hopkinskong_w8ok, no one are going to help me.02:00
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solstag_tooanyone managed to make the modem work with newest release?06:14
harishaHello All, I am writing an app on Ubuntu Touch, But I need to switch between 2 qml windows07:19
harishaUbuntu Desktop has utility called "wmctrl", is there any similar api on Ubuntu Touch, as wmctrl display error "Cannot open display"07:20
zubakaiAnybody can say me If call fonction is availlable in latest build?10:18
mzanettizubakai: having the same issue... I need to manually restart ofono after booting to make it work10:19
mzanettirsalveti: ^10:19
zubakaiok, so it works10:21
JackOlidaysDo you know if men are working to port ubuntu touch on iphone os?$10:21
mzanettizubakai: yeah, after restarting ofono it seems to start working... might be related to this: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100264483712374857174/posts/3o1tjYo9Ghx10:22
mzanettiJackOlidays: no, don't think so10:22
zubakaithanks for the link10:23
JackOlidaysThank you mzanetti, but too the hackeur? like geohot or pod2go etc etc... You have not any information about this?10:23
JackOlidaysUbuntu touch run with a kernel etc etc or like Firefox os in html?10:23
mzanettinative (witha a kernel etc etc)10:24
mzanettibtw... firefox os runs a kernel too ;)10:24
cnfNO! it's aLIE11 firefox needs no karnal!10:24
cnf(i hope that was obvious enough of a troll no one minds too much ^^;)10:25
JackOlidaysUbuntu touch on iPhone that is very good if this happen10:26
cnfi doubt that will be any time soon10:27
JackOlidaysNever say never bzbzbz10:27
JackOlidaysI think it will be release, one time but it will be10:28
mzanettiJackOlidays: is there a project running android on iPhone?10:28
cnfthere is, 3g only, and not evethting works10:29
cnfafter all these years10:29
cnfJackOlidays: doubt it10:29
cnfdrivers for the hardware, being the main problem10:29
JackOlidaysWhat architecture running ?10:30
JackOlidaysUbuntu touch10:30
cnffrom what I understand, touch runs on the android linux kernel, with the android supplied kernel modules, and with touch in a container10:30
cnfthere is no linux kernel that works on iphones10:31
cnfso touch can;t do that there10:31
JackOlidaysiPhone is just a brider Linux ^^10:31
mzanettinot reall, no10:31
defuerahey guyz, would you help me please? Im trying to lounch ubuntu touch on my nexus 7 from multiROM, I'm doing everything according instructions from xda_Devs thread, but when i start loading installed ubuntu touch rom screens goes black and nothing ever happent then..10:31
cnfmzanetti: was that to me, or to JackOlidays ?10:31
mzanetticnf: to Jack10:31
JackOlidaysSorry I dont know defuera10:32
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defuerai suggest it can be a kernel pack problem, how i'm I patching the kernel? I just flashed zip file in the bootloader, if that's right?10:33
JackOlidaysI leave bye, try to help him bzbzbz :P10:33
tassadar_defuera: hey, which ubuntu zips did you use? give me a link to that page10:33
tassadar_the ones which begin with "raring"?10:34
defuera raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip                 01-Jun-2013 06:08  372M  and raring-preinstalled-armel+grouper.zip                 01-Jun-2013 06:12   32M10:34
defuerawell, yeah10:34
cnfi hope someone bothers to get a build for my y300 at some point ^^;10:35
tassadar_defuera: in recovery, on "Add ROM" page, there is "Share kernel with internal ROM?" option, did you select don't share?10:36
tassadar_defuera: see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=38686669&postcount=15310:36
defuerai tried both10:36
defueraand I get the same black screen10:36
tassadar_let me try, something may have changed in ubuntu since the last time I tried it10:36
defueraIf it can run with shared kernel?10:37
tassadar_no, it cant - you have to select don't share10:37
tassadar_are you installing it to USB drive or internal memory?10:37
defueraok thanks10:37
defueraI don't have otg cable10:38
tassadar_so, you flashed the smaller ZIP in "Add ROM", then went to "list roms", selected the ROM and used "flash ZIP" to flash the bigger ZIP, right?10:39
tassadar_do you know how to use "adb shell"?10:40
defuerathis might be a kernel patch problem, Im not shure I patched it with kexec-hardboot patch correct10:41
defuerayes, I'm using commend line with adb or fastboot commands10:42
tassadar_MultiROM should not let you boot the ROM without the patch, but just to be sure, go to your internal Android ROM10:42
tassadar_use adb shell10:42
tassadar_and do "zcat /proc/config.gz | grep HARDBOOT"10:42
tassadar_if the output contains line "CONFIG_KEXEC_HARDBOOT=y", then it's most likely okay10:44
defuerawell you know it just booted...10:44
tassadar_ubuntu touch? :P10:44
defuerai just did the same steps again for like 10th time and it worked10:44
tassadar_well, I'll try to install it too, see if it works for me10:45
defuerasorru for bothering you and thank you very much for your help -)10:45
defuerakeybord not working for me..10:49
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defueraok now I got it10:52
defuerabut it doesn't type, hah10:54
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mzanettirsalveti: increasing the pre-start timeout seems to make calls work again for me. however, the galaxy nexus is happy with 10 while the nexus 4 required 15 to get it working.11:12
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nik90mhall119: I finished my branch. You can find it https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-stopwatch-lag11:20
nik90mhall119: The code is still dirty, but once the fix is confirmed to work on the Nexus 7, I will start cleaning it up and then look to merge to trunk.11:20
nik90mhall119: really hope this works11:20
defuerahey guys, any way to reboot ubuntu touch without holding power button for ever?11:38
tassadar_adb reboot should work11:38
defuerahey, tassdar how did it work for you, new release I mean?11:38
tassadar_today's build seems a bit buggy - I could not launch any app11:39
tassadar_but it booted up11:39
defuerasame for me now, next time I can just run phablet-flash to install new release, right?11:40
tassadar_no, that tool can't be used if you're using multirom11:40
tassadar_I think it should be safe to update by using the "Flash ZIP" option in "list ROMs"11:41
tassadar_you only flash the bigger zip, and that should update it11:41
defueraall right than-) thanks man11:42
tassadar_ogra_: hi, are images from here supposed to work? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/11:55
ogra_tassadar_, from tomorrow on11:55
ogra_still fiddling with them11:55
tassadar_will they use android's boot.img, or the one which is currently in (with udev and all)?11:56
ogra_note that these are the images that work with the flipped container model, they dont do much yet11:56
ogra_they use an ubuntu boot.img11:56
ogra_we will likely offer an unflipped saucy image too for a while until all issues are sorted11:57
ogra_(which will live at the -preview location)11:58
tassadar_okay, thanks, somebody on XDA was trying to multiboot those, and it obviously didn't work)11:58
ogra_heh, unlikely it will11:59
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Robbiliehas anybody tried porting ubuntu touch to a x86 device?13:56
osdhfjlhqsdfhi, must we have a blank sim code to make call function?14:08
ogra_a blank PIN, yes14:09
osdhfjlhqsdfOk, thanks, I can Do this from android?14:10
osdhfjlhqsdfapply a blank sim PIN14:11
ogra_i never did it, but i would assume so14:14
osdhfjlhqsdfI'll give a try14:15
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mhall119nik90: timer and stopwatch keep accurate time on my Nexus 7 with your new code, great job!17:42
nik90mhall119: you mean stopwatch only? because I havent yet fixed the timer part yet17:43
nik90mhall119: but thanks. It was your idea I used to fix it :-)17:43
mhall119nik90: oh?  the timer seemed to keep good time too....17:45
mhall119though I only tested it for 30 seconds, so maybe the bug only shows up with more time17:45
nik90mhall119: hmm ;-)..no idea why..17:45
nik90could  be17:45
nik90mhall119: I will still nonetheless implement a similar code logic for the timer as well.17:46
nik90Could you run the stopwatch for atleast 10 minutes to see if it keeps time on your nexus 7.17:46
mhall119nik90: it also keeps proper time when the app is sent to the background17:50
mhall119as soon as I bring it back, it updates to the correct timedelta17:50
mhall119which means I can switch apps, or suspend it, without messing up the time17:50
mhall1195 minutes in and it's still accurate17:53
Orangermhall119: Hey, so I finished yesterday to port Poppler in Qt5, I will give to the poppler team the patch but it may take some time before it will be accepted and added to poppler. How users will be able to try Docviewer during this lapse of time ?17:54
StskeepsOranger: got your patch to poppler somewhere by chance?17:56
OrangerStskeeps: Not yet, it work, but only with the "./configure , make, sudo make install" configuration, not with cmake.17:58
mhall119Oranger: as long as it's been sent upstream, ubuntu developers are usually okay with carrying the patch in Ubuntu until it's part of upstream's trunk17:58
Stskeeps:nod: would be happy to see it17:58
OrangerI don't know if it's very important, I have to talk with tsdgeos when he will be here17:58
mhall119Oranger: great work by the way, I'm sure lots of projects will benefit from this17:59
Orangermhall119: Ok, I will see with them then :) Thank you17:59
mhall119Oranger: seb128 or didrocks can help you with it17:59
Orangermhall119: Ok, if I have time tomorrow I'll ask them18:00
OrangerStskeeps: I can send you a patch if you want18:00
mhall119nik90: stopwatch was accurate during the full 10 minutes18:00
StskeepsOranger: sure - carsten.munk@gmail.com18:00
nik90mhall119: perfect! I will look to cleaning the code up now. Yay critical bug solved!18:01
mhall119nik90: yay indeed!18:01
Orangernik90: Congratulation, nice work ! :)18:02
nik90Oranger: thnx :)18:02
shaneo1_hi guys need a little help here I have installed ubuntu touch many times to my G Nexus phone, but today it flashed up with an ubuntu logo and some options I just chose the top option reboot and now the phone is in a google spalsh screen and battery stats level loop and goes off what should I do I went o revocery mode and now its gone into ODIN MODE... any one have this happen to them?18:04
Orangermhall119: The date of June for the alpha version is still relevant?18:05
shaneo1_says downloading do not turn off target18:05
mhall119shaneo1_: I had this problem before, had to manually adb push the images to my Nexus 718:06
mhall119shaneo1_: it sounds like one of the images failed ot insall during your last phablet-flash18:06
shaneo1_seem like it18:06
shaneo1_how can I recover this18:06
mhall119Oranger: yes, with your Popper work we should have it showing PDFs by then18:07
shaneo1_not done a manual before18:07
mhall119shaneo1_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation has instructions18:07
shaneo1_ok thanks dude I will take a look18:07
mhall119your images should be in ~/Downloads/phablet-flash/<buildnumber>/18:07
mhall119if you don't have 2 .zip files in the latest build number, try going back to a previous one18:08
mhall119or run phablet-flash -D to download them again18:08
mhall119shaneo1_: run the adb commands when your device is on the screen with the ubuntu logo18:09
shaneo1_it dont show that now, like ai said it just goes to odin mode18:09
mhall119unfortunately that's about all the help I'll be, if you can't get it working as ogra_ tomorrow18:09
shaneo1_thanks for the advice buddy18:10
mhall119shaneo1_: hold down power and volume down (or whatever combination gnexus uses to get into fastboot), then go to recovery mode18:10
shaneo1_ok odin mode is down volume and power, both and power gets me to the ubuntu screen :-) thanks18:13
shaneo1_so as there is no sdcard on the g nexus phone where do I stick the zip file?18:15
mhall119hmmm, is there an /sdcard/ folder?18:16
mhall119try the command as-is, it might work with internal storage even if it's not an actual sd card18:16
shaneo1_not sure cant see the folders18:23
shaneo1_ok I found the sdcard folder added the zip applied it rebooted device but still nothing18:28
shaneo1_im working though it let you know how I get on mhall11918:32
mhall119shaneo1_: did you do both .zip files in the order specified?18:33
mhall119you need to reboot into recover after each one18:33
shaneo1_doing that now18:33
shaneo1_ok thanks18:33
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shaneo1_thats great thanks for your help mhall119 o718:44
mhall119shaneo1_: get it working?18:45
shaneo1_yes thanks18:46
mhall119\o/ yay!18:46
shaneo1_have to say the improvements since day 101 to now is fantasic18:46
shaneo1_didnt want to brick my phone lol  i am expecting phone calls tomorrow and this week for job interviews :)18:47
mhall119yeah, that would kind of suck18:52
shaneo1_for sure18:52
mhall119nik90: after running for an hour, the stopwatch kept perfect time19:00
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shaneo1_you know guys as much as I like the concept of Ubuntu Touch I think the radius around the place holders and the inner bezel..19:39
shaneo1_are too much19:39
beidlIs there any way to boost the microphone volume for calls on the GNex? People always tell me I sound like I am very far away from the phone.20:20
AmEvAny troubleshooters here?20:25
OrangerAmEv ?20:26
AmEvWell, on my Toshiba Thrive, all I'm getting is a blank screen on boot.20:27
AmEvHAve ADB access.20:29
* snwh is back (gone 38:59:12)20:44
AmEvCopying some text over...20:44
AmEvroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# iwconfig iwconfig lo        no wireless extensions.  root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ifconfig ifconfig Warning: cannot open /proc/net/dev (No such file or directory). Limited output. root@ubuntu-phablet:/# dir proc dir proc 1      259        cpuinfo      irq         pagetypeinfo   timer_list 102    30         crypto       kallsyms    partitions     timer_stats 11288  360        devices      kmsg        sched_debug   20:45
AmEvDidn't worked as planned...20:45
AmEvroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# dir /proc/net/dev dir /proc/net/dev dir: cannot access /proc/net/dev: No such file or directory root@ubuntu-phablet:/# dir /proc/net/ dir /proc/net/ dir: cannot access /proc/net/: No such file or directory root@ubuntu-phablet:/# dir /proc/net dir /proc/net /proc/net root@ubuntu-phablet:/# file /proc/net file /proc/net /proc/net: broken symbolic link to `self/net' root@ubuntu-phablet:/# file /proc/self file /20:46
AmEvAnd, apparently, CMD.EXE doesn't like to output return characters....20:47
AmEvStill, what's the troubleshooting steps for blank screen?20:48
AmEvHmmm... Seems the TF101 has the same problems as the Thrive. Interestingly enough, they're almost identical hardware-wise. Tegra2 bug?21:02
AmEvHmmm... Ubuntu-session is killing itself for some weird reason...21:12
AmEvOK.... Interesting....21:21
AmEvLots of activity in logcat, but lots of looping...21:23
AmEvIs it crashing when trying to load the Tegra driver/???21:25
Dummies_freelanchello i have one film touch  of 20 inch  and one pc with this i can develop applications multiouch ? i want use qt quick22:00
Dummies_freelancis this possible or need other22:00
mhall119Dummies_freelanc: you can develop apps for Ubuntu using qt quick, yes22:55
Dummies_freelancmhall119:   thanks can guide in the begin _23:02
Dummies_freelanci want use component for mobiles in desktoop app. or qtquick23:05
terceroI updated ubuntu touch using the June 1 daily build on my Nexus 7.   Now my device won't shut off. trying jo shut it down just loops back to power on.  my battery has to drain to shut off.  is anyone else having this problem23:33

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