DaskreechSenjai: Any one you like?00:43
Daskreech!info gvim00:43
ubottuPackage gvim does not exist in raring00:43
musca!info vim-gtk00:46
ubottuvim-gtk (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with GTK2 GUI. In component universe, is extra. Version 2:7.3.547-6ubuntu5 (raring), package size 931 kB, installed size 2264 kB00:46
muscaSenjai: kate has a vi mode00:47
Senjaiahh, thanks musca00:47
Senjaimusca: I want to use vim though :/00:48
Senjaimusca: ST2 > Kate00:48
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valorieisn't vim installed by default?01:59
valorie!info vim01:59
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.3.547-6ubuntu5 (raring), package size 808 kB, installed size 1907 kB01:59
valoriethought so01:59
valorieSenjai: ^^02:00
valorieif not installed by default, apt-get vim will do ya02:00
puffSo far I am not terribly impressed with the new look of kubuntu (12.04 LTS + kubuntu-destop versus 13.04 + kubuntu-desktop).  Also, after suspending to ram and resuming, the bluetooth icon disappeared from the menu bar, so I can't get my bluetooth mouth working again.02:22
puffWhoops, now it's back!02:22
puffAlso also, on the 12.4 version I could right-click the sound icon, selection options, and the dialog had a tab for output levels that I could adjust to > 100%, to overamp the speakers and get somewhat audible sound.  That dialog has changed and that tab isn't there anymore.02:24
puffAlso, the sound volume on this laptop still sucks so it's probably not drivers or something.... I'm beginning to wonder if I just got bad speakers, other thinkpad t520 owners tell me the sound is reasonably loud).02:24
puffHowever, on the up side, it now drives my dell external 24" monitor, which is a happy happy thing!02:25
puffAnd kubuntu is still much, much nicer than Unity.02:26
knuckshey all i got s 24inch hdtv plugged in as a second monitor. Connected via hdmi cable but its all fuzzy. Anybody know how to make it look better?02:39
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:10
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xiaopi[z]Hi, got a quick question, why doesn't muon display all available pack when you want to install something (usually all non gui software aren't displayed)07:07
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valoriexiaopi[z]: are you using the package manager, or the software center?07:54
valoriethe second is just applications, I believe07:55
lordievaderGood morning.07:58
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tatiehello, i installed ms office via Wine yet when it asks for product key i can not enter it. I finished the install and then thought i would be able to just enter it later, but i can't. the cursos just doesn't move to the field. does anyoen knwo how to get it in that field so i can enter the key08:54
jussitatie: I don't know, but have you tried pressing Tab? or clicking there and just typing? (soetimes the cursor doesnt show up, but you still can type)09:03
tatiedoesn't work09:08
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georgelappiesthanks for the 10.3 updates all involved! :D09:55
Graf_WesterholtWhy is my sound always at maximum and I cannot change it?09:55
DaskreechGraf_Westerholt: try turning it down in alsamixer ?10:02
Graf_WesterholtDaskreech, I am trying to turn it down in kmix, but it is not possible. It stays on maximum. And I cannot mute it.10:03
Graf_WesterholtIt’s the „event sound“.10:04
Graf_WesterholtNo Idea?10:06
DaskreechLooked at the Phonon control pabnel?10:10
Daskreechnaw that's not going to help with volume10:10
DaskreechI'd say open konsole and type alsamixer and see if you can set it from there10:11
Graf_WesterholtI have to install alsamixer first.10:11
Daskreechthen never mind10:11
Daskreech what's running your audio10:11
Daskreechgstreamer pure?10:12
Graf_WesterholtI guess. Phonon backend says "GStreamer".10:12
Daskreechwhat do you get when you pull up the full mixer?10:13
Graf_WesterholtWhat do you mean by „full mixer“?10:13
Daskreechwhen you click on Kmix you get a volume slider applet at the bottom I get a option to open "mixer"10:14
Graf_Westerholtah ok10:14
Daskreech that gives me a full mixer for each application and input/output master audio streams10:14
Graf_WesterholtWhen I click on „mixer“-Button in kmix it opens a new windows with four registers, the first is "playback devices" with one mixer called "built-in Audio Analogue Stero". It is set to 50%.10:16
Graf_WesterholtThere is one register with the "event sounds"-mixer at 100%.10:17
Daskreechtry turn that down10:18
Graf_WesterholtI told you, it is not possible! That is the point!10:18
DaskreechGraf_Westerholt: So pullingit down does nothing? or it pulls down then jumps back up to the top?10:19
Graf_WesterholtPulls down then jumpbs back up to the top.10:20
DaskreechAh ok I think some other stream is pinning it then?10:21
Graf_WesterholtWhat other stream?10:23
georgelappiesGraf_Westerholt: make sure you have the correct master channel selected10:27
Graf_WesterholtHow can I select a master channel?10:28
georgelappiesif you have a video card with HDMI you will have it's audio as well as a channel and in some cases KDE uses that as the master channel10:28
georgelappiesright click on the kmix icon in the taskbar and choose the option "select master channel" ;)10:28
Graf_WesterholtThere is only one option for "playback devices": "Built-in Audio Analouge Stereo".10:29
georgelappiesGraf_Westerholt: did you try and run the audio setup from the right click context menu on kmix?10:34
Graf_WesterholtThen I have a new window called "Phonon - KDE Control Module".10:34
Graf_WesterholtNo Idea?10:42
BluesKaj_Hey all11:00
BluesKaj_hey Graf_Westerholt11:00
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj_, Kubuntu wants to make me deaf.11:00
BluesKaj_ok Graf_Westerholt , how ?11:06
Graf_WesterholtMy sound is at maximum and when I try to turn it down it snaps back to miximum.11:06
Graf_WesterholtThe "event sounds"-mixer in kmix.11:07
BluesKaj_have you updated and upgraded lately ..I think there was fix a few days ago , Graf_Westerholt11:08
Graf_WesterholtThere are no new updates. But I can check again.11:09
BluesKaj_noticed kmix and alsa were both upgraded11:09
BluesKaj_that's new for alsa11:09
Graf_Westerholt0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:10
BluesKaj_pulseaudio installed , if so try pavucontrol the pulseaudio GUI11:10
BluesKaj_Graf_Westerholt,  will the kmix eventsounds ctrl mute?11:11
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj_, I cannot mute the event sounds with kmix.11:12
Graf_WesterholtAnd I have pavucontrol, but there are no mixer?11:13
Graf_WesterholtOh, it is.11:13
Graf_WesterholtThat’s strange. How can I change it?11:14
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BluesKaj_Graf_Westerholt, try  system settings>application appearance>manage notifications>player settings,,,enable no audio output11:21
BluesKaj_Graf_Westerholt, that  should mute your event sounds11:22
Graf_WesterholtBluesKaj_, I do not want to mute it. I want to control it at kmix, not at pavcontrol11:22
BluesKaj_well it's a temporary fix til the permanent one comes down the pipe11:27
Graf_WesterholtI guess I have to wait two years …11:27
BluesKaj_that's all I know about this11:27
Graf_WesterholtI am going to cycle.11:29
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michael__anyone have anyexperience with avconv13:20
michael__trying to make a video out of some jpgs13:20
puffThe taskbar is not autohiding and obscures either the top or bottom edge of my windows.  Top edge obscures GUI menus, bottom edge obscures emacs prompt...13:29
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puff...and now it is authiding, but not reliably. Dang.13:32
computa_mikereal quick question - anyone know a way I can list the applications that I installed on a cerain date?  I can see them in Muon Software centre, but I can't find a way to save the information to some form of file.13:35
tsimpsoncomputa_mike: the information is extracted from the log files in /var/log/apt/history.log*, Muon then orders that information into a table13:38
computa_miketsimpson: cool - I'll take a look at it.13:41
computa_miketsimpson: Does it cache the information somewhere else?  I only have log files in there for today...13:43
computa_miketsimpson: I think I have it - there's a tgz file there which appears to contain the archived installation information.13:46
computa_miketsimpson: It looks right - thanks for the help... so that would be the apt (aptitude?) log location - i take it that would also work under Ubuntu (unity)13:49
lordievadercomputa_mike: Apt keeps its logs in: /var/log/apt13:50
computa_mikelordievader: sweet - thanks13:50
computa_miketsimpson: thanks13:50
TaylzHow do you get Skype to work/install on Kubuntu? I can't find it in the software centre yet I know it works fine on Ubuntu as my other machine runs it.14:10
DarthFrogTaylz: I downloaded it from the MS Skype site.15:19
DarthFrogThe version in the repos is not the most current version.15:20
wissamHi ,nepomuk service stup always crash15:41
wissamis there a way to fix this?15:41
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m0nk3yjoeI've got Kubuntu 13.04 on my laptop and it doesnt offer an option to shutdown fully (only suspend to ram).  As a result it uses up battery and I don't know why it wont just shutdown fully or NOT waste battery17:58
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fractalinegood morning22:51
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ahoneybunfractaline: good afternoon\23:04
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fractalinehow's things bro?  (sis?)23:06
ahoneybunbro, fine23:07
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zorroton startup, i'm getting crashes from "ksplashqml" every time since last dist up.23:52

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