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ajnrHi I am facing problem while shutdown my ubuntu 12.04 system, it just hang. and while booting also it took so much time , plz help me out04:03
SergioMeneseshi everybody!12:47
elfyhey SergioMeneses12:48
SergioMeneseselfy, hey! I'm working on testcases today :)12:49
elfyjust looking at thunar as I take a break12:49
SergioMeneseselfy, perfect12:51
elfy:) taking a break always is ...12:51
elfysomeone is pitching in on xubuntu autopilot tests as well I think12:53
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phillwballoons: good news! Jonathan (one of our experienced lubuntu people) is going to host the Virtual Box Classroom session(s).17:58
pleia2phillw: you guys are doing them here right? (not in #ubuntu-classroom)17:59
phillwpleia2: they will be in classroom area. Hopefully later this month. I'm just trying to get the volunteers all lined up and then announcements can be made :)18:00
pleia2phillw: oh ok, just let us know when you have a schedule we should add to the classroom calendar :)18:01
pleia2and you're welcome to submit a blog post for the classroom blog to help advertise them18:01
phillwpleia2: I will, the link for our planned sessions is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom/Saucy/ I'm just going to edit to put Jonathan in as tutor for VBox.18:02
* pleia2 nods18:02
pleia2I just didn't want to start adding things to thecalendar until they were fully confirmed18:02
phillwI think, because of the increased number, we will spread them over ~ 5 days.18:04
phillwis week starting Mon 24th June still free? Owing to Time zones, some may be at an odd hour UTC.18:05
pleia2yep, that should be fine18:05
phillwgives two weeks to advertise once I've tied down the times this week :)18:06
pleia2sounds good :)18:07
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