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mfischwhy are some packages versioned with dfsg in the version number?02:28
StevenKmfisch: Because they're have non-free bits removed by the maintainer02:29
Unit193they've have02:29
mfischgrammar or not, that makes sense, thanks02:31
Unit193(Debian Free Software Guidelines.)02:32
jaaltoHi, Whom should I ocntact to get few of the Launcpad bugs closed? I'm the Debian maintainer of those packages and have checked them.05:35
dholbachgood morning06:19
jaaltoAnyone in the channel with admin rights to close bugs in Launchpad?06:49
Adri2000jaalto: anyone can close a bug in LP afaik08:06
Adri2000jaalto: except maybe for the wontfix status08:07
jaaltoAdri2000: you can? Hm08:11
jaaltoLet's take e.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/speedometer/+bug/510800 ... I'm logged on, where is the knob?08:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 510800 in speedometer (Ubuntu) "speedometer crashed with AttributeError in __init__()" [Undecided,New]08:12
Adri2000jaalto: click the pencil icon near "new"08:14
jaaltoAdri2000: Direction...? Up, Down, Right of page ....?08:15
Adri2000at the top of the page, where you can see the status, importance, and assignee of the bug08:15
jaaltoAdri2000: got it.08:15
jaaltoAdri2000: Does "Fix releaed" also close the bug?08:18
lifelessfix released/invalid/wonfix/opinion are all closed states08:18
jaaltolifeless: Ok. Thanks.08:19
jaaltoWhat is the generic URL to access bug by number in Launchpag? In Debian that is http://bugs.debian.org/NNNNN11:40
TheLordOfTimejaalto:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/NNNNNNN11:42
TheLordOfTimethat too11:43
TheLordOfTimeLaney:  quick refresh of my memory in case patch policy has changed, Bug-Ubuntu lines in the DEP3 should have the bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/NNNNNN link format, or the pad.lv format?11:44
TheLordOfTimeor does it not matter?11:44
Laneydoubt it matters11:44
* TheLordOfTime shrugs11:44
LaneyI usually include the full one11:44
Laneymainly because I'm copy and pasting rather than typing it11:45
jaaltoIs pad.lv/nnnn official?11:45
TheLordOfTimejaalto:  afaict it's part of Launchpad, like a redirect, if you want to be "official" the link I gave you is more characters, but does the same thing.11:45
TheLordOfTimeconfirmed to work using one of the bug numbers i watch like a hawk (both methods)11:46
jaaltoTheLordOfTime: ok.11:46
TheLordOfTime... i lied11:47
TheLordOfTimepad.lv isn't part of LP11:47
TheLordOfTimemy fault sorry11:47
* TheLordOfTime woke up an hour ago11:47
TheLordOfTimejaalto:  but, pad.lv/NNNN and bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/NNNN do the same thing11:48
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Legendariohi. I'm trying to build a package. After running lintian i corrected stuff it pointed but it still show the same warnings. What is wrong?14:40
coolbhaviLegendario, what are the errors you are getting?14:57
Legendariocoolbhavi, regular errors on debian/files configuration. U wanna see?15:18
Legendariocoolbhavi, http://pastebin.com/JDxmQdjL15:24
coolbhaviLegendario, most of them are related to debian/rules because some of the statements used there can be obsolete16:27
Legendariocoolbhavi, i know but after changing that it still shows the same errors17:28
LegendarioI have corrected them, but lintian shows the same stuff. What should I do?17:28
geserdid you rebuild the source package you run lintian on?17:37
Legendariogeser, yes. Do I have to pass some argument to bzr builddeb for that?17:45
geserI don't think so17:51
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jaaltoCould someone makr this "won't fix". I've written explanation why it's not https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zpaq/+bug/107484018:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1074840 in zpaq (Ubuntu) "Zpaq package isnt up to date (wasnt updated over 2 years)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]18:28
TheLordOfTimejaalto:  probably should have asked in -bugs, but... *looks*18:31
TheLordOfTimeactually i'll leave this for a MOTU :P18:36
jaaltoI'm closing the Debian bug 693656 that is referened in the LP bug with similar explanation.18:38
ubottuDebian bug 693656 in zpaq "zpaq: Zpaq package isnt up to date (wasnt updated over 2 years)" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/69365618:38
jaaltoTheLordOfTime: can the MOTU group be reached by email?18:39
* TheLordOfTime shrugs18:39
TheLordOfTimejaalto:  i usually have good luck finding someine in-channel within a 30 minute period of time18:39
TheLordOfTimebut that implies patience18:40
* TheLordOfTime kicks his keyboard for beings tupid18:40
jaaltoTheLordOfTime: The problem is with timezones...18:40
TheLordOfTimejaalto:  i'm pretty certain there's MOTUs on from all over.18:40
geserjaalto: set to "wontfix" as requested18:40
TheLordOfTimealso devs, but... :P18:40
jaaltogeser: Oh, good. Thanks.18:41
TheLordOfTimejaalto:  out of pure curiosity...18:41
jaaltoTheLordOfTime: yes?18:42
TheLordOfTimethere's no updated version in debian is there, as a separate package18:42
TheLordOfTime(on that bug)18:42
jaaltoTheLordOfTime: zpaq 1.x is all there is. I've reponded to numerous requests to upgrade, but unfortunately it's road closed (or bridge burnts) and not possible. Someone is free to packge the 6.x zpaq from scratch. Then 1.x can be obsoleted.18:43
TheLordOfTimethat was my question :P18:43
* TheLordOfTime was curious if anyone had an ITP up for zpaq 6.x as some other alternate package or not18:44
TheLordOfTime... oh COME ON i fixed that FTBFS problem already...  *goes to kick the nginx package around a bit on his local builders*18:45
jaaltoTheLordOfTime: Not to my knowledge, there is no RFP/ITP. See http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/requested18:46
Laneyah, yay, got lp-udd to verify the cert again20:48
Laneystill had to monkeypatch httplib as python-launchpadlib doesn't have a way to let you override the default20:49
Laneyafaict, anyway20:49
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