NikThCan we talk here about Unity Next project ?00:27
NikThI have followed the instructions per this page : http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unitynext/ but to no avail. When I try to ./run I get   "./run: 56: ./run: ./builddir/qml-phone-shell: not found"00:30
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kmohrfhey, i wrote a plugin for my web audio player to support the ubuntu sound menu today. there are exactly two things that puzzle me, even though i have a working implementation now.17:58
kmohrffirst thing: there’s a UnityPlaybackState enumeration, that i’m supposed to use to set the player’s status via setPlaybackstate17:59
kmohrfbut i’m not really sure where this enumeration is available. if i call it from my code, its just undefined. i found the correct values somewhere else, but i agree that enums are more readable than ints ;)18:00
kmohrfsecond: i had to set a manuel timeout before i triggered external.getUnityObject. even a function that runs on document.readyState == "complete" was too early to call this api. is there some other event i’m supposed to use?18:02
ArtGravityHi. Does anyone know how to fix text settings in Unity?  My leading (the spacing between lines) and kerning (spacing between letters) has not been 'right' since the upgrade to Raring (from Quantal).18:19
ArtGravityI have been scouring the web for answers since the upgrade and the only thing I have that approaches my situation is an unanswered question on AskUbuntu.com from over a month ago.  I have starred it and keep checking it, but it hasn't changed since I found it.18:20
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