pulpo: Yeah.... but I'm afraid of OWA04:54
soy_el_pulpoDaveCore82: why? it will solve your issue with no changes required to you04:54
DaveCore82soy_el_pulpo: it's the main reason i'm not switching to a linux laptop04:54
DaveCore82soy_el_pulpo: I do so much emails, I'm afraid my productivity will drop just because of OWA04:55
_dirk_is it possible to run a few distro's on one drive without partitioning that drive into a partition for each distro?04:55
somsip_dirk_: no - they need one partition each04:55
soy_el_pulpoDaveCore82: I use my mac laptop in a mixed environment... if I need any windows only app I have a virtual machine04:55
DeepfriediceDaveCore82, Surely you can just run any email client then?04:56
soy_el_pulpoDaveCore82: you can do the same thing with a Linux laptop04:56
aimeehow do you enable a proxy server on xchat?04:56
Deepfriediceaimee Settings > Preferences > Networking04:56
aimeewhere is this mysterious "Settings"04:56
Deepfriediceaimee, Sorry,  Settings > Preferences > Network setup04:57
DaveCore82Deepfriedice: I need the calendar and contacts, i think I need exchange support for that, no?04:57
soy_el_pulpoDaveCore82: you will get used to it... or as Deepfriedice says, use a mail client for most of the time and the OWA for your calendars...04:57
soy_el_pulpoOWA will be fine...04:57
aimeeAll I have is Edit -> Preferences04:57
soy_el_pulpoit has improved over time04:57
DeepfriediceDaveCore82, Yeah, I think Evolution might be able to do that.04:57
Deepfriediceaimee, It's between "Sever" and "Window"04:58
aimeeI have neither04:58
soy_el_pulpoDaveCore82: I agree with Deepfriedice, there is a plugin "evolution-exchange - Exchange plugin for the Evolution groupware suite"04:58
Deepfriediceaimee, Screenshot?04:58
aimeeI crashed for a second, if you replied, can you repeat yourself04:59
BaahttiI also would like to know where the old Ubuntu  "Applications | System | Settings" type options on the taskbar went. I'm on Ubuntu 13.04 and it's been since 11.04 since I last used Ubuntu and it's quite a bit different05:00
heavenmakerBack again05:00
Baahttilike I'm using ALT + F2 to find stuff, which is weird05:01
Deepfriediceaimee, May I see a screenshot?05:01
BaahttiI'm not knocking Unity, btw, I do think it's a good direction to head in05:01
aimeehow do I send05:02
heavenmakerGNOME 3 is a good gui05:02
aimeeI'll upload to my site05:02
Deepfriediceaimee, that'll work05:02
DaveCore82do you eventually learn to like Unity? I have the feeling you need to learn to like it05:03
heavenmakerAs I asked before05:03
_dirk_ubuntu lags on my machine so i'm going to try a few different distro's puppy, xbuntu, Dynebolic, maybe debian....  i would need a partition for each distro. does anyone have a suggustion for how large i should make the partitions for each distro to run efficently05:04
heavenmakerI am stuck at getting started guide.. I don't know what else05:04
AxlinDaveCore82: I suppose there is a learning curve, but it's not difficult to learn. The hard part is getting used to it. Personally, I tried it, didn't care for it, and moved back to KDE. My fairly tech-illiterate aunt absolutely loves it for its simplicity, though.05:05
BaahttiDaveCore82, the more I play around with this Unity the more I'm liking it.05:05
Deepfriediceaimee, Okay, isn't it just under the "Networks" tab then?05:05
aimeeno, that is just other networks like freenode05:06
DaveCore82how are you even supposed to use unity??05:07
DaveCore82what am I missing?05:07
DaveCore82where is everything??! :)05:07
heavenmaker_dirk_ debian and fedora is a gud option05:07
somsip_dirk_: note that it may be that unity is the cause of the lag. There are plenty of other desktops out there05:08
Deepfriedice_dirk_, how much disk space do you have? I'd go for 10-20GiB05:08
terretz_Baahtti: apt-cache search *query*05:09
Deepfriedicesomsip, Good point.   _dirk_ , How powerful is your machine?05:09
terretz_oh wow05:09
heavenmakerDeepfriedice 2 or 4 gb for swap too05:09
terretz_sorry - screen was scrolled waaaay up05:09
_dirk_HEAVENMAKER.....  im looking for something more lighter then ubuntu but with sexy visuals. based on that which would be better for me debian or fedora?05:09
_dirk_i have about 600 gig total of diskspace, on a 2gighrts cpu with 1 gig of ram05:10
somsip_dirk_: ubuntu with a different desktop...05:10
heavenmakerFedora i think05:10
Baahttiterretz_, thanks.05:10
_dirk_i'm running ubuntu 12 stock, i thought that comes with gnome?05:10
somsip!unity | _dirk_05:10
ubottu_dirk_: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity05:10
heavenmakerNo... It doesnt.. u have to download externaly05:11
DeepfriediceOkay, out of sheer curiosity for what counts as a " GNOME 2-like experience"; !notunity05:12
_dirk_from what ive read and seen screen shots of i think i would like KDE05:12
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.05:12
Axlin_dirk_: If "sexy visuals" matter to you and Unity is lagging, you might try Linux Mint 15 (with Cinnamon) or Kubuntu (with KDE). No guarantees that they'll perform any better than Unity, but the best way to find out is to try.05:13
Deepfriedice_dirk_, KDE is also fairly heavy. For lighter things you have DE's like XFCE and Elementry (I think)05:13
heavenmakerKde is grt... Bt i think it uses more system resources.. in my system it was slow.. so i moved to gnome.. and it iS Awsm05:13
somsip_dirk_: Good point Axlin - sexy visuals and slower performance often go hand in hand05:13
Random832where can i find more information about this 'elementary'?05:14
dr_willisgnome 3.8 has its own official 'gnome-2' look alike mode.05:14
somsipRandom832: google is useful05:14
mojtabaDoes anybody have any idea about octosetup? http://www.octoshape.com/support/infinite-hd-octoshape-app/05:14
AxlinRandom832: elementaryos.org05:14
_dirk_i need something light like i said but being new to linux i'm not 100% what would be best... puppy is super lite and i think KDE is too? there is so many combinations it's insane05:14
dr_willislightest ubuntu offocial desktop would be  'lubuntu' but its a bit  minimal for some.05:14
DeepfriediceYeah, Cinnamon and Mate might count as "middle-weight" as well.05:14
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AxlinActually Elementary could be another one to look into _dirk_05:15
somsip_dirk_: it's choice. And you can't compare a distro (puppy) with a desktop environment and make a fair comparison05:15
dr_willis_dirk_:   puppy linux is very.. weird.. and  i would suggest only if your hardware cant support a more normal disrto05:15
kazakhey, can someone help explain how to install .tar.gz's?05:15
dr_willisyou can setup an almost identical desktop to puppy on ubuntu.05:15
somsipkazak: what are you trying to install?05:15
Deepfriedicekazak, Oh boy.05:15
_dirk_the only thing that might be kinda out of date is my video hardware05:15
dr_williskazak:  they are compessed archives.. if you mean compile SOURCE code.. thats one thing05:15
kazakthe media player nightingale05:16
dr_willis_dirk_:  i would suggest trying lubuntu05:16
mojtabaDoes anybody have any idea about octosetup? http://www.octoshape.com/support/infinite-hd-octoshape-app/05:16
somsip!patience | mojtaba05:16
ubottumojtaba: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/05:16
kazaki'm in the terminal and i cd'd to the folder it's in05:16
dr_williskazak:  if its precompiled binaries.. extract the file.. cd to its dir it made.. and run the binary05:16
dr_willis ./whateveritscalled05:16
Deepfriedicedr_willis, _dirk_ , That might be a bit far in the other direction. How about Xubuntu?05:16
Axlinkazak: Check for a readme first05:16
dr_willisi dont use xubuntu,  if i want light - i use lubuntu. :)05:17
somsipkazak: or the website for the package, which is why I'm asking what you are trying to install05:17
kazaksomsip: the music player nightingale05:17
kazakno readme that i see05:17
dr_willisif its compiled bianries. you can extract/run it without 'installing'05:17
somsipkazak: there is a PPA which might make it easier for you, but.....05:18
somsip!ppa | kazak05:18
ubottukazak: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:18
dr_willislook at the files in the archice.. see whats  there.05:18
_dirk_i'm downloading xubuntu right now... what are the major differences between L and X?05:19
kazakdr_willis: there's something called "nightingale-bin"05:19
somsip_dirk_: one uses XFCE and one uses LXDE05:19
dr_willisif its executalb erun it..05:19
dr_willisrun it05:19
kazakit isn't running though05:19
aimeeI found my problem05:20
aimeeI was using gnome x-chat05:20
kazakit says it's an executable, but it won't open05:20
_dirk_but you can switch our for differnt enviroments on L and X right ?05:20
Deepfriedice_dirk_, LXDE is barely a DE, it's basically Openbox with some tools and some configuration done. Light, but  pretty minimal.05:20
dr_willis _dirk_  select the one to use at login.. itss trivial to change05:21
kazaknevermind, i got it working05:21
mojtabaDoes anybody have any idea about octosetup? http://www.octoshape.com/support/infinite-hd-octoshape-app/05:21
_dirk_LXDE is so minimal i probably wouldn't like it then? does it use the apt manager05:21
Deepfriedice_dirk_, XFCE is a bit heavier then LXDE, but it's more featured as well. I think it's actually pretty similar to XP in some ways, but that's just me. It's also probably my personal favorite.05:22
somsip_dirk_: ubunut uses the apt manager. The desktop site on top of ubuntu05:22
ryan-cI like XFCE05:22
dr_willis_dirk_:  they all use apt05:22
ryan-cbut I also use awesomewm at work which few people like05:23
somsip_dirk_: I'll try that again with better spelling. Ubuntu uses the apt manager. The desktop sits on top of ubuntu05:23
Axlin_dirk_: You'll be using APT regardless of the environment you use if you're going to running something Ubuntu-based. But yeah, if you want pretty visuals and such, you won't care much for LXDE. It can look nice, but it's pretty barebones05:23
dr_willispuppy linux uses rox-filer and jwm  last i looked.05:23
DeepfriediceAPT isn't part of the DE.05:23
somsipryan-c: +1 for awesome05:23
_dirk_does they both use software center? and does the software vary or can you get the same applications as ubuntu on both05:23
ryan-cI have foot pedals for that computer and a keyboard i hacked a trackpoint into05:24
dr_willis_dirk_:  software center is just one of many froent ends to the apt ssystem05:24
ryan-cand a 16 key macro pad05:24
dr_willis_dirk_:  they can all run the same apps05:24
RarrikinsYou can use compton to give a few simple graphical effects (shadows on windows, translucency, etc.) on LXDE.05:24
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
_dirk_can you change your terminal to pacman for example running any of the ubuntu family os?05:25
somsip_dirk_: pacman is the Arch linux package maintainer. The quesiton makes no sense05:25
Deepfriedicemojtaba, what on earth is that? The website is incomprehensible.05:25
dr_willispaman? the arch package manager? thaats not a terminal05:25
mojtabaDeepfriedice: I am not sure, I was going to watch a site, and it asked me to install it.05:26
dr_willistime to just pick a desktop and stat using i,t to lean it.. ;)05:26
_dirk_ok, i'm trying to read as much as i can about all this instead of asking stupid questions in here but there only so much my brain can absorb in one day... ive been doing this all day05:26
RarrikinsIn apt-get, pacman is a Pacman game.05:27
_dirk_i'm on a website that helps you pick the distro most suitable for your pc and your needs and it asks which package manager i prefer but i've only used apt so i don't know what to choose lol05:28
Rarrikins_dirk_: You can use apt-get (the standard package manager here) in any of them, though.05:28
AxlinAPT, then. Go with what you're familiar with for now.05:29
dr_willisubuntu will work well (or one of its variants) for most people.05:29
dr_willisits trivial to instgall the xubuntu/xfce and lubuntu/lxde desktops all on top of ubuntu, so youc an try out all 3 desktops  with  ease.05:29
dr_willisif you want to get ffancier - you can rollup your own desktop setup with other window managers and file managers and tools.05:30
DeepfriediceRarrikins, Not true, APT only works on debian package based distros.05:31
mojtabaWhat is the difference between debian and ubuntu?05:31
RarrikinsDeepfriedice: Oh, I meant any of the Ubuntu-based distributions.05:31
DeepfriediceRarrikins, Yeah, but whatever site _dirk_ is looking at probably covers more than that.05:32
RarrikinsDeepfriedice: Ahh, I see.05:32
DaveCore82mojtaba: ubuntu is based on debian05:33
Deepfriedicemojtaba, Debian is more stable than Ubuntu, but the packages can be out-of-date. Ubuntu is aimed at new users, Debian is aimed at servers.05:33
mojtabaDeepfriedice: thanks05:33
_dirk_the website explains fedora as A very capable distro for an experienced Linux user who's going through a mid-life crisis. What the hell is that supposed to mean?05:37
DeepfriediceWait, What?05:38
Rarrikins_dirk_: It probably means that the distribution is faking being young.05:38
AxlinHeh, not really sure... but I suspect it's referring to how Fedora is fairly bleeding edge, so you get all the brand-spanking, shiny new software to play with.05:38
_dirk_well that would speak to me more the debian then... it says debian is geared more toward servers too05:39
AxlinTechnically Debian can be geared toward end-users, too. They have testing/unstable branches where you can get *much* newer software than their stable release. But since you sound fairly new to Linux, you may want to stick with something Ubuntu-based.05:41
AxlinUbuntu strikes a decent middle ground between having stable software and new software. Go too bleeding edge and you can find your system unstable.05:41
_dirk_if debian is kinda behinde the time when it comes to software why is all the apps that i seem interested in made for debian example studio 64, muse05:41
_dirk_is fedora ubuntu based?05:42
AxlinDebian is the foundation for Ubuntu and all things Ubuntu-derived. It makes it arguably the most influential parent OS in the Linux world. And no, Fedora is not.05:43
_dirk_oh jesus... i can decide the color socks i'm going to wear from day to day05:44
_dirk_i cant decide sorry05:44
AxlinYou mentioned earlier that you liked how KDE looked in screenshots. Just give Kubuntu a try, then. See how it goes.05:45
_dirk_AXLIN... your the man....05:46
AxlinIf you don't like it, two others I would suggest trying would include Linux Mint 15 and Elementary OS. I'm sure one of those will suit your fancy. And they're all Ubuntu based.05:47
_dirk_ive been trying to find out the system requirments to run musicx, artistx and tango studio...  will they run decent on my machine 2gig CPU/ 1gig RAM/05:49
_dirk_one more audiophile?05:51
DeepfriediceNever heard of them.05:51
_dirk_i guess i wont know unless i test drive em05:51
walltenderMy  ubuntu works fine for quite some time, no until recently I got this "modem manager caught signal shutdown" error which halts my shutdown. What confuse me is I didn't do a system update recently. Only installed tlp, which I have uninstalled already. The problem still exists. Google says it's a system bug, but that bug never occurs before? And I'd want to track down the real cause.05:52
ajhlinuxuserwalltender: I have seen that sometimes, but it is hidden behind the Ubuntu logo.05:55
_dirk_PAE kernel uses 4 gig or ram or non PAE uses 4 gig of ram?05:56
FrozenFireAnyone happen to know whether it's possible to transfer a purchase made in the Software Centre from one account to another? I bought the game "Bastion" a while back, but was apparently signed into the wrong account at the time. I need to move my purchase to my actual account.05:56
ajhlinuxuserwalltender: perhaps something else has gone wrong, and you are seeing that message now because the spash screen has cleared away.05:56
_dirk_MINT 15 uses PAE kernel... i cant remeber which is which...  but i only have 1 gig or ram so it suggests using MINT 13 MAYA LTS instead...05:58
Axlin_dirk_: PAE = 36 bit, which means the system can access up to 64 GB, but applications are restricted to 4 maximum. With 1 GB it won't matter either way.05:58
walltenderajhlinuxuser: Em, only during shutdown. It just halts there. Where do I go trouble shooting?05:58
walltenderajhlinuxuser: shutdown -r now wouldn't even shut down.05:59
qinAxlin: 36 bit?06:00
AxlinPAE increases the physical address size from 32 to 36 bits.06:03
_dirk_oh that's awesome mint offers the OS in KDE , XFCE , FLUXbox, LXDE... that's so cool man...06:03
dr_willis_dirk_:  ubuntu does the  same thing basically06:04
qinAxlin: just reading, cool point to know06:04
seyferhello world06:06
RarrikinsThe world does not respond.06:07
sam113101anyone using the magic trackpad here?06:11
dr_willishmm... that sounds  almost... dirty.. it is 2 am here.. so im tired..    ;^)06:12
dr_willisyou mean that apple touchpad thinggie?06:12
sam113101I wonder if it works on ubuntu, and if so, if it works just as on a mac06:13
dr_willisi wonder how much apple paid the marketing team that came up with the term 'magic' anything... ;P06:13
dr_willissam113101:  id say check askubuntu.com to see how well it works . if at all06:14
dr_willisi cant recall seeing anyone else in here asking about it06:14
_dirk_if i install Mint with the KDE am i stuck with that enviroment or is changing it simple...06:16
kkerwinHi. Anyone familiar with a portable form of disk encryption that would be installable on a flash drive, and runnable on Windows/Mac/*nix systems without admin priveledges?06:17
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots06:18
Myrttikkerwin: sounds like a job for truecrypt.06:18
soy_el_pulpowhy my nick has parenthesis?06:18
Myrttikkerwin: but it might need admin privs tho06:19
kkerwinMyrtti: Damn.06:19
_dirk_Dr. Willis... if i choose one enviroment on the mint download am i stuck with it or can i change without re-installing06:20
Ari-Yang_dirk_, you can switch between DEs06:21
=== one is now known as Guest58652
Rarrikinskkerwin: You can probably get 7-zip programs for each that don't need to be installed, but the computers can record the data and your password.06:24
dr_willis_dirk_:  i suggest using ubuntu. not mint.06:24
dr_willis_dirk_:  and the way linux is designed. makes it rather trivial to change desktops06:25
mortezaI need an application can run in terminal that can teach typing06:25
Rarrikinskkerwin: http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/29375/is-7-zips-aes-encryption-just-as-secure-as-truecrypts-version06:25
kkerwinMyrtti and Rarrikins: Problem is work computers. I don't have administrative priveledges, and I won't get admin priveledges to install unapproved software for corporate purposes. Corporate are asshats on that one, but I have to oblige.06:25
Rarrikinskkerwin: You can get standalone programs that don't need to be installed.06:25
kkerwinRarrikins: That sounds good. Can I make container files that will inflate as I add stuff to them, or do I need to encrypt each file separately?06:26
Rarrikinskkerwin: You can add files to and remove files from 7-zip arbitrarily as long as it's not a solid archive.06:28
kkerwinRarrikins: I do not understand.06:28
_Dirk_my connection was lost, cuase my phone died.... i didn't get to see the answer to my question... DR Willis if you answered me can you please repost...06:28
Rarrikinskkerwin: Nonsolid 7z archives will inflate as you add things to them.06:30
kkerwinRarrikins: I do not understand 'non-solid'; apologies for being unclear before.06:31
dr_willis_dirk_:  i suggest using ubuntu. not mint.06:31
dr_willis_dirk_:  and the way linux is designed. makes it rather trivial to change desktops06:31
kkerwinRarrikins: Never mind; Google helped.06:32
Rarrikinskkerwin: Oh, OK :)06:32
kkerwinRarrikins: Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.06:33
Rarrikinskkerwin: You're welcome.06:33
j5sa_hello all06:34
j5sa_can i download ubuntu server packages (i.e. lamp, and zoneminder) onto my ubuntu desktop machine and run it as a psuedo server/desktop?06:35
kkerwinRarrikins: Know of a good Linux frontend to p7zip? Ark seems to work, but doesn't seem to support encryption.06:36
anand_I have network problem, when I start pc it says waiting for network configuration and i have to wait for 60 sec. it can't connect to my broadband even its connected and up , running06:36
anand_I have 12.04 installed06:36
thechriswhat grub flags allow for more debug info when the live USB disk won't boot?06:36
anand_where should I look ?06:36
dr_willisdesktop can run services  j5sa_06:36
thechriseg, displays a black screen after grub06:36
fluffybunnyuk_hi guys what can u tell me about upstart?06:36
j5sa_awesome! thank you much DR06:37
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/06:37
fluffybunnyuk_im looking for an init alternative you see06:37
dr_willisj5sa_:  theres really not a lot of differances betwen desktop and server except the installed apps06:37
fluffybunnyuk_does it work well?06:38
dr_willisfluffybunnyuk_:  most disrtros are moveing to that new one..  i forget its name...06:38
dr_willisubuntu eventually plans on moving to it as well from that ive seen in the blogs.. but that may be a year or more away06:38
dr_willisarch is using it now.. and i cent recall its name...06:38
j5sa__dr, i didnt there was, but i wanted to be sure before i proceeded. thanks again.06:39
Rarrikinskkerwin: the p7zip package includes the 7zr command.06:39
dr_willisupstart works ok -  its been in use by ubuntu for some time now,.06:39
fluffybunnyuk_yeah not sure i want systemd tho im running away from suse not towards it :D06:40
dr_willisyea.. systemd seems like such a. bland name,. l)06:40
dr_willisi imagine in 5 years systemd will be used by most.. but we will see06:40
Rarrikinskkerwin: http://p7zip.sourceforge.net/06:40
SecretFirehow can I mount something that shows up in lsusb?06:40
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount06:41
dr_williswith the proper mount command SecretFire06:41
fluffybunnyuk_thx i'll have to give it alot more thought06:41
SecretFiredr_willis : all I have is the information from lsusb06:41
dr_willissudo mount /dev/sdXX  /media/make-a-dir  -o options needed06:41
kkerwinRarrikins: Ok. Thank you. Presently running the portable windows version on the target drive under wine for a test drive of what it will be like on the work machine. Runs surprisingly smoothly, considering. Will look at that as a native solution, however.06:41
dr_willisit has to have a device name in /dev/ or else you are not going to be doing much or anything with it..06:41
SecretFiredr_willis, how can i see /dev06:42
dr_willisls /dev/06:42
dr_willisa read of that MOUnt wiki page.. is worth the time.....06:42
aeon-ltddr_willis: with canonical pushing unity and an alternative to X, i would be surprised if they made a alternative to upstart too06:42
dr_willisaeon-ltd: i recall seing some discussion abvout eventually moving away from upstart to systemd. but we know how ubuntu is about such things...06:43
dr_willisdrag it out, drag it out more.... NOW hurry and change! ;)06:43
rosco_ycan anyone tell me how to install twiki?06:44
dr_willisi think in evolution science terms - thats 'puncuated equilbrieum'   - long time of no changes.. then a huge change quicky06:44
Rarrikinskkerwin: Oh, OK.06:44
dr_willis!info twiki06:44
ubottuPackage twiki does not exist in raring06:44
dr_williswhats twiki?06:44
fluffybunnyuk_i built my own distro .so i yanked bits from everywhere its sort of a hardened ubfedsuslackdebtoo :p06:44
* dr_willis uses tiddlywiki06:45
DaveCore82fluffybunnyuk_: not sure I like that name06:45
fluffybunnyuk_lol how wud u write it DaveCore82?06:45
DaveCore82aeon-ltd: agree06:46
fluffybunnyuk_haha great idea06:46
DaveCore82fluffybunnyuk_: I would totally switch distro to fluffOS right now06:46
aeon-ltdDaveCore82: but your only support is one other user06:46
* dr_willis goes back to HannaMontanaLinux ;P06:46
dr_willisRolling your own disrto is so... 201106:47
artikenMulliganOS / ChopSueyOS / HacknSlashOS / . .. FluffyOS still sounds the best to me.06:47
fluffybunnyuk_ive been doing it for 15 years now06:47
aeon-ltddr_willis: like that xkcd about creating the best standard06:48
=== bitnumus is now known as Guest6280
fluffybunnyuk_besides ive taken the time to write things in like stack protector to obscure return addresses on the stack :D06:48
raddyHello Everybody06:48
fluffybunnyuk_hard to get that out of the box06:48
dr_willisjust dont use  "FurryOS"06:48
fluffybunnyuk_haha wud the box have to be wrapped in a fur :D06:49
raddyBluetooth linkkeys file is empty even after pairing device.06:49
raddyWhat can i do?06:49
raddyI am using ubuntu 1306:49
anand_I have installed Ubuntu 12.04. When I start PC it says Waiting for network configuration and I have to wait for 60 seconds. What to do If I want to disable that message. I have followed this link : http://avinashtechie.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/disabling-pppoe-connection-in-ubuntu-at-boot-time/ but it seems not to be working.06:49
anand_Earlier I have installed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE to connect with my broadband.06:49
SecretFiredr_willis : Im having trouble mounting my android phone to linux it is recognized by lsusb but nothing happens when i plug it in. It was working a few days ago and mounting just fine06:50
histoanand_: do you have a device configured to obtain an ip address in /etc/network/interfaces06:50
artikenChange your clocks back to yesterday and everything will be fine. <jk>06:51
dr_willisSecretFire:  i just  use  airdroid thesedays on android. beats running a usb cable.06:51
DaveCore82artiken: yeah its the june 1st bug06:51
raddy Anybody saw my message?06:52
artiken35 yrs and not much has changed.06:52
dr_willisSecretFire:  the android mtp  stuff can be a pain.06:52
historaddy: yes06:52
DaveCore82this is my favorite xkcd. http://xkcd.com/353/   I'm totally feeling like that these days06:53
BaahttiSo I just briefed "Getting Started with Ubuntu 13.04" and mostly it just helped me to find some software which I quite likely will want and I have installed them. I'm looking for a more advanced guide, like the "Linux Administrators Guide" but a little more beginner friendly like the "Getting Started". Specifically, I'm interested in learning about how to utilize my terminal.06:53
anand_hista: yes06:53
clctoDaveCore82: i like the scrollable one06:54
anand_hosta: the content is06:54
anand_auto eth006:54
anand_iface eth0 inet dhcp06:54
SecretFiredr_willis : you have to have a wifi connection right?06:54
SecretFiredr_willis : i am trying to use google drive06:54
dr_willisSecretFire: yes.06:54
DaveCore82clcto: yeah that one was amazing... I think I spent 30 minutes looking at it06:54
clctoDaveCore82: thats it?06:55
clcto!yt friday06:55
dr_willisi dont see how  google drive is related to the question then..06:55
SecretFirewell I can use it to transfer files i thought, but it is failing each time i transfer to the phone06:56
DaveCore82clcto: I had work to do !06:56
Kaushik_Hi, whats the best xml editor06:56
SomeoneWeirdOk so I installed 13.04 yesterday, played around with it etc, updated, installed all my stuff that i'm used to. Then I went to bed, now i've just woken up to a broken unity (or gnome?) and i'm not sure how to fix it. http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/6590/screenshotfrom201306011.png Anyone got any suggestions?06:56
dr_willistry dropbox or copy.com or ubuntu one  perhaps  SecretFire06:57
pizzahutofmexicoBounjour, Pizza hut of Mexico is giving away free Belgum Waffles with every 3 orders of spicy indian food.06:57
DaveCore82SomeoneWeird: You just have to put the TV channel to 3, happens all the time to my aunt06:57
aeon-ltdare you kidding me06:57
SomeoneWeirdDaveCore82, lul06:57
dr_willis!best | Kaushik_06:57
ubottuKaushik_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:57
SomeoneWeirdIt's like the desktop isn't redraw()ing, so all the windows are becoming ghosts06:58
Kaushik_ thanks ubottu.06:58
BaahttiSomeoneWeird, just curious, you tried rebooting already, right?06:59
anand_is ubuntu 13 is faster than 12 ?06:59
SomeoneWeirdBaahtti, yeah, and i've installed AMDs drivers with no luck, too06:59
anand_boot time ?06:59
dr_willisis for me anand_06:59
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BaahttiSomeoneWeird, so you got the AMD drivers installed then or the installation of those drivers failed?07:01
dr_willis14 sec to 12 sec....  gotta love ssd drives...07:01
anand_dr: thanks07:01
dr_willis5± weeks of uptine make boottime trivial07:02
SomeoneWeirdBaahtti, I had the Xorg opensource drivers when it started happening, so I installed the AMD ones to see if it would fix it07:02
BaahttiSomeoneWeird, It looks like you've customized the 'theme' somewhat. Is this the case or is the color-scheme due to the malfunction?07:04
lotuspsychjeis it possible to make an usb stick boot with both ubuntu 32bit and 64bit, so one can choose wich architecture?07:05
BaahttiI'm wondering if perhaps you've installed something like compiz and it is causing issues.07:06
Baahttilotuspsychje, I know that you can add architectures from the commandline07:06
SomeoneWeirdBaahtti, malfunction07:06
SomeoneWeirdit might be07:06
lotuspsychjeBaahtti: well would be interesting to have both on 1 usb stick07:07
BaahttiSomeoneWeird, hrm, I'm not even certain how to go about it, but I wonder if you restore to the default theme settings if the issues would go away. Perhaps try to start there and see if it may be your themeing causing the issue?07:08
darkapphey #ubuntu07:09
darkappi just downloaded mint 15 and im having some problems07:10
lotuspsychje!mint | darkapp07:10
ubottudarkapp: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:10
darkappya no one answered there, and i figure, well u know07:10
darkappubuntu is kind of the same thing07:10
darkappas mint07:10
lotuspsychjedarkapp: well if it isnt supported, we cant help you with mint...07:12
histodarkapp: try in #linux07:12
histoactually ##linux07:12
lotuspsychjedarkapp: il be happy to support your problem when you install ubuntu 13.04, you should try it!07:12
darkapplotuspsychje: i plan on it07:12
darkappthrough a vm07:12
darkappbut first i need mint to be working properly07:13
lotuspsychjedarkapp: its rocketfast07:13
toxicForkhi, i'm using compiz on ubuntu but i don't know what's causing this issue: I want key commands like alt tab to be sent to teamviewer when it's fullscreen, but it's being handled and then it does not get sent to the application07:15
toxicForkis it possible to "fix" that?07:16
walltenderWhich log file do I need to provide on ubuntu forum to get help for my system shutdown error?07:16
artikenMy Windows System 7 machine keeps crashing. What should I do? LOL. Duh. I know. I'll ask the Ubuntu guys. I wonder what they will say? LOL. BTW I switched from Suse to Ubuntu. Even the family loves it.07:17
histowalltender: what error are you receiving?07:17
=== Subo1978_ is now known as subo1978
_Dirk_i really want gnu artist distro based on the xubuntu 8....  it's perfect but with my phone being the only internet connection i can't download it unless i can find the torrent.... unfortunatly i can't find the torrent07:18
walltenderhisto: modem manager caught signal shutdown, google says it's system error, but I don't get this before and I didn't do system update either.07:18
_Dirk_is there anyway to download this gnuartist thru the terminal???07:20
aeon-ltd_Dirk_: wget?07:21
aeon-ltd_Dirk_: rtorrent is a cli torrent client07:22
iceroot_Dirk_: wget  for http, rtorrent for torrent07:22
anand_I have posted a question in askubuntu.com07:22
anand_can anybody give answer ?07:23
_Dirk_i'm not sure what your talking about aeon-ltd and iceroot... can you dumb it down for me07:23
iceroot_Dirk_: you asked how to download something from the cli07:23
auronandace_Dirk_: derivatives are not supported here, only proper ubuntu distros07:23
aeon-ltd_Dirk_: you can use rtorrent to download stuff using terminal07:23
aeon-ltdanand_: i remember doing something like that when i installed ubuntu server to a laptop, i forgot how i got it working but i'm currently using wicd to manage connections though that might not be relevant at all07:25
_Dirk_it's a xubuntu distro??? isnt' that close enough? and the question is pertaining to how to dowload something using ubuntu....  wow07:25
iceroot_Dirk_: wget http://linuxfreedom.com/gnuartist/gnuArtist-lite_10.04.2_i386.iso07:25
iceroot_Dirk_: its based on ubuntu 10.04 so its EOL and will not get security updates anymore07:25
iceroot_and its also not supported here, we only support official ubuntu versions07:26
anand_aeon: is wicd good to use for network07:26
_Dirk_iceroot... i'm trying to download it normaly at the same link you provided but i'm using a smart phone with a connection speed of 11m/s so it's saying 3 days07:27
aeon-ltdanand_: i like it, though i don't use it for anything other than connectioning via wifi07:27
iceroot_Dirk_: the file is 1.4GByte07:27
auronandace_Dirk_: seriously, why don't you use ubuntu studio instead?07:28
walltenderNo one?07:28
auronandace!studio | _Dirk_07:28
ubottu_Dirk_: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org07:28
iceroot_Dirk_: i would not suggest to use gnuartist because its EOL07:28
anand_aeon-ltd: thanks I will take look of it. I have couple of softwares for that but fail so scar to use new07:28
iceroot_Dirk_: http://ubuntustudio.org/download/07:29
_Dirk_my graphics card is to old i think... i'm lagging trying to watch an video's even on my hard drives... i'm never going to be able to edit anything07:29
echoedirk what graphics card do you have/07:30
_Dirk_what's EOL mean?   my graphic card is built on my mother board and i have no idea... i don't know what program to run thru ubuntu to tell me07:30
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
auronandace_Dirk_: end of life, no longer supported whatsoever07:31
dr_willistime to learn about your hardware sounds like...07:31
viper155Hello, can't connect as memory storage my galaxy s3 with jelly bean 4.1.2 to ubuntu 12 because samsung disabled menu entry "connect as mass storage"07:31
dr_willis_Dirk_:  look at the 'lspci' command  output07:31
dr_willisviper155:  i belive you use the MTP method. or i perfer to use AIRDROID for my s307:32
dr_willisviper155:  and using mtp may require some tweaking/scripts  the omgubuntu and webupd8 sitgte had some guides on it07:32
dr_willisairdoid is  much easier to use. then fighting with mtp.07:32
lotuspsychjeis there a package that can work with oovoo?07:32
icerootviper155: google disabled it. its disabled on all new android devices because of microsoft. they have rights for fat filesystem and every smartphone will cost 5$ licence to microsoft, because of that google is not using fat anymore but ext. so you have to mount it with mtp07:33
viper155Dr willis need a router to ude airdroid and data via 3g07:33
dr_willisviper155:  so? if you want to use MTP over usb cable.. you WILL need to  find some guides to learn what you need to install/do/ it wont be automatic07:33
viper155I don't want to spend traffic data to connect phone in the same room! Absurd07:34
dr_willisat least not for 12.04 or 12.1007:34
* dr_willis got a wireless router for $7 the other day...07:34
dr_willisi dont need 3g to use airdroid07:34
viper155You'r right07:34
viper155But need router07:35
dr_willismtp support is only  recently been added to the latest release.. and im not even sure it works well in 13.04 yet.07:35
viper155Under windos via kies i can via usb07:35
_Dirk_on a sprint rooted phone you don't spend any extra money on data07:35
dr_willisyoumay need to look up the mtp guides and do the mounting via script/hand, not automatically07:35
viper155Uff... so complicated..07:36
dr_willisyou asked how.. thats how..07:36
area51pilotAnybody know of loading touch to a Verizon HTC phone?07:36
viper155I think i will buy  router07:36
dr_willisMTP is not fully automatic yet.07:36
dr_willisNow you know why i keep suggesting airdroid and a router. ;)07:36
_Dirk_can anyone look at that imagebin file and tell me what graphics card i have?07:36
viper155Yes yes thank you guys ;-)07:37
dr_willis_Dirk_:  are you on a ubuntu live cd right now? or what os exactly?07:37
auronandace_Dirk_: no offence but you are not going to be able to do much with that ancient nvidia graphics07:37
viper155Dr willis cant send from pc to phone via bt but not vice-versa07:37
viper155From phone to pc i can07:38
dr_willisviper155:  i picked up a low end wireless only router - that looks  like a 'wall wart' dc adaptor ;)  its only 150 speed.. but handy to have on the road.\\07:38
auronandace_Dirk_: bottom line is that your computer is simply going to get less useful rather quickly07:38
_Dirk_i installed ubuntu 12 from wubi straight onto my c drive next to windows.... i plan to format c and install ubuntu or whatever correctly once i find out which distro i want07:38
dr_willisviper155:  for android i find that some of the 3rd party BT apps/rile managers work nbetter then the default tools07:38
dr_willisbut I also find BT very very slow.07:38
area51pilotBluetooth transfer issues viper?07:39
dr_willis_Dirk_:  if you got the ubuntu 12.x iso file from the wubi instlall sstilll downloaded.. that would be an ok one to use.07:39
viper155Area51 yes cant send from pc07:39
_Dirk_i biult this machine in 2001 and it was top of the line!!!!  but i know i need to uprade... truth is i cant afford it... i'm stealing power illegally just to turn the machine on... to be honest07:40
dr_willis_Dirk_:  there are some guides out on converting  wubi install to a 'norma;l' install also07:40
dr_willis2001? I wonder if my RaspberryPi has more powar ;)07:40
area51pilotI had to install blueman  then out started working fine07:40
_Dirk_well being that you see my problem with my graphics card that's why i'm searchin a lighter distro07:41
area51pilotHad the issue in 12.10 & 13.04 viper07:41
viper155Dr willis anothrr solution is to boot win and use kied or unmonut microsd and connect to pc via adapter because i dont need to tranfers huge files every day07:41
dr_willis_Dirk_:  lightest ubuntu variant wwill be Lubuntu.   other then that.. anything lighter will be non-ubuntu based.07:41
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
viper155Area51 galxy s3?07:41
dr_willisor rolling your own ubuntu mini install07:41
_Dirk_thing is i have no problems watching anything on xp.... but i hate windows and my mac book just got stollen07:41
auronandace_Dirk_: if lubuntu doesn't do it for you then you could install the mini.iso and install something like fluxbox07:41
area51pilotWhat about out Viper?07:42
dr_willis_Dirk_:  if you dont have the right 3d/video card drivers installed for the card. that will make things sluggish07:42
viper155Send from pc to gslaxy s307:42
viper155Via bt07:42
viper155I cant07:42
_Dirk_i turned to ubuntu because i'm sick of installing drivers07:42
area51pilotI had an HTC and Samsung viper07:42
_Dirk_how do i know if i have the correct drivers installed with ubuntu07:43
area51pilotThere are a bunch of bug reports07:43
viper155So blueman is the answer?07:43
histo_Dirk_: What type of video card do you have?  You can find out with lspci07:43
auronandace_Dirk_: your graphics card is seriously too old, you are likely using the right drivers from the beginning (no need to install others)07:43
area51pilotInstalling blueman  was easiest fix to get it working07:43
viper155I'll give it a chance07:43
area51pilotBefore installing it would fail trying to transfer to phone07:44
_Dirk_i was going to try xubuntu before going to L...  HISTO http://imagebin.org/25978607:44
viper155Thank you area51 and dr willis and everyone here07:44
area51pilotProblem started with 12.10 & later07:44
viper155Area with android 2.3 no problems via bt or usb. Samsung disabled mass storage usb in jelly bean07:45
area51pilotGood to know viper...looking at getting s4 soon07:46
icerootviper155: as i already said, it was not samsung, it was google07:46
histo_Dirk_: how much ram do you have?07:46
icerootviper155: because of licence issues07:46
viper155Iceroor right :-)07:47
_Dirk_oh well.... if i was a chick i'd work the streets and buy a badass machine but i'm a felon with no job and support myself doing tattoo's out of a dingy little tattoo shop... i can't afford a new comp....  HISTO... 1 gig of ram/ 2 gig CPU07:47
viper155Area51 s4 will be as s3 same firmware07:48
iceroot_Dirk_: thats no problem and we respect it, for that case we have for example lubuntu which is perfectly for older systems07:48
histo_Dirk_: What is your question?07:48
icerootviper155: #android07:48
viper155Thank you ice07:48
viper155A good day guys bye07:49
_Dirk_HISTO ive been pouring over google pages all day trying to find a distro that will work for me. i'm just getting some advice... i'm looking for something that i can do audio and video editing on... people did it in 2001 when this machine was top of the line, so i'm just trying to put the right os and software to edit like its the 90's dude07:50
auronandace_Dirk_: you won't get anywhere, you machine is just too old07:51
iceroot_Dirk_: for the os i would recommend lubuntu. there you can install all programs which are also available for xubuntu, ubuntu-studio, ubuntu and so on07:51
dr_willissetting up MTP was not that hard for 12.x  i recall following the guides on either ombubuntu or webupd8 and getting it working07:51
histo_Dirk_: well you are able to run ubuntu xubuntu lubuntu or any of the derivatives with that hardware. For more performance I would run xubuntu or lubuntu and install audacity or whatever editors you need.07:51
icerootauronandace: i am using 630mhz, 512mb ram, 12gb hdd here without any problems07:51
histoauronandace: please don't have the windows mindset of what hardware is needed to run linux. You can run even modern distros on some pretty old hardware.07:52
dr_willis_Dirk_:  back then editing a 640x480 video was a big deal.. now these days they are  HD huge GB sized files.. ;) so  'video editing' has a large varity of needs07:52
auronandaceiceroot: are you also editing audio and video on that?07:52
icerootauronandace: mostly pictures07:52
_Dirk_ya... i'm downloading xubuntu now, i'm gonna take that for a test drive when it's done downloading, using my optimus s sprint phone getting 11m/s...  3 days from now!!!!! lol07:52
echoesprint? fast downloads? what?!?07:53
histoauronandace: minimum specs for desktop is 700Mhz with 512MB or ram and 5GB hard drive07:53
dr_willisi think it would be time to head to the nearwst free wifi location and download the iso there.....07:53
echoehisto, that means they're under the minimum specs. and we are talking about video and audio editing, which is more intensive.07:53
auronandacehisto: with respect, he wants to do audio and video editing, i doubt those specs would cut it07:53
_Dirk_echoe... right... jesus i'm f-ing dying over here07:53
echoei misread it as 11M/sec i think07:54
Deepfriedice_Dirk_, What is your computer?07:54
_Dirk_it's not for a film coming out in nation wide theaters... i'm using adobe flash and making cartoons man!!!07:54
dr_willis_Dirk_:  you do realize that flash is rather poorly supported in linux?07:55
echoe... yeah, flash isn't computer intensive at all07:55
_Dirk_DEEPFI... it's custom built07:55
auronandace_Dirk_: flash performance on a cpu that old is rather abysmal07:55
dr_willisflash is rather poor.. on anything these days it seems. ;)07:56
artiken++on flash being poor.07:56
dr_willisgimp does have an animation package/feature// but ive never ussed it07:56
echoeit's great on the ipad!07:56
_Dirk_ive only had ubuntu for 3 days... i havn't been able to test flash yet... but i'm not stingy i'll learn another program to make cartoons... i just wanted to try linux out07:56
dr_willis_Dirk_:  so you installed wubi from some ISO file? thst you still have downloaded? or how did you download the iso for wubi?07:57
dr_willisand what release are you using now in wubi?07:57
_Dirk_12.1 i think07:57
dr_willis_Dirk_:  you do know you can install the 'lubuntu-dektop' package and try out lxde on that wubi install?07:58
artikenGimp = Adobe Ilistrator, Inkscape = CorelDraw/Adobe flash. I use CLI PovRay for animations + Inkscape07:58
dr_willis_Dirk_:  so what are you downloading right now anyway?07:59
histoauronandace: sure they would.. it depends on the editors and what sort of "editing" he will be doing. He's not going to be making the next Toy Story on those specs but he can edit a home video just fine.07:59
_Dirk_xubuntu and Lubuntu. Mint...  umm... Fedora... Puppy07:59
dr_willis_Dirk_:  what VersIOn of xubuntu and lubuntu? and why even bother with mint and fredora08:00
dr_willis_Dirk_:  an install of the lubuntu-desktop package will be about a 400mb download on the pc i imagine...08:00
_Dirk_cause i'm dumb... i don't know shit about linux... so i'm08:00
dr_willisforget mint, and forget fedrora08:00
dr_williswhat version of xubuntu and lubuntu are you downloading?08:01
_Dirk_X & L are both 13.04 i38608:01
dr_willis_Dirk_:  and whats your CPU exactly?08:01
=== claudio is now known as Guest33158
dr_willis_Dirk_:  because 13.04  REQUIRES a pae enabled CPU.08:02
aeon-ltdiirc i386 has been dropped for quite some time now08:02
_Dirk_so i'm wasting my time... i need like version 10?08:02
Just_Mehey guys i need a small help, whenever i view youtube videos in fullscreen the quality becomes jagged. how do i fix it?08:02
dr_willis_Dirk_:  whats what im driving at.. 12.04 or 12.10 may be the latest you can use.. depending on your cpu/08:03
aeon-ltdJust_Me: what gpu? install the drivers08:03
dr_williswhen did the PAE needed kick in? 12.10?08:03
Deepfriedice_Dirk_, I THINK Xubuntu 12.04 can still run without PAE.08:03
_Dirk_ok so i need 12.0408:03
=== rosco_y is now known as rosco_away
dr_willis_Dirk_:  and tip #!1  ---> Instsll the pastebinit command and stop posting screenshots of terminals...08:03
dr_willis_Dirk_:  this is why i asked what iso you used fo ryour wubi install.08:04
_Dirk_well thanx for the headsup... ive only wasted about 4 hours downloading 13.0408:04
dr_willis_Dirk_:  was it 12.10 or 12.04 ?08:04
Just_Meaeon-ltd: im on NVIDIA(laptop) current installed driver is 3.1908:04
=== y_ is now known as Phryq
DeepfriediceJust_Me, You possibly can't. Flash on any Linux is terribly inefficient.08:04
Just_Meoh ok.08:05
clctolinux is terribly inefficient08:05
_Dirk_i'm not sure it's what ever is offered on the ubuntu wubi website08:05
dr_willisyour cpu DOES mention 'pae' in the screeen shot..08:05
Just_Meso is there no around this?08:05
Phryqwhen I try to install flash player from the software center I get this, pastie.org/799234608:05
aeon-ltdwoah flash does work well enough for video playback08:05
artiken_dirk: The basic Kernel is going to be aproximetly the same size, very small. If you add a X window and a GUI desktop. Which desktop you use determines the memory and CPU requirements. LXDE is a very small memory requirement desktop. KDE is the fattest desktop. KDE also has many "wiz-bangs" that look nice but cost memory and CPU.08:05
dr_willis_Dirk_:  for what you are doing.. you may gain very little by using 13.04 over 12.04 or 12.1008:05
PhryqI've recently installed the new Ubuntu and since then I've had problems installing a few programs. I'm wondering if I should just do another fresh install08:06
Phryqlike, maybe the install didn't go right, so it's having a hard time installing software now. Is that likely?08:06
DeepfriediceJust_Me, I'm not sure, what browser, graphics driver, flash version and hardware do you have?08:06
_Dirk_i'm not running the 13.04... i should have known not to download it... i'll correct it08:06
DeepfriedicePhryq, Did you run a integrity check before installing?08:07
dr_willis_Dirk_:  also im not sure how much i would trust a 1+gb download over a slow cellphone connection to be 'correct'08:07
Phryqyes, but I'm actually not sure what the results of the check were08:07
dr_willisand 12.10 or 12.04 will do you fine for    the tasks you have mentioned08:07
_Dirk_can i use 12.10 and put lxde on it and be ok?08:07
_Dirk_it's 3g08:07
Phryqcan I run another integrity check now? or is it too late?08:08
aeon-ltd_Dirk_: yeah08:08
Just_Me@Deepfriedice chrome ver.27 / NVIDIA 3.1908:08
dr_willis_Dirk_:  we have said several times - you can install lubuntu-desktop package on any  ubuntu install and it will 'add' lxde/lubuntu' to the install08:08
DeepfriedicePhryq, you run the integrity check on the disk/flashdrive08:08
dr_willis_Dirk_:  so all you need to do on your current WUBI install is install 'lubuntu-desktop' then select lubuntu at the login screen08:08
Phryqcan I put the flashdrive in now, and run the check from Ubuntu?08:08
dr_willisit will be a few100mb download most likely.08:08
_Dirk_do i need to change something on the usb driveinstallation image08:09
Phryqor I guess I can just re-boot from the flash and run the check, right?08:09
artiken_Dirk: THE cool thing about Linux is you can install many versions and choose at boot time. Your software stays pretty much the same. So you can easily start with 12.04 and then just upgrade to 13.10 (not out yet). You can just as easily downgrade by using the package manager.08:09
dr_willis_Dirk_:   what usb drive install image/ if its a UBUNtu image.. you install UBUNtu, then add lubuntu-desktop afterwards08:09
aeon-ltddo not downgrade08:09
DeepfriediceJust_Me, Chrome huh? I think that has it's own copy of flash.   How does video playback do outside youtube, can you play the same resolution videos fullscreen?08:09
auronandace!downgrade | artiken08:09
ubottuartiken: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.08:09
artikenI know I did it.08:10
_Dirk_ok... thanx guys... it's 4am i'll pick this up tomorrow08:10
DeepfriedicePhryq, You have to boot from the flashdrive, and pick "integrity check" rather than "start ubuntu"08:10
Just_Me@Deepfriedice i get similar quality when viewed fullscreen even outside youtube.08:10
Phryqok, will do that now. Thanks08:11
artikenrequired a format. but the good side was the many partitions so the /usr/share/apt/.. directory still had the software versions already downloaded.08:11
DeepfriediceThen it's not flash. And if you are running the latest nvidia drivers, it's probably you're hardware.08:12
=== y_ is now known as Phryq
Phryqdid the disk check. No errors08:13
=== rosco_away is now known as rosco_y
Phryqfast though, eh? It's on an SSD08:14
dr_willisSupper Speedy Drive08:14
Phryqso reinstalling the OS won't do anything if there are no disk defects?08:15
area51pilotPhryq...I've had bad installs before08:15
DeepfriedicePhryq, What EXACTLY do you mean by "It's on an SSD"?08:16
area51pilotWhere re install was better than initial08:16
Phryqoh, I meant my hard drive is a solid state drive, which is why I can shut-down and boot up so quick. (That wouldn't effect the disk-check time though, of course).08:17
Phryqdo you think I'm not connected to a certain repository, and that's why I can't install a bunch of programs and get these unmet dependency errors?08:18
area51pilotWhat can't you install?08:18
DeepfriediceIt's always flash08:20
DeepfriediceUh, can you post the error you get?08:20
area51pilotUse chrome.  :P08:20
area51pilotDo you have flash available in the software center08:21
Phryqthat's where I tried to get it from08:22
Phryqit's not the only install that gives me that error, just the most recent thing I've tried installing08:22
Phryqbut I get it when I try to install a bunch of things08:23
Bray90820oops wrong channel08:23
Phryqsome things, like VLC, install fine. I don't know what the pattern is.08:23
Phryqarea51pilot, I get the same error installing chromium, though it's more specific about what dependencies it can't meet08:24
Phryqshould I post them?08:24
DeepfriedicePhryq, No, what program are you useing for package management?08:25
PhryqUbuntu Software Center08:25
area51pilotThere s a manual install for flash in this link:08:25
DeepfriedicePhryq, That actually looks really wrong.08:26
DeepfriediceGet Synaptic, (it's better) and lets see I we can find out what's going on.08:27
SticksHi, I have a C510 Logitech webcam. VLC and Cheese show a stretched 4:3 image when set to 16:9. How can I get it to record in unsquashed 16:9?08:27
Phryqthere's a screenshot with the errors08:29
DeepfriediceOh dear.08:30
DeepfriediceLet's try Synaptic.08:30
Phryqapparently I have programs installed which cannot be installed at the same time? Should I just try uninstalling those?08:31
area51pilot Phryq http://m.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-google-chrome-cant-be-installed-in.html?m=108:32
area51pilotThis is where I hit libudev0 from in order to load Chrome after installing 13.0408:33
Phryqoh, I was installing Chromium, not Chrome, sorry.08:33
area51pilotSame dependency though08:33
area51pilotLook at your error08:34
DeepfriediceHuh. You can probably just grab it from: http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and install it with gdebi08:34
deckardhello. I removed my earphones from the notebook and now there is no audio. Can this be fixed without a restart ?08:35
area51pilotCheck audio source is speakers08:35
histoPhryq: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install chromium08:35
BaahttiWhat is the program that gives me terminal 'sessions', like being able to have multiple 'virtual terminals' inside of one terminal?08:35
histodeckard: unmute the sound08:35
=== MortenTemp is now known as Morten_
histoBaahtti: screen or tmux08:36
BaahttiSCREEN! thanks!08:36
deckardit is not muted. I am checking audio source08:36
deckardthank you area51pilot it is working08:36
Phryqhisto, this is the output from 'sudo apt-get install chromium'08:39
Phryqbaahtti, terminator08:40
histo!info chromium-browser | Phryq08:40
ubottuPhryq: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu3 (raring), package size 26065 kB, installed size 95169 kB08:40
histoPhryq: sorry wrong package name use chromium-browser after apt-get update08:40
Deepfriedicechromium is a vertical scrolling space shooter, chromium-browser is a webbrowser.08:41
rocksHELLO. I'm on Raring Ringtail and when I minimize a window it gets stuck midway of the animation and whole system hangs for 20 minutes08:41
historocks: video driver?08:42
rocksradeon on RS880 4250 HD08:42
histoPhryq: do you have any ppa's enabled?08:43
Phryqdon't know what a ppa is08:43
ilnarikhi all08:43
histo!ppa | Phryq08:44
ubottuPhryq: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge08:44
DeepfriedicePhryq, Have you done anything odd with apt?08:44
area51pilotSoftware sources08:44
histoPhryq: sudo apt-get update | pastebinit08:44
perelmanI find soft for sync iPhone with Ubuntu08:44
PhryqI have enabled a couple other repositories.08:44
histoPhryq: non standard repositories?08:44
histo!iphone | perelman08:45
ubottuperelman: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod08:45
PhryqI was getting errors trying to install software before, and I thought it was because I was missing a repo, so I enabled a couple. I disabled them later thinking they were causing the problem, and now I've re-enabled them again. I really have no idea what I'm doing though08:45
Phryqmedubuntu repos I installed manually08:45
perelmanPhryq Thanks08:45
dr_willisi cant even think of a reason to use Medibuntu any more08:46
Phryqand I just clicked the checkmark in settings for the Canonical Partners and Independent08:46
histoPhryq: well try disabling the repositories you added with the exception of the partner and canonical repos08:46
PhryqI was just trouble shooting online and read an article that mentioned I should do it.08:46
histoPhryq: you should only need the main and universe repos enabled for chromium08:47
Phryqk, did it. Still getting the same error. Do I need to reboot?08:48
histoPhryq: no you just need to sudo apt-get update after disabling the other ones08:48
histo!info libnss3-1d08:48
ubottulibnss3-1d (source: nss): Network Security Service libraries - transitional package. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.14.3-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 12 kB, installed size 91 kB08:48
dr_willisafter altering your repos.. you always need to 'update' the package listing.  'sudo apt-get update'08:49
Phryqsame errors08:49
PhryqI think I will just re-install my system. When I have a fresh install I won't do ANY tweaks08:50
Phryqor enable ANY repos08:50
histoPhryq: nO need to reinstall... just fix your repos08:50
PhryqI did08:50
histoPhryq: use the software center and go to software sources... Then you can enable/disable whatever you want08:50
dr_willisi dont even see the errors at the past witee.08:50
dr_willisthere we go - it was slow. ;;)08:51
dr_willistry the old 'sudo apt-get update'   'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' trick yet?08:52
rsdaltinfalem alguma coisa08:52
PhryqI actually was having all these buggy-problems with version 12.10 as well, which is why I did a fresh install of 13. Is it normal to have this many problems?08:52
Phryqwill try that not dr_willis , thanks08:53
dr_willisi rarely have any prroblems with ubuntu08:53
area51pilotSame here08:53
PhryqI must have bad computer karma08:53
Phryqsame error still08:54
dr_willisthe error messages says you got tht package held for some reason. Unhold it. ;)08:54
dr_willisor just remove  it.. heh08:54
Phryqhow do I do that?08:54
dr_willisbut im not sure what nss' does.. sounds imporntant08:54
area51pilot-f force and fix?08:54
dr_willissudo apt-get -f        might straighten it out08:55
dr_willisi rarely have apt issues.. so rarely need to try to fix things.08:55
dr_willisi bet    askubuntu.com has dozzens of suggestions on fixing it ;)08:56
area51pilotSometimes #08:56
area51pilot$h!+ just happens08:56
Phryqdid " sudo apt-get -f" and it told me it has Super Cow Powers.08:56
dr_willissudo apt-get remove nss    would remove that nss package   i imagine. but that may also uninstall other sstuff08:57
Phryqif it uninstalls other stuff, can I just re-install that other stuff, or might that break my system?08:57
PhryqI guess I might as well try08:57
dr_willisits possible you rnss package got updated from some of the reepos you had added08:57
area51pilotWhat's the worst that can happen?08:57
dr_willistheres a way to tell it to uninstall/reinstall   but ive rarelyneeded that08:58
Phryq"E: Unable to locate package nss"08:58
dr_willis!find nss08:58
ubottuFound: insserv, libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev, libavahi-compat-libdnssd1, libcrypt-openssl-bignum-perl, libcrypt-openssl-random-perl, libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl, libcurl3-nss, libcurl4-nss-dev, libcurl4-openssl-dev, libevent-openssl-2.0-5 (and 90 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nss&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all08:58
dr_williswhat was the package name it was complaining about?08:58
PhryqI think I will just re-install my OS, and next time I have a problem, I will come here right away rather than trying to fix it myself.08:58
dr_willis!info nss08:59
ubottuPackage nss does not exist in raring08:59
area51pilotIt's a quick install08:59
Phryqif I want to experiment I'll do it in a virtual machine08:59
dr_willisa remove of that package once you determins its real name.. should fix things.. would be my guess08:59
area51pilotI've wasted more time trying to fix a botched system08:59
Phryqoh ya?08:59
Phryqso how do I find it's real name?08:59
dr_willisand apt-get  DOES support  tab completion :) to make it easier to use09:00
dr_williswhat does thee error message say the package name is?09:00
area51pilotGood night and good luck09:00
Phryq'night. Thanks for the help09:00
histoarea51pilot: what are you trying to fix?09:00
Phryqwhich error message do you mean specifically dr_willis ? The one when I try to install?09:01
area51pilotNothing for me09:01
Ponch0Anyone with ubuntu-gnome 13.04 here having issues after last nights upgrade?09:01
dr_willisno it says in the error message.. depends on ......09:01
area51pilotI'm just fine09:01
dr_willisim on my phone so jumping back and forth to a browser iss a pain09:01
Phryq" Depends: libudev0 (>= 147) but 175-0ubuntu13 is to be installed"09:01
area51pilotSame here...4 am...time to sleep. :P09:02
area51pilotNight all09:02
dr_willis!info libudev009:02
ubottuPackage libudev0 does not exist in raring09:02
dr_willis!find libudev09:02
ubottuFound: libudev-dev, libudev109:02
Seveas[11:01] <      Ponch0> | Anyone with ubuntu-gnome 13.04 here having issues after last nights upgrade?                                            adamx09:02
Phryqit's trying to install a package that doesn't exist in Raring?09:02
Seveas[11:01] <      Ponch0> | Anyone with ubuntu-gnome 13.04 here having issues after last nights upgrade?                                            adamx09:02
dr_willisHmmm... that is weird...09:02
Seveas[11:01] <      Ponch0> | Anyone with ubuntu-gnome 13.04 here having issues after last nights upgrade?                                            adamx09:02
FloodBot1Seveas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:02
dr_willisunless you added in some non-rareing repos by mistake09:03
Seveassorry about that, my mouse got the better of me09:03
dr_willisbut your originall error message mentioned nss i thouight  not udev09:03
Phryqmaybe the error for installing Flash. I'll try that one09:03
SeveasPonch0: what's the error you get?09:04
Ponch0Seveas: you're also having issues? I ended up with unity after upgarde!!! yuck! now, my mouse doesn't work at login aaand I login AS "gnome display manager"09:04
Phryqhttp://pastie.org/7992431#1,5,8,10 there's the chromium error. It does mention libnss09:04
gordonjcpPonch0: after upgrading from what?09:04
resolutionprobhi, i'm running ubuntu 12.04 lts with nvidia drivers, i'm stuck at 800x600 and i cant get my native res09:04
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SeveasPonch0: log in on a terminal, found out which new packages got installed (in /var/log/dpkg.log) and remove them09:05
Abbas|whats a good free video editor that i can use on windows also?09:05
dr_willisresolutionprob:  the   nvidia-settings tool does verify you are using the nvidia drivers?09:05
dr_willisAbbas|:  avidemux is handy09:05
gordonjcpAbbas|: kdenlive works pretty well09:05
Ponch0it was a dist-upgrade, removed a bunch of packages, installed others, updating during the day to 3-0-23 was not issue, but the packages was what messed it up09:05
SeveasI don't have that issue as I'm on 12.10 still and use Unity :)09:05
PhryqI'm just gonna do a new install and will see what things are like after that. Cya guys09:05
gordonjcpAbbas|: don't know about Windows though09:05
Abbas|is it gui or console?09:05
gordonjcpPonch0: when you say "dist-upgrade" do you mean updating from one version of Ubuntu to another?09:06
dr_willisa console video editor? Hmmm....09:06
dr_williscant say ive really seen a console bassed video editor..09:06
gordonjcpdr_willis: back in the day, I used to edit video with vi09:06
dr_willisvideo reencoders.. yes..  but not a  'typical' editor09:06
Ponch0gordonjcp: No, im sorry my terminology is iffy, I have a fresh install of JUST ubuntu-gnome 13.0409:06
gordonjcpdr_willis: granted, that was making up EDLs to be fed to an offline controller09:06
resolutionprobNVIDIA Driver Version:304.8809:07
gordonjcpdr_willis: write a text file, save to floppy, and then stand there feeding tapes into the playback deck ;-)09:07
dr_willisgordonjcp:   Bah! luxery... back in my days.. we used to print things out on puncards to make animated booklets! :)09:07
Ponch0gordonjcp: not anymore, it was a "partial upgrade", which removed/updated/installed new/old packages.09:07
gordonjcpdr_willis: hah, rockin'09:07
histodr_willis: http://cli-apps.org/09:08
Ponch0I haven't touched any software sources in over a month, unity is seriously a virus..09:08
dr_willisUnity works very well.. plese no ranting.09:08
Ponch0I'm sure it does, my apologies.09:08
dr_willisnow package  bug/regressions... :) those are a pain.09:09
dr_willisby 'dist-upgrade' you did a 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' you mean?09:09
dr_willisor did you do a release upgrade to the next release?09:10
Giles1I just upgraded to 13.04, I seem to have both gnome session fallback bar at the bottom of the screen and also unity side panel (only when I log in with session fallback and effects on)09:10
Ponch0well, since I have unity now, how can I properly fix the login screen so I don't log in AS "Gnome disp Manager",09:10
Giles1I would like to remove the sidebar.09:10
Ponch0dr_willis: no sir, I used software updater.09:10
dr_willisPonch0:  to upgrade to the next release?09:10
Ponch0dr_willis: Yes, that's the only thing I use.09:10
Ponch0is the software updater.09:11
dr_willisGiles1:  you could see if a newly made user has the same issues. if a newly made user works properly - that points to some user config issue in the files in the users home.09:11
Ponch0Updater earlier during the day to 3-0-23, everything was fine, then about 20 minutes ago, I clicked software updater, told my I have 75 packages to be installed/removed/upgraded09:12
dr_willisa 'software update' is differnt then a 'release upgrade'   so did you go from 12.04 to 12.10 or somthing? or just updateed the packages FOR 12..04 ? or whatever release you are using?09:12
Ponch0No, sir I have a fresh install of ubuntu-gnome 13.04 for over a month now.09:12
Giles1dr_willis ok, I will try that.09:13
dr_willisbeen working 14 hrs here all week.. so ive not even done any updates in a week   ;()09:13
dr_willisnot seen anyone else in here today mentioning 13.04 update issues either (yet) :)09:13
Ponch0dr_willis: wow, well thanks for you attempt, I appreciate it, get some sleep :)09:14
dr_willisi still got an hr to go befor i head home from work..09:14
dr_willis:) gotta love being able to IRC while at work09:14
Ponch0Just a quickie tho, how can I fix the login screen issue, I'll stick to unity for now since it's here, I haven't backed up my files.09:14
Ponch0dr_willis: you're a trooper haha.09:14
dr_williswhat login screen issue?09:15
emily_using irssi to connect from a server through ssh :309:15
dr_willisemily_:  i tend to use weechat. ;)09:15
emily_i have wee couldnt figure how to start it remotely tho ^^09:15
dr_willisssh in.. run 'weechat'09:16
emily_oh ok haha thanks i go try now09:16
dr_willistheres a experimental weechat-on-android client that connets to weechat on your pc also. ;)09:16
Ponch0After I restarted the computer, after the update/upgrade whatever that is.  it goes into a display manager. There my mouse doesn't work or anything else, I hit ctrl alt del and it says "You're logged in AS "Gnome Display Manager", logs me out after 60 seconds, the display manager shows up again but now I can use my keyboard to log in.09:16
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dr_willisGnome dosplay manager is the X login screen.. it does run as the GDM user .   You could try switching back to lightdm to see if lightdm works any better.   (or switch back to gdm later) via the command.......09:17
Ponch0But I have to choose with the arrow keys "Ubuntu" from "System default" at bottom of display manager before I type in password.09:17
resolutionprobany idea, dr_willis? o-o09:17
dr_willissudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm                   (or gdm)09:17
Ponch0dr_willis: thank you much, all your hard work does not go unappreciated.09:18
dr_willisi tend to use gdm because it looks nicer. ;)09:18
Ponch0dr_willis: yup, that's what I've been using, I'm really not sure what happened.09:18
Ponch0But now it's a different display manager.. Oh well.09:19
dr_willisyou could try older kenerls from the grub menu also.. see if older kerneles work.09:19
dr_willisthey may be having some issue with gdm/lightdm09:19
dr_willisor go funky and try some alteernatives to gdm/lightdm ;)09:19
dr_willis!info slim09:19
ubottuslim (source: slim): desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.4-2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 877 kB, installed size 1486 kB09:19
dr_willisi cant even rember the other *dm managers09:20
Ponch0dr_willis: alrighty, again thanks for your help. :) enjoy your day/night.09:20
Ponch0It seems I have both, GDM and lightdm installed on my system after "update", can I remove one of them using Synaptic Package Manager, or should I use command line?09:22
Ponch0I'm trying to play nice, must back up files first :)09:22
Phryqso I just did a clean install. I've done *nothing* to the system except install x-chat09:23
Phryqbut when I try to install Flash I get the same error as before09:23
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dr_willisi just leave all the dms installed in case one goofs up. ;)09:25
dr_willisPhryq:  you did a sudo apt-get upgrade?09:25
dr_willisthen how are you installing flash?09:25
Phryqfrom the software center09:25
Phryqshould I do a sudo apt-get upgrade right after a clean install?09:26
dr_willisuse the command line.. that way you see errors. ;)09:26
dr_willisi always do a 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade'   after installing..  to be sure its all up to date09:26
Phryqoh ok. I'll do it in a minute. The automatic updater has started so I have to let it finish09:26
dr_willisthats basically doing the same thing then. ;)09:27
Giles1dr_willis I tried with a fresh user account and it was no different.09:31
atomxIs there a way to upgrade Xubuntu from 12 to 13 ?09:31
dr_willisGiles1:  that is weird..09:31
dr_willisatomx:  you can do release upgrdess from 12.x to 13.x09:32
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:32
Giles1dr_willis: Can I remove unity packages all together?09:32
atomxthanks. did somebody did it before, in order to tell me whethere it's worth doing it09:32
forbiwhat does the diffrences for me to install uefi rather than bios?09:32
dr_willisGiles1:  guess you could.. but i perfer unity09:32
Giles1dr_willis: I said can "I"09:33
dr_willisGiles1:    how were you using the old gnome look?  you dident install cinnimon or anything else weird did you?09:33
resolutionprobdr_willis, http://i.imgur.com/dkxWtJK.png09:33
Giles1dr_willis: no just gnome-session-fallback09:33
dr_willisGiles1:  you can use the package manager and uninstall anythin gyou want.. but it may break the whole system .. its hard to tell sincce your system is allready acting goofy09:34
Giles1dr_willis: yeah I use apt-get09:34
treespiderHello! Is anyone here using VMware Player? Why is it being downloaded as a 177 MB big .txt file?09:35
Giles1dr_willis:  Its not major worries, I just wont use compiz effects.09:36
Jordan_Utreetreetr33: It's not a text file, it's a file which contains an install script at the beginning, and the data to be installed follows after the script.09:37
iPenguinWhich operating downloads faster?>09:38
MrokiiHello. This isn't directly related to Ubuntu, but can anybody recommend a good filemanager that is also highly customizable by Python plugins?09:38
iPenguinMrokii: Dropbox i recommend.09:38
dr_willisnautilus has the often overlooked 'nautilus scripts' feature.09:38
dr_willisbut other then that.. i dont even recall any file managers with fancy scripting plugins09:39
Mrokiidr_willis: I despise the latest Nautilus and regard it as broken beyond belief, tbh. That's why I'm looking for alternatives.09:40
treespiderHello! Is anyone here using VMware Player? Why is it being downloaded as a 177 MB big .txt file?09:40
MrokiiiPenguin: I will take a look, thanks.09:41
dr_williserr.. dropbox is not a file manager...09:41
iPenguinMrokii:Your welcome09:41
iPenguinIts a file uploading one.09:41
dr_willisMrokii:  theres some  patched nautiuls's out and theres dozens of other file managers in the repos.09:41
Jordan_Utreespider: It's not a text file, it's a file which contains an install script at the beginning, and the data to be installed follows after the script.09:41
yeatstreespider: use 'file' to check what the actual file format is09:41
atomxdr_willis: I did the steps recommended there , and to me the newest version appears to be 12.10 , not 13 :(09:41
treespiderJordan_U: How on earth do I use it? :/09:42
atomxI am using Xubuntu, not Ubuntu09:42
atomxHow can I upgrade to 13 ?09:42
Ponch0How do I view all my installed apps in the search tab?09:42
dr_willisatomx:  you upgrade from one relase to the next.. you dont Skip btween relesses.. uneless you are going from a LTS to LTS trelese09:42
treespideryeats: How?09:42
Mrokiidr_willis: I guess there are a lot of file manager but that's the problem also. Too many to choose from.09:42
Ponch0It's only showing some of the most used when I click view more, it shows only a few of the more used apps.09:42
Jordan_U!vmware | treespider09:42
ubottutreespider: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware09:42
dr_willisatomx:  so you go 12.04  -> 12.10 -> 13.0409:42
yeatstreespider: 'file filename'09:43
treespiderJordan_U: Thanks.09:43
treespideryeats: Thanks.09:43
Jordan_Utreespider: You're welcome.09:43
iPenguinCan anyone tell me which ubuntu operating system downloads faster?09:43
dr_willisMrokii:  decide on what features you want the most i guess.09:43
atomxdr_willis: you mean, I have to upgrade to 12.10, then it will appear 13 ?09:43
iPenguini downloaded the normal one which takes 18 hours to download.09:43
dr_willisatomx:  thats what i said...09:43
dr_willisatomx:  so you go 12.04  -> 12.10 -> 13.0409:43
atomx:) thanks09:43
yeatsiPenguin: they're all about the same size unless you download the mini.iso version09:44
dr_willisiPenguin:  you are asking what release is a SMALLer size to download then?09:44
yeats!mini | iPenguin09:44
ubottuiPenguin: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:44
treespiderJordan_U: The bot is wrong. There's no instructions there! :)09:44
iPenguinUmm, i have no DVD for that.09:45
atomxPonch0: you can run aptitude directly, or in command line you can do dpkg --get-selections09:45
yeatstreespider: before you continue, are you sure you *need* vmware here?  virtualbox is freely available in the repos and will do most of the same things (otherwise you can also use KVM)09:45
dr_willisuse a usb flash drive iPenguin09:45
Jordan_Utreespider: Yes there are. Read more carefully.09:45
dr_willisbye  all..09:46
treespideryeats: Well, VMware Player is free too, and I've used it on my Windows PC.09:46
Ponch0atomx: thank you.09:46
treespiderJordan_U: I can't find them.09:46
SenjaiIf i installed ubuntu without the gui, how can I install the GUI?09:47
Jordan_Utreespider: I guess it's not stated explicitly, but the reason "VMware Player" is red is that it's a link to the page on installing VMware Player.09:47
SenjaiIs there an apt-get install unity or something//.09:47
Ponch0One last question, I swear, how do I modify the sidebar in Unity? make it smaller, move it somewhere else... things like that.09:47
Jordan_USenjai: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:47
Jordan_USenjai: That will get you all of the packages which would be installed by default in a normal Ubuntu Desktop installation.09:48
yeatstreespider: I would recommend giving vbox a shot: 'sudo apt-get install virtualbox'09:48
treespiderJordan_U: OMG! I really need some coffee.09:48
yeatstreespider: if it doesn't work for you, remove it and install vmware09:48
SenjaiJordan_U: will it turn on by defult?09:48
treespideryeats: I keep hearing that VirtualBox from Ubuntu Software Center is outdated, and last time I tried it, I ran into all kinds of strange error messages.09:49
Jordan_USenjai: Yes, after installing the ubuntu-desktop package lightdm will start automatically at boot.09:49
yeatstreespider: you can get the newest version here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads09:49
treespideryeats: I'll use VirtualBox (newest version) if you guide me through it. ;)09:50
yeatstreespider: I'm not able to commit to that - if you hit problems, just ask the channel and someone can help09:50
Ponch0treespider: it's quite simple if you google up the steps, I'm clueless with this thing and it wasn't much I could do to mess it up following the steps :)09:51
treespideryeats: :( Ponch0: I'm scared!09:51
Ponch0treespider: you'll be just fine, believe in yourself!.  The coolest part is, whatever space you use to install it to, you can just delete it with the Virtual Box without having to go through some wipey tool.09:52
treespiderPonch0: Thanks.09:53
Benkinoobyhi, i have very slow internet (~64kb/s) and something is taking up all my bandwidth. Wireshar shows me lots of of traffic with one server, htop shows me that root is running apt-get -qq -y -d dist-upgrade - how can i stop that?09:54
Benkinoobyi guess that is some kind of backgroud update?09:55
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=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
Baahttiwhen I installed Ubuntu 13.04, I chose full disk encryption, as well as to encrypt my home folder. What software does Ubuntu 13.04 use natively to encrypt files/directories/devices?09:57
BluesKajHiyas all09:57
Jordan_UBaahtti: LUKS for "full disk" (really root partition) encryption. Ecryptfs for encrypted home.09:57
Jordan_UBenkinooby: Ubuntu doesn't install updates without confirmation by default. Do you know who might have configured it to do so?09:58
Benkinoobyhow can i stop a running automaitc update?09:58
BenkinoobyJordan_U: it is doing download only09:58
Benkinoobyroot is running apt-get -qq -y -d dist-upgrade09:59
Jordan_UBenkinooby: Ubuntu doesn't download updates without confirmation by default either (as far as I know, *maybe* Ubuntu server does but I doubt it).10:00
Phryqok, restarted my computer, updated everything. Same error10:00
yeatsBaahtti: cryptsetup/LUKS10:00
Jordan_UBenkinooby: You can safely kill apt-get as it's only downloading, but it will likely start again at some point.10:00
treespiderWhen trying to start a virtual machine in VirtualBox: "This kernel requires the following  features not present on the CPU: pae". WHAT?!10:01
BenkinoobyJordan_U: pobly i set it to check for updates now and then - when i still had good internet connection :P10:01
PhryqI'm thinking I'll just install Flash manually and give up on whatever the core issue is10:01
BaahttiTrueCrypt offers the ability to create a 'hidden' encrypted drive within an encrypted drive. Does Ecryptfs offer this capability?10:01
BenkinoobyJordan_U: the point is now, even chcking (not download) for updates takes several minutes and teaks all my bandwidth10:01
treespiderPonch0: Did you get that error?10:01
Jordan_UBaahtti: No.10:02
BenkinoobyJordan_U: so my setting changed and i would like to stop the current process without getting my system into trouble10:02
emxi would like to do a minimalistic install with the default window manager (gnome i guess). is there an official how to or do i need to know which package does what?10:02
BenkinoobyJordan_U: that's why i am afraid to just kill apt-get10:02
treespideryeats: Any idea?10:02
Jordan_UBenkinooby: You can just kill it.10:02
yeatstreespider: does your processor have virtualization extensions?10:02
BenkinoobyJordan_U: well then.... thanks :)10:02
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Ponch0treespider, I did not.. But one of my computers has a really bad HD and was getting issues in reference to that.10:03
Jordan_UBenkinooby: You're welcome :)10:03
minimectreespider: You seem to have some older 'pentium' CPU kind CPU. The only CPU I have without PAE is PEntium 1.5 Centrino laptop http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension10:03
treespideryeats: No idea. :o10:03
yeatstreespider: you may have to enable virtualization in the BIOS10:03
treespiderminimec: Intel i5-3450...10:03
BenkinoobyJordan_U: aaaahhhhh... there we go :) thank you10:03
minimecMrokii: treespider Forget what I said... ;)10:03
BenkinoobyJordan_U: how's that program called where i set all these parameters (when to look for updates, etc.)10:04
treespideryeats: On my host PC?10:04
minimectreespider: Hmmm... Let me check that...10:04
[360]Developer@Benkinooby: @Jordan_U: to view open connections "lsof -i -n -P"10:04
treespiderminimec: Thanks.10:04
FourFireWell, I lack patience, I am now going to install Dual Boot without backing up anything, because if stupidity and stuff10:04
Benkinooby[360]Developer: thank you for that (interestingly your messags was not hilighted...) i alreeady found the culprit10:05
[360]Developer@Benkinooby: ok shot10:06
Benkinooby[360]Developer: they without the @10:06
yeatstreespider: yes10:06
minimectreespider: Well that link is the explanation of my guess, that you have an older CPU. http://askubuntu.com/questions/117744/how-can-i-install-on-a-non-pae-cpu-error-kernel-requires-features-not-present10:06
treespideryeats: I'll reboot in a minute or two. Waiting for minimec to say something. :p10:07
[360]DeveloperBenkinooby: they should add it to irc haha10:07
minimectreespider: Is that a system you 'upgraded' from a 11.10 install?10:07
viranHello, i have virtualbox unbuntu machine, i set an ip address using ifconfig which works fine, after a minute i that popup that says network has been disconnected. and a new ipv6 is assigned somehow.... my ipv4 is lost. any idea why?10:07
treespiderminimec: No, I did a fresh 13.04 installation on my recently bought PC. :/10:07
treespiderminimec: My CPU is not old! :(10:08
minimectreespider: And you CPU type is a i5 ivy bridge (3xxx), right?10:08
BenkinoobyJordan_U: hm, something restarted it Oo10:08
treespiderminimec: Yes.10:08
BenkinoobyJordan_U: i will investigate on, thank you for your help [360]Developer thank you too10:08
treespiderminimec: Intel i5-3450.10:09
minimectreespider: The think is... You are running a PAE kernel, because 13.04 only comes with PAE kernels by default...10:09
[360]Developerviran: are you running your virtualbox as nat?10:09
viran[360]Developer: no, as internal network10:10
Ponch0treespider: I have an i7-3630QM, and I did not experience those issues in VB although I no longer use that.10:10
treespiderminimec: So what on earth is going on?!10:10
minimectreespider: Can you give me the 'error message' again?10:10
treespiderPonch0: Thank you for answering.10:10
PlastikSporkI am trying to install gnome 3.8 on to ubuntu 13.04 in a VM... after adding the repository I get unmet dependencies:  Gnome-shell depends: libpango-1.0-0, depends libpangocairo-1.0-0  but is not installable.  Any suggestions?10:10
[360]Developerviran: whats your version of virtualbox?10:10
viran[360]Developer: i have to machines, i set them ip addresses, and everything is fine. after a minutes both of the machine lose my ip settings10:10
treespiderminimec: "This kernel requires the following  features not present on the CPU: pae"10:10
viran[360]Developer: 4.2.810:11
Ponch0treespider: what are you trying to run?10:11
Ponch0in the machine.10:11
[360]Developerviran: thats just crazy10:11
yeatstreespider: what is the output of 'uname -a'?10:12
viran[360]Developer: could it be an ubuntu issue?10:12
treespiderPonch0: I wanted to look at Debian and have it installed and ready if I ever decide to run Windows in a virtual machine.10:12
aurelg_join #debian10:12
Ponch0treespider: from personal experience I had a lot of issues with debian on newer machines.10:13
treespideryeats: "Linux PC 3.8.0-23-generic #34-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 29 20:22:58 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"10:13
[360]Developerviran: i think its a configuration problem, because i have run testing before with that setup without problems10:13
treespiderPonch0: I'd still like to figure it out. :)10:13
[360]Developerviran: there might be a confict and ubuntu is trying to resolve it10:14
Ponch0treespider: You have a lot more patience then I, good luck :)10:14
minimectreespider: OK. I think the solution might be easy... Open the settings of the VirtualMachine you want to use and 'Enable PAE/NX' in 'System' 'Processor'... http://compinfopro.com/this-kernel-requires-the-following-features-not-present-on-the-cpu-pae/10:15
martinuxHey guys. I've just created my own bash script that suspends my lenovo g580 laptop when the lid is closed. The problem is that when I open the lid again, my screen turns black and I can't do anything. Could you please check my scripts for faults, as I don't know bash at all. Thanks!10:15
[360]Developerviran: setup a third vb as a DHCP server and the others as clients and see if the problem persists10:15
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treespiderminimec: Yes! Thank you! :)10:16
treespiderminimec: That is very nice of you.10:16
Baahttihrm, so WebcamStudio is no longer supported. Does anyone know of a dependable virtual web cam running on Ubuntu?10:16
minimectreespider: no problem... That's 'Google-fu'...10:17
treespiderminimec: :)10:17
viran[360]Developer: if i keep ping running from one machine to the other, they dont lose the network settings10:17
treespiderJordan_U: yeats: minimec: Ponch0: Thank you all for helping me. I'm gonna go now. Bye!10:17
minimecBaahtti: What exactly do you want to do. You can use gstreamer from the 'command line', depending on your needs.10:18
martijnHHHi folks, I want to package a scala build tool for a ppa that build-depends on itself. Is there any documentation about packaging scala (or java for that matter), and about bootstrapping a package?10:18
Baahttiminimec, well, my real issue is that I can't seem to solve my "upside down video" on Skype. I was hoping to find an easier fix by using a virtual webcam and inverting that in skype.10:19
Ponch0If I run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop currently on my ubuntu 13.04, will I lose all my files?10:19
martijnHHPonch0: No, that is save10:20
Ponch0martijnHH: the files are saved?, just clarifying10:21
ubuntu_newbiehi all.can anyone help with a persistence issue with Ubuntu on a USB stick?10:21
minimecBaahtti: Well... You could install v4l2loopback-source (also v4l2loopback-dkms) from the repos. That gives you a virtual /dev/videoX after 'modprobe v4l2loopback. Then you pipe your webcam to the virtual device and flip the picture with gstreamer.10:22
viran[360]Developer: is it possible to create another host only adapter?10:22
clctoubuntu_newbie: are you using a live cd or did you install it to the stick10:22
ubuntu_newbiei have it installed on a stick.  it is running now on laptop.10:23
forbiis it recommended to install via UEFI? for ubuntu10:23
Baahttiminimec, woah, that is a bit advanced for me. Let me try to let that sink in.10:23
ubuntu_newbiehowever, when i quit, all my settings disappear10:23
martinuxHi. If anyone could check my 19-line bash script meant to suspend - and un-suspend my laptop on lid-close for errors I would be very gratefull!10:23
martinuxproblem - when i open lid after suspend, screen turns black and I can't do anything10:23
ubuntu_newbiei have used various installers and tried different distros and checked the persistence option each time, but with no luck10:24
vitimitihi o/10:24
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ubuntu_newbiei have run ubuntu from a usb stick before with settings being saved, so i am not sure where i am going wrong this time10:26
Baahttiminimec, so if I did "modprobe v4l2loopback", that is asking the kernal to check for and load up the v4l2loopback driver which will mount a virtual device: /dev/videoX?10:29
minimecBaahtti: Exactly. If you load that one at boot (placing the 'v4l2loopback' in /etc/modules) it will always be /dev/video0.10:31
Baahttiminimec, and to load at boot, I need to edit something in init!10:32
[360]Developerviran: sorry i'm back, yes you can, but knowing now that your connection is sleeping is a new problem10:32
Baahttiminimec, let me have a look in there real quick10:32
minimecBaahtti: Exactly. If you load that one at boot (placing the 'v4l2loopback' in /etc/modules) it will always be /dev/video0.10:33
TaZeRi think ubuntu is simply the best operating system in the world10:36
TaZeRwhy would you go and say a stupid thing like that?10:36
Baahttiminimec, hrm, I'm scared looking at /etc/init. I know I should place that modprobe somewhere in one of those files, but I'm not certain which one.10:37
clctoTaZeR: you asked, i answered10:37
minimecTaZeR: ... because the best operating system is our planet earth ... ;)10:37
TaZeRwhat i  the world can be better than a fresb ubuntu installl10:37
Robr3rdXubuntu has a wonderful (in my opinion) theme called "Blackbird" and I am wondering if there is a way to install it on Ubuntu. I checked Google but did not come up with anything.10:37
minimecBaahtti: As I told you: /etc/modules ...10:37
TaZeRplanet earth dont got shit on ubuntu10:37
Baahttiminimec, sorry for my oversight10:37
TaZeRthe planet is fukin stupid10:37
TaZeRif it was smart it would wipe us all out10:38
BhaktarHello, I have a short question about Gparted and a ext3 partition I have10:41
BhaktarAnyone want to help a poor newbie out?= :)10:41
BluesKajBhaktar, ask your question , someone will help if he/she can10:42
Bhaktarcool, didn't want to come in and spam an unknown channel :)10:42
martinuxI got this sh script that suspends my laptop on lid-close. When I re-open the lid, the screen turns black and I can't do anything. If you could review my 19-line script I would be very gratefull! http://pastebin.com/VqsZkWhu10:42
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[360]Developermartinux: did you leave a video play running?10:43
MonkeyDustmartinux  system settings, power, suspend when the lid is closed10:43
martinuxMonkeyDust: I'm on i3wm, not using the gnome-manager-thingy10:44
martinux[360]Developer: no10:44
MonkeyDustmartinux  if you want it in a script, better ask in #bash10:44
BhaktarI have a hdd of 2TB. I had a ntfs partition on it. I shrunk it and transfered the data to a new 1.3TB ext3 partition. Now I resized this to 2TB (which of 400 gb is data). The gparted takes over 30 hours. Can I just stop it when it have moved 400 gb data to the left?10:44
Baahttiminimec, Should I have this modprobe at the top or bottom of /etc/modules file?10:46
RarrikinsBhaktar: Is it still going or are you asking because you stopped it?10:46
[360]Developermartinux: can you still see the mouse on your blank screen?10:46
Bhaktarrarrikins: It's still going on. I wish I'd resized my ext3 to 400 gb before resizing to 2TB10:47
mattiagI updated ubuntu to 13.10 and my notebook does not shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate properly as before. Is there a channel where I can ask for help or this one fits?10:47
th0rBaahtti: you don't add the modprobe, just the name of the module. And it usually goes at the bottom, but so long as it is on a line by itself it should work.10:47
Baahttiah, thanks th0r10:48
minimecBaahtti: That should not matter. Per default I think you have 'lp' and 'rtc' in there. Just put it after these two lines.10:48
Baahttimodprobe is a command I'd run so that I won't need to restart?10:48
BluesKajBhaktar, gparted has to finish it's processes , there's more to do than just transfer data, if you stop that process it the data may be inaccessible i10:48
th0rBaahtti: yes, modprobe installs a module from the command line. If the module is in that file it gets installed at boot10:49
minimecBaahtti: If you put 'v4l2loopback' in /etc/modules and reboot, you're good. Otherwise. 'modprobe v4l2loopback' in a terminal.10:49
RarrikinsBhaktar: Is the hard drive light still going?10:50
Baahttigotcha! I'm starting to get the hang of this. Eventually I'll understand what it is I'm doing10:50
minimecBaahtti: In the 2nd case, the /dev/videoX device is added 'after' the Webcam.10:50
Baahttiis gstreamer native to 13.04?10:51
BhaktarRarrikins: I have no problem really. Just that it's moving 1TB of non-data10:51
minimecBaahtti: Yes, but you need an additional package 'sudo apt-get omstall gstreamer-tools'10:51
Bhaktarand that it takes 24 more hours, it's already been going for 20 -__-10:51
mattiag(maybe #ubuntu+1)10:54
Darky1Ubuntu Server running Samba with ACL? Who of you guys got it working with Windows clients?10:54
LucasCamposHey there. I'm trying to open a specific eps under evince, and it does not seem to work, if I have text10:55
LucasCamposI *can* see the miniature correctly, tough. I'm using Ubuntu 13.04, Evince 3.8.210:56
tokern3i installes netbeans by 1-chmod 2-./netbeans....sh             it installed it successfully . but there is not any netbeans icon and when i write netbeans in terminal it say netbeans have not installed10:58
tokern3what the problem is?10:58
[360]Developertokern3: go back to the install file and check what is the correct way to start it10:59
[360]Developertokern3: I was able to start netbeans as sudo but not as normal user.. 11:01
tokern3[360]Developer:  there is nothing to describe correct way. the only thing i have is  netbeans-7.3-linux11:02
tokern3[360]Developer:  and i installed it as root. and i try to start it as root too.11:02
bekksWhich is a very bad idea.11:03
bekksInstall it as user, which wors without problems, and run it as user.11:03
[360]Developertokern3: try running it in its root folder as root in terminal11:03
bekksDont run netbeans as root.11:03
[360]Developerbekks: i always have problems with its plugin without root11:04
bekksWhich doesnt turn running it as root into a sane idea :) Install the plugins as user, and you are fine.11:05
[360]Developerbekks: good idea, /profile11:06
basiclasero hai11:06
minimecBaahtti: Still listening?11:07
minimecBaahtti: I am 'away' for about 10-15 minutes. Will be back to help you afterwards.11:08
Baahttiminimec, alright thanks for all the help. Yes I'm playing around with gst-launch right now, learning about how it's functioning. I'm wondering though...11:13
Baahttiso if I load up my video device using a program, like Skype, and then run a gst commandline to update that 'feed' by flipping the image...11:14
BaahttiI think I'm thinking about this wrong11:14
BaahttiI need to have a secondary 'streaming video source' that I can pipe to11:15
Baahttiso like, if I'm using Skype and want to suddenly flip my video stream11:15
Baahttilet's say I just tell skype to use my default webcam, and no other video device is mounted. so /dev/video0 is my onboard cam and it's currently streaming video to Skype...11:16
cnuhi ubuntu11:17
Baahttican I have gst update that device's stream?11:17
Baahttihi cnu11:17
cnuhi baahtti11:17
cnuwhat's up11:17
Baahttilearning a ton!11:17
[FreeBSD]si =11:17
Baahttitrying to troubleshoot my upside down skype video problem11:17
Baahttiso I'm using gstreamer to flip my video11:18
cnui'm just learning this ubuntu thing.. :)11:18
avi67Hey guyz, can anyone tell, is their any way out to crack ubuntu luser login password..??11:18
sienezHello. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 and I have a monitor without any buttons for alignment or screen width, position etc... The problem is that the screen is shifted to the right. Anyone know how to correct this? It only happens after the OS is booted (no matter whether windows or ubuntu)11:18
cnuhai sienez. it may be due to ur monitor settings11:18
Baahttisienez, check to see if your monitor's drivers are up to date11:19
Rarrikinssienez: Are there knobs anywhere on the monitor (including on the back)?11:19
Rarrikins(or in an openable panel)11:20
Baahttiif you had two monitors, I'd suggest disabling the problem one and then re-enabling...11:20
cnucan any one explain me what is this XChat.. i mean any specials in it..11:20
minimecBaahtti: OK- I am back. Ready for some tests?11:20
sienezoh my, how embarrassing.. the buttons were indeed on the back11:20
Baahttiminimec, I have questions actually11:20
sienezthanks Rarrikins :)11:20
Baahttiminimec, I was playing around with gst-launch and figured out how to get the video stream to flip upside down11:21
Rarrikinscnu: You can type /join #xchat11:21
minimecBaahtti: Check this 'howto' I just posted ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/5722570/11:21
Rarrikinscnu: The topic message for #xchat has some useful URLs in it, and you can ask questions there.11:21
Rarrikinssienez: No problem.11:22
avi67Hey guyz, can anyone tell, is their any way out to crack ubuntu user login password..??11:22
cnuthanks <Rarrikins>11:22
minimecBaahtti: Cool. So you just have to modify my commanf line and replace "aspectratiocrop aspect-ratio=16/9" with your tuff, I guess.11:22
handuel0avi67: if you just want to reset a lost password there are easier ways of doing it. Actually cracking a password is  hard, and although programs do exist they only work for very weak passwords11:23
marianne_hi guys... running 12.04 64 bit... I'm wondering if someone can point me in the direction on how to update on board video drivers... I can't even seem to find commands to see what I have and it's version11:23
handuel0marianne_: have you tried launching the additional drivers GUI program?11:23
Rarrikinscnu: You're welcome.11:24
cnujoin /hadoop11:24
marianne_handuel0: I do know that it11:24
BluesKajmarianne_, dkms status11:25
marianne_handuel0: I do know it's nvidia and when I loaded the OS I did load the specific drivers11:25
cnuhow to know list of chat rooms available.. any idea?11:26
Baahttialright well let me reboot I guess11:26
DJones!alis | cnu11:26
ubottucnu: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:26
phillyjcan someone help me determine what these temperature readings might correspond to?11:27
marianne_BluesKaj: it's installing now11:27
gordonjcpphillyj: bits inside the case, I assume11:27
handuel0marianne_ open up the dash, and try searching for additional drivers11:27
phillyjgordonjcp: nice one, smartypants11:28
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phillyjactually, i'm trying to see if my hdd has a temp sensor on it11:28
marianne_handuel0: ok, opened and searching11:28
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marianne_handuel0: well, crap... would I want to load version 173 with post release updates or go with the one marked recommended?11:30
dipraI want to download all sub-pages of a website for offline browsing; The link structure is like this one: http://Link.com/A/B/C/D/E/..., I need to download all pages after B (B is an index for its next pages), I should work on command line because of ssh.11:30
handuel0marianne_: depends, do you want to do really heavy weight gaming on it :D11:30
bekksdipra: Just use wget11:31
MonkeyDustdipra  http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/downloading-entire-web-site-wget11:31
BluesKajmarianne_, use the recommended driver, it's best for most applications and effects11:31
histodipra: wget -m11:31
marianne_handuel0: medium amount of gaming, mostly video and11:31
diprawget?! let me read the link.11:32
BhaktarWonder why gparted don't auto-shrink a partition before expanding left11:32
histodipra: I would use -mk  to mirror and fix the links11:32
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marianne_BluesKaj: I'm only apprehensive because it just says "current version" but doean't give the version number or anything11:33
Baahttiminimec, I think the v4l2loopback driver isn't installed properly11:33
ssh-serverhi, I need to set up ssh-server on a computer in a way that ONLY clients with the public key can access it, clients without public key shouldn't have access even if they have a correct username/password combination..11:33
cnuany sticky notes kind of application in ubuntu?11:33
MonkeyDustcnu  tomboy11:33
histocnu: tomboy11:33
cnuoh thanks.11:33
histossh-server: then disable password based login11:33
minimecBaahtti: Do you have a dummy device in 'video', when you run 'gstreamer-properties'11:34
histossh-server: /etc/ssh/sshd_config <---- Edit this11:34
BluesKajmarianne_, don't fret the recommended current driver should work fine.11:34
bekksssh-server: Enable key based auth, disable password based auth.11:34
ssh-serverGreat, thanks :)11:34
Baahttiheh, don't even have that package, just a sec11:35
phillyjgordonjcp: never mind; i figured it out11:35
histossh-server: make sure key based auth works before disabling password auth11:35
gordonjcpphillyj: you want hdparm I think11:35
marianne_BluesKaj: yeah... it's downloading now... under it there is one that says post release update and version current updates. Should I load that after the first one is done11:35
ssh-serverSure thing, histo :)11:35
phillyjgordonjcp: i used hddtemp11:36
Baahttiminimec hrm, ok so gstreamer-properties showed me only the 'default' and 'webcam 2.0' items...11:37
BluesKajmarianne_, just run the updates/upgrades after rebooting as you would normally and let the driver install as is.11:37
gordonjcpphillyj: aha, perfect11:37
Baahttiminimec I think I need to pipe my video0 to v4l2src11:37
minimecBaahtti: 'sudo modprobe v4l2loopback', just to be sure, that the module is loaded...11:38
Baahttiminimec, gstreamer-properties gave me an option to 'test' the v4l2src pipeline and that worked11:38
cnuWhich one is better? Tomboy or Xpad11:38
handuel0marianne_: sorry I took time. I'd just use the recommended ones then, the latest ones can cause trouble11:38
Baahttiminimec, module v4l2loopback not found11:38
Baahttiminimec and when I do apt-get v4l2loopback-source it's already installed11:39
minimecBaahtti: OK. I'll be right back...11:39
Baahttiminimec, I think the error is in how we're invoking the driver11:39
minimecBaahtti: What version of ubuntu are you on. I use 12.04 here, and my pipe is working...11:41
Baahttiminimec, I'm on 13.0411:41
jjoshwhois jjosh11:41
Baahttiminimec, so I think the 'dummy device' is actually: v4l2src11:41
Baahttibut I'm only seeing the one /dev/video011:42
marianne__handuel0: thanks.... rebooted and better already11:42
minimecBaahtti: Ok. Maybe they changed something again... Let me boot my 13.04 laptop and see...11:42
marianne__BluesKaj: thanks, better already11:42
handuel0marianne_: great. Glad I could help11:42
BluesKajmarianne__, good to hear :)11:43
AlbertoMhello can anybody help me to install the latest version from chromium browser  i see in ubuntu 12 only are availble the 25 version i want to use the last stable version11:45
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MonkeyDustAlbertoM  if it's not in the repos, you need a PPA, but that's not supported here11:46
bekksAlbertoM: Then just download the .deb from Google, and install it - I guess the have a PPA for it.11:46
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.11:47
AlbertoMi try to install via ppa but i can not11:47
marianne__ok, another strange question... how do I know if the video card supports just analog or if it can do digital?11:47
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MonkeyDustAlbertoM  contact the maintainer of the ppa11:48
phillyjhmm, fdisk tells me "doesn't contain a valid partition table"11:50
phillyjis something corrupted?11:50
minimecBaahtti: We are really not lucky. Looka that there is a bug in 13.04... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/v4l2loopback/+bug/111264411:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1112644 in v4l2loopback (Ubuntu) "v4l2loopback-dkms 0.6.1-1: v4l2loopback kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:51
minimecBaahtti: And again here... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/v4l2loopback/+bug/118444411:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1184444 in v4l2loopback (Ubuntu) "v4l2loopback-dkms 0.6.1-1: v4l2loopback kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,New]11:51
Baahttiwell we're still on the right track though11:51
Baahttiwe just need a different virtual video driver11:51
AlbertoMok i go to chromium stable chanel they say  i have to add this ppa sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/stable i add this and affter i go to sudo apt-get updates and i try to install chromium and install the same old version11:54
basiclaserhey guys, I'd like to install the latest Tor, which I have already downloaded. It says on the site just decompress it and run it, but when i unzip it i just see a bunch of folders. How do i 'run' it?11:54
AlbertoMi dont know what to do11:54
minimecBaahtti: I know, that we are on the right track, but we need that v4l2loopback... I use 12.04 with a 3.5 kernel here. That is working...11:55
MonkeyDustAlbertoM  ppa's are not supported, you're on your own11:55
Baahttiminimec, hrm.11:55
AlbertoMok i understand11:55
Baahttiminimec, I wonder if I tried to build it myself11:55
minimecBaahtti: You could try to use some newer kernel like v3.9-raring something or a v3.7-raring from here for a try. see in only the 3.8 kernels are buggy with v4l2loopback http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/11:56
Guest66019minimec, I wonder if I tried to build it myself11:56
Guest66019minimec, I wonder if I tried to build it myself11:56
minimecGuest66019: Yeah. You could try that.11:57
minimecBaahtti: Yeah. You could try that.11:57
Baahttiugh, I don't want to change kernal versions quite yet11:58
minimecBaahtti: I can understand that, even though you can always remove them afterwards. You would also need the kernel-headers by the way.11:58
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phillyjbasiclaser: i think you have to compile it12:00
phillyjbasiclaser: in ubuntu, you can use apt-get to do it for you12:01
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EaglemanI am using owncloud so i can access my files from the internet, i want to ( 2 way ) synchronise files between 2 local folders ( owncloud and samba ) however i am having problems achieveing that since the owner of those 2 folders are different, owncloud needs www-data:www-data and my samba folder has user:user, owncloud isnt able to access the samba folder becuase of the rights, is there an12:02
Eaglemansynchronisation tool out there that can also change the owner of a file?12:02
Znoosey"The upgrade needs a total of 26.0 M free space on disk '/boot'. Please free at least an additional 5,126 k of disk space on '/boot'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'."12:02
Campfirelets fire it up12:03
Znooseyanyone know how i can fix this?12:03
Znooseyas sudo apt-get clean doesn't fix it12:03
Baahttiminimec, are there any other alternatives to v4l2loopback?12:03
=== mack_ is now known as Guest53314
minimecBaahtti: Well I don't know. I never looked for an alternative, as I have a working solution...12:04
Guest53314Where would I get to see the code that runs the Floodbot?12:06
Guest53314anybodym know12:06
martinuxhi! I'm on ubuntu 13.04 and my laptop wont wake up properly from pm-suspend. How can i diagnose and fix this?12:08
diprahisto: wget -mk http://wiki.linuxreview.ir/LPI-101 => the downloaded pages are different to the main pages -> no css and theme12:08
[360]Developermartinux: when you say it doesnt wake up correctly what do you see?12:10
martinux[360]Developer: It 'wakes' up (starts running), but the screen is black and I can't do anything but reboot. And I am unable to suspend it again (with lid-close) once this has happened.12:11
[360]Developermartinux: can you see the mouse pointer?12:12
EaglemanI am using owncloud so i can access my files from the internet, i want to ( 2 way ) synchronise files between 2 local folders ( owncloud and samba ) however i am having problems achieveing that since the owner of those 2 folders are different, owncloud needs www-data:www-data and my samba folder has user:user, owncloud isnt able to access the samba folder becuase of the rights, is there an12:12
Eaglemansynchronisation tool out there that can also change the owner of a file?12:12
[360]Developermartinux: do you currently have any external devices connected like modems, usb mouse, usb harddrive?12:13
martinux[360]Developer: no12:13
martinux[360]Developer: just my AC12:13
[360]Developermartinux: i have found that i have that problem in two cases either when i have my usb dongle h-modem connected or i closed my laptops lid while i had an application in full screen, did you have any of these problems?12:15
martinuxThough I am on i3wm, so before I waste any of your time I will log into Unity and try it there.12:16
[360]Developermartinux: ok, do you use a login screen?12:17
cnutomboy or Xpad - for sticky notes..12:17
Guest66019you no spk ?12:17
Guest66019ok ?12:17
Deepfriedicemartinux, Can you post /var/log/syslog.1 after rebooting from frozen?12:19
[360]DeveloperDeepfriedice: he's not seeing the mouse pointer so startx problem, maybe related to a driver12:20
martinux[360]Developer: hi. I got the same issue in Unity as well.12:22
Baahttiminimec, Is there a walkthrough on the web somewhere for updating a kernel?12:23
[360]Developermartinux: check  Deepfriedice: pre post12:23
minimecBaahtti: Good news! It's running here on 13.04!12:24
Deepfriedice[360]Developer, what?12:24
martinux[360]Developer: check what?12:24
Baahttiminimec, oh?12:24
minimecBaahtti: Ok take the sources form here https://github.com/umlaeute/v4l2loopback12:24
[360]Developermartinux: Can you post /var/log/syslog.1 after rebooting from frozen?12:24
martinux[360]Developer: Sure thing.12:25
minimecBaahtti: Compile it --> 'make' 'make-install'. It works here...12:25
minimecBaahtti: Kernel 13.0412:26
Baahttiminimec, alright, let me give it a shot12:26
minimecBaahtti: 'git clone https://github.com/umlaeute/v4l2loopback.git', 'cd v4l2loopback', 'make', 'sudo make install' ...12:28
martinux_[360]Developer: there is only 1 syslog in /var/log and it is called 'syslog', not 'syslog.1'12:29
Tetoghelp plesae12:30
EaglemanI am using owncloud so i can access my files from the internet, i want to ( 2 way ) synchronise files between 2 local folders ( owncloud and samba ) however i am having problems achieveing that since the owner of those 2 folders are different, owncloud needs www-data:www-data and my samba folder has user:user, owncloud isnt able to access the samba folder becuase of the rights, is there an12:30
Eaglemansynchronisation tool out there that can also change the owner of a file?12:30
iPenguin Hi, I am downloading ubuntu mini.iso but for some reason it has been stuck on 6 minuites of download left for ages. Does anyone know what the problem is?12:31
ubuntu-boyso sad :(12:31
TetogWhat deveoper network the bestest? I need found developers for open project.12:31
ubuntu-boyuse new ubuntu 13.0412:31
ubuntu-boyeverybody home?hehe12:33
iPenguinYes i am ubuntu-boy lol12:33
Baahttiminimec, ok got my dummy video, gonna reboot and see what's up12:33
ubuntu-boyanybody help me teach how to hack wifi wpa2?12:34
iPenguinhacking isnt nessary ubuntu-boy,could get you into trouble.12:34
EaglemanTetog this channel is for ubuntu support, not for deveoper network bestest whatever that might be12:35
muscaTetog: You don't need to shout. We are all waiting for more info.12:35
ubuntu-boyi mean use backtrack 5 R312:35
ubuntu-boyall tutuorial at website or youtube just for,not real12:36
=== BadLarry is now known as BadLarry_
docmurI'm transfering files to my server over wireless and I'm getting 270 KB/s,  The server is sitting 7 feet behind me and it's wired into my router, my computer is connected wirelessly to the router.  Any ideas why that is so slow12:36
=== multiply is now known as Multiply
iPenguinIf i download the normal ubuntu it takes 18 hours.12:37
ubuntu-boydownload use flare get12:37
ubuntu-boycpeed downloader12:38
iPenguinubuntu-boy: was you talking to me or someone else?12:38
pr0nhow can i install i3 window manager in my UBUNTU 12.04.212:38
martinux_pr0n: I think apt-get install i3-wm should work12:39
ubuntu-boyu can read who need answer,me and u talk about wpa2 and whit him about downloader12:39
martinux_My laptop wont wake up properly from suspend; it wakes up (fans start running), the screen turns all black and I am forced to reboot. How can I diagnose and fix this?12:39
pr0nmartinux_: and will i lose my unity side dock?12:39
martinux_ubuntu 13.04 by the way12:40
ubuntu-boyim using ubuntu 13.0412:40
ubuntu-boynot bad12:40
martinux_pr0n: You will not lose anything. But the side dock is not present once you are using i3wm12:40
mucha090who use kde?12:41
mucha090because i have issue12:41
ubuntu-boyso martinux: how toget password from wpa2 whit pyrit?do know?12:41
pr0nohk thank you, and how will i be able to access my documents folder in a gui fashion? will it still be avaiable.. sry havent user i3 bfore12:41
martinux_pr0n: I'm not sure. If you want a gui fashion I don't know if i3wm is what you want.12:42
ubuntu-boypron: u have updated ur ubuntu before use?12:42
pr0nubuntu-boy: yes12:43
ubuntu-boyi thing the u must use new ubuntu.12:44
ubuntu-boysame my laptop also many problem before i use ubuntu 13.0412:45
mucha090so when i use quassel irc or kadu im and someone will send me link to web page12:45
mucha090and when i click on taht link kde will download it and open in web browser12:45
mucha090and how to disable it?12:45
bekksThats expected.12:45
bekksmucha090: Dont click then.12:46
=== nath is now known as n2
mucha090bekks: nah, so then you dont have solution how to disable it?12:46
mucha090and you understand what i type?12:46
bekksmucha090: I do understand what you type. If you dont want a link to open when you clkick it - dont click it :)12:47
fogilis secure boot and uefi two diffrent things?12:47
bekksfogil: Secure boot is part of the uefi implementation.12:48
Baahttiminimec, ok, I got it built. I have /dev/video0 and /dev/video1. Your code runs fine but I have questions about that specific code after...12:48
mucha090bekks: but the point is, before kde open that link it download to hdd and then it open from location /var/kdecache12:49
minimecBaahtti: Cool ;)12:49
Baahttiminimec, When I go to skype now and select the 'dummy device' it's just a black video though, even when gstreamer-properties is testing the dummy video and showing the video being piped through just fine12:49
fogilbekks: can i get ubuntu to work with uefi?12:50
minimecBaahtti: probably the 'aspectratiocrop aspect-ratio=16/9 !'. Delete that. Maybe skype wants 4:312:50
martinux_My laptop wont wake up properly from suspend; it wakes up (fans start running), the screen turns all black and I am forced to reboot. How can I diagnose and fix this?12:51
bekksfogil: Sure.12:51
bekksfogil: Most likely you have to disable UEFI secure boot, to be able to boot something else rather than your windows.12:51
Baahttiminimec, about all those settings in your line of code. Why can't I just do: gst-launch v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! v4l2sink device=/dev/video012:51
bekksmucha090: And why is it a problem if the content is cached on your harddisk?12:52
Thedevil1234I am using a proxy server. Do I have to configure software center for it? If yes then how?12:53
minimecBaahtti: you can leave out 'width' 'height' 'framerate'12:53
Guest53314does anyone here know a good website/page that explains how to setup ubuntu phone on a ASUS transformer?12:53
mucha090bekks: because i dont like it, and do you know how to disable it?12:53
fogilbekks: i dont have windows installed and seure boot is disabled12:53
minimecBaahtti: as I told before also "aspectratiocrop aspect-ratio=16/9"12:54
bekksmucha090: I guess you have to live with it then.12:54
DJones!touch | Guest53314 You're more likely to get assistance here,12:54
ubottuGuest53314 You're more likely to get assistance here,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:54
primitiveanyone know if i can format a drive with a recovery partition that has a grub rescue error and i will get a clean drive again12:54
bekksfogil: Then, there is no problem. :)12:54
iPenguinCan anyone recommend me any ubuntu operating systems which does not take ages and ages to download, has faster peformance etc.12:54
bekksiPenguin: "Ubuntu".12:54
iPenguinThat takes ages bekks12:54
bekksiPenguin: Here, it doesnt.12:54
iPenguin18 hours is a very long time.12:55
dichotoPangeaDoes anyone know anything about recording audio with ffmpeg?12:55
bekksiPenguin: 18 hours for what? Booting? Then you have a hardware issue.12:55
iPenguinbekks: to download12:55
fogilbekks: i try to boot ubuntu in uefi  but there arent any uefi chioce for the cd12:55
bekksiPenguin: You download it once. Not every day. :)12:56
Thedevil1234I am using a proxy server. Someone help me configure software center for it.12:56
bekksfogil: Then you have to reead up the manual of your computer/mmainboard on how to boot a cd.12:56
primitiveanyone see my statement above?12:56
minimecBaahtti: gst-launch v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! video/x-raw-yuv ! ffmpegcolorspace ! v4l2sink device=/dev/video0 sync=false12:56
=== pp is now known as Guest11265
scarfaceHi, I'm trying to do a large backup between two computers on my LAN.  They are both connected with Gigabit ethernet, but the transfer speed is slow, about 8 MB/s (64 Mb/s).  I'd expect a lot faster, and I suspect that SSH encryption is slowing me down.  What's the easiest option to set up unencrypted file sharing, temporarily?12:56
bekksprimitive: That will delete everything on the drive. Even the recovery.12:57
bekksscarface: Which protocol do you use for transferring data?12:57
marianneI just want to thank all the guys out there that help us newbies get things going properly! this morning I fixed all my video issues and now I don't have to buy a new monitor... major props guys!12:57
primitivewill i be able to load linux back to it with a cd/dvd12:57
Baahttiminimec, yeah, tried that, still not working in skype :-/12:57
bekksprimitive: Yes.12:57
scarfacebekks: I'm using SSH now (scp)12:57
bekksscarface: Thats pretty slow. Use rsync or ftp.12:58
primitivehow do i accomplish it12:58
bekksprimitive: Boot the cd, install. :)12:58
scarfacebekks: Doesn't rsync still go over SSH?12:58
bekksscarface: No.12:58
primitivecan you recommend a way to just format everything but partition with recovery12:59
dichotoPangeaI'm recording in .flv, and every time I change the bitrate to one of the suggested ones, it just tells be to switch to one of the suggested ones, even though I have.12:59
bekksprimitive: No, I cant. :)12:59
bekksprimitive: Backup everything. :)12:59
EaglemanI am using owncloud so i can access my files from the internet, i want to ( 2 way ) synchronise files between 2 local folders ( owncloud and samba ) however i am having problems achieveing that since the owner of those 2 folders are different, owncloud needs www-data:www-data and my samba folder has user:user, owncloud isnt able to access the samba folder becuase of the rights, is there an13:00
Eaglemansynchronisation tool out there that can also change the owner of a file?13:00
primitivei can't find a way to boot a disc to redo boot or grub rescue.  is there a way to do it by text only , no devices13:00
minimecBaahtti: Ok. That is strange. I have a logitech WebCam Sphere here on 12.04, and skype shows my 'dummy device'.13:01
Baahttiminimec, I'm wondering if it's because the device is 'busy'13:01
JohnThePreacherRepent now! For The Kingdom of Heaven is at HAND!13:01
Eaglemanow god13:02
JohnThePreacher!ops | Repent now! For The Kingdom of Heaven is at HAND!13:02
ubottuRepent now! For The Kingdom of Heaven is at HAND!: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!13:02
BluesKajdichotoPangea, why flv , there are better formats13:02
iPenguinAre you sure it takes this long? http://prntscr.com/17q0v0 O.o13:02
DJonesJohnThePreacher: Stop that13:02
primitivei didn't get last statement someone sent13:02
fogildont have any manual :s13:02
minimecBaahtti: Also tested now on 13.04 with the integrated Lenovo Webcam. Working like charm here.13:03
dichotoPangeaBluesKaj: .flv is the only format I know how to use ffmpeg with, and I can just reencode. :/13:03
JohnThePreacherDJones,  And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.13:03
Baahttiminimec, ok so, let me try and restart skype real quick I guess13:03
primitiveyou are either God's or your not13:03
[360]DeveloperJohnThePreacher:  end1;13:04
minimecBaahtti: You can check and maybe change 'video/x-raw-yuv'...13:04
iPenguinBaahtti: if it doesn't work then i recommend imo.13:04
BluesKajdichotoPangea, try mpeg  or avi ...ffmpeg can handle those as well ,and the quality is better after conversion13:04
robotdevilso when you use unity-tweak to make the window controls move from left to right this only partially works?13:04
Konvictedhow do i fix this "connection failed with error: Address family not supported by protocol"13:04
robotdevilmax windows have on the left still and so does dash13:05
dichotoPangeaBluesKaj: Do you know a command, or somewhere I can learn one, to record in .avi (the format I really want) with audio?13:05
primitivethe recovery partition will not boot and that is all the recovery help i have.  i really don't have any outstanding files to keep13:05
Konvictedhow do i fix this "connection failed with error: Address family not supported by protocol"13:05
BaahttiiPenguin, imo allows skype accounts with voip and video?13:06
=== CaptainObvious is now known as Guest95436
=== Guest95436 is now known as mucha090
BaahttiI wish I got some sort of feedback as to why Skype doesn't want to receive the video stream13:08
BluesKajdichotoPangea, avi records audio in mp3 format and  afaik it's default13:08
dichotoPangeaBluesKaj: This is what I have now: ffmpeg -y -f x11grab -r 25 -s 1366x768 -i :0.0 -f alsa -i plughw:2,0 -acodec libmp3lame -ab 44100 -sameq /tmp/vagrantIPsoftClientAutomation.flv13:09
scarfacebekks: The reason that I thought rsync went over SSH is because I only have port 22 open in the firewall, and the rsync is working.  I thought that meant that rsync was riding over SSH.13:09
bekksprimitive: Please keep it in this channel. If you want to be able to use your recovery partition, you would need to back up the entire disk.13:09
bekksscarface: Then you have no other choice than using ssh - and you have to wait.13:10
scarfacebekks: So you're suggesting that if I open another port for a dedicated rsync daemon that it would be faster?13:10
BluesKajdichotoPangea, change the file extn .flv to .mpeg13:11
primitivethanks for the help13:11
BluesKajor avi , dichotoPangea13:11
bekksscarface: Yes.13:11
dichotoPangeaBluesKaj: Thanks, that works.13:12
Baahttiminimec, maybe it is the process of utilizing this mod that I am doing wrong13:14
Baahttiminimec, also, cheese doesn't seem to pick up on the fact that I have two video modules13:14
minimecBaahtti: What kind og webcam do you have.13:14
Baahttiminimec, generic USB 2.0 WebCam13:15
Konvictedi cannot make outgoing data calls  "i get this Address family not supported by protoco"13:16
minimecBaahtti: Can you give me the exact specs with 'lsusb'? Like "Bus 006 Device 004: ID 046d:0994 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Orbit/Sphere AF"13:16
Baahttiif I do: cheese --device=/dev/video0 cheese starts up using video113:16
Baahttiminimec, let me paste you the output of that13:17
Turtle_Hey guys, got a weird problem with LS not displaying any files in /usr/local/sbin (amongst other dirs) over SSH is anyone free to give us a hand?13:19
minimecBaahtti: I can confirm, that cheese is not working. The reason is probably, that 'cheese' does something similar, when using effects...13:19
robotdevilso there is no way to get the window controls (min,max,close)to the right hand side for MAXIMIZED windows in unity?13:19
[360]Developerrobotdevil: ah there is13:20
Turtle_and intact not just over SSH, i've just VNC'd in and its the same issue, no files showing with an ls -la13:20
DickfaceBluesKaj: Video is perfect, but I'm not getting any audio in the video.13:20
robotdevilok listening13:20
=== Dickface is now known as dichotoPangea2
dichotoPangea2BluesKaj: Video is perfect, but I'm not getting any audio in the video.13:20
[360]Developerrobotdevil: http://askubuntu.com/questions/174292/how-can-i-move-all-the-window-controls-to-the-right13:21
XHEART24Hi everyone, i need to make my old ubuntu PC wireless and I as wondering if this will work for me http://dx.com/p/ultra-mini-nano-usb-2-0-802-11n-150mbps-wifi-wlan-wireless-network-adapter-4816613:21
BluesKajdo you have the lame plugin , I noticed you were using that , dichotoPangea213:21
martinuxhoy [360]Developer You dissapeared earlier :)13:21
EaglemanI am using owncloud so i can access my files from the internet, i want to ( 2 way ) synchronise files between 2 local folders ( owncloud and samba ) however i am having problems achieveing that since the owner of those 2 folders are different, owncloud needs www-data:www-data and my samba folder has user:user, owncloud isnt able to access the samba folder becuase of the rights, is there an13:21
Eaglemansynchronisation tool out there that can also change the owner of a file?13:21
Benkinoobyhi, anyone has experience with blink messenger? http://icanblink.com is it worth to llk into it?13:22
Baahttimy webcam's model is literally, "VGA web camera"13:22
[360]Developermartinux: yea sorry had the girlfriend on my case13:22
martinux[360]Developer: no worries13:22
dichotoPangea2BluesKaj: The lame package is installed on my system, I don't know if you mean a different package.13:23
robotdevil[360]Developer: I was looking at that page but might have interpreted the part half way down where it says Note that this will only change the position of the window controls of non-maximized windows. The maximized windows will continue to have their window controls on the left in title bar.13:23
robotdevilas the same command13:23
martinux[360]Developer: I was telling you that I have no 'syslog.1' which you requested. Do you want my /var/log/syslog in stead?13:23
robotdevilwill try it out13:23
BluesKajdichotoPangea2, which player ?13:23
[360]Developermartinux: type "vi /var/log/syslog.1 "13:24
XHEART24Ubuntu 12.04 works ok with wireless?13:24
SonikkuAmericaXHEART24: It should; have a problem?13:24
[360]Developermartinux: without the comma's13:24
martinux[360]Developer: [new file]13:24
XHEART24will this work with Ubuntu 12.04 > http://dx.com/p/ultra-mini-nano-usb-2-0-802-11n-150mbps-wifi-wlan-wireless-network-adapter-4816613:24
BluesKajright click on the screen while the audio is playing and choose audio and then the track that works13:24
BluesKajdichotoPangea2, ^13:25
SonikkuAmericaXHEART24: Try connecting using a Live image.13:25
BluesKajerr the video rather13:25
martinuxI did see that file in there before. But not since I installed 13.0413:25
[360]Developerrobotdevil: from a programming aspect there should be a config to change this13:25
XHEART24Live image? i am not familiar13:25
SonikkuAmerica!live | XHEART2413:25
ubottuXHEART24: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.13:25
SonikkuAmericaXHEART24: It's actually a Live DVD these days13:26
XHEART24my old pc now has fully installed ubuntu 12.0413:26
SonikkuAmericaXHEART24: You can also try it from a USB stick13:26
[360]Developermartinux: i have tested with "sudo vi /var/log/syslog.1"13:26
martinuxsudo vi /var/log/syslog.113:27
XHEART24but i am not sure if it will recognize the driver for that wifi device i was planing to buy,13:27
SonikkuAmericaXHEART24: Oh. Have you tried using the network menu to connect?13:27
[360]Developermartinux: this will be a complete sys log13:27
dichotoPangea2BluesKaj: Right-click --> Audio --> Audio track, the only options are 'Track 1' and 'Disable'.13:27
SonikkuAmericaXHEART24: Oh. Try Googling it maybe... I dunno13:27
martinux[360]Developer: seriously, the file is not present. Just syslog, without the .113:27
XHEART24i have not purchased the device yet but in some reviews it has it has a bit of problem with Linux13:27
SonikkuAmericaXHEART24: Which kinds of Linux?13:27
robotdevil[360]Developer: so those options are there for 13.0413:28
robotdevil[360]Developer: arent*13:28
BluesKajdichotoPangea2, do other media files have audio working ?13:28
XHEART24do not know exactly, the person that wrote the review did not go to deep13:28
[360]Developermartinux: is it empty?13:28
martinux[360]Developer: It does not exist. Vi opens a new file13:28
martinux[360]Developer: I have searched the folder, and syslog is the only syslog present13:29
[360]Developerrobotdevil:  have you had a look at the unity tweak utility?13:29
=== helper is now known as user
caleresshey guys just installed ubuntu but i dont see any "Additional drivers" for my nvidia gefore gt 650m ... iirc this is susposed to show up by itself ?13:29
dichotoPangea2BluesKaj: Yes, they do.13:29
[360]Developermartinux: ok whats your version of ubuntu?13:30
martinux[360]Developer: 13.0413:30
robotdevil[360]Developer: yes it only moves them to right for unmaximized windows13:30
BluesKajdichotoPangea2, do they have lame encoding as well ?13:30
SonikkuAmericaXHEART24: It looks like it might, only real way to know is to buy it, stick it in the drive and see.13:30
dichotoPangea2BluesKaj: It wasn't one I had recorded, this is my first attemp at successful ffmpeg audio recording. But it did play audio in vlc.13:31
ubottuanthony_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:31
[360]Developerrobotdevil: i can only suggest to find someone that has written a custom script for this13:31
[360]Developer martinux: let me just find out where they have moved this in the new version13:31
caleressdo i need to install them manually ?13:32
martinux[360]Developer: sure thing13:32
=== morph3k|away is now known as morph3k
robotdevil[360]Developer: is compiz installed by default and could ccsm maybe help me?13:38
aLeSDhi all13:39
aLeSDI can't play mp4 files: they stops at the first frame ... but I can hear the audio13:39
aLeSDsomeone got the same prob ?13:40
martinuxaLeSD: what player are you using?13:40
[360]Developerrobotdevil: compiz is required by unity, I'm sure on ccsm you will need to give it a go and see if it has the options you looking for13:40
aLeSDvlc and the xubuntu default one13:40
[360]Developerrobotdevil: not*13:41
martinuxaLeSD: and this happens in both? Did you try different mp4 files?13:41
aLeSDyes 2 mp4 files and I have the same behaviour13:41
aLeSDsame frames then video stops13:41
martinuxaLeSD: if the mp4 files are not from the same origin, I don't know what could be causing it.13:42
aLeSDmaybe it's my cpu13:42
=== ximian_ is now known as ximian
betraydaLeSO try launching vlc in terminal to watch for messages13:43
aLeSD[0x83393c0] avcodec decoder error: more than 5 seconds of late video -> dropping frame (computer too slow ?)13:45
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
dopiehow do i go in a secret directory and edit a file?13:45
aLeSDholy shit !13:45
dopielike ,git13:45
SonikkuAmerica!wtf | aLeSD13:45
ubottuaLeSD: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:45
aLeSDsorry !13:46
bekksdopie: Like always: cd .git13:46
dopieyes cd .git13:46
dopienow i have to edit a file there13:46
dopiehow would i do that?13:46
bekksdopie: nano -w filename13:46
betraydaLeSO now in the GUI see if there are options like framedrop to play the video differently13:46
=== Multiply is now known as multiply
mucha090bekks: firefox package have issue in quantal-updates repo13:47
mucha090when i added firefox %u in default-apps in kde13:47
mucha090just after that i had no issue with caching urls13:47
harrishappy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to harris, happy birthday to me13:48
EaglemanI am using owncloud so i can access my files from the internet, i want to ( 2 way ) synchronise files between 2 local folders ( owncloud and samba ) however i am having problems achieveing that since the owner of those 2 folders are different, owncloud needs www-data:www-data and my samba folder has user:user, owncloud isnt able to access the samba folder becuase of the rights, is there an13:48
Eaglemansynchronisation tool out there that can also change the owner of a file?13:48
betraydharris now make a wish13:48
harrisi did13:48
harrispresent time13:49
harriswhat did you guys get me13:49
DJonesharris: You know this channel isn't the right place for that13:49
blazemore!offtopic | harris13:49
ubottuharris: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:49
bekksmucha090: Different browsers have a different behaviour.13:50
mucha090yep but my friend dont have that issue, and he dont give %u13:50
SonikkuAmericamucha090: He doesn't give his username?13:53
bekksSonikkuAmerica: The parameter "%u" for firefox has nothing to do with an username. It refers to the URL provided.13:53
SonikkuAmericabekks: Ahh... the Firefox one. I use Chromium. XD13:54
SonikkuAmericaxixi: You're good. ()13:55
SonikkuAmericaxixi: Next time try /msg ubottu !ping13:55
seronisEagleman: cant you use the 'group' settings to take care of that so both folders are in the same group13:55
FloodBot1Snype: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:56
betraydyeah don't do that wesley13:57
Snypeit only pings once?13:57
SonikkuAmericaSnype: Once every ~20 seconds13:57
SonikkuAmericaBut we're getting !ot13:57
Snypewhere is the use?13:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:57
Snypehow is the ping command helpful?13:57
seronisby demonstrating who we use   /ignore *!*@ on13:58
SonikkuAmericaOr, in serious cases, calling the !ops13:59
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!13:59
nabblethi, what's currently the most usable itunes alternative in ubuntu?13:59
SonikkuAmerica(Except in a channel emergency)13:59
[360]Developermartinux: http://askubuntu.com/questions/287833/screen-suspend-problem-on-ubuntu-13-0413:59
SonikkuAmericanabblet: Hmm... If you need access to your iTunes songs, etc., try using iCloud; otherwise, get gtkpod maybe14:00
martinux[360]Developer: I will try that soon :) Thanks for taking the time to search!14:01
nabbletSonikkuAmerica: hm,dunno... i have to setup a laptop for my sister and i know she has an ipod and uses itunes. dunno if she uses icloud... what about rythombox, amarok and so on... don't they have ipod capabilities?14:01
SonikkuAmericanabblet: They might, but gtkpod was built for iOS device sync in partic14:02
nabbletSonikkuAmerica: but that gtkpod looks good14:02
[360]Developermartinux: anytime just let me know if it works14:02
martinux[360]Developer: I will, just gotta win this chess match14:03
nabbletSonikkuAmerica: i think i will put on gtksyn - she still has her old vista (*yuk*) laptop with itunes (*eeew*) on it in case gtkpod does not work14:03
SonikkuAmericanabblet: (eew is right. :P) OK14:04
bekksnabblet: Without itunes, it isnt possible to sync the apps, nor to update IOS.14:04
nabbletbekks: ipod has apps?14:04
nabbletbekks: oh, srry, i should have set my question more specific14:05
sienezhow can I make an (older) kernel version available for grub? I have it /lib/modules, as I installed from a deb package, but when I reboot, it's not available for select14:05
nabbletbekks: SonikkuAmerica my sister has only an ipOd, NO ipAd14:05
Eaglemanseronis, but when some one places a file in owncloud, the user and group becomes www-data:www-datya14:06
zykotick9sienez: did you try running "sudo update-grub" to see if it's automajically added?14:07
SonikkuAmericanabblet: iTunes won't even run under Wine these days...14:07
=== picca_ is now known as picca
nabbletSonikkuAmerica: to be honest - i have no intention to give her itunes on this laptop :P14:08
nabbletSonikkuAmerica: also, i already had my small victory - she said she doesn't need skype anymore, and will jitsi instead :D (because it can do facebook :P )14:09
martinux[360]Developer: Just FYI. I g2g but if you're still here when I get back I will tell you if it worked or not. Thanks again!14:09
[360]Developermartinux: no stress thx man14:09
sienezzykotick9, thanks, I did now, but still missing my kernel14:10
sienezalthough the output from update grub mentioned it14:11
betraydnabblet does jitsi also provide cam function?14:11
sienezI'm on 12.04 btw14:11
zykotick9sienez: if you saw it mentioned in update-grub, it _should_ be there?  do you have more then 1 gnu/linux installs on this box?14:12
nabbletbetrayd: yes! i jjust tested it14:12
nabbletbetrayd: that thing can do SIP and jingel too14:12
betraydnabblet thanks for the heads up14:12
sienezzykotick9, no. I have dualboot ubuntu and win7. When I ran update-grub all kernel versions were mentioned and even the win7 partition14:12
minixvmsienez: older kernels are under a submenu in grub14:12
nabbletbetrayd: to be honest i was surprised how good it works - it has even share desktop14:12
sienezminixvm, yes, I noticed but it's not there either14:13
sienezmaybe I missed something when I installed the kernel?14:13
sienezI downloaded a deb from ubuntuupdates page and simply ran it14:14
minixvmsienez: only the kernels in the official repos are supported here, downloading debs is not recommended14:14
sienezminixvm, so how can I download a specific kernel version from the reps? In synaptic I could not find it14:16
minixvmsienez: are you sure the version you want is in the repos?14:16
minixvmsienez: the latest kernel is 3.8 in the repos14:17
sienezYes because on another machine it was installed with automatic updates14:17
sienezI want 3.5.30, but I have 3.5.3214:17
pr0ph3thi all14:17
sienezah sorry. it is14:18
minixvmsienez: the repos will only hold the latest of whatever package there is14:18
pr0ph3tanyone else having problems with Ubuntu 13.04 64bit aptitude full-upgrade? Is it Empathy finally being fixed?14:18
sienezminixvm, ok this means I have to rely on debs from other sources, no?14:19
SonikkuAmericapr0ph3t: Release upgrading?14:19
SonikkuAmericapr0ph3t: How did you try to run it?14:19
Rarrikinspr0ph3t: No, `sudo aptitude full-upgrade` works for me.14:19
pr0ph3tThere are too many unresolved dependencies. SonikkuAmerica just like that aptitude update and aptitude full-upgrade14:20
SonikkuAmericapr0ph3t: Did you try [ do-release-upgrade ]?14:21
SonikkuAmericapr0ph3t: Excuse me, [ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ]?14:21
sienezzykotick9, sorry I made a mistake. It was actually not mentioned in update-grub. I missed a number there14:21
sienezzykotick9, so after running the deb, how do I get the kernel from /lib/modules to /boot?14:22
bekkssienez: in /lib/modules, the modules for a kernel in /boot reside.14:23
pr0ph3tSonikkuAmerica, not since last upgrade. The unmet dependencies are with mutter-common and libmutter0a and libmutter0b14:23
pr0ph3tRarrikins, it must be due to some extra ppas I have then, thanks14:24
stlrehow can list only the regular files with ls14:24
stlreplease help14:24
bekksstlre: ls lists files and directories by default, and hides "hidden" files, by default.14:24
nonxaHi guys, I need some help14:24
nonxaI am trying to flash my linksys router with dd wrt14:24
nonxaand I have to use tftp, I've tried to install it but the commands related to it don't respond :/14:24
nonxaWhat can I do ?14:24
FloodBot1nonxa: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:24
sienezbekks, How do I make a module, which is in /lib/modules but not in /boot available at startup?14:24
[360]Developerstlre: by "ls *.cpp" if yu need more info "man ls"14:25
betraydstlre type man ls in a terminal so you can see all its options14:25
bekkssienez: You dont do such things. You install a kernel package (.deb) and it install the kernel to /bott and the modules to /lib/modules14:25
stlrety guys!!14:25
[360]Developerstlre: cool14:25
sienezbekks, ok. well.. mine didn't14:26
bekkssienez: Yes, and manually downloading a kernel package and having problems with it - is just not supported in here, as someone told you before.14:26
sienezbekks, yes I understand. What I really want is to be able to boot into an older version of the kernel. I don't care where I get it from. If it is possible through apt-get, I will prefer that way14:27
bekkssienez: Press shift in grub, and select an older kernel.14:28
pr0ph3tSonikkuAmerica, thanks14:28
Rarrikinsstlre: ls -lF|sed '/[/]$/d'14:29
pr0ph3the's gone14:29
sienezbekks, the kernel I want to boot is not installed yet! also if I press shift, nothing happens.14:29
=== alex_ is now known as AI-X
sienezbekks, my current kernel is 3.5.0-32 but I want to boot 3.5.0-3014:29
stlrethank you14:29
minixvmsienez: sorry, i was wrong, they are still available in the repo14:30
sienezminixvm, cool! how to search for them?14:30
minixvmsienez: i prefer to use synaptic, you can just use the search feature there and type kernel14:31
minixvmsienez: you on 12.10?14:32
betraydsynaptic GUI beats all14:32
sienezminixvm, 12.0414:32
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=== lonewolf is now known as Guest30578
Mech0zhow do I get a SMART reading on a SSD in terminal14:36
Mech0zwant to see wear level count14:36
minixvmsienez: search in synaptic14:37
[360]DeveloperMech0z: have a look at "man hdparm" if this helps14:37
=== sins-_h is now known as sins-
sienezminixvm, thanks, I got it now!14:41
minixvm!yay | sienez14:43
ubottusienez: Glad you made it! :-)14:43
clctoo/ says the drunk14:43
clctowtf is 360? xbox 360? really?14:45
bekks!wtf | clcto14:45
ubottuclcto: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:45
clctooh sry i thought this was archlinux-offtopic sry bbl14:46
clctowrong channel happens sometimes14:47
Ponch0I'm having issues minimizing windows in unity 13.04, It just freezes. Does anyone know what may be causing the issue?14:52
FieldyPonch0: i've had many similar issues with unity in 12 and 13 on many different systems, I ended up installing xfce and running that instead. all those problems went away. something is really screwy with unity14:53
Ponch0Fieldy: Ah, unfortunately I'm not using Unity by choice, I was on ubuntu-gnome but after last nights update something went broke.14:54
owOkay, so I have a most fun dilemma. My very short question is this: Ubuntu 13.10; I've got an integrated intel video card, and a seperate Radeon card. By default, it's booting using the intel one. Is there a kernel command line I can use to make it use radeon?14:56
gartralhey all, i'm on ubuntu 12.10 anf some update in the past few days broke flash partially, there are certain flash applications that refuse to run for me14:56
owand my other question: Is ctrl+alt+backspace (warning for the unaware: This is supposed to kill X, almost like a force-reboot of your computer) disabled by default, and how do I enable it if so?14:57
gartralow: it's more of a soft reboot, and instructions on making it work again are here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XorgCtrlAltBackspace14:58
BluesKajow , you have to choose the default graphics card in the bios14:58
owBluesKaj: bios doesn't let me.14:58
gartralow: what bios do you have?14:59
rmbelli have an analog audio device and hdmi audio (which comes out my monitor, didnt even know it had speakers until now!). Default output is set to analog and everything uses it, except for java. It auto-changed itself to hdmi audio after using my pc on my pc. (fglrx drivers for hdmi)14:59
BluesKajow , does the pci card show ?14:59
rmbeller my pc on my tv heh15:00
owBIOS pretty much doesn't let me do anything except change the time and date, boot order, and enable/disable vt15:00
owone moment15:00
ow01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Seymour [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series]15:00
owthe one it's using, however, is 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)15:01
gartralow: those are your graphics card, what board.BIOS do you have?15:01
sienezsuppose I know the name of a header file. how do I find out which package or library contains the file?15:01
bekkssienez: You can use package.ubuntu.com for searching for that file.15:02
owgartral: I dunno, how do I find out? (It's a HP Pavilion g7 laptop)15:02
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
gartralow: ah, it's a laptop, now I have something to work with15:03
owit seems like there should be a simple blah=radeon or something like that15:03
sienezbekks, the site has no search function?15:03
bekkssienez: The site I just told you has a search function.15:03
sienezbekks, true, sorry!15:04
gartralow: well that depends on what hardware handels the switch, if worse comes to absolute worse.. you could always look at a custom .rc15:05
chvxdoes swap or swap in file does have any diffrences?15:06
bekkschvx: swap in a file is potentially slower, but you wont notice it.15:06
gartralchvx: be careful though, if set up incorrectly you could have a potential security hole, or.. a RAM-hole..15:07
chvxbekks: ok, haha an ram-hole :]15:08
gartralchvx: I'm serious, it's caused when a swapfile can be written to and not read from.. has a nasty habbit of breaking things very quickly15:09
bekkschvx: Trust him, he isnt fooling you.15:09
gartralow: have you gotten to the point where you can install the proprietary drivers?15:10
pr0ph3tthe gnome3 ppa is messing things up15:10
chvxbekks: i have heard that double the space for swap if i wanna have hibernate. is it right?15:11
gartralbekks: I did that in a VM once just to see how badly it would break.. yea, OOMs everywhere15:11
bekksgartral: Expected :)15:11
bekkschvx: No.15:11
bekkschvx: You need 1x RAM as swap plus a few MB for overhead.15:11
gartralchvx: no, but a *little* overhead is always needed15:11
bekkschvx: The times you needed 2x are gone for about - 20 years now.15:12
gartralchvx: rule of thumb for every 1024MB (1GB) ram, add 10MB15:12
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=== chris is now known as Guest98532
cappicardhey folks. has anyone else been getting a frame file wanting to be saved every time they play a youtube video in chrome or firefox?15:13
chvxstill ubuntu partion an 6gb of swap15:13
chvxwhich is my RAM15:14
betraydcappicard maybe try a different browser15:14
bekkschvx: 6.1GB for swap will be fine then.15:14
cappicardbut this is happening in both linux and windows15:14
owgartral: I can install proprietary drivers, but if I install the proprietary radeon drivers (frglx or something like that), the window manager won't load - i.e. no bar on the side etc, but the desktop background does show and you can right-click on it15:14
christarasHello. I would like to ask you a question. I am currently using windows 8 and because i hate them i would like to use Ubuntu 13.04. My question is: Will it keep my files such as images/videos/music or will it completely erase it.15:15
pr0ph3tempathy just does not work properly, my google accounts keep needing authorisation, yahoo accounts cannot be set up, when are they going to fix it?15:15
betraydcappicard even a different video?15:15
cappicardon every video15:15
sharpieMy session managers are still unable to start XFCE4.  End up with a blackscreen.15:16
=== morph3k is now known as morph3k|away
gartralow: that's.. too be expected, actually, and the fix is, sadly, don't use Unity15:16
[360]Developerchristaras: do a complete backup of your files first15:16
betraydcappicard did you install a YT extension or downloader?15:16
bekkschristaras: Depends on you install it. I'd backup everything before, if you want to ensure that you will not lose anything, no matter what happens.15:16
sharpieCan someone read my GDM logs and tell me what happened?  http://pastebin.com/8vGbXf6C15:16
bekkssharpie: Why dont you tell us what happened? :)15:16
chvxbekks: if i want to hibernate?+15:17
bekkschvx: Yes.15:17
christarasI want to upgrade without making a backup. My data is about 50GB and i have no space or any usb storage to store them at.15:17
=== morph3k|away is now known as morph3k
bekkschristaras: Ah, so you data isnt worth to be kept. Ok.15:17
gartralchristaras: changing your OS isn't like an upgrade, even when you dual-boot there's *ALWAYS* a risk of complete data loss15:17
gartralor rather, when you set up for dual-bootng15:17
sharpieNew install.  Update two days ago~~, now after I log in blackscreen with mouse pointer.15:18
christarasI am just asking if ubuntu can keep the files when installing because i've been told that it can in some senarios15:18
[360]Developerchristaras: no, install ubuntu in windows 8 and use the dual boot option15:18
bekkschristaras: Yes, and in some it cant. You are at risk losing your data. So back it up. Or dont back it up if you dont mind losing it.15:19
[360]Developerchristaras: keep both OS15:19
bekks[360]Developer: There is no wubi anymore in 13.04 afaik. And its the worst solution.15:19
christarasunfortunately i cant as my hard drive has not enough space for running two os'es (around 100GB)15:19
=== _DIoX|DaZ is now known as DIoX|DaZ
[360]Developerbekks: darn! , ok then install 12:04 and upgrade15:20
pr0ph3tchristaras, just to put things into perspective: I have been using linux since 1998 and installed several versions of mandrake, slackware, gentoo, debian, ubuntu etc, and so far not even once I had a complete data loss. But it is still possible of course15:20
bekks[360]Developer: wubi is the worst solution possible.15:20
gartralchristaras: there's no direct way, because of the way ubuntu, or any OS, Windows, OSX, or *NIX-like has to change the contents of the drive..15:20
[360]Developerbekks: his going to loose his file15:21
bekks[360]Developer: Yes, because he dont have a backup. Thats the point.15:21
gartral!cn | douguoda15:22
ubottudouguoda: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:22
christarasOk guys thank you. I will give it a try. I will just make sure that my sensitive data is safe.15:22
bekkschristaras: Yeah, create a backup. Thats the only way to ensure it.15:22
gartralchristaras: you could always back up to DVDs15:22
[360]Developerchristaras:  bekks is right15:23
BoredomKillsI'm wondering about the EFI Boot in Ubuntu15:24
[360]DeveloperBoredomKills: hey15:24
BoredomKillsright now I have it running15:24
douguoda /join #ubuntu-cn15:24
christarasI do agree keeping a backup is the best way to ensure the safety of data but 50Gbs of data is hard to store. Especially in dvds. I will need 11-1215:24
gartralBoredomKills: it's fast15:24
BoredomKillsand I successfully installed in into a 3.0 USB Drive15:25
douguoda /join #ubuntu-tw15:25
minixvmchristaras: then why haven't you already got a backup solution in place?15:25
BoredomKillshowever I have one problem15:25
sharpieCan someone read my GDM logs and tell me what happened?  http://pastebin.com/8vGbXf6C15:25
BoredomKillswhen Grub-EFI starts up15:25
sharpieNew install.  Update two days ago~~, now after I log in blackscreen with mouse pointer.15:25
bekkschristaras: Dual-layer dvds, or just an external harddisk.15:25
BoredomKillsI see a lot of options of Windows EFI that does not exist anymore15:25
BoredomKillsIs it possible to delete those?15:25
christarasBecause it costs XD. Anyway i though of online backup but i am afraid of it...15:25
bekkschristaras: Does it cost more than the effort of recreating your data? If not - buy it. :)15:26
bekkschristaras: 50GB upload will take ages. And restoring it will take ages too.15:27
gartralchristaras: you have a few options.. one, use a different computer to back everything up to. Two, buy an external HDD.. (a 320 gig is about $50-60 US) or thirdly.. DVDs15:27
christarasWell you are right. Probably i have to buy an external hard disk.15:27
BoredomKillsDoes anyone know about removing options from grub-efi?15:27
BoredomKillsI tried running update-grub and see no changes...15:27
sharpiechirstaras: Another option is backup over network to another pc15:28
christarasi have no other pc15:28
BoredomKillsdouguoda: I can see ur chinese15:28
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gartralalright, I'm annoyed, I have one.. ONE stupid little flash game that I play, and it isn't working, I'm not having any other issues but Super Mechs (http://www.supermechs.com) refuses to load, and it isn't just the version on their site, it refuses to load from anywhere that it's on!15:29
gartralcan someone else please try and load it so i can see if it's just me or if their game has gone full-idiot15:30
Mori__I inserted a 4.7GB DVD15:31
DJonesgartral: I get This page requires Flash Player V11.1 and above15:31
Mori__but brasero says that it's only 2.2GB big :O ?15:31
BoredomKillsermm... anyone have any experiences over efi?15:31
surfdaemonchristaras: or get two, then you'll have three sets of data.15:32
gartralDJones: ok, so it isn't just me..15:32
=== LastArms is now known as BoredomKills
neorosbobHI all, I'm stuck on a static route issue on a 802.3ad lagg group. Can anyone help shed some light on what I'm doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/EZJtWwtY15:32
christarasFor me the Flash game is working just fine.15:32
neorosbobactually, the lagg group probably has nothing to do with it, but might.15:33
gartralDJones: if you look in about://plugins run a recent Ubuntu, you'll notice that flash should be higher that that version... looks like Adobe broke flash for linux AGAIN15:33
BoredomKillsanyone have any exp on efi??15:34
BoredomKillsanyone have any experiences with EFI?15:38
neorosbobHI all, I'm stuck with a static route issue on an LACP interface. Can anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong?15:38
neorosbobdetails here http://pastebin.com/EZJtWwtY15:38
martinux[360]Developer: You here?15:39
[360]Developermartinux: yip15:39
martinux[360]Developer: The fix did not help15:39
neorosbobBoredomKills: you mean like the Firmware interfaces EFI?15:39
BoredomKillswhen you boot Ubuntu through grub-efi15:40
BoredomKillsyou see that screen that has the options of what to boot15:40
neorosbobah, what's the issue15:40
[360]Developermartinux:  did the terminal popup?15:40
martinux[360]Developer: Nope15:40
BoredomKillsI'm having a lot of extra boot items that I want to delete15:40
DJonesgartral: Mine shows 11.2r2-2 on 13.04 in Chromium15:40
[360]Developermartinux: ok back to the drawing board15:41
DJonesgartral: Have to go now15:41
martinux[360]Developer: btw the last time I tried to wake it from suspend I heard a sound, like the ubuntu login-sreen15:41
=== linxon is now known as linxon|away
martinux[360]Developer: Maybe indicating that the monitor is the issue?15:41
[360]Developermartinux: maybe the x system15:41
martinuxNot sure what that is :p Did you ever find where 13.04 stores the syslog.1 file?15:42
=== Guest6280 is now known as bitnumus
neorosbobBoredomKills: That's just a text file entry. Is this what you are looking for? http://askubuntu.com/questions/176322/removing-old-kernel-entries-in-grub15:42
[360]Developermartinux: being on askubuntu without success15:43
minixvmmartinux: /var/log/ i assume15:43
martinuxminixvm: It's not15:43
[360]Developerguy's where is the syslog stored on 13.04??15:44
neorosbobif syslog.1 is not in a standard place you can look for is using lsof to see the full path of the open file15:44
martinuxI did tell you that the 'syslog' IS stored in /var/log , yes?15:44
BoredomKillsneorosbob: Not really, that's for the old grub system15:44
minixvmmartinux: thats where it is on 13.04 for me15:44
BoredomKillsneorosbob: Mine is that Other than Ubunut and the Advanced Options, I have like 6 other Windows EFI15:45
martinuxminixvm: really? that's weird15:45
BoredomKillsthat I can't boot15:45
minixvmmartinux: thats where its always been15:45
martinux'lsof | grep syslog.1' returns nothing15:45
martinuxhow about for you minixvm ?15:45
minixvmmartinux: i opened the folder and looked, its there15:46
martinuxYeah I was just wondering if lsof showed it to you, I'm not familiar with the command15:46
martinuxWhy would I be missing a syslog, then..15:47
neorosbobBoredomKills: I got you, this is on newer systems with UEFI hardware. That's a tough one. I'd be of no better use than googling around for you.15:47
[360]Developermartinux: "ls /var/log" anything?15:47
terretzquestion: is there a way to see an entire directory tree?  example: I want to see entire structure of /etc/ldap/slapd.d15:47
betraydmartinux try without the .115:47
neorosbobThere should be a standard way to remove those in grub2 for UEFI but I've never had to do it15:47
BoredomKillsneorosbob: nahz, thanx for responsing. I have tried to google as much as I could...15:48
BoredomKillsseems like efibootmgr was supposed to be able to do it15:48
BoredomKillsbut it didn't though...15:48
martinux[360]Developer: Yeah. I have all the normal log files, including 'syslog'15:48
=== Guest20427 is now known as smokie
martinuxbut not syslog.115:48
BoredomKillsthink it might have something to do with editing the actual .efi file...15:48
neorosbobmartinux: lsof run on it's own will show all open files on the system including network sockets. 'lsof | grep syslog.1' should get you there15:48
[360]Developermartinux: you say syslog is empty?15:49
martinuxneorosbob: So when it returns nothing it means I don't have a file called syslog.1 ?15:49
neorosbobBoredomKills: I think you are right. It should be a text file with entry lines for each boot image just like old grub15:49
martinux[360]Developer: Nono15:49
martinux[360]Developer: syslog is full15:49
[360]Developermartinux: cool ok then post on pastebin15:50
neorosbobmartinux: correct, but keep in mind that a log file named with a .1,2,3 etc behind it is a log file that has been rotated out typically by logrotate15:50
martinuxoh I thought there was something special about syslog.115:50
BoredomKillsneorosbob: I don't really think so... the efi is in hex..15:50
=== OxCA5A is now known as OxCA5A]
betraydmartinux .1,.2 are backups of syslog15:50
martinuxoh man. sorry [360]Developer15:50
neorosbobBoredomKills: I think it's a text file with a hex entry in it. But I'm just speaking of vague far back in the bast memory15:50
neorosbobBoredomKills: poke around in the grub menu and see if you can find your way. I bet the grub command line will let you do it15:51
martinux[360]Developer: there you go, syslog from a restart after suspend15:51
[360]Developermartinux: cool will run through it15:52
BoredomKillsneorosbob: The grub command line?15:53
neorosbobmartinux: did you follow what I was saying about logrotate? For example I set logrotate to keep 4 previous versions so I will have a syslog.1 syslog.2 syslog.3 and syslog.4 but the only open file would be /var/log/syslog since that is the active file being logged to15:53
martinuxneorosbob: What is the purpose of keeping 5 versions? I can see why you want 1 backup, but not 4?15:54
neorosbobBoredomKills: yes, just run grub with no args15:54
BoredomKillsI got grub is not installed15:55
neorosbobmartinux: if your server produces a lot of log data you may want to rotate them out to keep the files smaller. This allows you to keep more log data with smaller file sizes and also protects you from a log file filling your filesystem15:55
chvxhow much swap does i need? my RAM is 6GB15:56
minixvmchvx: just over 6GB if you want to hibernate15:56
neorosbobmartinux: it will only prevent you filling your filesystem if you run logrotate often enough to stay on top of it. That's why a lot of high traffic servers will often use syslog to a logging server so you don't have to manage it on local disk15:56
neorosbobBoredomKills: apt-get install grub15:57
neorosbobor sudo apt-get install grub15:57
martinuxneorosbob: I see :)15:57
martinux[360]Developer: Dinner is ready. I'll highlight you when I come back, /msg me if you leave before telling me something usefull :D15:58
[360]Developermartinux: cool i will15:59
Snypemartinux, [360]Developer just told me something he will never tell you16:00
neorosbobHI all, I'm stuck with a static route issue on a bonded interface. Can anyone see what I am missing here? http://pastebin.com/EZJtWwtY16:00
[360]Developer!wtf | Snype16:00
ubottuSnype: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:00
Snypeoh it is so useful!16:00
Snypeu warned me for wtf or omfg?16:00
minixvmSnype: neither are acceptable here16:01
Snypeit depends on how to interpret them16:01
Snypefor me wtf: where the food16:01
Snypeand omfg: oh my food good16:01
Snypeif u havent guess16:01
Snypei am fat16:01
neorosbobSnype if you are looking for a friend please pursue your interests on a dating IRC channel. This is for people seeking technical wisdon, not adolescent behavior16:01
Snypeu mean wisdom?16:02
Snypeits ok16:02
Snypeit happens16:02
neorosbobwho cares, you can read between the lines16:02
Snypedont be embarrassed16:02
RKHi there ! where launching a job offers service. Would appreciate a lot if you can help us answer a very short poll (6 points). Thanks a bunch. http://goo.gl/zLgfD16:02
Snype[360]Developer, ?16:02
Snypefinding ips on irc?16:02
Snypesuch a win16:02
Snypeyou have won:16:03
Snypemy laughter! :D16:03
[360]DeveloperSnype: its only one step16:03
Snypetake another one16:03
Snypeif you can that is16:03
Snypegood luck16:03
FloodBot1Snype: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:03
Snypeeasy peasy16:04
TsukasaUjiiequick question. Will I encounter any problems using cron to execute a python script at boot? this script contains an infinite loop (its a server of sorts) and I do not want it to terminate. Is this an efficient way of doing it?16:05
TsukasaUjiieno as in it wont be a problem?16:05
Snypeyour cpu usage will already be high16:05
bekksTsukasaUjiie: Its a pretty bad way.16:05
Snypeand python loops consume a lot of cpu too16:06
Snypeput time.sleep() in python loop16:06
bekksTsukasaUjiie: Create an init script, and run it in the background.16:06
TsukasaUjiieyeah it uses time.sleep16:06
Snypeand it does not consume a lot of cpu?16:06
Snypeon its own that is16:06
Snypethen you should be good16:06
TsukasaUjiieso cron will not terminate it at all? :)16:06
schnuffle1TsukasaUjiie:  I would create an init script as well16:06
Snypeall cron does is execute a thing16:07
lrcaballerohas anybody tried Pantheon DE? on Ubuntu 13.04? If so, what has been your experience?16:07
Snypeyou could always screen detach it16:07
Snypesudo apt-get install screen16:07
TsukasaUjiieschnufflel: I would but that would require setting up the script to run as a daemon, which I am to tired to do currently16:07
minixvmlrcaballero: not supported here16:07
Snypescreen -mds python script.py should be your cron then16:07
TsukasaUjiieIll give that a shot16:07
TsukasaUjiiethe format for the cron file would just be "@reboot screen -mds python script.py" yeah?16:07
Snypescreen -help16:08
Snypewould be your best friend16:08
Snypepm me if you need more help regarding it16:08
schnuffle1TsukasaUjiie: daemon-tools helps you transofrming your script in a daemon16:08
TsukasaUjiieawesome thanks16:08
TsukasaUjiieIll check that out in the morning :)16:08
TsukasaUjiiethanks guys!16:09
IdleOneRK: Please don't advertise your site in the ubuntu channels.16:09
neorosbobHI all, I'm stuck with a static route in /etc/network/interfaces. Can anyone see what I am missing here? http://pastebin.com/EZJtWwtY16:10
chvxminixvm: what is hibernate?16:10
neorosbobwrites your active memory to disk and powers down the machine16:10
minixvmchvx: a feature i never use16:11
Snypebetter you sleep @ chvx16:11
neorosbobso when you power on it's not a boot it just reloads the memory16:11
Snypesleep-hybrid to be exact16:11
Snypeit has both sleep + hibernate16:11
Snypeits awesome16:11
neorosbobagree, it is awesome, especially if you have an ssd16:11
Snypechvx, better use sleep16:11
bekksSnype: Whats sleep in terms of computerS?16:11
Snypeits when everything in the computer powers down16:12
neorosbobsleep maintains power state on ram so it uses power where hybernate does not16:12
Snypeapart from the ram16:12
bekksSnype: Thats called "hibernation".16:12
Snypeso you are in this state of very low power usage16:12
Snypehibernation is when you dump the ram into your hard disk16:12
Snypeand then you fully power down16:12
bekksSnype: VEry low power -> suspend, turned off -> hibernation.16:13
Snypedude thats what i said16:13
Snypeeverything except for ram powers down16:13
Snypeso very low power usage16:13
Snypewhat are you smoking?16:13
bekksSnype: You said sleep, I said suspend. Dude, thats something different. :)16:13
bekksSnype: And dont let it get personal.16:13
neorosbobsleep = suspend16:14
SnypeYou do know sleep and suspend are the same when it comes to computers right?16:14
schnuffle1neorosbob: isn't only one post-up allowed? So you would need to trigger ascript instead using two post-up16:14
bekksSnype: No, I didnt know that. Since thats not true.16:14
neorosbobschnufflel: thanks, trying it now...16:14
SnypeHow could you not know it and yet know its not true?16:14
SnypeYou definitely are smoking something :D16:14
bekksSnype: Whatever you might smoke - get back to ubuntu support please.16:15
[360]Developerbekks: carefull Snype16:15
[360]Developerknows it all16:15
Snypehe does :D16:15
ichathaha if it whern't so sad it would have been funny16:15
[360]Developerthis is like playing tag16:16
IdleOneCan we please stick to ubuntu support and take the chit chat/ cross talk elsewhere.16:16
Snypewhere is the big question IdleOne16:16
IdleOneSnype: #ubuntu-offtopic is a start16:17
Snypethats still ubuntu16:17
Snypeand what if they raise the same query?16:17
IdleOneSnype: I'm asking really nice like. Please stop with the off topic comments.16:18
k1l_!guidelines > Snype16:18
ubottuSnype, please see my private message16:18
Snypei just made #IdleOne16:18
Snypejoin me there16:18
neorosbobschnufflel: that doesn't seem to be the case. Trying with a single post-up doesn't add the route. I think it's my syntax16:18
ichatbtw snypee you ARE wrong btw,  with sleep the system  keep power to the ram  so that the system state is there, with hybernate the system is fully powered off including the ram... so   in contradicution to  sleep,  with  hybernate the system-state is stored on harddisk  has to be  'uploaded'   to the ram again taking more time to be ready again but saving power  (electricity)16:18
neorosbobichat: I believe that is exactly what snype and myself both stated.16:19
grobendHEY VIRGINS16:20
neorosbobHi all, I'm stuck with a static route in /etc/network/interfaces. Can anyone see what I am missing here? http://pastebin.com/EZJtWwtY16:20
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:21
[360]Developerneorosbob: its the same thing, check your flags16:23
Seveasneorosbob: you don't need those manual routes, the entires /24 is already routed via that dev16:23
owWhat's the program for system preferences? i.e. if I need to start it with DISPLAY=:0 commandhere16:23
neorosbobI am adding a static route to a host. I have storage on the same subnet and I want traffic to those hosts to use the lagg interface (faster)16:24
neorosbobso a /24 won't work16:24
martinux[360]Developer: hey !16:24
[360]Developermartinux:  hey still working on it16:24
Seveasneorosbob: the entire /24 goes via the binded interface. Adding specific routes for those hosts has no effect whatsoever.16:25
neorosbob[360]Developer/Seveas: does that make sense what I just explained?16:25
martinux[360]Developer: allright. I appreciate it man16:25
neorosbobnot true, I can validate traffic does exactly what I want when I add the routes manually using route add. A test transfer shows traffic on the lagg interface using iftop16:25
neorosbobwhere the default route is on the interface br2 where I can validate traffic does not flow through that interface16:26
Seveasow: gnome-control-center16:27
Seveasneorosbob: then the output you pastebin'ed is fake. It clearly show the /24 routed via bond016:27
[360]Developerneorosbob: the last time i created a bonded setup i had to not only setup the bond0 with address and so on but also setup eth0 and eth1 aswell16:28
neorosbobSeveas: on the top route output yes but on the bottom you can see the additional host routes16:28
neorosbob[360]Developer, the bonded interface is working fine. It's the static route to the 2 hosts that doesn't work in my interfaces config but works when I add manually16:29
Seveasneorosbob: both show the /24 being routed via bond0 - the routes for those hosts have no effect unless you've been faking that output.16:29
[360]Developerneorosbob: then a quick patch would be a bash script on start up16:30
Seveas172.21.249.0    *        U     0      0        0 bond016:30
neorosbobSaveas: fair enough, I will need to remove the route you mention for this to work, but the problem at hand still remains that my interfaces file syntax does not add the routes16:35
neorosbobso my logic on the routes are incomplete as you mention, but my problem is still un-addressed16:35
=== Subo1978_ is now known as subo1978
weichenganyone here ?16:36
k1l_!ask | weicheng16:36
ubottuweicheng: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:36
gordonjcpweicheng: hundreds and hundreds of people16:36
weichengOK , got it  , and  my  question is  why  my pidgin cannot  login  IRC  ?16:37
neorosbob[360]Developer:  I could do that. Thanks. However I suspect my syntax or context is wrong in my /etc/network/interfaces file. I typically use centos so I'm a newbie to ubuntu. So I think I am doing something wrong16:37
weichengI have to  use  Xchat  to  login  irc  now16:38
Snypeall linux are same16:39
Snypeyou are newb on all linux16:39
weichengpidgin  cannot  connect  irc  anymore ?16:39
Snypeor you are not newb16:39
Snypeneorosbob, ^^^^16:39
weichengyes  , I'm  newb16:39
k1l_Snype: focus on the helpful part of this technical support channel. if you want to chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic16:41
icerootis there a way to have flash on ubuntu (arm)?16:41
weichengmeans to  install  flash  ?16:41
bekksiceroot: On arm - I guess not.16:42
IdleOneiceroot: #ubuntu-arm should be able to help16:42
icerootweicheng: installing and using16:42
icerootIdleOne: thx16:42
IdleOnebut I don't believe so16:42
Znooseyiceroot, have you tried gnash?16:43
Znooseyi think that is what it is called...16:43
icerootZnoosey: unluckily not working with the videos i am trying16:44
Znooseythen i'm out of ideas16:44
icerootas it seems flash is build for android on arm v7.16:45
Znooseyi think it depends on which SoC you are using16:45
icerootbut with specific extensions my hardware is not offering16:45
betraydweicheng you have the irc plugin for pidgin, how did you isnatll it16:46
neorosbobSeveas: I believe this is what you were driving at http://pastebin.com/cM3yPjXY however the problem still remains my synatx/context is not correct in /etc/network/interfaces16:46
q_can someone walk me through manually installing Flash player?16:47
=== q_ is now known as Phryq
IdleOnePhryq: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer16:47
betraydneorosbob if it didn't complain about syntax in commandline, then its something else16:48
betraydquit blaming the guy if he was at the movies when it happened16:49
icerootneorosbob: your issue is that the del line is not working?16:50
icerootneorosbob: and its still the default?16:50
neorosbobbetrayd:  I'm assuming it's my context rather than syntax. Coming up blanks here. I've made this work hundreds of time on redhat/centos. Just not wrapping my head around what I'm missing here16:50
neorosbobiceroot: del line is working. The route was there before I ran it and gone after I ran it16:51
betraydneorosbob, none of the hardware or cabling has changed since?16:51
Seveasneorosbob: well, if you keep faking output I'm not going to waste more time on you16:52
betraydsince centos or fedora days that is16:52
neorosbobbetrayd: no, I basically setup my lagg group this morning, got it working and started on this. I have a bonded interface in a switch with storage on bonded interfaces and a 3rd interface (bridge) which carries the default gateway to the same subnet16:52
neorosbobbetrayd: so I can use 'route' at the command line and get all working great, just can't seem to make it persistant on reboot16:53
PhryqIdleOne, I mean how to install it from the downloaded package on the site.16:54
PhryqThe software centre gives me an error; I've been trying to fix it all day and have given up16:54
Phryq(software centre gives me an error message for a whole bunch of things)16:54
IdleOnePhryq: is it a deb package?16:54
neorosbobSeveas: why would I fake output? If you don't want to help that's fine, but don't accuse me  if you don't understand the problem/solution16:54
IdleOneneorosbob: if anyone here can help you it is Seveas.16:55
Phryqit's a tar.gz16:55
IdleOnePhryq: there should be a README file in that archive with instructions.16:56
Phryq"install_flash_player_11_linux.x86_64.tar.gz" when I look inside I see some files having to do with KDE, though I'm running Ubnity16:56
betrayduh oh kde, was it the right repo?16:57
IdleOnePhryq: what files do you see that have to do with KDE?16:57
Phryqwait, can Ubuntu use rpm?16:57
SeveasPhryq: get rid of that tar.gz and simply install the adobe-flashplugin package from the repositories.16:57
betraydi guess that answered my question16:58
minixvmPhryq: no16:58
handuelPhryq: there is a converter called alien16:58
IdleOnewhy do you need to use package from the adobe site?16:58
Phryqit won't let me install from the repo16:58
minixvm!rpm | Phryq16:58
ubottuPhryq: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)16:58
IdleOnePhryq: why won't it let you install from the repos?16:58
Seveasthat fact should really be s/apt/dpkg/16:58
handuelalso at one point on my system I did have rpm installed, somehow, but I removed it before it broke anything16:58
TheUsD_Anyone in here familiar wth owncloud?16:58
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)16:58
Phryqit's a clean install. In fact I did a new install of ubuntu *just* to make flashplayer work. I'm really frusterated16:58
Seveas!rpm =~ s/apt/dpkg/16:58
SeveasPhryq: enable the 'partner' repo and install the adobe-flashplugin package. Done.16:59
handuelOH... it's still installed: samuel@samuel-ubuntu:~$ rpm --version RPM version
handuelis that bad16:59
Seveashanduel: no, that's fine17:00
TheUsD_Can someone help me out with OwnCloud? I have a question about upload size limits.17:00
IdleOnePhryq: why won't it let you install from the repos?17:00
handuelSeveas: Ok, Why is it there :D17:00
handuelah alien depends on it17:00
Phryqafter enabling the partner repo, do I need to restart or update or anything?17:00
luk01I managed to boot a btrfs-converted ext4 root filesystem, I can give you info, if you wish17:00
handuelas does logmein-hamachi :D17:00
luk01(Xubuntu 12.10)17:01
k1l_TheUsD_: did you ask the owncloud support already?17:01
handuelPhrq: no17:01
IdleOnePhryq: why won't it let you install from the repos?17:01
handuelPhryq: actually you may need to sudo apt-get update, but deffinetely no reboot17:01
IdleOnePhryq: is it giving you an error when you try to install it?17:02
Phryqyes, the error I pastied17:02
TheUsD_KlL: No, I didnt look to see if there was an IRC channel :p17:02
Ari-Yangwhat's the recommended music player for ubuntu or linux? like one of the best?17:02
planktonI pressed delete key on a folder in my pendrive, and Ubuntu without message deleted it. But, pendrive size didn't change, so I think that data still there. How can I recover/show this folder again?17:02
PhryqI can a similar error trying to install a whole bunch of things.17:02
weichengki:-DHello  ,  everyone17:02
PhryqAbout 50% of the programs I try to install give me an error like this17:03
=== MechanisM is now known as Guest10648
handuelPhryq: try sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get install -f17:03
handuelPhryq: and then try again17:03
Phryqhanduel. I did that earlier today but I'll try it again for good measure17:04
handuelPhryq: ok... odd17:04
Guest10648hello, where located keyboard layout files in ubuntu?17:04
PhryqI got a message at the end saying there were a bunch of packages installed automatically and are no longer required. Should I remove them?17:05
SeveasPhryq: are you ignoring me?17:05
SeveasI've given you the solution multiple times already...17:05
handuelPhryq: you may as well. sudo apt-get autoremove17:05
PhryqSeveas, I tried it it didn't work17:06
Guest10648please let me know where I can find where keyboard layout files?17:06
Phryqyou mean when you suggested enable partner repos, right?17:06
SeveasPhryq: pastebin full command and output17:06
betraydplankton the size will change if they're gigabytes, otherwise the fielsystem will 'fill it up' no worries17:07
TheUsD_hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out with increasing upload limit sizes.17:08
TheUsD_ I am using Ubuntu 12.04 server, as the host. Win7 machines as clients (if that matters)17:08
PhryqSeveas, I was using the gui. What command do I use to install with terminal?17:09
TheUsD_KlL: owncloud room is dead :(17:09
SeveasTheUsD_: what server software do you use, and what's the limit?17:09
SeveasPhryq: sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin17:09
TheUsD_Seveas: I'm not sure abou the server software (had a friend set it up) but the limit is 512mb.  I believe it is owncloud server software17:10
SeveasTheUsD_: first hit on google for owncloud file size: http://owncloud.org/support/big-files/17:11
planktonbetrayd, right... so I can't recover this lost data? (in straight way) because I hit delete on folder without my wish.17:11
=== Guest74525 is now known as Chex
SeveasPhryq: pastebin full command and output17:12
Seveaserr, mispaste, sorry17:12
Phryqshit. It worked this time!17:12
IdleOne!language | Phryq17:12
ubottuPhryq: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:12
SeveasPhryq: well, waddayaknow. Sometimes you just need to give it a smack on the head :)17:12
PhryqSeriously. I've spend almost the entire day trying to make it work. I don't know why it worked now17:12
Phryqoh, sorry17:13
SeveasPhryq: because now you had #ubuntu backing you up. This room is magical :)17:13
Phryqhaha, actually I was in this room earlier too.17:13
Seveasthen it must be my awesomeness :)17:14
Seveasas I wasn't in here before17:14
betraydSeveas must have given it an offer it couldn't refuse17:14
PhryqChromium still won't install though. It is having the same problem. I'll give the output in a second17:14
SeveasPhryq: apt-cache policy chromium-browser17:15
Seveasand pastebin output17:15
Seveasseems decent. More debugging info needed17:16
TheUsD_if I type in  "sudo find / -name php.ini" is it supposed to cycle through all the files? I guess then it stops when it finds a matching file(s)17:16
Seveasmore /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | cat17:16
Seveasand pastebin output17:16
SeveasTheUsD_: that will visit your entire filesystem17:16
SeveasTheUsD_: try /etc instead of / -- that's where config files generally arte17:17
TheUsD_Seveas: ok thanks. Does ctrl c stop the search?17:17
hpagejust got an update message from ubuntu and clicked the Yes, Upgrade Now button and nothing happend do i need to update manually17:18
digitalyhello - I have installed remmina-plugin-xdmcp and enabled xdmcp with lightdm per the wiki, but it logs in to a black screen with cursor from my client17:18
digitalyany ideas?17:18
imaginaryfoolhello all17:18
PhryqSeveas. Would you recomend installing from terminal using apt-get rather than using the software centre gui?17:19
hpagegui is faster17:19
SeveasPhryq: I would recommend that you do that command I just gave and pastebin the output so I can see how messed up your repositories are :)17:19
icerootPhryq: technicly there is no difference, for debuging apt-get is nicer17:19
icerootPhryq: its easier for us when we have apt-get errors instead of descriptions that the software-center was producing an error17:19
SeveasPhryq: as to installing: I prefer the command line, because I *live* in the terminal. When it comes to errors, there's no difference. What fails in the one, will fail in the other.17:20
imaginaryfoolim relearning the terminal install17:20
lotuspsychjei like terminal speed for apt-get17:20
PhryqI think I already pasted it, you mean this one? http://pastie.org/799364717:21
Seveasno, the one ofter that17:21
Seveasmore /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | cat17:21
IdleOnelooks good17:23
icerootSeveas: cat file1 file2 foobar*  :)17:23
Seveasiceroot: nope. more foo bar baz | cat17:23
icerootSeveas: useles use of a pipe and more17:23
Seveasmore adds the filename to the output. Rather useful in this case17:23
Seveasnot useless at all. Try it :)17:24
planktonbetrayd, nevermind, I got how thing works. Thanks. :)17:24
SeveasPhryq: apt-cache policy libnss3-1d17:24
=== puff`` is now known as puff
Seveashmm, so it's available. sudo apt-get install libnss3-1d -- and when that fails because of a dependency: apt-cache policy that_dependency_here17:26
Phryqyou want output for sudo apt-get install libnss3-1d ?17:27
pozoriwhat's a good cd-rip like ExactAudioCopy for Linux?17:27
Seveasand the apt-cache of that failing dependency17:27
Phryqoh, I see17:28
phunyguypozori: anything that supports cdparanoia17:28
pozoriphunyguy: like?17:28
Phryqso I should type "apt-cache policy libnss3" ?17:28
phunyguyabcde is a cli app17:28
phunyguycommand line17:28
phunyguyworks well, pozori17:29
SeveasPhryq: and we can go deeper. Try to install libnss3. And if that fails on a dependency, try to install it. Continue until you get a more useful error17:29
phunyguyif you want GUI, there is ruby ripper but I don't think it is included in the repos17:29
Phryqlooks like it's already installed?17:29
IdleOneit is17:30
SeveasPhryq: aha!17:30
SeveasPhryq: you installed something from an unofficial repo and now it's screwed up17:30
Phryqno, that would make sense, but this is a fresh install17:30
Phryqthe only thing I've installed is x-chat17:30
Seveasit can't be.17:30
Phryqbecause that's the conclusion I came to before, so I reinstalled the OS17:31
Guest10648so? noone knows where located kayboard layout files?17:31
PhryqI didn't even have any other repos enabled until you suggested enabling cannonical partners17:31
Phryqoh, and now I have Flash as well17:31
trismPhryq: actually looks like your mirror is messed up17:32
trismPhryq: because 2:3.14.3-0ubuntu1 is the current raring version17:32
PhryqI'm in Kuwait, if that means anything17:32
trismPhryq: I would try a different mirror17:32
Phryqhow do I do that?17:32
IdleOnemaybe changing to the main canonical server, just so you can make sure you have updated packages17:32
Phryqthat would explain why I have so many different programs that won't install17:32
SeveasPhryq: sudo sed -e 's/kw.archive/gb.archive/' -i /etc/apt/sources.list17:33
Seveasthat'll make you use the english mirror17:33
Seveasthen do sudo apt-get update17:33
Phryqno feedback for "sudo sed -e 's/kw.archive/gb.archive/' -i /etc/apt/sources.list", right?17:33
Seveasbut looking at that mirror, it doesn't seem too bad, so this may not help17:33
SeveasPhryq: correct17:33
yax51I am trying to make a script to run a command to fix the flipped webcam issue I have, but I can't remember hot to make a script :/17:33
IdleOnePhryq: no news is good news17:33
PhryqWow, I'm learning a lot. You guys rock17:34
IdleOnePhryq: now sudo apt-get upgrade17:35
=== _BJfreeman is now known as BJfreeman
PhryqIdleOne, it's like you knew exactly when my update would finish to give me the new command ;)17:37
SeveasPhryq: that's because he has access to your computer and is watching you17:37
pozoriphunyguy: okay abcde is cli but super easy, thanks!17:39
ShariffHi there17:39
Phryqhaha, you're joking, right Seveas?17:40
Phryqanyway, upgrade is done. Should I try an install?17:40
A1ReconHow do I copy a CD in Ubuntu? Its a VCD17:40
SeveasPhryq: well, you run sudo commands we give you, likely without fully understanding what they do. Pretty much equivalent to having root :)17:40
Seveasand yeah, try installing chromium-browser17:40
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
mjuszczakSomehow my /boot is full.... http://pastebin.com/UqFG4bps  -- can anyone let me know why?  sudo apt-get update / upgrade keeps failing because it's running out of space.17:41
phunyguymjuszczak: 'sudo apt-get autoremove'17:43
Phryqwow, it seems to be working!17:43
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.17:43
IdleOnemjuszczak: uninstall old kernels (keep the two newest) and delete some logs /etc/var/17:43
Seveasmjuszczak: it's full because you didn't remove old kernel packages. Try removing linux-image-3.8.0-22 avd linux-image-3.8.0-2117:43
TheUsD_Seveas: Do you have any OwnCloud experience?17:43
Phryqthanks so much. You guys are my saviors!17:43
Phryq(knock on wood because it's still installing)17:43
TheUsD_Seveas: I followed those instructions, but its still only allowing 512mb of upload.17:43
IdleOneTheUsD_: you restarted Apache?17:44
SeveasTheUsD_: no, I have never actually used OwnCloud. Did you restart apache after making the required changes?17:44
TheUsD_Restarted whole machine17:44
SeveasIdleOne: stop stealing my thunder!17:44
Mori__another problem: I'm tryinbg to burn a window 8 image with brasero.17:44
Mori__it took some time to burn it, but now he is building the ckecksum for half an hour.17:44
Mori__but the title of the window says 100% completed.17:44
Mori__so can i cancel it???17:44
FloodBot1Mori__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:44
PhryqI was actually about to give up on linux altogether. I love that I actually found out what the problem was and then fixed it.17:44
IdleOneTheUsD_: the rest of those intructions stated you might need to edit php.ini iirc17:44
Seveasdownbeam: cut it out. Caps just get you banned and you're unlikely to get support for p2p crap in here.17:45
IdleOneTheUsD_: I don't have the site open but I did see something about editing another file in case it didn't work17:45
mjuszczakthank you17:46
TheUsD_sevas:  Idleone:  when I went into the php.ini and found the upload_max_filesize it said 2M   and not 512M     I increased the value to 107520M17:46
TheUsD_i will investigate that17:46
phunyguy!caps | downbeam, HIT YOUR CAPS LOCK17:46
ubottudownbeam, HIT YOUR CAPS LOCK: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.17:46
IdleOneTheUsD_: you edited that before or after the reboot?17:47
martinux_I'm on ubuntu 13.04, and my laptop does not wake up properly from suspend. The screen remains black after waking up from suspend, and I can't do anything. Anyone have any possible solutions to this?17:47
Phryqit worked17:47
Mori__I'm tryinbg to burn a window 8 image with brasero. It took some time to burn it, but now he is building the ckecksum for half an hour, but the title of the window says 100% completed. So can i cancel it???17:47
TheUsD_Idleone: I edited, then rebooted.17:47
IdleOneTheUsD_: see if there is a #owncloud17:47
phunyguyMori__: it is safe to cancel17:47
IdleOneoh, you said it was dead.17:47
TheUsD_Idleone: went back into php.ini and it shows the increased value.  I did go in there but it was dead :(17:48
A1ReconHow to copy cd in ubuntu? I have to copy a VCD!!17:48
IdleOneTheUsD_: that channel would be best place to get help, patience is a requirement when seeking unpaid support :)17:48
TheUsD_idleone: haha I know, but it looks like a ghost chatroom17:48
downbeambut seriously will someone help me?17:49
lotuspsychjedownbeam: you could try asking a question maybe17:50
Shariffwhat would I need if I want to work remotely (on a windows box) with an X-interface rather than an ssh terminal?17:50
downbeammy eD2K in amule will not connect and i don't know why?17:50
lotuspsychjedownbeam: you run ubuntu on your pc?17:51
phunyguy!info amule17:51
ubottuamule (source: amule): client for the eD2k and Kad networks, like eMule. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.1-10 (raring), package size 1549 kB, installed size 4176 kB17:51
SeveasShariff: a vnc client on the windows box and a vnc server on the ubuntu box17:51
ShariffSeveas: Thanks!17:52
Crosantwhat to do if your livesystem finds your HDD but the installer not? I'm using 12.04 LTS17:52
lotuspsychjeShariff: teamviewer comes in handy for short remote desktop work17:52
Sharifflotuspsychje: I will check that out immediately.. So I don't have to set up all kinds of SSH tunnels and stuff?17:53
* Shariff is pretty (=extremely) new :)17:53
Phryqah, I love the feeling of a system that is not broken in any way. It's been almost a year since I've had one.17:53
lotuspsychjeShariff: no teamviewer is easy and can run on ubuntu aswell17:53
IdleOneShariff: correct, teamviewer handles all that17:53
ShariffThanks a lot!17:54
lotuspsychjeShariff: but remember ssh is the safest way17:54
Seveasand the command line is addicting17:54
Sharifflotuspsychje: Aye.. this is just to get things going.. right now it's not working with me :)17:54
ShariffSo I'm going to reinstall with X, rather than without and see if I can make xbmc work :)17:54
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
Crosantxbmc uses frame buffer AFAIK17:55
=== ameyer_ is now known as junix659
SuperLagI have a spare hard drive in this ThinkPad, and I'd like to experiment with installing another distro. I want to ensure that my Ubuntu install remains untouched. Can I do this by simply adding an entry to GRUB for the other drive's install?17:55
downbeamlotuspsychje, yes i have 13.0417:56
SuperLagSeveas: how is it addicting?17:56
lotuspsychjedownbeam: you got a router blocking maybe17:56
ShariffCrosant: I don't know what that means :) I'm stuck on a message that xbmc is unable to open a display :)17:56
ShariffSo I'm thinking, that might be because I installed ubuntu server.. with no X running17:57
betraydSuperLag the new install's grub portion will be the new grub then17:57
downbeami dont think so but i am at the coffee shop lotuspsychje17:57
Mansomihi friebro17:57
SuperLagbetrayd: so it would take over?17:57
phunyguydownbeam: that would be your problem17:57
lotuspsychjedownbeam: coffee shops are mostly secured for stuff to download17:57
phunyguyany sensible free wifi provider will block filesharing stuff17:57
betraydSuperLag yes17:57
betrayduperLag and have the most entries17:58
SuperLagbetrayd: I'll have to check BIOS/EFI to see if I can tell it to boot from that drive first...17:58
downbeamlotuspsychje, i dont think so but i am at the coffee shop the reason i think that is because when i'm at home my Kad will not connect becasue of a firewall so if it's not blocked at how why would it be blocked here17:58
SuperLagbetrayd: or would letting the new install's GRUB take over be fine?17:58
Crosantno idea?17:59
betraydSuperLag besure it knows how to deal with EFI17:59
phunyguydownbeam: trust me, it is blocked.17:59
SuperLagbetrayd: I'm just not sure, with the new GRUB, how to add entries to it. The recent GRUB config files are *way* more verbose than anything I ever created with Gentoo.17:59
PinkSwingHi. I want to route two different audio players to two different sound cards so I can playout on one and preview on the other. Is JACK my only option? Is it fairly easy to setup?18:00
betraydthey'd ahve to be with stuff like efi,etc that are recent. How long ago was gentoo18:00
martinux_I'm on ubuntu 13.04, and my laptop does not wake up properly from suspend. The screen remains black after waking up from suspend, and I can't do anything. Anyone have any possible solutions to this?18:00
SuperLagbetrayd: Ohhhh... 2007-2008 :)18:00
SeveasPinkSwing: yes, jack would be the tool to use. And there are manuals for it on the great google, no idea how easy it is to set up, never used it.18:00
minimecPinkSwing: gstreamer can do that too. pavucontrol would be the tool to use. 'sudo apt-get install pavucontrol'18:01
SuperLagbetrayd: then I switched to Mac, because I had better things to do with my time, than watch/wait for things to compile. Now I'm back to Linux again, because work is moving our apps from Solaris to Linux, and they won't let us bring our Macs to the office anymore. :(18:01
betraydhmm open source but closed mindset18:02
PinkSwingminimec and Seveas: thanks18:02
SeveasSuperLag: where's that? I'd love to work in a mac-free office :)18:03
SuperLagbetrayd: no, not that at all, actually... it was because some jackass brought a laptop to work with illegal material on it, and ruined it for everyone18:03
SuperLagSeveas: >:|18:03
betraydshould ahve skinned him alive18:03
SuperLagSeveas: there's nothing wrong with OS X.18:03
SuperLagSeveas: it's incredibly productive to use for work18:04
SeveasSuperLag: let's agree to disagree and stop there so we don't go offtopic too much :)18:04
SuperLagSeveas: that said... I'm amazed at how much Ubuntu has improved in the last few years18:04
SuperLagSeveas: now, if only MS would make Exchange support *easy* on Linux, without requiring hacks upon hacks upon hacks...18:05
SeveasSuperLag: or anyone else. I don't expect MS to do that :)18:05
Seveasso I'm happy with *someone* doing that.18:05
PinkSwingSuperLag: MS have no interest in making things easy for people on free operating systems to bypass their paid one18:06
lotuspsychjelets take this to offtopic guys18:06
lotuspsychjeits interesting18:06
SeveasPinkSwing: well, MS seems more and more interested in interoperability these days, to lure people using other oses to some of their products/services.18:06
IdleOneGood idea #ubuntu-offtopic is in need of good convo18:07
TheUsDseveas: I re-read that article but it only talks about more editing in IIS...isnt that for windows only?18:07
SeveasTheUsD: yeah, IIS is windows18:07
TheUsDsevase: so then I'm stumped, :p18:08
omkar_hi guys18:08
omkar_I have mistakenly overwritten the previous data on HP LTO3 tape drive18:08
omkar_is it possible to recover the earlier data18:08
minixvmomkar_: from a backup yes18:09
Seveasomkar_: maybe some professional data recovery can do that, for a pretty hefty fee.18:09
TheUsDomkar: just take the tape out and flip it over, all data will be there ;)18:09
SuperLagbetrayd: Can't I add an entry to the *existing* GRUB config, that points to the new install on the separate hard drive?18:09
Seveasminixvm: I'm guessing those *were* the backups :-)18:09
omkar_flip it over means/18:09
Seveasomkar_: it means TheUsD is trying to be funny. Ignore him.18:09
omkar_its an official tape i m bit serious18:10
betraydSuperLag i'd rather swallow a bag full of razors but yes you always can18:10
SuperLagbetrayd: why?18:10
omkar_but professionals can retireve the data ...18:11
omkar_are there any linux commands via which i could recover the data18:11
minixvmomkar_: professionals also keep backups18:11
betraydInstalling the other distro will make its own grub. Maybe sync propsed entries from there into existing grub. DOn't let new distro overwrite anything.18:11
TrixboxerHow can I make rpm of current ubuntu kernel ?18:11
minixvm!recover | omkar_18:11
ubottuomkar_: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel18:11
Seveasomkar_: go. to. a. professional.18:12
minixvmTrixboxer: ubuntu doesn't use rpm18:12
bekksomkar_: If you have overwritten the data, it is lost.18:12
TheUsDomkar: what format was the tape/filesystem in?18:12
omkar_i didn't get the phrase professions also keep backups18:12
SeveasThey cost a lot, but if the data it's worth it, don't mess about with it if you don't know what you're doing18:12
Trixboxerminixvm: Yups !  I need to convert its deb to rpm18:12
theadminTrixboxer: Alien can do it18:12
bekksTrixboxer: Use "alien" then.18:12
omkar_actually on 1st fileid itself i stopped the write operation18:13
omkar_using ctrl+c18:13
Trixboxerbut first I need the deb of ubuntu kernel 3.2.0-45-virtual18:13
TheUsDomkar: what format was the tape/filesystem in?18:13
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | omkar_18:14
ubottuomkar_: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.13-1ubuntu2 (raring), package size 516 kB, installed size 1201 kB18:14
bekkslotuspsychje: Thats pretty useless on a tape :)18:14
Beast1hi all18:14
lotuspsychjebekks: cant you recover the tape with photorec?18:14
Seveasomkar_: none of the people who answered you have any experience with tapes. Go to a professional data recovery company and do not mess about with the rape.18:14
bekkslotuspsychje: Nope.18:14
Seveasouch, bad typo18:15
Seveasmeant tape of course18:15
betraydstill works18:15
Crosantgparted sees my HDD but the 12.04 LTS installer don't want to see it18:15
hshello , how to change unity-greeter logo position ?18:16
Seveashs: by making your own greeter :-)18:16
theadminTrixboxer: You can apt-get -d install it18:16
betraydthats how it normally starts18:16
hsseveas how to do such thing ?18:16
Trixboxertheadmin: thanks18:16
Trixboxertheadmin: do you think it can be properly converted to rpm and installed on centos ?18:17
RileyGuy1000Hello umm where can I get help with windows?18:17
TheUsDSeveas: actually I have a lot of experience with data recovery. I do it quite frequently in my shop. But I have to get some info on his drive before I can offer some suggestions18:17
lotuspsychjeRileyGuy1000: ##windows18:17
minixvmRileyGuy1000: \\windows18:17
RileyGuy1000oh ok thx :P18:17
theadminTrixboxer: I doubts it... You can "apt-get source" that kernel and then build an RPM from the source, that'd work better18:17
theadminTrixboxer: But CentOS uses fairly old software, I'm not sure there won't be problems with libc and such18:17
hsseveas how to do such thing , making my own greeter. ?18:18
mah454Hello , I use Ubuntu 13.04 and installed VMware-Workstation-9 on this (Module Patched) . now when run virtual machin receive this message : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5723732/18:18
mah454How can fix this problem ?18:18
SeveasTheUsD: ok, I'll take back my comment. Though when it comes to data recovery, using random commands from an irc channel is a horrible thing, all the 'good ideas' many people have will ruin your chances of recovering, so I always tell people to go to a pro.18:19
theadminmah454: VMWare is not a supported product, try using Virtualbox instead. Or contact their support about this.18:19
mah454theadmin: Ask in #vmware , Thank you :)18:20
mdfehi, how do i do nomodeset from a raring usb? it says press a key or press F6 but all i get is a broken language menu  with blank options. is my image broken?18:20
bekksTheUsD: If you had experience, you would know that there is no filesystem on a tape.18:20
jackarghow would one add music to an ipod touch 4G (jailbroken already) running ios 5.1.1 from ubuntu 12.04. I've encountered all sorts of problems which rendered this impossible.18:21
amarok-trhi all18:21
TheUsDSeveas: I'm dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to ubuntu, vbox, owncloud and etc...(because I've only been a 1 week user :p but when it comes to hardware repair/recovery I can work with that :)18:21
Seveas!ipod | jackarg maybe something from here?18:21
ubottujackarg maybe something from here?: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod18:21
TheUsDbekks: yup, I'm just a lying piece of shit douchebag, remember? mute me please.18:21
amarok-trin my PC is two OS installed. one is Win7 and the other is Xubuntu18:21
SeveasTheUsD: minf the language please...18:22
amarok-trmy keyboard and mouse is over USB connected18:22
IdleOne!language | TheUsD18:22
ubottuTheUsD: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:22
jackargseveas thankyou I'll look but I think I may still have problems18:22
theadminamarok-tr: Don't use Enter as punctuation. State your problem clearly in one message.18:22
amarok-trbut my Xubuntu dont see  after the USB connections18:22
TheUsDSeveas: that was pretty much a direct quote :)18:22
Seveasjackarg: I wouldn't rule that out, but I know nothing about ipods, so that's the best I could give you :)18:23
betraydamarok-tr because this is a busy channel18:23
bekksTheUsD: I wont mute you, I just set you on ignore again, since your attitude hasnt changed. Its just pointless to talk with you or even read you.18:23
Seveasamarok-tr: pastebin the output of lsusb please18:23
jackargseveas ok thanks, would anyone here know if jailbreaking enables an easier way of tranfering music?18:23
IdleOnebekks: Please drop it.18:23
bekksIdleOne: I just did. Sorry for the noise.18:24
theadminCould someone please suggest alternatives to Remastersys/UCK/Relinux/Reconstructor... Something that actually works on Raring?18:24
Trixboxertheadmin: Im not able to download the source using apt-get source linux-virtual18:24
theadminTrixboxer: That's because that's a virtual package, specify the full version18:24
hshello , how to change unity-greeter logo position ?18:24
compdocmah454, Ive never seen that happen, but maybe?:   http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-820554-start-0.html18:24
TmanDuI'm trying to set my grub to load win7 by default. Internet say GRUB_DEFAULT="windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda2)" but do I need the quotation marks?18:24
lotuspsychjetheadmin: whats your purpose?18:24
amarok-tr<betrayd> <Seveas> what you mean with pastebin?18:24
theadminlotuspsychje: The best would be to back up my existing system to a Live/installable CD for easier reinstalls18:24
SeveasTmanDu: why don't you try it?18:25
Seveas!pastebin | amarok-tr18:25
ubottuamarok-tr: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:25
theadminlotuspsychje: Well... Or just to create an Ubuntu CD with all my favorite packages18:25
lotuspsychjetheadmin: aptoncd?18:25
TmanDuSeveas: I do not wish to harm my computer and have it get an error18:25
theadminlotuspsychje: Does that actually make a bootable one? Hm...18:25
BlueProtomanI think my gEdit is broken.  When I try and open any text document, it just freezes.  No error messages or anything.18:25
Seveask-line mania much?18:25
hshello , how to change unity-greeter logo position ?18:25
lotuspsychjetheadmin: oh that im not sure of18:25
SeveasI think someone doesn't like irccloud :-)18:26
theadminlotuspsychje: Oh, well, seems that not -- well I'd like a bootable/installable Ubuntu ISO basically.18:26
apm1nvidia-cuurent on an LTS also has the same driver that a non LTS release has ?18:26
theadminThere's live-build but it's confusing the heck outta me18:26
TmanDuseveas: Plus the webpage I looked at says before that: "everything in the "'s" but then when I shows the example, the quote marks are still there18:27
bureauHello! How to compile and install a patched file? as in this link: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Festival#HTS_compatibility_patches18:27
Seveastheadmin: cd with packages is easy, put the debs in a directory and run reprepro. Don't know about bootable cd's.18:27
amarok-tr<Seveas> i can not use Xubuntu, i use win7 now. because i cant do nothing on Xubuntu. what must i pastebin?18:27
Trixboxertheadmin: /root/linux-meta_3. is 12Kb18:27
apm1nvm found the answer18:27
minixvmTrixboxer: its a metapkg18:28
hshow to change unity-greeter logo position ?18:28
Trixboxerminixvm: how can I download real source package ?18:28
Seveasamarok-tr: heh, try a different usb port?18:28
minixvm!source | Trixboxer18:28
ubottuTrixboxer: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html18:28
amarok-tr<Seveas> i have do that18:28
amarok-trbut my usb ports dont work18:29
Seveasbureau: sudo apt-get build-dep festival; apt-get source festival ; apply the patch; dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot; install the generated .deb18:29
kekerthe ubuntu website no longer contains the word "gnu" or "linux"18:29
kekeryou could have stopped this18:29
k1l_!ot | keker18:29
ubottukeker: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:29
Seveas!pm | TmanDu18:29
ubottuTmanDu: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:29
martinux_I'm on ubuntu 13.04, and my laptop does not wake up properly from suspend. The screen remains black after waking up from suspend, and I can't do anything. Anyone have any possible solutions to this?18:29
hshow to change unity-greeter logo position ?18:30
BlueProtomanI think my gEdit is broken.  When I try and open any text document, it just freezes.  No error messages or anything.18:30
Seveas!repeat | hs18:30
ubottuhs: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:30
BlueProtomanAny tips?18:30
TmanDuubottu: the only respnse I've gotten has been a "why don't you try it?"18:30
ubottuTmanDu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:30
ravenany tool for scanning a harddrive for broken sectors?18:30
betraydBlue launch from terminal, watch error messages18:31
BlueProtomanbetrayd: What error messages?18:31
betrayddo the first part you'll see18:31
theadminlotuspsychje: So any other suggestions?18:31
TmanDuI'm trying to set my grub to load win7 by default. Internet say GRUB_DEFAULT="windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda2)" but do I need the quotation marks?18:32
lotuspsychjetheadmin: not yet mate sorry im searching for something usefull18:32
apm1!ubuntu server18:32
BlueProtomanbetrayd: I am not getting any output from the terminal, no error messages or anything.18:32
FrantiKhi i need emergency help18:32
theadminlotuspsychje: Thanks, well... Most of stuff I find works on Quantal at best :(18:32
FrantiKi am trying to install on a dell latitude d60018:32
theadminFrantiK: Dial 01189998819901197253.18:32
theadminFrantiK: Just kidding, what's your problem?18:32
FrantiKand the boot is having issues with PAE modules18:32
lotuspsychjetheadmin: well i like my 13.04 so far :p18:33
Trixboxerminixvm: I did "apt-get source -b linux-virtual" and it created 10 .deb files of max 10Kb18:33
TmanDuThe example was not very speciffic and before this said example, only said "Everything between the quotes"18:33
handueltheadmin: *I get that reference gif here"18:33
FrantiK(googled it, as for now i'm mindfucked beyong belief)18:33
BlueProtomanbetrayd: I just get "Timeout was reached", and then the program stops, ejecting me back to the prompt.18:33
betraydBlue what command did you type on the terminal18:33
handueltheadmin: is that the correct number? How did you remember it18:33
BlueProtomanbetrayd: "gedit".  That's it.18:33
minixvmTrixboxer: because it is a metapkg18:33
theadminhanduel: idk, fun tune :D18:33
betraydBlue try entering a filename for gedit18:34
Trixboxerminixvm: Sorry but I cant relate a metapkg to a real pkg18:34
theadminlotuspsychje: Same here, but... Remastersys was dead, it's developer was tired of doing it apparently, both major forks (Relinux and System Imager) are in a frozen state of sorts18:34
minixvmTrixboxer: a metapkg does nothing on its own, think of it as a pointer, a list of packages to install18:34
TmanDuI'm trying to set my grub to load win7 by default. Internet say GRUB_DEFAULT="windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda2)" but do I need the quotation marks? The example was not very specific and before this said example, only said "Everything between the quotes"18:34
A1Reconbresaro gives the error - Installing packages by files isn't supported18:35
A1ReconThis method hasn't yet been implemented.18:35
A1ReconAny help?18:35
Trixboxerminixvm: so how do I find pointers location ( real package ) and its src18:35
heikooWhen I start Diablo 2 (wine), Kaffeine stops TV playback with a message "Read error from:". Any way to fix this?18:35
minixvmTrixboxer: you just said it downloaded 10 packages, didn't you?18:36
Trixboxerminixvm: but all those seems to be metapackages with max size as 10Kb18:36
skuftheikoo: might want to ask in #swine18:36
skufti mean18:36
theadmin#winehq :P18:36
skuftyes that one lol18:36
Trixboxerroot root 7.6K Jun  2 00:01 linux_3.
theadminTrixboxer: The actual linux image packages have linux-image-VERSION-HERE-FLAVOR-HERE naming format18:37
lotuspsychje!info remastersys18:37
ubottuPackage remastersys does not exist in raring18:37
=== ego is now known as Guest48604
theadminlotuspsychje: Tell you is of dead :(18:37
A1Reconbresaro gives the error - Installing packages by files isn't supported18:37
A1ReconThis method hasn't yet been implemented. please help...18:37
apm1lotuspsychje, didn't you hear its abandoned /obsolete now18:37
BlueProtomanbetrayd: This is my output so far.  gedit is still trying to load (and license.xml is only 533 bytes).  http://pastebin.com/3LAsc2wG18:37
TmanDuI'm trying to set my grub to load win7 by default. Internet say GRUB_DEFAULT="windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda2)" but do I need the quotation marks? The example was not very specific and before this said example, only said "Everything between the quotes"18:38
Trixboxertheadmin: even that is a meta package.  Its giving output as either not found or "Skipping already downloaded file 'linux-meta_3.'"18:38
apm1lotuspsychje, the dude at OS4 is however forking it check that out18:38
trismTrixboxer: apt-get source linux;18:38
FrantiKubuntu kernel requires following features not present cpu pae18:38
FrantiKis basically what i got18:39
Trixboxertrism: Picking 'linux-meta' as source package instead of 'linux'18:39
trismTrixboxer: odd18:39
theadminFrantiK: ...Sounds like your computer is really old. I'm not even sure Ubuntu provides non-PAE images anymore18:39
apm1FrantiK, dude looks like you have a old non pae CPU18:39
minixvmFrantiK: it means your cpu doesn't support pae (you need that)18:39
FrantiKas long i can reinstall something18:39
theadminFrantiK: You can try using the netinstall CD though and choose a non-PAE kernel18:39
bet0xHello Ubuntu users...18:39
FrantiKits for a computer going in africa without net18:39
FrantiKand that can therefore still work18:39
devnull__Working on a visual IDE for kids to program in. It compiles to java source code. Thoughts? https://vimeo.com/6746605218:40
trismTrixboxer: apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)18:40
FrantiKi heard 12.04 images were valid but apparently not18:40
FrantiKwhich ones support it ?18:40
theadminFrantiK: I told you, get the netinstall image18:40
FrantiK11.x ? 10.x ?18:40
trismTrixboxer: though funnily, for me, it says:Picking 'linux' as source package instead of 'linux-image-3.8.0-23-generic', so you'd think linux would work18:40
FrantiKhmm sure ?18:40
k1l_devnull__: this channel is for ubuntu support. please keep it clear for the technical support18:40
theadminFrantiK: That has a very very generic kernel, and Ubuntu still has non-PAE kernels in the repos so you can have it work with that :)18:40
theadminFrantiK: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads - see the "Network installer" section18:41
FrantiKany boot image customisator ?18:41
FrantiKand thx :)18:41
theadminFrantiK: Was just discussing that... They're all dead it seems :(18:41
trismTrixboxer: there is also the linux-source package you could install if you just want a kernel with ubuntu patches instead of the whole package18:41
Trixboxertrism: Thanks !   apt-get source linux-image-3.2.0-45-virtual seems to be worked18:41
crows674hello! how do i force my pc to switch back to unity? logging out and selecting unity does not work!18:42
FrantiKlets see if that netinstall is bitchy18:42
bureaui have .patch files in home directory, should i copy them to festival diretory? and how to make them work? i'm new to ubuntu so please bare with me18:42
=== jono is now known as Guest59264
FrantiKbut hey good old hardware mean fine support anyway :p18:42
FrantiK.... at least in debian so i hope its true for ubuntu too18:42
Seveasbureau: no, I'll not get naked with you if you don't mind :)18:42
martinux_I'm on ubuntu 13.04, and my laptop does not wake up properly from suspend. The screen remains black after waking up from suspend, and I can't do anything. Anyone have any possible solutions to this?18:43
crows674Seveas: are you a grill? :o18:43
Seveascrows674: no, I'm a barbecue18:43
betraydBluemanProto try a different editor e.g.nano. or Change the gtk theme you're using. See if nano will open license.xml (you can drop the dotslash if youo're still in Documents)18:43
lotuspsychjetheadmin: http://askubuntu.com/questions/190133/what-are-the-alternatives-for-remastersys18:43
Seveasbureau: let me take a look at the patch and tell you how to use it18:43
crows674hello! how do i force my pc to switch back to unity? logging out and selecting unity does not work!18:44
theadminlotuspsychje: Hm, that ubuntu-builder looks interesting, let me check it out18:44
theadminlotuspsychje: Thanks18:44
lotuspsychjetheadmin: np mate18:44
A1Reconbresaro gives the error - Installing packages by files isn't supported18:44
A1ReconThis method hasn't yet been implemented. Please help..... It's kind of urgent...18:44
mango1i just got ubuntu.. what's my sudu pasword? I shouldn't have i one. I have my password as blank18:44
Seveasbureau: where did you donwload the patch from?18:45
theadminmango1: You can't have a blank password18:45
xirre__I've been running Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro 13" for about 3 months so far. Using Unix, I host automated servers. With only 3-7% CPU usage from 2 processes and 0% from 8 other servers, my MacBook Pro insists on getting extremely hot. Why is that?18:45
rocklobster690is there a way to restore disk partitions to previous state?18:45
mango1the admin1: when did i set it? nothing is working18:45
Ruiseartmango1: You sudo pasword is the sam as your user password18:45
crows674mango1: during installation18:45
Seveasbureau: do you have a link to the actual patch file? I can't find it18:46
betraydleave it as nothing, if that works...18:46
=== xirre__ is now known as Xirre
TmanDuMine's kind of urgent as well18:46
XirreI've been running Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro 13" for about 3 months so far. Using Unix, I host automated servers. With only 3-7% CPU usage from 2 processes and 0% from 8 other servers, my MacBook Pro insists on getting extremely hot. Why is that?18:46
DroidMGDHello all. I need a little tech support while trying to root a Droid Bionic. Trying to follow http://http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php?/topic/16518-root-motoshare-2-old-bug-new-exploit/ but install samba command fails with following:18:46
crows674my problem is the most urgent. ignore everyone else18:46
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
TaZeRbecause macs suck dude18:47
lotuspsychjetheadmin: and like apm1 says: http://sourceforge.net/projects/os4systemimage/ new remastersys forked18:47
mango1i've been trying that password, but it doesn't seem to be working. were there any special requirements for the password? like punctuation or something?18:47
crows674TaZeR: tell me why18:47
TaZeRthere made from apples18:47
DroidMGDubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install libwbclient018:47
DroidMGDReading package lists... Done18:47
DroidMGDBuilding dependency tree18:47
DroidMGDReading state information... Done18:47
DroidMGDlibwbclient0 is already the newest version.18:47
FloodBot1DroidMGD: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:47
XirreTaZeR. In all, no computer sucks. It's their specs that judge how they overall are.18:47
DroidMGDlibwbclient0 set to manually installed.18:47
DroidMGD0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:47
Seveasbureau: ok, add the patch files to the debian/source/ directory in the downloaded package, then add the filenames to debian/patches/series18:47
crows674"there" haha18:47
TaZeRprobably the apple sauce heating up inside18:47
theadminlotuspsychje: That project is currently stalled, only works with Precise and Quantal so far18:48
=== multiply is now known as Multiply
crows674hello! how do i force my pc to switch back to unity? logging out and selecting unity does not work!18:48
XirreWell, I'd like an answer from someone who isn't as mad against a product that I have fallen against.18:48
lotuspsychjetheadmin: ah okay18:48
theadminlotuspsychje: Sure sounds promising though :)18:48
Seveasbureau: sorry, I mean add the patch files to debian/patches/ not debian/source/18:48
TmanDuI'm trying to set my grub to load win7 by default. Internet say GRUB_DEFAULT="windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda2)" but do I need the quotation marks? The example was not very specific and before this said example, only said "Everything between the quotes"18:48
XirreI migrated from Mac OS X because of their problems and instead got Ubuntu. Instead of giving rants against Apple which I clearly don't like either, you could give a logical answer.18:49
SeveasTmanDu: yes, the quotes are required in that line, it's part of a shell script18:49
XirreAll I wanted to know is what I could do for my MacBook Pro to prevent the heating from simple processes that don't even seem to be using much CPU Usage.18:49
TmanDuAh, ok then, thanks18:49
A1Reconbrasero gives the error - Installing packages by files isn't supported18:50
A1ReconThis method hasn't yet been implemented.18:50
A1ReconAny help?18:50
SeveasTmanDu: I must have misread your question before, as I thought you asked something else :)18:50
SeveasA1Recon: what are you trying to do?18:50
A1ReconSeveas: I am trying to copy a VCD?18:50
crows674Xirre: why do you hate apple_18:50
Seveas!ot | crows67418:51
ubottucrows674: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:51
crows674Seveas: shut up grill :)18:51
mango1goodness sake, all i wanted to do was run eclipse on ubuntu. and there's 50 hoops to jump through....18:51
Seveascrows674: behave or begone. It's busy enough in here without you being annoying.18:51
crows674mango1: all i wanted to do is to switch back to unity!18:52
A1ReconSeveas: I am trying to copy a VCD...18:52
Xirrecrows674: They aren't entirely compatible. They are closed off. I originally got it to develop games and software. But after a year of having it I realized the $2000.00 was not worth it. So I instead switched to Ubuntu and got a VirtualMachine with Windows on it as well.18:52
Seveasmango1: apt-get install eclipse didn't work?18:52
OerHeksXirre, maybe you need fancontrol from the mactel ppa >> https://launchpad.net/~mactel-support/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=raring18:52
crows674Seveas: stop18:52
SeveasA1Recon: sorry, can't help with that :(18:52
mango1my current issue atm seems to be a forgotten sudo password..18:52
AsuMagicHi people, I am a bit lost in those channels. Where people can help me about a problem?18:52
XirreOerHeks: I'll check it out.18:52
mango1before it was that i didn't have java environment installed18:52
Seveasmango1: password for sudo is the same as the one you log in with18:52
minixvmAsuMagic: if you have a ubuntu problem then you can get help here18:53
bureauSeveas: youre fucking with me?!18:53
crows674Xirre: why not mac os x + windows in vm?18:53
AsuMagicThanks minix18:53
jribmango1: you mean you forgot your user's password?  There's no special sudo password, it's just your user's password18:53
Seveasbureau: no. Why do you think that?18:53
OerHeksXirre see your machine > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages18:53
crows674Seveas: if you want me gone, answer my question instead of being mean to me18:53
A1Reconbrasero gives the error - "Installing packages by files isn't supported.This method hasn't yet been implemented."18:53
A1Recon Any help? I am trying to copy a CD. And it's kind of urgent.. plz help...18:53
jribcrows674: don't do that please.  Just ask your question and wait patiently.  If you want to discuss offtopic things like apple, join us in #ubuntu-offtopic18:54
AsuMagicSo I have a problem with Kubuntu ( Same with Ubuntu ) since ~10.04 ( not sure ). After logging in,  my computer is extremely slow. When I go in sleep and relog, it is fine. Any idea?18:54
Seveascrows674: I would if I had any idea on what the answer would be :)18:54
sharad_AIRecon: shoot18:54
XirreOerHeks: MacBookPro8,118:54
minixvmAsuMagic: what version are you running now?18:55
crows674jrib: fine18:55
SeveasAsuMagic: maybe it's the file indexing that's messing with you (it's what made my computer slow until I exorcised it)18:55
rocklobster690to restore and old partition will I need some 3rd party software or is this possible in Ubuntu18:55
AsuMagicI am currently on 12.10 with Wubi18:55
A1Reconsharad_: brasero gives the error - "Installing packages by files isn't supported.This method hasn't yet been implemented."18:55
A1ReconAny help? I am trying to copy a CD!18:55
mango1jrib: i believe i removed my user password because I was tired of entering it for everything.18:55
jribmango1: removed it how?18:55
AsuMagicI am currently on 12.10 with Wubi, some people has this bug too because of recent kernels on my computer18:56
mango1jrib: via the user accounts screen18:56
minixvmAsuMagic: consider ditching wubi, wubi is being abandoned18:56
minixvmAsuMagic: do a proper install18:56
donavan01I have a question for the room... would it be worth it to create a ram drive on my system (I have a enterprise class server im using as a desktop) to speed up normal applications or am I just wasting time and ram .. the hard disks will be 7200 rpm drives setup in a 1+0 hardware raid... ideas ?18:56
jribmango1: so what do you want to do now?  Reset the password?18:56
mango1jrib: password: none, automatic login: on18:56
AsuMagicsorry little afk18:57
mango1jrib: well i'd liike to be able to install stuff. if reseting it is what needs to be done, then sure18:57
Seveasmango1: sudo doesn't work without password iirc, so set a password again.18:57
jrib!password | mango118:57
ubottumango1: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords18:57
jribmango1: follow the "LostPassword" steps18:57
AsuMagicmini : Many people has that problem WITHOUT wubi too. on asus n50vn ( Almost my computer )18:57
AsuMagicAnd I don't want to make a "proper install". Too afraid of losing data.18:58
AsuMagicI'm in dualboot with W718:58
minixvmAsuMagic: i can't really help since i don't use sleep/hibernate or any of those things18:58
mango1jrib: thanks for the help. this is really encouraging for a total ubuntu noob18:58
bureauSeveas: just trying to be funny, thnaks anyway18:58
betraydA1Recon maybe its showing you the newer message instead of retrieving the right one, try running brasero from terminal18:59
XirreOerHeks: After installing the fan package, should I reboot?18:59
minixvmAsuMagic: making backups prevent data loss18:59
Seveasbureau: did the patching work?18:59
A1Reconbetrayd: i am typing in "brasero" in the terminal...19:00
theadminlotuspsychje: Hey, that Ubuntu Builder thing seems to be UCK done right :) Thanks a lot, is awesome!19:00
sharad_A1Recon: try https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/106050719:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1060507 in brasero (Ubuntu) "Opaque error message "Installing packages by files isn't supported"" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:00
lotuspsychje!yay | theadmin19:00
ubottutheadmin: Glad you made it! :-)19:00
betraydA1Recon now try the copy19:00
minixvm!cookie | lotuspsychje19:00
ubottulotuspsychje: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:00
OerHeksXirre not sure if you need to reboot for that control19:00
Seveasbureau: hm, rats. That's going to require more knowledge than you have I'm afraid. If you can wait a few minutes, I'll give it a go. Which Ubuntu version are you on?19:00
AsuMagicmini : I have no way at all to do backups, and my internet is really slow19:00
bureau12.04 LTS19:01
gordonjcpdonavan01: probably not, no19:01
minixvmAsuMagic: with respect, if you don't have any means of backup then your data is simply not important to you19:01
gordonjcpdonavan01: isn't that really noisy?19:01
XirreOerHeks: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mactel-support/ppa would be the correct command to initiate, right?19:01
flo2dingueKepass morouk ?19:01
betraydque pasa19:02
lotuspsychjeminivxm: many users deserve cookies in this room, better get the cookie-jar :p19:02
donavan01gordonjcp ... its a touch on the jet engine sounding side yes ... but its not bad unless I have a seriously heavy load on it ... im working on getting it quieted down with som sound dampening and quieter fans19:02
A1Reconbetrayd: No help there....19:02
AsuMagicminixvm : I have my most important data in a USB key, but I don't want to lose my O/S and all my params19:02
mango1what does the grub prompt look like?19:03
flo2dingueWhat sort of bisness ?19:03
betraydAIRecon the terminal isn't showing, meybe try verbose option for brasero19:03
minixvmAsuMagic: i boot multiple OSes and haven't suffered any data loss (i also keep backups)19:03
jribbureau: out of curiosity, are you "ayojoy" on askubuntu?19:04
A1Reconbetrayd: command for verbose?19:04
AsuMagicMaybe luck. But I don't want to try hell19:04
FloodBot1flo2dingue: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:04
lotuspsychje!info k3b | A1Recon19:04
A1Reconbetrayd:  -v ?19:04
ubottuA1Recon: k3b (source: k3b): Sophisticated CD/DVD burning application. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-6ubuntu1 (raring), package size 656 kB, installed size 1893 kB19:04
flo2dinguewindows bug lol19:05
minixvmAsuMagic: then you should know staying with wubi will mean no more support very soon19:05
betraydA1Recon no -g (see man brsero to confirm)19:05
AsuMagicApparently, there isn't link with Wubi.. Check that : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/84194819:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 841948 in linux (Ubuntu) "[ASUS n51v] Kernel versions 2.6.38 and above are extremely slow" [Medium,Incomplete]19:06
minixvmAsuMagic: after wubi is no longer supported how are you going to run ubuntu?19:06
AsuMagicI'll maybe buy an external HDD19:07
AsuMagicBut I don't want to buy something to never use it19:07
minixvmAsuMagic: why don't you already have one for a backup solution?19:07
Seveasbureau: the patches worked for me, package is building.19:08
bureauwould you tell me how step by step? please19:09
AsuMagicminixvm : I made a backup of default W7 on DVDs and my important data is on a USB key.19:09
gordonjcpdonavan01: hah, I have an HP DL380 Gen4 sitting in the workshop here; the naming scheme is aircraft manufacturers and the DL380 is "pilatus"19:09
minixvmAsuMagic: then why are you afraid of installing a proper dualboot?19:09
gordonjcpdonavan01: big noisy turboprop monster that it is, issuing "sudo poweroff" only takes it down to ground idle and it's *still* the noisiest machine in the room even in poweroff state19:10
_dirk_question guys!!!.............. i was going to download the iso to put xubuntu or lubuntu on my system... but instead i found out about sudo tasksel... will this work as well19:10
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
AsuMagicBecause I don't want to reinstall all the system, settings, and programs..19:10
gordonjcp_dirk_: you could just say "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"19:10
AsuMagicThe DVDs was gave by Asus in case of problem19:11
mango1so i'm trying to change my password now. it says; passwd: Authentication token maniuplation error19:11
Seveasbureau: here's the package http://www.kaarsemaker.net/static/downloads/festival_2.1~release-1ubuntu2_i386.deb19:11
minixvmAsuMagic: wubi was never meant to be used for a full system (its only meant as a testing environment)19:11
brycevanI have some questions about how to install damn small linux over the network using ubuntu am I in the right forum?19:11
minixvmAsuMagic: honestly, running ubuntu in a vm is a better solution19:11
theadminbrycevan: No, and this isn't a forum :P19:11
_dirk_ok and now i swithed over to xubuntu desktop and i really see no difference... ???19:11
brycevanOh thanks for that usless information19:12
bureaui use ubuntu 64 bit19:12
AsuMagicIf I'm using ubuntu, it is because of performances, minixvm . And the slowness of W7 will be added on ubuntu19:12
donavan01gordonjcp ... havent decided on a name for this beast of mine yet but it will have to be something that inspires the sense of noise... still getting some parts for it as I was given the poweredge R710 from a freind and it was pretty well stripped out19:12
donavan01still tyring to fingure out what all I want to do with it19:12
brycevanOh I guess I go elsewhere... thanks for the help..19:13
minixvmAsuMagic: using wubi as a long term system is a very very bad idea, i'm trying to help you away from it, your choice though19:13
sharad_i am using ubuntu server 12.04. what can i use as its GUI? How?19:13
AsuMagicI think I'll don't use it anymore, but about my principal problem?19:13
martinux_I'm on ubuntu 13.04, and my laptop does not wake up properly from suspend. The screen remains black after waking up from suspend, and I can't do anything. Anyone have any possible solutions to this?19:14
AsuMagicThere isn't link with wubi.19:14
Seveasbureau: ah well, here's the commands I used, you should be able to reproduce it with those19:14
_dirk_those are loud and scary19:14
Seveaswell, except the scp :)19:14
Seveassharad_: blasphemy. Servers shouldn't have a gui :)19:15
Seveassharad_: but if you want a gui, install the ubuntu-desktop package.19:15
_dirk_anyone...???? will i notice a difference switching to xubuntu desktop... except my background is now gone?19:15
donavan01_dirk_ the desktop managers are differnet so yes but I happen to prefer xfce to unity19:16
AsuMagic_dirk_ : So you was on ubuntu desktop? Yes, a lot19:16
sharad_Seveas: i know..:P just wanted to show some kids tht it isn't anything to be afraid of..:)19:16
sharad_Seveas: anything lighter than that?19:16
Seveassharad_: oh, you should be afraid of Ubuntu *MUHAHAHA*19:16
Seveassharad_: xubuntu-desktop maybe19:16
sharad_Seveas: haha.. thanks..:)19:17
_dirk_ok well i logged out and switched to xubuntu and nothing has changed except my background is now black... what did i do wrong?19:17
AsuMagic_dirk_ : Are you sure packages are installed without errors19:18
AsuMagic_dirk_ : Retry installing packages and see if it says you have them already19:18
AsuMagicExecept 1,2 for examples because of an error19:19
_dirk_i could literally throw this computer against the wall and piss on it19:19
=== marco is now known as Guest66675
bekks!wtf | _dirk_19:19
ubottu_dirk_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:19
AsuMagic_dirk_ : Making boomerang with heartcard is much funnier. i already did it.19:19
ubottuGuest66675: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:19
ubottuAsuMagic: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:20
_dirk_maybe i didn't sign out properly...  ASUMAGIC... ya it read no errors.... how do you sign out properly... i think i just switched users? would that matter?19:21
_dirk_no i'm still logged in a dirk..19:21
mango1ok. here's what i'd like at this point. how do i reformat ubuntu so it starts from scratch?19:21
=== RichiH_ is now known as RichiH
AsuMagic_dirk_ : Well I am not a pro of ubuntu, but you should try to ask it on forums19:22
AsuMagicif no people answer here19:22
_dirk_Mango1... bios from boot19:22
bureauSeveas: if i download gist, ill get .tar.gz not .deb and its i386 isnt that for 32 bit systems?19:22
floDDF7You must to compile19:23
floDDF7to have a .amd64.deb19:23
Seveasbureau: eh? That gist is just a list of commands I used. Just do the same and you'll end up with a patched package.19:23
_dirk_i'm gona try one more time cross your fingers for me and lets all pray to the gods19:23
AsuMagicmango : If you want to reformat everything, launch your HDD in window and buy a new one. much faster19:24
mango1_dirk_: i'm in the gnu grub screen19:24
FloodBot1floDDF7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:24
mango1is there a format option, like on windows?19:24
rymate1234mango1: What do you mean?19:24
AsuMagicGoogle is your friend : https://www.google.com/search?q=format+from+grub&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:fr:official&client=firefox-a it was so hard?19:25
brontosaurusrexmango1, installer should give you the option to wipe drives clean19:25
mango1rymate1234: i'd like a clean installation, i'd figure it'd be faster than fixing all these issues19:25
floDDF7you have to make : grub-update in recue mode19:25
mango1brontosaurusrex: like the installation iso?19:25
PhysmartGreetings. How  can I repair my system`s grub? It`s not appearing when I press shift on start.19:26
floDDF7with grub-recue19:26
floDDF7avalible in ubuntu19:26
brontosaurusrexmango1, yes19:26
floDDF7" rescue-grub"19:26
AsuMagicBut wait mango119:26
PhysmartI`m now in the Live CD. I already installed Slackware in dual with Ubuntu, and the grub isn`t appearing.19:26
=== bozonius is now known as Guest44631
AsuMagicWhy the heck do you don't format from ubuntu setup? it will be clean. : mango119:27
floDDF7To repaire grub intall grub-recue19:27
AsuMagicI say right or I fail?19:27
floDDF7ho mangol t un mongol ?19:27
AsuMagicflo : French?19:27
mango1asumagic: i'm not exactly sure how i'd get to that start screen19:27
mango1AsuMagic: i'm running this on a vm19:28
AsuMagicmango1 : Insert the iso in your VM19:28
AsuMagicAnd boot on ( Try with F keys )19:28
AsuMagicin virtual bios19:28
floDDF7Wicth WM ?19:29
AsuMagic( Note : To do it from VMWare, restart VM, press escape and select DVD19:29
AsuMagicOr more simple19:29
AsuMagicDelete your HDD file, recreate a clean one19:30
gordonjcpdonavan01: my PDP11 is quieter19:30
AsuMagicfloddf7 : If you are insulting in french, there's much people who can ban you.19:30
mango1i was hoping to avoid it since the first install took so long, but i suppose that there's no other way19:30
=== bozonius1 is now known as bozonius
AsuMagicmango1 : What VM are you using..?19:31
Physmartminimec: Hello. Can you support me again?19:31
mango1AsuMagic: WMware Workstation19:31
mango1I'll just recreate a new vm I guess19:31
AsuMagicFloDDF7 : Je comprends parfaitement ce que tu dis et je ne vais pas hésiter à appeller un admin pour te faire fermer ta gueule19:31
AsuMagicmango1, don't19:31
AsuMagicinsert the ISO in VM and boot on it ( Escape on BIOS ) and select DVD mango119:32
Physmartminimec: I have a problem. I installed Slackware in dual with my broked system. Now, the grub menu for choose, doesn`t appear. How can I restore the grub from live cd?19:32
mango1AsuMagic: i'm sorry but i've already went ahead19:33
ajnrHi any one can help me out? My ubuntu 12.04 hangs while shut down and it took much time while booting the system? Please help me out folks19:34
TaZeR is it normal to be sexually attracted to Ubuntu?19:34
AsuMagicajnr : Press escape while booting and say errors happening.19:34
AsuMagictazer : Yes, you're a Linuxosexual then19:34
TaZeRoh good there are more of us then19:34
ajnrAsuMagic, I dint get you19:35
SeveasTaZeR: sorry. This may be an ubuntu support channel, but we don't offer support for ubuntu fetishes. #ubuntu-offtopic is ---> that way19:35
TaZeRcan you refer me to a group therapy for my ubuntu fetish?19:35
Seveasyes, #ubuntu-offtopic, ask for rww19:36
TaZeRthanks your the best!19:36
bet0xHello all19:37
PhysmartI have a problem. I installed Slackware in dual with my broked system. Now, the grub menu for choose, doesn`t appear. How can I restore the grub from live cd?19:37
bet0xwhat DB you can recommend me for a table with 90 millon records?19:37
bet0x"Database engine"19:37
AsuMagicback sorry for afk19:38
Seveas!away | AsuMagic19:38
ubottuAsuMagic: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»19:38
AsuMagicI can't prevent while AFK19:39
bekksbet0x: Some RDBMS, like postgres or Oracle RDBMS 11gR2.19:39
Seveasbet0x: anything but sqlite. I like mysql, so I'd recommend that.19:40
AsuMagicajnr : When ubuntu starts to boot, press Escape. You'll see the logs ( normally ). Tell me the errors, if there are19:40
bet0xmySQL is not so "open" as before, i can't use it nor any Oracle product19:40
Seveasbekks: I wish I had the money to install oracle on my 1600 mysql servers. WOuldn't do it, but the money would be great :)19:40
bet0xthen is postgreSQL or MariaDB maybe?19:40
bet0xwhat about Perconna?19:40
Seveasbet0x: mysql is still gpl. Development of it may be a bit more behind closed doors now, but the license is the same19:41
Seveasmariadb and percona are good products too19:41
bet0xSeveas far as i know Oracle doesn't release tests as before and many more complains wich i readed19:42
Seveasbet0x: I'm well familiar with all the complaints and while some are based on truth, there's also a lot of FUD around oracle being evil about mysql19:42
AsuMagicPersonnaly i never had problems with MySQL19:42
minimecPhysmart: Hi. In you case today, you can use the graphical tool to recover grub... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair19:44
Senjaihow do I use wired internet in Ubuntu CLI?19:46
AsuMagicCLI? What is it? Never heard that19:46
SenjaiAsuMagic: Command line interface19:47
SeveasSenjai: plug it in and set up /etc/network/interfaces19:47
keith_I installed KDE but decided I didn't like it (using gnome), but the KDE update manager and crash reporter still show up. How can I get rid of them?19:47
SenjaiSeveas: How do you set that up?19:47
Seveasif you use dhcp, it's already set up.19:48
SenjaiSeveas: But it's not working. It won't fetch anything19:48
SeveasSenjai: and whatever you told the installer to do should be in there19:48
spacebarbarianwhat are the packages i need to set up vnc on 10.04 server edition (most lightweight setup possible as its for a VPS)  ?19:49
Senjaii didnt tell the installer to do anything.19:49
AsuMagicSenjai : Seriously, just search on google, just saw result in 30 seconds http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168803919:49
sharad_  using ubuntu server. can i use a mail server on my intranet?19:49
SeveasSenjai: ok. do you have an ip and a default route? Can you ping What are your nameservers set to?19:49
Seveassharad_: yes.19:49
AsuMagicyes sharad19:49
sharad_Seveas: can you plz elaborate?19:49
AsuMagicWait before answer seveas19:50
AsuMagicsharad. Did you searched on google? :>19:50
annaaaaahi, my naked photos;d www.fajnania.rox.pl free and hard19:50
Seveassharad_: no, I can't. You didn't say what you actually want to *do* :)19:50
SenjaiAsuMagic: This is a help channel, people can ask questions here. And not everyone has a web browser..19:50
sharad_AsuMagic: i am actually following ubuntu server guide19:50
AsuMagicSenjai, personally i think if he has a server, he has a personal computer19:51
AsuMagicMaybe I'm totally false, maybe yes19:51
SeveasAsuMagic: what you think is irrelevant :)19:51
SenjaiAsuMagic: I'm just saying, telling people to google it isn't appropriate here.19:51
SeveasSenjai: well, sometimes it is. Some peopler really don't do any effort themselves...19:52
AsuMagicAsking if they did is... But well, help him, instead of speaking and answering both x)19:52
YokoBRhey guys, my internet sucks with wifi, what can it be?19:52
SenjaiSeveas: I understand that. But I mean if I'm dual booting and I'm a new user. I have IRSSI but not a browser. IRSSI is the only way I can get support while logged into linux..19:52
SeveasSenjai: lynx :)19:53
SeveasYokoBR: crapp wifi19:53
YokoBRSeveas, nope, it was working nice with windows.. it happens only with ubuntu.19:53
AsuMagicIf you aren't logged in, how are you on IRC? o_o19:53
YokoBRbtw, finnally found a way to install my legacy gpu driver on newer ubuntu19:53
SeveasAsuMagic: err, you don't need a gui to be logged in. Hit <ctrl><alt><f1> (<alt><f7> to go back)19:54
sharad_Seveas, Asumagig, Senjai: pretty fair..:)  i'll join you guys after i hv done my part of hardwork exploring it.19:54
Seveasspeaking of help: Senjai you haven't answered my questions yet.19:55
Seveassharad_: attaboy :)19:55
SenjaiSeveas: I'm a proxy at the moment. Trying to help a friend get his distro installed.19:55
=== ubuntu is now known as Lehrling
Senjaihe keeps getting errno 6 io failed when trying to install ubuntu the normal way via a live usb19:55
Seveasmd5sum of iso checked before putting on usb?19:56
Seveastried different usb schtick?19:56
LehrlingHello, i`ve installed kernel 3.9.4 on my ubuntu 13.04. I can`t boot anymore. I tried to use boot-repair but it doesnt solved the problem. Now, grub entry disappeared in BIOS. Can someone help me?19:57
AsuMagicYokoBR you don't need beast internet connection to check this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1926356 right?19:57
AsuMagicLehrling , give me your computer model, I'll try to check issues with latest kernels19:59
YokoBRthe problem is that suddenly my connection stops, so i need to reconect to my wifi router19:59
YokoBRthe speed itself it's fine19:59
AsuMagicSo it isn't slow, but it crashes?19:59
Noskcaji've just re-installed ubuntu. what do i have to do to get my SSH key back?19:59
=== root is now known as Guest89867
TheUsDwhat is the terminal command to see all HDD's on the computer, whether they are mounted or not, raid or not19:59
TheUsDso I can see their drive path20:00
YokoBRYep, AsuMagic... I keeps connected, but then suddenly stops loading pages and stuff.. so i need to re-connect20:00
LehrlingAsuMagic, the problem was I booted the first time with kernel 3.9.4 but it didn`t find any modules. So I run boot-repair from live cd and things got worse.20:00
AsuMagicYokoBR : Try checking this http://askubuntu.com/questions/181316/using-wifi-with-12-04-causes-network-to-crash20:00
LehrlingAsuMagic, I didn`t compile any modules20:00
zykotick9Noskcaj: did you backup your ~/.ssh folder?  if not, you'll probably need to create a new key.20:00
bureauSeveas: SIOD ERROR: unbound variable : nautilus20:01
Noskcajzykotick9, no, so new key time20:01
bureauclosing a file left open: /usr/share/festival/voices/us/nitech_us_bdl_arctic_hts/festvox/nitech_us_bdl_arctic_hts.scm20:01
AsuMagicLehrling : That problem sounds more harder than I though, you should ask on forums20:01
TheUsDnevermind, finally figured it out...20:01
Seveasbureau: I'm sorry, I have no idea what that means.20:02
LehrlingAsuMagic, ok... thanks!20:02
AsuMagicI'm sorry :/20:02
SeveasNoskcaj: grab it from your backups20:02
NoskcajSeveas, what backups?20:02
YokoBRAsuMagic, thanks, but my wifi driver is Broadcom Corporation BCM431320:02
SeveasTheUsD: sudo fdisk -l20:02
SeveasNoskcaj: the backups you made before reinstalling of course.20:03
NoskcajSeveas, those don't exist20:03
SeveasNoskcaj: then neither does your ssh key20:03
AsuMagicYokoBR : http://askubuntu.com/questions/104651/how-do-i-get-wireless-working-on-an-asus-notebook-u56e/114585#114585 ?20:04
AsuMagicTry if those commands fixes the problem20:05
AsuMagicsudo modprobe -r iwlagn sudo modprobe iwlagn bt_coex_active=020:05
AsuMagicsudo modprobe -r iwlagn AND sudo modprobe iwlagn bt_coex_active=020:05
flo457Hello what is the french ubuntu canal ?20:05
AsuMagicFlo457, je sais pas s'il y en a un20:05
Seveas!fr | flo45720:05
ubottuflo457: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:05
flo457ok merci20:05