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Laneywoe is gdcm17:44
mitya57Laney: did you see my gdcm branch in the sponsoring queue? :)17:49
mitya57(it needs updated gccxml first)17:50
Laneymitya57: no!17:50
Laneyis it tested with new vtk?17:50
mitya57Laney: it builds, I don't know how to use it...17:50
Laneymitya57: regarding gccxml, we should ask someone who can test build on ppc hardware to do that17:56
LaneyI don't know that "builds in Debian" is a good guide here, since -3 also built there17:56
Laneyinfinity: ^? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gccxml/+bug/118657717:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1186577 in gccxml (Ubuntu) "Sync gccxml 0.9.0+git20130511-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New]17:57
mitya57Laney: I've pinged BenC yesterday, but I think we can sync and then re-add a delta if it fails17:57
Laneymitya57: we can wait; it's not like the migration can happen without xpdf anyway ;-)18:06
mitya57Laney: do you have any thoughts about xpdf? :)18:10
LaneyI didn't even look at it18:11
Laneywas under the impression you were going to fix it18:11
mitya57I can offer some solutions but all are very ugly18:12
mitya57In short, we compile xpdf not with xpdf core, but with poppler core, and it uses lots of poppler's private methods18:13
mitya57... and in new poppler lots of these methods were removed18:14
mitya57so we can either copy-paste some code from poppler to xpdf (via a patch)18:14
mitya57or don't build using poppler (security team doesn't like that)18:14
mitya57or drop it from the archive and wait for upstream/debian to fix it18:15
mitya57err, s/upstream\///g18:15
mitya57ah, we can also re-add those methods in poppler18:17
mitya57Laney: anyway, it's sleep time for me, see you tomorrow @ DMB meeting :)18:27
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infinityLaney: That patch is still needed on powerpc, FWIW.22:28
infinityLaney: I might simplify the patch however instead of doing a merge.  Testbuilding now.22:51
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