bregmaracarr, what's the input library called and where can I find it?00:26
racarrbregma: It lives in the mir tree.00:38
racarrbregma: 3rd_party/android-input00:38
racarrby itself it doesn't do a whole lot so we have the classes in mir::input (i.e. src/input, src/input/android)00:38
racarrto tie it together00:38
thomiRAOF: got a second?03:09
racarrGetting a second nexus 4 in the mail tomorrow so I will finally have a full time Ubuntu phone :D03:10
racarralso it will be white03:10
racarrI'm sorry I just come back in the evening and distract the southern hemisphere03:10
racarrworking on getting platform-api branch proposable so ricmm can review it in his morning03:12
thomiracarr: you're doing things on the platform api project?03:12
dufluracarr: platform-api stuff probably relates to my cry-for-help email..? :)03:13
thomiwhen I get back from holiday I'm going to try and get you guys to take on the python bindings for said project... at the moment every time you guys change the API the entire testing stack on the phone breaks :-/03:13
dufluracarr: Cool, white, easy to distinuish03:13
dufluthomi: We've been very aware of the need to stabilize it for a long time. Sorry to say I changed the client API again last night. But such changes are becoming rarer03:14
thomihey, that's OK... it just sucks that the python bindings are in a totally separate project. It makes them rather too invisible03:15
thomiI'd like to have them in the same project, building at the same time as trunk03:15
racarrthomi: duflu: Yes. There is a new version of the API, so I did new mir backends03:17
racarrin the process of removing TODOs and testing the various qtubuntu configurations (mirserver/mirclient desktop/phone)03:17
racarrHopefully it should land with qtubuntu changes tomorrow or monday unless something horrible happens03:18
racarrand things will just work tm*03:18
racarrduflu: So the short answer on the email is if the old instructions don't work (you could still try building ~robertcarr/platform-api/mirserver and ~robertcarr/qtubuntu/mirserver then unity/phablet/integrate-mir)03:19
racarrprobably just wait until monday03:19
racarrI guess there is no reason why that wouldn't work03:19
dufluracarr: So long as you're not *aware* of anything those branches are missing...03:20
racarrduflu: They should work, at least on desktop03:20
racarrplatform API, you need to build with03:20
racarrqtubuntu, the whole source tree doesn't build (just the qpa plugin) so you go to src/platforms/03:21
racarrthen qmake -o Makefile03:21
racarrmy system seems to have problems with finding the platform api so at this point becaue qmake isn't looking in arch specific directories so I have symlinks XD03:22
racarrum but then that builds03:22
racarrthere was a fix that landed a few weeks ago in mesa that this will require so make sure your mesa is recent03:22
racarrthen to build unity you can03:22
racarrI think it's03:22
racarr./build -s03:23
dufluracarr: Recent as in PPA?03:23
racarrthen just go to a VT and ./run -m03:23
racarryeah PPA is perfect03:23
dufluracarr: Copy, paste. I'll let you know how I went on Monday03:24
racarrCool :)03:24
racarrim really hoping by the end of monday to have things in a state where it's as simple as add repository, run unity/build unity03:25
racarrand then guess what it's time for!!03:25
RAOFthomi: Yo.03:35
thomiRAOF: hey - I sent an email to the mir-devel list, which is what I was gonna ask you about anyway. tl;dr version: mir client library leaks FDs again03:36
thomiyeah... not so much03:36
RAOFSo you'd like me to un Bork Bork Bork! the client library? :)03:39
thomiRAOF: Yes pleese-a feex zee cleeent epee03:40
thomican't really do swedish chef in text...03:40
thomibork bork!03:40
dufluHmm, sometimes I thing Swedish Chef would make more sense than GCC, or Mir errors03:41
thomiI'm sure we could patch clang03:42
thomiwarnings would print "bork", and errors would print "bork bork!"03:42
dufluGCC had drawn a fish on the screen... ?03:45
RAOFFree the fish!03:46
racarroh yay trying to run unity on new platform-api leaves my system unresponsive04:28
racarrdo I A. Try and extract a stack trace failing and rebooting 10 times before suceeding04:29
racarror B. Speculate at possible causes failing and rebooting 10 times before suceeding04:29
racarrok the segfault was kind of funny, qtubuntu is now using a static keycode list, we can remove this because we use xkbcommon and its actually unused on phablet because the OSK goes through a different code path04:41
racarrbut I hadnt removed it yet in the new qtubuntu because I figured it was harmless04:41
racarrbut we send some pretty big keycodes apparently and it can overflow this array04:41
racarrunity still doesn't show up but hard to tell if its these QML errors or something broken04:41
racarrqt seems to be working but Shell.qml is broken04:45
racarrin the branch I have04:45
racarrgoing to get a clean build while I watch the daily show!04:46
racarrWhee it runs05:07
racarrapparently I only have 59 minutes of talk time left on my imac though05:07
alan_galf_: could you check https://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/mir/dev-package-depends-on-boost/+merge/16780709:06
alf_alan_g: looking09:07
* duflu --> weekend10:14
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kdubgood morning everyone15:04
alan_ggood afternoon kdub15:05
alf_kdub: hi!15:12
alf_kdub: alan_g: How about a hangout about swapper-swapper (and later with Robert about client-focus-notifications) to discuss how to proceed/speed things up?15:14
kdubalf_, sure15:16
alan_galf_: give me 5 minutes to review the current state of swapper-swapper15:17
kdubi have an update to take your simplification for the RWLockWriterBias class15:20
kdubi'll push after the meeting though15:20
alf_kdub: alan_g: hm, I can't find how to create a hangout :/15:22
alan_galf_: that's the new improved interface. ;)15:22
alan_gkeep clicking15:22
alan_gkdub: i don't think it compiles anyway. ;)15:25
alan_g"voud" indeed15:25
alf_alan_g: kdub: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ad562109a71a07604737b3453b414f1b29de4454?hl=en , let's give it a try15:26
racarrgreyback: ricmm: Can we delay catchup 10 minutes? I am just finishing breakfast15:28
racarroh we cancelled it today?15:30
alf_racarr: there?15:37
kdubracarr, want to talking about client-focus-notifications on the hangout? :)15:45
racarrYes! sorry15:45
alf_all: Have a great weekend16:06
racarrYou too alf16:10
racarr*excited for the mailman to come*16:10
racarrsecond nexus 416:10
kdubjust in time for the nex7 to start working :P16:44
racarrwell that's ok nexus 4 is more useul anyway16:46
racarrI noticed last night how much time I spent looking for windows and how disorienting this was16:56
racarrsince I switched to two monitors16:56
racarrhotcorner for scale windows -> really nice16:56
racarrSomething I just noticed about filenames17:01
racarrsession_manager_test.cpp is significantly more useful than17:01
* alan_g expects renames by next week17:03
racarrI named the mirplatform API impl files like, session_mir.cpp, application_options_mir.cpp etc, because I was copying the naming convention in there, but then I was tempted to rename the files to like, mir_session_options.cpp17:03
racarrand realized that was actually really annoying17:03
racarrbecause you have can't tab complete17:03
alan_gBye all. Have a good weekend!17:03
racarrYou too17:03
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ollido you guys know how far RAOF got with packaging xmir?18:02
olliimproving the packages that is18:03
racarrNot I, sorry.18:03
racarrWhee flashing new nexus 419:19
racarrthe white ones look funny19:19
racarradb can not be run as root even after19:27
racarrfastboot unlock?19:27
racarroh -b19:33

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