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OvenWerksmadeinkobaia: I was looking at your webpage yesterday, very impressive14:40
OvenWerksOf course, I am somewhat "graphically challanged"14:42
OvenWerksNote the difference in quallity between the icons I created for our menus and the two Mish did... 14:44
madeinkobaiaOwenWerks : Hi :)14:44
madeinkobaiaAbout which icon your talkin' about ?14:45
OvenWerksThge midi icon, the audio icon, effcts... the colourful ones ...14:46
OvenWerksphotography is mine too.14:46
OvenWerksMish did the mixer and the ... can't remember right now.14:47
madeinkobaiaI don't know Mish : ( 14:48
OvenWerksHe is generally pretty busy. shows up sometimes. reads the mail list.14:48
madeinkobaiaOk, it should be micahg_ I suppose ?14:49
OvenWerksno, micha g is with xubuntu more.14:51
OvenWerksMish or Mishra is less invloved :)14:51
madeinkobaiaOk : )14:51
OvenWerksmicha does our releasing in general14:52
OvenWerksHe has upload rights14:52
madeinkobaiaOk, thanks for precise, I still don't know all the team.14:53
madeinkobaiaAnd main contributors.14:54
OvenWerksI thought I had a link to Mish website, but I can't find it.14:55
OvenWerksYa, it is pretty confusing14:55
OvenWerksWe used to have meetings every two weeks and there were lots of people at the meetings, but when I got involved I found out most of them just showed up to the meetings and nothing more.14:56
madeinkobaiaI am curious to see his work, you can also send me a mail if you find it latter 14:56
OvenWerksWe actually seem to have more active people now14:57
OvenWerksBut that is why zequence has been putting growing the team as a priority14:58
madeinkobaiaYep, its what I see. Hope the communication will be good between oldest and newest members. We should have a good understand between us.15:02
OvenWerksSo far that is not a problem as we are all taking care of different things. there is very little overlap.15:02
madeinkobaiaGlad to read that.15:03
OvenWerksmadeinkobaia: `I was unable to find Mish's web page. Googling just his name gave too many hits for me to pick out which one was him :) Linked in alone showed 25 plus profiles for His name (some of them female) from all over the world.17:10
OvenWerksNow I know why I am not on any social media... google turns up too much info.17:18
holsteini just have to do it..17:19
holsteini literally got in trouble on a gig for not "facebooking" about it17:20
OvenWerksgoogling my name gets mostly US stuff :)17:20
holsteinthe owner got all upset, and told the piano player not to hire me anymore, cause i didnt seem interested in teh gig17:20
OvenWerksLaunchpad, mailing list etc.17:20
OvenWerksThats dumb17:21
holsteinthese are strange times...17:21
OvenWerksSure are. I guess you don't have to put anything on there, name bass player...17:21
holsteinwell, i didnt think i had to.. but if clubs are going to expect that..17:22
holsteini wont make it ;)17:22
OvenWerksIt's ok to have one for the band, but for each member?17:23
OvenWerksI guess if you are "for hire" as an independent player it makes some sense, but still simple would be the rule. You do have a web page after all.17:26
OvenWerkszequence: looking at http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-s/ubuntustudio-dev.html shows all kinds of people not in the team... and none of the owrk I have done so far.17:28
OvenWerksDo we need to have our blueprints registered?17:28
madeinkobaiazequence, notice me when you're on line.18:44

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