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* wrst wonders what farmer Omnifrog is up to today14:57
* cyberanger has a sudden urge to see if steam for linux has frogger15:01
Omnifroghiya wrst , cyberanger15:03
cyberangerhow you doing Omnifrog15:04
Omnifroga bit sore today :)15:04
wrstOmnifrog: all going well?15:04
wrstha ha frogger :)15:04
cyberangerOmnifrog: sorry, hope my gameplay had nothing to do with it (I wasn't aiming for the semi trucks I promise)15:07
wrstOmnifrog: you are working too hard, you need a break ;)15:07
OmnifrogI was playing with trees yesterday15:08
Omnifrogand making mulch15:08
OmnifrogI got a pretty good pic of a deer while I was out in the woods though http://i.imgur.com/adfBMvH.jpg15:09
wrstthat is a good one15:10
wrstlooks like she found you out15:10
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