atrusanybody using a hidden wifi access point with ubuntu-gnome + 3.8 ppa + staging? it seems like i have to manually teach the system about the hidden essid (with iwlist) every time i boot.01:25
darkxstatrus, no, but there is not point hiding SSID01:55
darkxstit is trivial to find networks with hidden ssids'01:55
atrusi don't run the AP, i won't be able to make that call :/01:55
atrusconvince the guys running our corporate global cisco solution to do otherwise, and it won't be a problem ;)01:56
darkxstatrus, have you tried setting up connection via nm-connection-editor?01:57
atrusi'll have to try when i'm at work again.01:57
atrusor try setting up a hidden one at home maybe, for experimentation purposes :)01:57
darkxstthat should be persistent01:57
atrusthe thing is, i set it up vian nm-connection-editor months ago, it only stopped working after upgrading to 3.801:58
darkxstatrus, well try that again, and if it still doesnt work file a nm bug02:03
bjsnideratrus, give me the phone number for your global corporate cisco solution and i'll talk to them about it02:32
bjsnidercan't guarantee success02:32
n0ydHey guys15:47
n0ydI am well aware using the gnome3 regular, and staging ppas,  and the gnome3 ppa from ricoh (one of the devs whoich vcreates an addon to to the two official ppas) may cause breakage15:49
n0ydAnd breakage is fun and great. This isnt a production machine, 9its a test machine to fiddle with15:49
n0ydAnyways, I recently ran the upgrade, and I think it upgraded to 3.8.2 gnome15:50
n0ydSince there isnt an easy to find help/about dialog like there was gnome2, where do I find what version I am running?15:50
n0ydCause Id like changing the json on some of the extensiuons to see if they will work like they did with some other ones15:51
n0ydbtw darkxst hey bud :)15:53
n0ydhowsz it going?15:53
n0ydthanks for the help the other day15:53
ricotzn0yd, "apt-cache policy gnome-shell" will tell you what gnome-shell is installed15:56
n0ydah its rico!15:57
n0ydgood work on your ppas man!15:57
n0ydenjoying the tinkering :)15:57
n0ydhmm 3.9.215:57
n0ydwell that did it15:57
n0yd3.9.2 is the dev number for 3.10 iirc right?15:58
ricotzyes, 3.9.x will become 3.1015:58
n0ydricotz, ?If I have the regular gnome3 ppa, the gnome3 staging, and yours, is it just yours thatr will push oit to 3.9.x?15:59
n0ydbasically im wondering what ppas I can keep if any15:59
n0ydCause I really want full 3.815:59
ricotzgnome3 ppa will provide only gnome 3.8 for raring15:59
n0yd#.6 with 3.8 bits is quite lame15:59
* n0yd grabs ppa-purge16:00
ricotzfor saucy it is suppose to provide 3.9/3.10 at some point16:00
n0ydI was playing with it16:00
n0ydgnome3 has some saucy stuff16:00
n0ydand yours does also, but not staging16:01
n0ydstaging was the only one without any dist for it16:01
ricotzgnome3 ppas dont have a saucy pocket16:01
ricotz.. yet16:01
n0ydhmm, well it didnt error on the stdard one, just the staging16:01
n0ydim n0ot saying ALL the pkgs16:02
n0ydjust one or two16:02
n0ydwhereas stagiung wouldnt work at all16:02
ricotzok, i am saying there are none ;)16:02
n0ydmaybe so16:03
n0ydi only ran it for like 10mi9n lol16:03
ricotzanyway, if the 3.8 settled i hope we will push some 3.9/3.10 bits16:03
n0ydI would use the 3.9 stuff but really, gnome3 needs extensions to be usable16:03
n0ydI wholeheartedly agree with Linus (and thats a rarity)16:03
ricotzn0yd, complain about that upstream16:04
n0ydI have ;)16:04
n0ydand will continue to16:04
ricotzalthough we provide the official extension which are working16:04
n0ydI hope they just add some of the extensions as options16:04
n0ydLike they already have16:04
n0ydLike removing the name from the status menu on the panel, used to be a extension16:05
n0ydnow its in privacy16:05
n0ydricotz, did you notice currently oin 3.9 using the ppa, maccounts is broken16:05
n0ydat least the accounts for empatrhy16:05
n0ydit opens, you click the service, and nothing loads. blank screen16:06
ricotzright, if those tweaks make sense will might be included directly16:06
n0ydid troubleshoot more, but im purging16:06
ricotzyou mean the g-c-c settings16:06
n0ydAnd either take the stuff from tweak tool and incorporate them, or put tweak tool into gnome3 as an standard app16:07
n0ydon A STOCK INSTALL16:07
n0ydwoops caps sorry16:07
n0ydg-c-c settings?16:07
n0ydWell in gnome atm, for some reason, we have two account settings under system settings16:07
ricotzthe online-accounts settings in gnome-control-center16:07
n0ydone thats a two parts of a globe, and onje thats a globe witha  keyt16:08
n0ydthye two parts globe, does not work16:08
n0ydwhich is the one empathy uses16:08
n0ydi dont even know why there are two anbyway16:08
n0ydThat should be fixed somewhere down the road as it will definitely cause user confusion16:08
ricotzempathy uses the account set up in the "global with key"16:08
n0yduhh no it doesnt16:08
n0ydim using it now16:09
n0ydI oipen empathjy, hit add accounts, and it lauches the accounjt settings that looks like two halves of a globe that plugs into eaCHOTHER16:09
n0ydoh wait16:09
n0ydim sorry16:09
n0ydyour right16:09
n0ydii hAD THE Icons mixed16:10
n0ydit uses the one on the right16:10
jbichan0yd: UOA being broken should have been fixed with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/account-plugins/0.11daily13.06.06-0ubuntu116:10
n0ydthe globe with key16:10
n0ydand yes, empathy uses it, and dpoesnt work16:10
n0ydjbicha, UOA? i dont feel like clicking thjat link, thbat appl,ies to what we arew talkiung about?16:10
jbichaI'm going to request that "Ubuntu Online Accounts" be clearly marked as such in GNOME16:10
n0ydI had updatedx about 2hrs ago, and ir was broke16:10
n0ydThat would be a good idea16:11
ricotzjbicha, ah missed that update account-plugins16:11
n0ydBut why cant they justr all be in one16:11
n0ydIts redundant and silly16:11
n0ydsorry for the caps, i just changed backed to the thinkpad okbd, and im not usewd to it16:12
n0ydA user should just have to put their google credentials in once, and have that be it.  Of course they can always go in ands change what thoise credentials allow, ie. chat, email, shotwell/picasa etc. Just like in "Accounts" in Android16:13
n0ydI dont even know where I would go to voice that issue16:14
n0ydBecause the gnome guys on gimpnet would say its a distro istro or some nonsense16:14
n0ydAlso, I wonder why ubuntu gnome doesnt use "Boxes" like Fedora19 does. its an AWESOME feature16:14
n0ydricotz, I see you work on plank16:15
n0ydWhich drivesz docky, and eOS' "Pantheon" or whatever its called16:15
ricotzjbicha, any objections to copy automake1.13 to gnome3 ppa?16:16
n0ydDo you know of a way to build their dock, or get a deb of it?16:16
n0ydhe quit16:16
n0ydI use docky a lot, but would mlike to test pantheon and see if its a ny different, or as I exsspect just a renamed docky16:16
n0ydLike 75 percent of eOS is16:16
ricotzn0yd, plank isnt feature equal with docky2 and won't be16:17
ricotzso you cant really compare it16:17
n0ydnewver heard of docky2?16:17
n0ydIs that the current docky16:17
n0ydthjats used atm16:18
n0ydlkike if I apt-get docky16:18
ricotzn0yd, you can try the matching elementary ppa to test pantheon16:18
n0ydor is it in development stafe16:18
ricotzyes i mean the current docky 2.x16:18
ricotzwhich uses mono16:18
n0ydoh i saw it used mono16:18
n0ydso its not planky no longer?16:19
n0ydmono is quite lame imho16:19
n0ydyuse a language native to linux imho16:19
n0ydbut inmj old school in that way16:19
n0ydpaint.net is nice though, but doesnt work good in mono16:19
n0yddo you know where to find the pantheon ppa?16:20
n0ydCause they call everything pantheon16:20
ricotzplank is the new thing which is suppose to be the base for docky316:20
ricotzand it is written in vala16:21
n0ydAnd i just want the dock16:21
n0ydoh cool16:21
n0ydI like vala16:21
ricotzif you just want the dock ppa:ricotz/docky16:21
n0ydya but thats JUST [p-lank16:21
n0ydill try it16:21
ricotzotherwise ppa:elementary-os/testing16:22
n0yddoes it allow me to change monitor eASILY?16:22
ricotzah no, elementary-os/daily for raring16:22
n0ydlike docky, just open settings, highly the dock you want, and drag16:22
n0ydcause im multyi monitor, laptop and monitor16:22
n0ydwith monitor external as main16:23
ricotzno, you have to edit a settings file16:23
n0ydoh ok16:23
n0ydno biggie as long as thesettings file is sane16:23
n0ydlike conkyrc or similar16:23
n0ydricotz, hmm purging your ppa went bad16:24
n0ydlots of errors, I will pastebin if you dont mind trying to help16:24
n0ydricotz, http://pastebin.com/9NX6v1d416:25
n0ydthats where it sytarted to get messy lemme know if you need more16:25
n0ydim sure i can fix it16:25
n0ydhmm apt-get -f install saw no problems16:26
n0ydjust had to upgrae after16:28
n0ydI think that should fix it all16:28
n0ydcause most if not all the bitching are packages contained in the upgrade16:28
n0ydhmm wonder why my docky randomly crashes/closes sometimes16:29
n0ydwithout error16:29
n0ydricotz, any chance you use conky?16:31
ricotzn0yd, conky that "widget thingy"? no idea16:34
ricotzso no ;)16:34
n0ydhyeh its ok16:36
n0ydits not really a widget16:36
n0ydas you cant click it16:36
n0ydricotz, here is a really busy example http://laabiyad.deviantart.com/art/Conky-Laabiyad-35094366816:36
n0ydricotz, more simple example http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/021/d/4/nconky_by_necromod-d5s594a.png16:37
n0ydCurrently mine is just a readable time and date16:37
ricotzi see16:48
n0ydhey ricotz im as bit perplexed17:15
n0ydI did a reboot, and gnome-shell still sayts 3.9.2 after the purge17:16
n0ydthe stuff i see in gnome3 ppa is all 3.8.2 and siuch17:16
n0ydsince ppa-piurge didnt downgrade like it shouldve, how should I do it?17:17
n0ydif yoyu dont minds helping17:17
n0ydif you are, then just say so :)17:17
n0ydlooks like it might fix it with ppurge AND aptitude17:23
n0ydWe'll see what breakagew occurs now :P17:23
FrozenFireAnyone ever successfully get GEdit snippet regular expression placeholders working?21:47
FrozenFireI've found that they seem just to break the edit, creating an undeletable "tabstop" area.21:47
FrozenFireResorted to Python22:02
darkxstjbicha, 3.8.3 is quite disruptive for a point release ;(22:43
jbichadarkxst: which package?22:43
darkxstjbicha, they swapped out the input source switcher, so affects g-s-d/g-c-c/mutter and shell22:44
jbichain general, gnome is a lousy upstream, they only do a couple quick bugfix releases and they don't really follow their own freeze policies22:48
jbichaI guess it works ok for Fedora since Fedora releases after the last major bugfix release22:49
jbichatechnically we aren't using that input switcher because it's part of the ibus integration, right?22:49
darkxstI think its still used with xkb, just somewhat limited in that case22:54
jbichaI wasn't expecting gnome releases on a Friday evening23:33
jbichaI guess the input switcher stuff breaks tweak tool?23:35
darkxstjbicha, yes I suspect it would23:42
darkxstjbicha, what package provides the input switcher applet in unity?23:58

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