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ubuntu_newbiehi all10:28
ubuntu_newbiecan anyone help with persistence and usb stick use?10:28
inahda little girl was messing with my computer, now hydrogen isn't outputting any sound...12:13
inahdhydrogens mixer shows activity, but mudita24 does not...12:16
inahddarn, qsynth won't make sound either...12:18
inahdi wonder what could have changed to make the sound go out?12:29
inahdis there a hotkey combination that could have caused jack to be broken?12:40
inahdhmmm, anyone know about some other drumkits for hydrogen? preferably an easy to download collection?13:42
inahdoh look, i found them..13:49
OvenWerksinahd: Did you figure things out?14:38
inahdOvenWerks: yeah... constantly and yet somehow always still confused..15:04
OvenWerksinahd: It does take a while to get used to things. There is the difference between simple and limited and complex with more abilities.15:06
OvenWerksIt is easier to understand if you have ever worked with anlogue equipment. I worked in Broadcast many years ago.... we had a room that was all racks15:07
inahdone thing i can't seem to do is get seq24 working with jack15:07
OvenWerksOuch, That is harder for me to help. I am not a keyboard player and most of my recording has been analogue inputs15:08
inahdhehe thats cool15:09
inahdit used to work for me, once upon a time...15:09
OvenWerksAh, we don't even ship it, that is probaly why I haven't played with it. I have at least looked at qtracktor15:10
OvenWerksSo it doesn't start for you?15:10
OvenWerksOr you can't set it up?15:10
OvenWerksseq24 does no audio of its own I see...15:16
OvenWerksIts midi ports don't show up in the jack graph15:17
OvenWerksMay have to use the midi through port... I'm trying things here.15:19
inahdmy bad15:23
inahdyeah i used to use the command line option --manual_alsa_ports and it would show up in jack15:24
OvenWerksTried that and it didn't work here15:24
OvenWerksIt seems all the connections have to be made within the program.15:25
OvenWerksI can't even draw notes on here. I guess I have to use a keyboard?15:29
inahdyeah probably15:29
inahdthere are options for connecting to jack, sadly none of them seem to do it15:30
inahdi have to go pick some sour cherries, i will be back ;)15:31
OvenWerksBye now.15:31
Hapax33hi world15:40
Hapax33greetings from Sicily, someone speaks Italian?15:41
OvenWerksshort conversation :)20:00
inahdhey all, anyone having luck with seq24 by chance?22:07
ZooRockethello all... I am having the strangest issue with Ubuntu Studio. I did a clean install of 13.04 and after I reboot my computer, none of my settings and preferences save. Plus the themes no longer work either. Any ideas?22:57

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