nuvolario/ mornings05:51
barrydkGood morning 05:54
kbmonkeyo\ morning05:56
Kilosmorning all06:33
Kilosouch Squirm- 06:33
mazalMore oom Kilos 06:46
Kilosmôre mazal 06:47
Kilosen barrydk 06:47
Squirm-according to my thermometer though, it only went down to 107:01
ThatGraemeGuymorning all07:11
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:11
ThatGraemeGuyhappy Friday :)07:12
Kilosyou dont work weekends seems like07:12
ThatGraemeGuynope, not usually07:13
ThatGraemeGuyand tomorrow is my birfday, woop woop!!07:13
Kilosoh my goodness07:13
Kiloswill you be online here?07:13
Kilosyou older than me , mine is only on the 23rd07:14
ThatGraemeGuyi thought you're like .... 110 or something?07:15
ThatGraemeGuywon't be here, no07:15
Kilosya 63 coming up. you close enough07:15
Kilosthen i wish you a wonderful happy day lad07:16
ThatGraemeGuygoing to spend the night at a lodge courtesy of friends who run the place07:16
ThatGraemeGuydankie oom! :-)07:16
Kiloshmm... you speak the taal too\07:17
ThatGraemeGuyyeah, i my mom is afrikaans07:19
ThatGraemeGuyand my wife07:19
Kilosthey very cheeky though07:19
ThatGraemeGuythis is true07:20
Kilosthats why cantide is going to korea07:21
Kilosi wonder how superfly is getting on07:23
Kiloshis server and all are down07:24
ThatGraemeGuytoo busy enjoying the great outdoors to care, if facebook pics are any indication07:26
Kilosgood he needs a break07:27
nuvolarimornings oom Kilos 07:46
nuvolarihi ThatGraemeGuy 07:46
Kiloslo nuvolari hoe gaan dit seun07:47
nuvolaridit gaan goed dankie oom, en self?07:49
Kilosok dankie net koud07:53
Kilosis jy gesond weer?07:53
nuvolariamper oom07:54
nuvolariek sou sê 95$07:54
nuvolarier, %07:54
Kilosek het gedink daai lug ouens het jou gesteel van ons07:55
n8wulfHi all08:09
N8Wulf__how are you guys keeping08:36
Kiloshi N8Wulf__ good ty and you08:36
Kilosyou been a stranger here hey08:37
N8Wulf__I went to experiment, but found out that life outside ubuntu is VERY DAAAARK08:37
Kiloswhat did you try?08:37
N8Wulf__i tried Porteus (a slax spin) looks and works nice, but it's a frugal install onto hdd08:38
N8Wulf__that sux within a week for a day2day user08:39
N8Wulf__then I had a look at ARCH..08:39
Kilosyeah ubuntu takes some beating hey08:40
N8Wulf__tried some spin which makes it easier to install etc... Massive headache to install anything. Dependency HELL!!!!08:40
Kilosno package manager?08:40
Kilosor aptitude08:40
N8Wulf__does have one, but still limited packages, and even within, it cant resolve all dependencies.08:41
N8Wulf__i've never seen a situation where you try to install eg Skype, it DLs the App, then stops and says some dependencies not met08:42
N8Wulf__then I try to install the dependencies08:42
N8Wulf__which stops with notice that ather dependencies are not met08:43
N8Wulf__vicious circle08:43
Kilosoh gdebi does that sometimes in ubuntu08:43
N8Wulf__i even tried different package managers, but to get that installed also meant other dependencies issues08:44
N8Wulf__but ubuntu still gives least issues. It's loverly inside tha warm embrace of Uncle Mark08:44
N8Wulf__got a fun News bit this week. A friend of mine moved to Cpt about 9 yrs back, just before he did, I installed Dual boot windows and PinguyOS for him... he finally did a re-install this week08:46
N8Wulf__Linux lasted him a full 9 years, Win crashed Looong time ago, he just didn't bother until now08:46
Kilosi battled to keep windows going for more than a month08:47
Kilosah i see08:47
N8Wulf__just gonna reboot quick, I'm doing the Install and Update bit08:47
N8Wulf__btw... I figured out my reason for treason08:49
Kiloslol tell me08:49
Kilosare you installing 13.04 now08:50
Kilosis that reason for treason a game08:50
N8Wulf__(blush) ... I needed a proper KDE4 setup to tickle my need for flash and wow, instead of just looking at kubuntu, I got sidelined after using Bodhi with E17 until last week08:50
Kilossmile was also on bodhi but came to ubuntu as well08:51
N8Wulf__not a game no, but maybe I should coin the phrase, then maybe someday someone will wanna buy the Rights of me08:51
N8Wulf__did u try recent bodhi as well?08:52
Kilosnot me no, im a buntu fan08:52
N8Wulf__afk quickly08:52
Kilosjust tried xubuntu and crunchbang08:53
Kilosnow i use ubuntu kubuntu both in 12.04 and maverick on another drive08:55
Kilos12.04 is very stable08:55
N8Wulf_small irro now09:22
N8Wulf_I did register and identify my Nick on the Nickserver, but now my nick shows here with the extra _09:23
N8WulfHa! I am no _ anymore09:25
N8WulfMaja Faja09:25
N8Wulfany of you guys have a look at the WPS office suite?09:26
Kilosvery quiet here the last month or so N8Wulf 09:29
Kilosfly on holiday and the pro moved to new premisies so major work in his lap09:30
N8Wulfsal ek 'n Skinderstorie begin?09:30
Kilosvan wie?09:30
N8WulfI seems like they are set to loose a foothold on the Android market09:31
N8Wulfhave you seen the HTC and Sony Xperia phones09:31
Kilosna i just got my pc09:31
Kilosdont worry about fones09:32
N8Wulfnot hanging and crashing like Samsung does09:32
N8Wulflol... no Cellphone then?09:32
Kilosim sure the fly dont have probs with his09:32
Kilosya an old nokia 273009:32
Kilosused for checking and getting data for the 3g modem09:33
N8Wulfold school telnet fan then... ;-)09:33
Kilosi seen bb's and touch screen things but too much for me09:33
Kilosfor me they arent worth the cost, saving for a fast pc rather09:34
N8Wulfk... tell quick09:36
N8Wulfare you using a proxy cache?09:36
N8WulfI installed polipo09:36
Kilosi dont use proxy for anything i think09:36
N8Wulfshould give it a try, installs easy and it builds a cache of your surfing09:38
N8Wulfmakes a difference on browsing speed as well as data usage09:39
Kiloslol i dont surf much. because of the data use09:39
Kilosis it in the repos09:39
Kilosok lemme look09:40
N8Wulfjust do apt-get install polipo09:40
N8Wulfthen set your system proxy settings to use and port 8123 as default proxy09:41
Kiloswhat does that do?09:42
N8Wulfit will save website content like Pics etc on your hdd, next time you open the same website your Browser will first check to see if a copy exists on your HDD before downloading from the web09:44
N8Wulfmakes your browsing lots faster if you tend to make use of the same websites09:44
N8Wulfand also saves a lot of data from reDownloading everytime09:45
Kilosdata saving is good09:45
N8Wulffor sure.. and I hate having to wait for a site to reopen after i opened it this morning09:47
N8Wulfthis makes it instant09:47
Kilossounds good09:47
Kilosthem settings i find in settings?09:47
Kilosor must i start polipo to do it09:48
Kilosgot it i think09:52
KilosN8Wulf, that isnt gonna affect any thing else is it09:52
Kiloslike xchat mail and pidgin09:52
Kilosso its safe to tick apply system wide09:53
N8Wulfit only effects cashing of web content for browsers09:56
Kilosah lekker ty09:56
N8Wulfdo you use more than one PC?09:56
Kilosat the moment i have win7 going on the other one09:57
N8Wulfif so you can set the others to use that one PC's cache, making them faster as well and not reCaching again09:57
Kilosconnected by direct eth cable09:57
Kilosare you on kubuntu now?09:58
N8Wulfis pretty I say09:58
Kilossupport is only 9 months now09:58
Kilosbeen some changes09:59
N8WulfI saw... is fine though. Only thing i did see in the Dark that I liked was the idea of a Rolling Update system, whish it was possible somewhere on one of the *buntu spins10:01
Kilosi think 12.04 is the last 5 years lts support version10:01
N8Wulfafter installing polipo, check if it's running by opening in your web browser the address...
N8Wulfpolipo is about 200kb in size fyi10:02
Kilosoh ya i see the manual there10:02
N8Wulfjust gonna run outside quickly... brb10:03
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Kiloshi Trixar_za 10:24
Trixar_zaHey Kilos10:24
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
N8WulfMr Kilos10:55
N8Wulfdid you come right with that polipo?10:56
N8Wulfeasy setup hey10:56
Kilosyes ty it seems to be working10:56
N8Wulfonly thing I couldn't figure out yet is how to keep the cache static when I reboot my PC. Meaning, if you reboot that PC, the saved Cache is gone, ti starts all over again. kinda sucks for use on a Laptop10:57
Kilosdoes it save to a tmp file10:58
Kiloscant you make it save in a permanent file10:58
Kilosmaybe some auto copy of temp on shutdown10:59
Kilosor pipe it somewhere10:59
Kiloslol have you read the whole manual. its massive11:01
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
N8Wulfno, not enough pictures11:04
N8Wulfi fall asleep if there's no pictures11:05
mazalI be too lazy to read manuals11:06
mazalAlways struggle tot Piet kom before I read it11:06
charlgood afternoon11:09
charlMaaz: coffee on11:09
* Maaz starts grinding coffee11:09
Kiloshi charl 11:09
charlhi Kilos 11:09
KilosMaaz, coffee please11:09
MaazKilos: Righto11:09
charlhow's it going11:09
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kilosok ty, some better today11:09
charlglad to hear!11:10
charli was in utrecht yesterday11:10
Kilosah whats there?11:10
Kilosi been in our utrecht11:10
Kilosnorthern natal11:10
charlbig city with lots of stuff, shops, "grachten", etc11:11
charlamazing churches11:11
charlarchitecture etc11:11
charlno idea never been to utrecht in natal11:11
Kilostiny place11:11
charlno that's very different, utrecht nl is huge11:11
charlall the photos i took yesterday, just uploaded them11:12
charlthere are also some photos of this : http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winkel_van_Sinkel11:12
charlwas a lot of fun11:13
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!11:13
KilosMaaz, dankie11:13
MaazGroot plesier Kilos my vriend11:13
charlMaaz: thanks11:13
Maazcharl: Okay :-)11:13
charltook a few photos of this too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Martin%27s_Cathedral,_Utrecht11:18
charlthe dutch article is better though http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dom_van_Utrecht11:19
Kilossome nice old buidings hey11:20
Kilosnot all glass and steel11:20
charli can't even begin to think how much work it was to construct though11:23
charlit was _massive_11:23
Kilosthats all they had back then was time11:23
charland amazingly detailed11:23
N8Wulfek het maar my eie koffie gaan ingooi11:27
mazalMaaz, hoekom kry ons nie ?11:27
Maazmazal: What?11:27
mazalMaaz what do you mean what ?11:27
Maazmazal: I'm afraid I have no idea11:27
Kilosjulle slaap11:27
mazalMaaz, what what ?11:27
Maazmazal: What?11:27
KilosMaaz, coffee on11:27
* Maaz puts the kettle on11:27
mazalMaaz, you making fun of me ?11:27
Maazmazal: Sorry...11:27
N8Wulfyeah, fell asleep with that polipo userguide11:28
N8Wulfhad to spike my cafe with some Bioplus quickly11:28
Kiloscharl, look at polipo11:28
N8Wulfbut eish... Apple Flav Bioplus dont do coffee good11:28
Kiloshow do you make it save the cache on rebooting11:29
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!11:31
KilosMaaz, ty11:31
MaazYou are welcome Kilos11:31
N8Wulfpolipo.. it seems like you have to manually go to status and then press the Write out in-memory cache to get it to save before reboot etc11:33
Kiloshard work that11:34
N8WulfI'll keep searching though... is still easier and friendlier on Sys resources than Squid11:36
N8Wulfref: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1188111:38
N8WulfI'm jsut gonna use these DNS servers instead, which tested as ZA's fastest DNS servers:11:38
N8Wulf196.14.239.2 ; ;
N8Wulfin that order Fasest to slowest of the 311:39
Kilosi didnt install that pdnsd11:40
Kilosmore configuring11:42
N8WulfI'm gonna try that as part of the mix... I've tested Polipo for about a week now11:43
KilosMaaz, tell kbmonkey http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1188111:43
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode11:43
Kilosmaybe thats what is needed11:44
mazalWhat is polipo ?11:44
Kilosive installed it but stopped by the window it pops up11:45
Kilosits in the repos mazal 11:45
Kilosdata saving tool 11:45
mazalAh ok11:45
Kilosand internet speed up if you go to same sites often11:45
N8WulfKilos: I usually add the above DNS servers to my Network config instead of using my ISP DHCP provided settings... you will notice a improvement in general browsing speed as well11:48
Kilosi dunno how to do that11:49
N8WulfMazal: It's a website cache, saving you time, saving you moey, putting you on the Net faster11:49
Kilos8ta does what it like here11:49
N8Wulfall ISPs do, but you can change on your PC network settings that just the IP must be DHCP, DNS you hardcode then11:50
Kilosin network manager?11:54
Kilosi dont see where to change that11:54
Kilosim bang to fiddle in case i lose connection completely11:55
N8Wulfsorry, I got side tracked12:29
N8Wulfyour network settings on your PC... where you set your IP settings12:30
Kilosya same as yours in network manager12:30
Kiloson kde its that icon bottom right i think12:30
N8Wulfnetwork manager or wicd12:31
N8Wulfthats correct yes on mine12:31
N8Wulfhave you got your DNS changed to the above server IPs?12:31
Kilosall that ip stuff you do on eth12:32
Kilosmobile dont give them options i think12:32
magespawnafternoon all12:34
Kiloshi magespawn 12:34
charlKilos: polipo... looks interesting12:34
charlthis one? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polipo12:34
charli think i have heard of it before but never used it12:34
Kilosya if it can speed up open links and save data thats kiff12:35
charlwhat were you planning on using it for exactly?12:35
N8Wulfhi magespawn12:35
charli'm not a huge fan of proxy servers myself...12:36
N8Wulfno specific use, I mentioned it to Kilos by the way12:36
N8Wulfit's for localhost caching12:36
Kilossaving data by not downloading everything from a site the second or more times12:36
charli see, but your browser also uses a cache right?12:36
N8Wulfsave a bit on data and speed up browsing generally12:36
charlif it's only for your own use12:36
charlhmmm, because of stale caches12:37
charl*be cafeful12:37
N8Wulfbrowser cache is only relevant if you press the Back button mostly12:37
N8Wulfpolipo is a system wide cache12:37
charl10 years ago i could understand it but these days i don't see the point honestly12:37
N8Wulfso if you browse for FF, then Chrome, then opera, all will benefit from the global cache12:38
N8Wulfmobile data12:38
charlyeah but most users don't just switch between browsers that much12:38
charlusually you use certain browsers consistently for certain purposes12:38
N8Wulfexpensive... and I hate waiting for a website to open after i just opened it this morning12:38
charlif you are on mobile and you have a very strict monthly data limit i can understand it but most people are not on the road the whole time12:39
charland you often use wifi at cafe's or on the train12:39
N8Wulf... true... there is a definite gain in Load time of websites though12:39
N8Wulfgain meaning faster12:40
Kilosif it was no good it wouldnt be in ubuntu repos12:40
N8Wulfnot all of us are on LTE sadly... and Telkom still limits speed to "Up to 4Mb" etc12:40
charlKilos: i'm not talking as much about the implementation... more about the principle12:40
N8Wulf(thumbs up) at Kilos12:40
charli would rather invest time into finding a good browser plugin or tweaking the browser cache settings12:41
Kiloscharl, you forget about us mobile peeps here in the homeland12:41
magespawnis it lighter than squid?12:41
charlKilos: ???12:41
N8Wulfyeah... jsut a general..."have you seen this? maybe you could use it" suggestion12:41
N8Wulfmuch liter12:41
N8Wulfand no config needed12:41
Kilosus okes on 3g here in za12:42
N8Wulfdownload is about 200kb12:42
magespawnhhhmm might try it at the school then12:42
charlwe have 3g in europe too, it's also very expensive and traffic is limited to a couple of hundred megabytes of a few gigabytes per month12:42
charla couple of large companies like vodafone and t-mobile have monopoly12:43
Kiloshow many of those you know there use 3g charl 12:43
magespawncharl: i pay about R159 rand for 500mb on prepaid12:43
Kilossmile says it is too expensive so he stays ofline when away from home12:43
Kilosoh and psy as well12:44
charlKilos: a lot of people have smartphones so i would say a good deal, but those are mostly contract users12:44
charlprepaid in NL (not sure of other EU countries) is super expensive12:44
N8Wulfyou guys must seriously look into Cell C... even prepaid is best12:44
Kilosmagespawn, thats heavy12:45
Kilosi get 2+1 for that12:45
N8WulfI buy R300 airtime, get 900minutes CellC to CellC, 300 minutes to other networks, and I get 900Mb12:45
charlKilos: i agree with smile though, i am the same, if i can't get wifi i don't bother12:45
KilosN8Wulf, dont you get 8ta there12:45
Kilostelkom bobile12:46
N8Wulf8ta is here as well... what can you tell me?12:47
KilosR149 gets you 2g normal time and 1g after 11pm till 5am12:47
Kilosso 3 gigs data for R14912:48
charlmagespawn: that's about 25 euro per month for 40mbit, that's not bad even for european terms12:48
N8WulfKilos: prepaid?12:48
charlthat is *if* it is consistent quality bandwidth with low ping12:49
magespawnthat is not here yet charl, that is what icasa says we should be paying12:49
Kiloswhats prepaid12:50
charlmakes sense12:50
Kilospay as you go kinda12:50
charlwould be in line with international norms so it sounds right12:50
charlalthough, 40mbps is still slow for a landline connection12:50
charlok for a beginner package12:50
mazalJa we are paying over R400 for only 4mbs right now12:53
mazalWithout data12:53
mazalThen the data must still be added12:53
mazalAnd without line rental , that must still be added too12:53
N8WulfKilos: what you mean eeek?12:54
Kilosbut thats for the whole place12:54
mazalThat's for landlines in SA12:54
KilosN8Wulf, i spend R149 every 2 months12:54
N8Wulfwhere you from Kilos?12:54
Kilosim in pta12:54
charlyeah that's ridiculous12:55
charlbut i get a sense that prepaid is much better in .za than in .eu12:55
charlproblem is with contract you have to typically sign yourself in for 2 years12:55
charli have "commitment problems" lol\12:55
N8Wulfcharl: same here12:55
N8Wulfcontract comment12:56
KilosN8Wulf, the 2+1 isnt contract12:56
mazalBye all , enjoy the weekend12:56
Kiloslekker for 3g modem use12:56
Kiloscheers mazal 12:56
charlciao magespawn 12:56
charlsorry i meant mazal12:56
charltab problem again12:57
magespawnno worries12:58
charlmagespawn: regarding your earlier comment, 12 euro per month for 500 mb prepaid is about the same as you would pay with https://simpel.nl/13:00
charlthat isn't so bad for mobile but it's a 2-year commitment :)13:01
charlagain, me and my commitment issues :P13:01
charlok i'm off13:11
charlhave a good weekend all!13:11
Kilosyou too13:11
N8WulfKilos: had a chance to look at WPS (Kingsoft) office?13:18
Kilosyou did?13:18
Kilosand ?13:19
N8Wulfnice GUI upgrade from Libre, if one wishes a MS Office 2012 could be OSS for linux13:19
Kiloslol i dont use any office stuff13:20
Kiloseven removed them from my launcher13:20
N8Wulfsupports docx etc format better than Libre, and looks & works just like MS 201213:20
Kilossome files open with it though13:20
Kilosoffice stuff is for clever peeps13:21
N8Wulflol... or those that still have to either work for their money, or have to type a reply to the lawyers now and then13:23
N8Wulfguilty and guilty13:24
N8Wulfwell, anyways, so far so good, my Kubuntu install and Customise went without a hitch (predictably)13:25
N8WulfI need to go get the PS3 Dance stars going for my kids13:25
Kilosyou can shorten links with maaz hey13:25
N8Wulfanybody here use Mind Mapping software?13:26
Kilosya the bot13:26
Kilosyou pm it then type in shorten and the link13:26
KilosMaaz, shorten http://www.google.co.za/imgres?imgurl=http://mosayanvala.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/screenshot-from-2013-03-04-133815.png&imgrefurl=http://mosayanvala.wordpress.com/tag/linux-2/&h=900&w=1600&sz=746&tbnid=RcDCJoVjXateLM:&tbnh=62&tbnw=111&zoom=1&usg=__-d3_CpYnBTxLa-RcyIWkHk2mjYg=&docid=4k80YjgbYTWOAM&sa=X&ei=Xd6xUeKgArOf7AbrxIHICA&ved=0CFoQ9QEwBw&dur=56513:27
MaazKilos: That reduces to: http://is.gd/nGC1tx13:27
N8Wulfor right click in Chrome and select Shorten .... lol13:27
Kiloshow did you do it13:27
Kilosthat is a massive link13:28
N8Wulfwhen last did you see MS office?13:28
Kilosshortens well though13:28
Kiloswhew years back13:28
Kilos2007 i think13:29
N8Wulfso seeing that screenshot... looks familiar dont you think?13:29
N8Wulfmuch cheaper though13:29
Kiloslibre office is free13:30
N8Wulfthat one too13:30
N8Wulffor any intrested parties: It's originally in Chinese, to get it, install it and change it to English:13:34
N8Wulf1. First of course we must download WPS office for ubuntu / debian from here (http://community.wps.cn/download/){http://goo.gl/U9mzN } and double click to install it.13:34
N8Wulf2. Open the application to make sure it works well on our ubuntu's laptop/pc (just what i did  )13:34
N8Wulf3. Close the application13:34
N8Wulf4. Open terminal (ctrl + alt + t)13:34
N8Wulf5. Type:13:34
N8Wulfcd /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/205213:34
N8Wulf6 Type:13:34
N8Wulfsudo rm qt.qm wps.qm wpp.qm et.qm13:34
N8WulfNow, open the application again, and thank's God... the UI changes to english version 13:34
magespawnhey Kilos13:46
magespawneverything just had a hissy and went off line here13:46
Kilosour internet really needs some work done to its13:47
magespawnsomething went wrong somewhere for sure13:47
Kilosi hate the sms function. if they arent stealing your airtime its a sangoma thats thrown the bones and wants to tell you about it a R1 a day13:56
Kilosi dont even put airtime on my mtn anymore because it disappears over night13:57
Kilosand that stupid sagem is locked to mtn13:58
magespawnis this on win Kilos?14:05
Kilosold kind14:06
magespawnoh right sagem cell, from glomail or one of those places14:07
magespawnthere are ways to unlock phone14:08
Kilosi dunno, boet gave it to me years ago14:08
Kilosand i cant find how to unlock it14:08
Kilosthis particular model that is14:08
Kilosmy 404x14:09
magespawnit is hoem time, later Kilos14:25
magespawnhome even14:25
Kilosgo safe14:25
Kilosoh my, look how min we are14:34
Kiloshi georgelappies 14:34
Kilosand Georgl 14:34
Kiloswho_da_fly, you here?14:34
georgelappieshi Kilos how are you?14:46
Kilosgood ty and you14:47
Kiloswb SilverCode 14:51
=== who_da_fly is now known as superfly
superflyHi Kilos 16:29
Kilosohi superfly hows by you?16:31
Kilosweve had bad internets16:32
superflyAs in temperature16:32
Kilosyou enjoying every minute16:32
Kiloscool is good. its freezing down in capetown i think16:32
superflyOh. I don't have anything better than edge at the moment, and that's the best I've had for most of the holiday16:33
Kilosgonna snow in the mountains there tonight16:33
Kiloseven your server is offline i think16:33
superflyNo, otherwise I wouldn't be able to connect16:35
Kilosoh ok16:35
Kilosonly mrs fly then16:35
superflyShe hasn't actually logged in in ages16:37
Kilosah ok. as long as you enjoying the break alls good16:38
superflyWhich mountains? We're in the middle of nowhere at the coast in the Eastern Cape16:40
Kilosnorth of capetown16:40
Kiloslooked like there by that cold place16:41
Kilosoh , you on your way back?16:52
Kilosthere is a big cold front going over capetown now16:53
Kiloswill watch the weatheragain at 19.2516:53
superflyWell only be back in Cape Town on Sunday17:12
Kiloswhew going into the cold. natal weather was good to you i hope17:12
superflyIf by cold you mean, "had to wear a t-shirt" yes, it was cold17:14
Kilosi love natal17:14
Kilossunday snow alone mountain ranges from left of PE all the way into natal17:29
superflyWe'll be driving plettenberg bay to Muizenberg17:45
Kilosok just go safe whichever way. and say hi mrsfly for me17:55
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:22

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