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Kilosmorning all07:36
charl_good afternoon13:28
charl_Maaz: coffee on13:28
* Maaz starts grinding coffee13:28
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!13:32
charl_Maaz: thank you13:35
Maazcharl_: No problem13:35
Kilosevening peeps15:39
nlsthznhow are you feeling uncle Kilos?15:44
Kilossame nlsthzn maybe tomorrow better15:45
Kilosbeen in bed most of the day15:45
nlsthznrest is the best...15:45
Kilosi dunno15:46
Kilosyou dont get much done15:46
Kilosian came for a 1 day visit and i scored a 6 metre crossover ethernat cable15:47
Kilosehternet as well15:47
Kilosoh my15:47
Kilosso can play with iptables soon15:48
nlsthzncrossover cables good to have for quick one n one connections15:48
Kiloshe makes them in ten mins15:49
Kilosshoulda nailed him long ago15:49
nlsthznthis looks amazing - http://cinnamon-spices.linuxmint.com/uploads/themes/C7AR-WYUC-R6K0.png16:08
Kilosyou like?16:11
Kiloswhere are all tghe workspaces16:12
Kilosi think thats one of kubuntu's major plusses since unity16:13
nlsthznfrom what I can tell there are three workspaces enabled on this specific screenshot16:14
Kilosoh ya16:15
Kilosmaybe im the only one that likes lotsa desktops16:15
nlsthzncinnamon 1.8 seems pretty epic... they are really delivering what they said they would (and I was very skeptical)16:16
nlsthznnemo is probably the best file manager out there I suspect... (not really played around with it yet)16:17
Kilosdoes it come with xchat and sound that works16:18
Kilosnot like xubuntu and crunchbang16:18
nlsthznit is just the DE...16:18
nlsthznif there is underlying issues with the distro I can't say it will or won't work16:19
nlsthznso it would all depend on what you install it16:19
Kilosif its gnome then xchat sound should work16:19
Kilosits the xthing that you gotta work on i think16:20
nlsthznLinux Mint 15 comes with it as default and it is based on Ubuntu 13.04 so if sound worked on ubuntu it will work in mint16:20
nlsthznthe only way I can get sound in xchat is to install mplayer and set so that mplayer plays the sound in xchat16:20
Kiloslo Vince-0 16:20
nlsthznbeen like this for the last 3 or 4 ubuntu releases16:20
Kilosthats weird you know nlsthzn i havent had any sound probs on ubuntu16:21
Kilosxchat sound works everytime16:21
nlsthznmost probably hardware related16:21
Kilosya must be16:22
nlsthznafter playing around with mint 15 in as VM I am so tempted to nuke windows and try it out >.<16:22
Vince-0I met superfly today!16:22
Kiloslucky man Vince-0 16:23
nlsthznVince-0 awesome :D16:23
Vince-0and his kiddies16:23
Kilosdid you guys have a good time16:23
Kilosand his s316:23
Vince-0ya we always chat the day away with kbmonkey and nuvolari16:23
Kiloshow is nuvolari  now?16:24
Vince-0he's ok, made it out to a public place16:24
Kiloshe is very scarce here16:24
Kilosgood i hear peeps say this latest flu is a bad one16:25
Vince-0I dodged it, hopefully16:26
Kiloscant remember when last i had flu this bad16:27
Vince-0klap that Enchinaforce stuff16:36
Vince-0boet, it will clear things up - 65% alc16:37
Vince-0I mean: klap it boet16:37
Kilosmost things are falacies16:37
Vince-0anyways bbl16:37
ThatGraemeGuyhi all18:52
ThatGraemeGuyok, bye all. good chat we should do it again :-D19:03
Squirm[M]Evening 19:08
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy Squirm[M] 19:23
Squirm[M]Ooh. Someone is alive 19:23
Kilosonly just19:23
Squirm[M]Have no electricity. If I was tired I'd be sp19:24
Squirm[M]But alas19:24
inetprogood evening19:25
Squirm[M]Hi inetpro 19:25
Kiloslo inetpro 19:25
inetproeh Squirm[M], Kilos, wat sê julle?19:26
inetproVince-0: good to see you guys meet the fly19:26
Vince-0oh herrow19:26
Vince-0are there pics?19:26
Kilosek stil inetpro siek nog19:27
inetproVince-0: hmm... no, just your message at 18:2219:28
Vince-0oh lol19:29
inetproSquirm[M]: and you didn't even run the comrades today?19:29
inetproSquirm[M]: if you do the swimming like that then the comrades should be easy19:33
Kilosfun runs are lekker for young okeys19:34
Squirm[M]Not in the slightest 19:34
Squirm[M]And you know it19:34
Kiloslotsa cute chicks to follow Squirm 19:34
Kilosand 10 ks aint too far19:34
inetproI must say I feel very sorry for the runners tonight19:36
inetproand the rest of the week actually19:36
Kilosyeah and worse in the morning19:36
Kiloslots stay in bed for a week19:36
AndChat-503424100km is damn fa19:36
AndChat-503424Meh. Got dc19:36
Kilosyes man 10 ks lekker19:36
inetprowe had a guy back in High School running it and he was absolutely finished after a race19:37
Kiloswe  invented cars and motor bikes for 100 ks19:37
inetproI see the age restriction is 20 these days 19:37
Kilosthats because when you are young you are too stupid to give up19:38
AndChat-503424It's cause your body wont take it well19:46
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Kilosso you see us ballies can take more punishment than you laaties19:51
Kilosbut you can have this flu if you like19:51
Squirm2This wind is insane19:51
Squirm2It's the reason we're without power19:52
Kiloswow lines blowing against trees and shorting19:52
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight19:53
Squirm2It kinda sounds like someones car port is blowing apart19:55

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