xubuntu100I have tried to do the sudo command and it keeps telling me to check my internet connection00:00
xubuntu100please help00:01
secret_ninjaill try to help.00:02
secret_ninjahave you tried to sudo su and run the command manually?00:02
holsteinxubuntu100: just remember, nothing is preventing netflix from allowing you to run netflix on ubuntu00:13
holsteinthere are ways to use it..00:13
holsteinas Unit193 gave you..00:13
ubottuIf you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop00:13
xubuntu100i have tried to sudo command and it tells me to checfk my internet connection00:14
holsteinxubuntu100: its a work around.. it doesnt have to work00:15
Unit193Did you try checking it from the command line?  dig google.com  ping google.com, etc?00:16
xubuntu100what do you mean it00:16
holsteinxubuntu100: what do i do? i just have a roku box00:16
holsteinxubuntu100: i also run it on an android device..00:16
holsteinxubuntu100: i would use netflix where they say you can, and its supported.. otherwise, its going to be a work around getting it running on somehting that its not supported on00:17
xubuntu100i tried yesterday to do it but it was asking for the persons code who installed it my computer he told me to re install on computer and it today its saying in the to check my internet00:20
xubuntu100on the command00:20
holsteinxubuntu100: again, its not supported, so you'll need to just fiddle with it til it works00:20
xubuntu100im new to this00:21
holsteini would just search and see what there is00:21
holsteinxubuntu100: i understand, and what you are trying to do is not only not trivial, or easy for a newcomer, but totally unsupported00:21
holsteinxubuntu100: make sure you let netlix know that you would appreciate them supporting the operating system you are using, and try remvoving all your settings and configs, and redo the setup00:22
th3pr0ph3tah... Netflix. I use a virtualbox instead of the compholio wine version because I get black screen all the time.00:28
th3pr0ph3tAnd I don't reboot on windows because in windows only 2 of the 5.1 speakers have sound :/00:28
th3pr0ph3tSo, it works better on linux even with emulation ;)00:29
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croppamy volume control button has gone missing off the top panel. How can I get it back?06:54
croppaI am using 13.0406:55
Deepfriedicecroppa, If you're still here:07:52
DeepfriediceVolume control is provided by the deamon "xfce4-volumed" and shown on the "Indicator Plugin".07:52
DeepfriediceTo add "Indicator Plugin" right click on the top panel > Panel > Panel Preferences > Items. Now check if there is a "Indicator Plugin" If not, click the plus icon, then select "Indicator Plugin" and click add.07:52
DeepfriediceYou can check if "xfce4-volumed" is running in the task manager, To restart it, press alt+F2 then enter "xfce4-volumed" without the quotes and hit run.07:52
croppaDeepfriedice: Thank you very much. That worked . Somehow I must have deleted the indicator plugin.07:55
DeepfriediceNo problem, sorry for not checking earlier.07:56
croppaThats OK You are a great help07:56
croppaThat is one of the many things I like about the Linux community07:58
DeepfriediceYeah, It's amazing the stuff people have helped me with.07:59
Xonusilопа 13 вышла уже а я только только обновился до 1208:24
XonusilВсем привет08:25
XonusilТолько стал интересоваться данной ОС08:25
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:28
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dixoncidreI have a question related to ubuntu 13.04 which i can't seem to get it working right on my machine because it fails to install the graphic drivers. Ill create a post for this soon just thought someone may be able to help me on the spot because he might have had the same problem09:17
dixoncidrei have an old ati radeon x700 pro grafik card.. okay thats very old but i never had any problems with it and windows7 run very smooth with it now09:18
dixoncidrei have converted to ubuntu 13.04 version but it is sooo lagging and slow it really isn't an enjoyable experience for me really so i checked an there are no graphic driver installed for my grafic card and by browsing this forum I believe this is the reason why Ubuntu is not working correctly. Well I sure went through any thread here about thsi problem and the wiki and tried really anything to get it to work manuall installation 09:20
dixoncidrehat the amd homepage (linux version) fails to install because 'its not compatible' ??09:20
DeepfriediceYeah, Old ATI graphics cards are basicaly a "no-go" on Linux.09:21
dixoncidrethe repositories install well it downloads and installs the drivers but.. when i try to set the xorg.conf file (which was non existant to begin with) it says there are no suitebal adapters to be found09:22
dixoncidreand when i reebot well i can login normally but all i get is a blank screen09:22
dixoncidreouch.. is that so ?09:22
DeepfriediceIf you make a post on the fourum someone might be able to help you to some degree, but I would have high expectations.09:23
dixoncidrei dont want to be stuck with windows09:23
dixoncidreahww okay thank you deepfrieedice09:23
dixoncidrejust out of curiosity why is it that the 12.04 installation wont even load ?09:23
dixoncidreohh and maybe i have a grapics chip on my mainboard.. it's nvidia you think i might have more succes trying that one ?09:24
DeepfriediceYes, that sounds better. But first look at this, it sounds a bit more hopeful: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti09:24
dixoncidreive already been to that site09:25
dixoncidreif X server does not start with driver "Ati" (first boot) change it to "vesa" and then follow the instructions on BinaryDriverHowto. On some manufacturer's cards (I think Abit, a red card) openGL doesn't work, gdb says crash happens in the driver.09:25
dixoncidrewell my card is red.. soo still how to i change it to vesa ?09:26
dixoncidreplus i followed the tutorial on binarydriverhowto09:26
dixoncidredidnt work but maybe because i didnt change it to vesa first *fingerscrossed* ?09:26
DeepfriediceI have no idea. Sorry that I can't help more.09:27
dixoncidreno no dont worry you already helped me out more than i could actually hope for thank you so much !!09:28
dixoncidreyou really gave me new perspective on how it might work if i switch to my crappy nvidea chip :P09:29
dixoncidrejust for the future if i were to get a new system.. which grafic card works better with linux because i actually like ATI09:30
DeepfriediceNew AMD("ATI") is fine, but Nvidia is a better bet under Linux.09:37
DeepfriediceIntel Graphics will work flawlessly though.09:38
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xubuntu123hello, i write from italy, can j install xubuntu 13.04 on computer pentium4 with 256 MByte RAM + vga radeon 9000. thanks for the respons14:10
knomexubuntu123, that's a bit too little ram. i would suggest looking at other options, starting from lubuntu14:16
xubuntu123thanks, i am starting form lubuntu. bye14:20
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neorosbobHI all, I'm stuck with a static route issue on a bonded interface. Can anyone see what I am missing here? http://pastebin.com/EZJtWwtY15:43
neorosbobHI all, I'm stuck with a static route issue on a bonded interface. Can anyone see what I am missing here? http://pastebin.com/EZJtWwtY16:03
holsteinneorosbob: i would seek help in other potentially more busy/helpful venues.. that issue is not xubuntu specific16:05
secret_ninjaneorosbob: whats the problem?16:10
secret_ninjalemme look16:10
secret_ninjajust saw link16:10
secret_ninjaway past me16:14
holsteinits more a question for a server channel.. #ubuntu-server, though its slow in there.. its not something typical for a desktop operating system.. its not XFCE or xubuntu specific16:18
timbermaniacsecret_ninja: I'm going to ask a dumb question, but in the first configuration, you're not able to reach .82 or .83?16:23
timbermaniacI mean neorosbob16:24
luk01I managed to boot Xubuntu 12.10 from a btrfs-converted ext4 root filesystem, I can give you info, if you wish.17:02
holsteinluk01: who info on what?17:02
luk01I thought if anyone wants to do the same, I can help.17:02
bekksluk01: Then submit your knowledge in a wiki article please :)17:30
luk01bekks: I'd like to add a section in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs but at the top I see that I cannot edit the page17:40
luk01thanks for the idea though17:40
luk01I'll definitely apply it to other things that I learn17:40
holsteinluk01: do you see "login to edit"? or are you having login issues?17:41
luk01I just registered and logged in17:41
holsteinluk01: do you see "edit" when logged in? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UserDocumentation ?17:43
luk01I see "Pagina non alterabile" which means "Non-alterable page"17:45
luk01Next to it, I see Page History and Allegati (attachments)17:46
holsteinluk01: you can read here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide ..or ask upstream, or ask someone else to edit it.. i can edit it17:46
luk01Ok, I am writing17:58
bekksluk01: you could create another article.18:07
luk01holstein: would you be so kind to edit it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5723753/ Thanks!18:26
luk01bekks: I'm not allowed to create a page18:26
bekksluk01: You can create one in the community area I guess :)18:27
luk01No, it says "Non è consentito modificare questa pagina." which means that18:28
holsteinluk01: where do you want that to go?18:32
holsteinluk01: under "managing" ?18:32
holsteinwhat is it called?18:32
holsteinconverting to btrfs from ext4 ?18:33
luk01in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs in a new section called Converting Ubuntu 12.10 ext4 root filesystem18:33
luk01I haven't tested it on other versions18:33
holsteinluk01: what do you want me to add? where?18:34
holsteinluk01: i'll do it, but you must understand, i know only what i know about btrfs.. which is, it hasnt worked for me in testing, so i dont use it18:34
holsteinluk01: try and give me specifics about where you want it to be18:35
holsteinand what you want it to be called18:35
holsteini'll call it "Converting Ubuntu 12.10 ext4 root filesystem"18:35
holsteinand put it under? a new heading?18:35
luk01Sure, I understand it.18:35
luk01Under a new heading, between current points 4 and 518:36
luk01It would be new point 518:36
luk01at the same level as "Install as Root on earlier versions" and "Managing Btrfs"18:37
holsteinluk01: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs18:44
holsteinluk01: we go to #ot channel to discuss, if necessary18:45
luk01holstein: thank you! Yes, please join #ot18:48
luk01I'll ask here: please, make consecutive lines appear as separate lines18:51
luk01for example, "# # Check the filesystem for errors. # fsck.ext4 /dev/sda1" this is made up of 2 lines in the original, please separate them18:51
luk01I do not know the wiki markup syntax, so I thought a single newline would have been sufficient18:52
luk01holstein: ^^18:55
holsteinluk01: sure.. but, now im looking at commands, and determing what is what.. and i dont know *anything* about btrfs18:59
holsteinso, i'll just edit it. and you /join #xubuntu-offtopic ..not #ot19:00
luk01holstein: I do, feel free to ask me everything19:00
_Dirk_anyone home?19:46
knome!anyone | _Dirk_19:47
ubottu_Dirk_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:47
_Dirk_ok so i just put xubuntu on my machine thru ubuntu via the terminal tasksel... and everything worked fine... now i'm trying to install the auido editing suite and it's giving me xserver-xorginstall tasksel: aptitude failed (100)19:48
_Dirk_can i run sudo apt-get Audio recording and editing suite19:51
_Dirk_this room is a graveyard19:53
knome!patience | _Dirk_19:53
ubottu_Dirk_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/19:53
holstein_Dirk_: there is no application by that name19:53
_Dirk_are you both bots?19:54
holstein_Dirk_: there are ubuntutsudio meta packages.. open a package manager and search for ubuntustudio, or search for just the applications you want19:54
holstein_Dirk_: sudo apt-get install audacity for exmaple19:54
knome_Dirk_, guess.19:54
holstein!volunteers | _Dirk_19:54
ubottu_Dirk_: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:54
_Dirk_id ask in #ubuntu where ive been getting quick reliable responses but, i know someone will just say "xubuntu isnt the platform for this room go to the #Xubuntu rooms"19:56
holstein_Dirk_: what are you searching for?19:56
holstein_Dirk_: here is a quick and reliable answer from a volunteer who is a member of the ubuntustudio team19:56
_Dirk_well i'm not being rude, sorry if i'm coming accrosed that way;.... i'm just hyper today19:57
holstein_Dirk_: search for "ubuntustudio" in a package manager, and read carefully the information about the meta packages19:57
holstein_Dirk_: what are you looking for?19:57
holstein_Dirk_: as an audio professional using linux, and a member of the ubuntustudio team, i suggest insatlling audacity and starting there19:58
holsteinmost of the applications in the larger ubuntustudio metapackges use and require JACK audio.. and JACK is not trivial to setup.. nor necessary for most casual audio tasks19:59
_Dirk_im want to try this audio suite that ubuntu offers... i don't really like audacity but if it comes down to it i'll just find something on the software center. i just want to explore this audio suite distro19:59
holstein_Dirk_: to specifically answer your question .. the command "sudo apt-get Audio recording and editing suite" is not a command.. its a mistake.. it will not do anything19:59
holstein_Dirk_: you can use the ubuntustudio live CD and explore all you want.. otherwise, eleborate as to what you want/need, or search for "ubuntustudio" in a package manager and decide for yourself..20:00
holsteini suggest using the live CD to see what JACK is like, and if you want/need it.. or all the applications in the suite of audio applications20:02
_Dirk_i was going to try the dynebolic-3.0.0- distro does anyone anything about it?20:02
holstein_Dirk_: i have used it.. its ot in this channel.. its out of date.. the software in ubuntustudio live will be quite similar, just up to date version of it20:03
knome_Dirk_, this isn't really the channel to ask about that.20:03
holsteinalso, if has the JACK requirement.. which again, you likely dont need..20:04
_Dirk_well i put xubuntu on my machine because video is lagging in ubuntu so i was hopeing that a lighter distro would solve that problem, but unfortanatly it hasn't... my pci video card stopped working and my the video card on the motherboard is super old20:05
holstein!nomodeset | _Dirk_20:06
ubottu_Dirk_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:06
_Dirk_what exactly is jack. and what are the system requirements?20:06
holsteinor, force the vesa driver.. might be a nice option..20:06
holstein_Dirk_: supported hardware.. bascially is the requirement20:07
holstein!info jack20:07
ubottujack (source: jack): Rip and encode CDs with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1+cvs20050801-29 (raring), package size 105 kB, installed size 458 kB20:07
holsteinhmmm. thats not it20:07
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro20:07
_Dirk_what is vesa driver?20:08
holstein_Dirk_: a driver that would be more approprieat for the hardware you mentioned above that you are having trouble with.. the older grahpics card20:08
_Dirk_should i google it or can i get it thru terminal, or ?20:09
holstein_Dirk_: you have it.. its a matter of configuring... and the link above is an option.. or the one above that20:09
_Dirk_ok well i opened all those links in different tabs..... so i'll come back after i read up on this stuff20:12
_Dirk_by the way, thanx for the help guys20:12
xubuntu444I need help!21:19
th0rxubuntu444: let me get out my crystal ball and solve that for you21:20
xubuntu444My xubuntu has problem about screen position (ATI RADEON 9550) after dual boot. How can i resolve that?21:20
xubuntu444Driver are "OPEN" type21:21
tazaUgh. Looks like my computer isn't supported by anything.23:48
tazaIt uses a Pentium M23:48
Noskcajtaza, ask on lubuntu, i think they have fake-PAE now23:49
tazaUgh, I'll ask on #debian23:49
tazaThis is a problem I don't want to fight with.23:50
secret_ninjaanybody know the mir dev channel name?23:54
xubuntu273Hello everyone! Could any of you help me boot directly to my desktop in Xubuntu?23:55
Noskcajsecret_ninja, ask on #ubuntu-devel23:55
Noskcajxubuntu273, not quite sure what you mean23:56
xubuntu273I'm looking to use this system as a headless server and use TeamViewer to access and control it remotely, so I need to skip the login prompt on startup and autostart TeamViewer.23:56
Noskcajxubuntu273, http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1204-precise/ should work, look at question 723:57
xubuntu273Awesome, thanks so much!23:58

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