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BluesKaj_Hey all11:00
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penguin42hmm - on the new evince hth do I get to the new menu from the keyboard?18:38
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ajnrHi I am not able to resize the launcher icon size after upgrading my system from 12.04 LTS to 12.10. Any one plz let me know how to do? I would like to know also that, What is the most important things I have to do after upgrading , as initially I was not able to get the unity desktop, only mouse pointer it shows. but after I install unity, it shows the desktop icon.19:17
lordievaderajnr: I think you would have more luck in #ubuntu, this channel is support for 13.10.19:20
bazhangajnr, #ubuntu for that19:20
wilee-nileeso with a gnome-shell, 3.8 is the install, anyone see lockups with the popup like the logout or any really?20:31
wilee-nileeit seems to loose the mouse click function in general, the OS is still running, for example if I logut from the cli it times out and logs out after 60 seconds, however the click does not work.20:34
bjsniderwilee-nilee, try #ubuntu-gnome20:53
wilee-nileebjsnider, Thanks for the link.20:55
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