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* frankban lunches12:11
gary_posterif we could actually land Makyo's zoom-to-service branch that would be fab.  uistage still has silly people12:12
rick_h__review request bribing time: https://codereview.appspot.com/10140047 please orangesquad or hatch who's not here yet or anyone else that loves tabs in the browser. 12:53
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tekNicogary_poster: thanks for assigning that card to me, I got distracted13:13
gary_postertekNico, np :-)13:13
jcsackettrick_h__: looking.13:25
tekNicogary_poster: I'm assuming that adding the AGPL to the charm means adding the license file itself, and the header to all source files. Anything else?13:26
gary_postertekNico, there's a Canonical-specific list to follow.  that might be everything. Let me try to find it again...13:27
gary_postertekNico, see https://sites.google.com/a/canonical.com/legal-services/software-ip13:29
tekNicogary_poster: thanks13:29
gary_posterMakyo, hi.  If you are around and can make it, I scheduled you on Tuesdays for the Juju core kanban review (check your calendar). If you can't make it today because of the short notice, np13:47
gary_posterfrankban, hi. I saw that jcsackett's branch failed in jenkins only on the two test_charm_deploy tests.  It doesn't look like the error tells us much, but do you have any deep suggestions?13:50
gary_posternon-deep suggestions: jcsackett runs the tests locally and sees how they do :-)13:51
jcsackettgary_poster: they pass.13:51
gary_posterjcsackett, that's the charm deploy tests too?13:51
gary_posterI figured the unit tests did :-)13:51
jcsackettgary_poster that's test-misc, right?13:52
gary_posteruh.  I don't *think* so.  looking.13:52
frankbanjcsackett: no, that's bin/test-charm13:52
jcsackettfrankban: ah.13:53
gary_posteryeah, that's what I thought :-)13:53
frankbanjcsackett: instructions on how to run local ci tests are in docs/continuous-integration.rst13:54
jcsackettfrankban, gary_poster: Invalid environment 'juju-gui-testing'13:54
frankbanjcsackett: see docs/continuous-integration.rst ^^^13:55
gary_posterjcsackett, yeah frankban gave you the doc to try.  FWIW, this is entirely something that jenkins is supposed to catch, and that you didn't need to run beforehand.  May I ask this?  (1) you try to get the local ci tests running.  Assuming you do, (2) verify that they pass for you.  Assuming they do, (3) toss it to me and forget about it yourself.13:56
gary_posterjcsackett, you may skip to step 3 at any point if you get too fed up :-)13:56
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frankbanjcsackett, gary_poster: it seems selenium wants to click the deploy button while it's still not visible, taking a look locally seems reasonable. oh... is the charm panel still there? if not, we have to rewrite the deploy tests13:57
jcsackettgary_poster: sure, i can poke at them locally.13:58
gary_posterthanks jcsackett .  frankban charm panel still there I think13:59
gary_posterupcoming branch removes it13:59
hatchrick_h__: still need that review?13:59
hatchand morning13:59
rick_h__hatch: yes please, and morning to you to14:00
hatchtekNico: sorry I didn't realize that the cookie code was given to you :)14:01
tekNicohatch: yeah, I changed it anyway, can change it some more :-)14:02
frankbangary_poster: this is probably unrelated, but I am not able to deploy appflower (and other charms) in uistage14:03
jcsackettgary_poster: to make sure i am understanding this right, "local" is a bit of misnomer, as i need to run this out to canonistack or ec2?14:03
* jcsackett is reading docs, as this is all new.14:04
gary_posterfrankban, it works if you give it a unique name14:05
tekNicohatch: what's the best time for a follow-up hangout for you?14:05
gary_posterfrankban, some people think it is amusing to drag everything off to the right14:05
gary_posterI think they might even have scripted it14:06
frankbangary_poster: oh :-(14:06
tekNicoit's a weird kind of QA :-)14:06
hatchtekNico: pretty soon, I'm just reviewing ricks' branch first14:08
tekNicohatch: ok, thanks14:08
hatchrick_h__: can you pull in the hash branch I landed last night and use the parsed hash?14:09
rick_h__hatch: it should have it since it landed in trunk14:09
* rick_h__ goes to check diff...14:09
hatchI'm just asking because in browser.js you use window.location.hash14:09
gary_posterjujugui I just switch uistage to sandbox.  Too annoyed at the script kiddies14:09
rick_h__hatch: heh, yea I've pulled your changes in the routing code, but in the browser subapp I just grab it from the browser. 14:10
rick_h__hatch: is the router adding the hash to the req in the app callables?14:11
rick_h__hatch: the router updates keep it from losing the hash and re-routing, but didn't see it provide it down into the app somewhere. 14:12
hatchI thought that the hash was available in there14:13
hatchjust booting one up to check14:13
rick_h__hatch: I don't think it's part of the yui parsed request object passed in14:14
hatchhmm looks like you are right, maybe you should use nsRouter.parse(url).hash14:17
hatchnot entirely sure it's necessary however14:17
rick_h__hatch: yea, the goal was just to not have the router blow the hash away from window.location.hash. I don't see any harm in me reading it from there in the actual request handling bit. 14:18
rick_h__hatch: it's r/o 14:18
hatchr/o ?14:18
abentleyorangesquad: could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/missing-content-type/+merge/168672 ?14:18
rick_h__abentley: looking14:19
rick_h__abentley: r=me14:19
abentleyrick_h__: Thanks!14:20
hatchrick_h__: review done14:23
rick_h__hatch: reply inbound14:24
rick_h__jcsackett: if you get a second can you peek at my reply/update for the second +1 please14:25
hatchrick_h__: cool14:26
hatchtekNico: guichat?14:30
tekNicohatch: I'm doing a review myself now :-) a few minutes and I'm done, ok14:30
hatchokee sure np14:31
tekNicohatch: don't start another review yourself though ;-)14:31
hatchhaha nope14:31
jcsacketthatch: do you have a second to chat?14:32
hatchlets do it14:32
hatchlol wth14:32
jcsackettdog knocked over my computer, yubikey hit couch.14:32
jcsacketthey, this is better than it was a week ago; then i would just accidentally whack it myself.14:33
gary_posterorangesquad, hey.  hazmat pointed out that if you go to http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/fullscreen/ and click on a category on right you get an error14:35
gary_posterknown fix?14:35
rick_h__gary_poster: looking. We had another bug with that fixed. Looks like a new one was hiding underneath14:36
rick_h__gary_poster: filing a bug now and will get it on the board to look at.14:37
abentleyrick_h__: The URL is wacky-- it has ? where it should have &14:37
rick_h__abentley: yea, and series is in there several times14:38
rick_h__abentley: will look into it right now as I've not gotten into the other card much yet, landing yesterday's stuff14:38
tekNicohatch: hangout? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/02bb45411739e441fe107c9f66e2a8cc36ba4ba7?authuser=0&hl=en14:41
hatchtekNico: sorry in a hangout now :)14:41
tekNicooh wow :-)14:42
jcsackettfrankban: so, i've read through the docs, i'm unsure how to debug this test locally. how does one do that?14:42
hatchwe need to update the CI docs with instructions on how to do it locally from start to finish14:43
hatchtekNico: guichat?14:46
tekNicohatch: yep!14:46
jcsackettgary_poster: i think i may be jumping to option 3 here, as i cannot see how to do this locally on my machine, and if local actually means "running on ec2" i don't have any of that setup since having to reinstall and probably don't have the time/bandwidth to get that set up today.14:47
gary_posterjcsackett, ack but on call14:48
frankbanjcsackett: I suggest configuring the juju-gui-testing env with the ec2 provider and then running  NO_DESTROY=1 JUJU_GUI_TEST_BROWSERS="local-firefox" bin/test-charm. 14:48
frankbanjcsackett: later you can repeat the tests without boostrapping the env again with APP_URL="http://ec2-xxx-yyy.example.com" bin/test-charm14:49
frankbanthis way the tests will be run in your local firefox, and you can debug/pdb as usual14:49
abentleyrick_h__: To properly fix bug #1176452, we think we need to change the JSON stored by mongo and elasticsearch.  That will change the json emitted by the original API (e.g. http://staging.jujucharms.com/charms/precise/mysql/json).  Do we know of anything still using that API?14:53
_mup_Bug #1176452: ElasticHttpError:NumberFormatException[For input string: "yes" <elasticsearch> <ingest> <oops> <charmworld:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1176452>14:53
rick_h__abentley: looking14:53
rick_h__abentley: yes, until the branch that removes the old browser lands it's using and calling that and might throw errors since it auto loads results on init14:53
rick_h__abentley: we should chat with sinzui about getting the old browser code out of there soon now that we're landing browser by default. 14:54
abentleysinzui, rick_h__: I'm up for a chat anytime.14:54
rick_h__gary_poster: you had mentioned there was a branch for removing the old browser already? Or did I mis-read that?14:55
gary_posterrick_h__, misread14:55
rick_h__gary_poster: ok, cool. 14:55
sinzuiabentley, jcsackett and are about to have our our weekly call. We will be done about 30 minutes from now14:56
rick_h__sinzui: rgr14:56
abentleysinzui: Cool.14:56
gary_posterjcsackett, are you trying frankban's instructions or do you still want step 3?15:07
hatchI don't think he had juju environments and ec2 set up15:08
hatchand I wasn't sure how to run it all locally15:08
gary_posterjujugui ci is failing.  could someone volunteer to investigate as critical task please?15:25
hatchgary_poster: sure15:27
hatchif the alert can wait :)15:27
gary_posterhatch alert is high priority too.  frankban do you have half hour to investigate first?15:28
gary_posteror tekNico 15:28
tekNicogary_poster: I'm juggling two things already...15:28
gary_postertekNico, then not you :-)15:29
gary_postertekNico, what's your non-GPL thing?15:29
tekNicogary_poster: the cookies warning, hatch just revolutionized it :-)15:30
gary_postertekNico, heh oh ok15:30
tekNico(is that a verb?)15:30
hatchit can be :)15:30
gary_posteruh, not sure15:30
gary_posterit is15:30
tekNicook, thanks :-)15:30
hatchthe rules of English were made to be broken15:31
gary_posterhatch revolutionized the cookies industry!15:31
gary_posterwe're Americans.  We like verbing things.15:31
hatchand forgetting u's15:31
hatchie) colour15:31
gary_posteryeah.  Canadians do that too, yeah?15:31
hatchnope we love our u's15:31
gary_posteroh.  stinky u's. :-)15:32
tekNico(actually three things, I'm also qa'ing a branch by frankban)15:34
hatchis there a UX bug for the width of the sidebar?15:36
hatch^ luca__15:37
jcsackettgary_poster: sorry, was OTP. looks like you've already implemented step 3?15:37
frankbangary_poster: taking a look with local firefox.15:37
gary_posterjcsackett, frankban is looking.  maybe worth working with his instructions for the future though?15:38
gary_posterthank you frankban 15:38
hatchrick_h__: is the browser sidebar set to min-width 350px on purpose? It should probably be max-width?15:38
luca__hatch: what is the bug with the side bar?15:39
rick_h__hatch: yea, it's on purpose15:39
jcsackettgary_poster: i've copied his instructions and when i next have slack i'll make sure i can follow them.15:39
hatchluca__: oh - well it looks 'wrong' on my monitor because it has a min-width of 350px not a max-width15:39
gary_posterack thanks jcsackett 15:39
hatchso there is just a bunch of whitespace beside everything that looks off15:40
rick_h__hatch: screenshot?15:40
hatchone moment15:40
luca__hatch: screenshot! :D15:41
hatch^ rick_h__ luca__15:41
rick_h__hatch: heh, well don't view it fullscreen on 1920px :P15:41
rick_h__hatch: there's talk about making things more responsive and dealing with 'grid units' but it's not in the immediate future15:42
hatchhah I'm nowhere near fullscreen on my monitor :)15:42
luca__rick_h__: can you explain what the issue is? o.O15:42
hatchit looks proper if we change the min-width to max-width15:42
rick_h__hatch: well I did say 1920px15:42
gary_posterrogpeppe, gentle reminder to reply to the two gui-related emails from william :-)15:43
hatchwell...really just 'width' :)15:43
rick_h__luca__: so he's complaining about the wasted space to the right of the charm-tokens because it's seto to 25% and he's viewing it on a giant screen15:43
luca__rick_h__: I see, good spot hatch :P15:44
rogpeppegary_poster: will do, thanks for the poke15:45
hatchif you're ok with it being set to a fixed width of 350px instead of a min width it's a one line and 4character fix :)15:45
gary_posterthanks rogpeppe :-)15:45
hatchare failures in the simulator not supposed to trigger alerts?15:48
hatchjujugui call in 3 ;)15:57
gary_posterugh thanks hatch15:57
hatchhaha np15:57
Makyo---> https://codereview.appspot.com/10048043/ <---16:06
jcsackettfrankban: link?16:14
frankbanjcsackett: https://codereview.appspot.com/971404716:14
abentleyorangesquad: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/factory-uses-process-charm/+merge/168724 ?16:15
* sinzui looks16:15
tekNicoMakyo: don't you have two reviews already for your "zoom to service" branch?16:17
sinzuiabentley, r=me16:17
MakyotekNico, no second LGTM, and Ben's out this week.16:17
tekNicoMakyo: ok, I'll do it16:17
MakyotekNico, thanks!16:18
frankbanguihelp: does anyone have info about the "failed to load editorial content" notification?16:29
gary_posterrick_h__, ^^^16:30
hatchfrankban: I could be wrong with this - but I think that happens when the request to the jujucharms.com fails16:35
frankbanhatch: ok thanks16:36
rick_h__frankban: looking16:39
rick_h__frankban: yea, I'll need the network info from the debug tools. Right now we know we've got a problem with the new routing code and searches which use query strings16:40
rick_h__frankban: I'm not aware of anything ootb right now on interesting loading16:40
frankbanrick_h__: ack, just investigating CI failures, and that notification captured my attention16:42
rick_h__hatch: so yea, but the question would be what failed and why16:42
rick_h__frankban: definitely. If it's just in tests then it should be ok, but if you see it in use we need to figure out why it's failing. 16:43
hatchrick_h__: there is no why, there is only do16:43
frankbanrick_h__: I am actually seeing those in a ec2 deployed GUI (used by CI tests) -> http://ec2-107-20-106-2.compute-1.amazonaws.com/16:47
rick_h__frankban: ok, config issue. The url needs to end in a trailing /16:47
rick_h__frankban: both config-debug and config-prod have it, not sure where the config is from in the charm where it doesn't have it16:48
frankbanrick_h__: you mean charmworldURL: "https://manage.jujucharms.com" ?16:48
rick_h__frankban: rgr16:48
hatchremoving bootstrap from the page actually breaks damn near everything :/16:48
rick_h__frankban: I mean 'roger' or yes16:48
rick_h__hatch: yea, why we left it for you :P16:49
rick_h__hatch: we took a peek at that back when we first started with design/huw in march16:49
hatchit's not just the alert button that huw had mentioned but everything16:49
frankbanrick_h__: so the default value in the charm config is invalid. however, since this is something the user can change (providing a customized juju --config) I'd prefer the trailing slash to be handled by the GUI code... thoughts?16:50
rick_h__frankban: yes, we can add a bug to check for a /$ and add it if it's not there. 16:51
rick_h__frankban: I'll add it now16:51
frankbanrick_h__: thank you16:51
frankbanrick_h__: in the meanwhile, I'll quickly fix the default value in the charm16:55
rick_h__frankban: thanks16:58
hatchgary_poster: so I have now extracted and replaced all of the bootstrap styles effecting the alerts button and made steps to gradually move away from bootstrap. But bootstrap still cannot be removed as other parts of the app rely on it17:44
hatchhow far down this rabbit hole should I go?17:44
hatchfrankban: was the CI failure caused by a missing trailing / ?17:46
frankbanhatch: still investigating17:47
hatchohh, I saw your commit and wondered if that was the fix17:47
frankbanhatch: it can be related17:47
rick_h__hatch: jcsackett have any opinions on this tiny patch? https://codereview.appspot.com/1019304317:55
rick_h__honestly about to self-review, but give you all a chance at it :)17:55
rick_h__hmm, actually yea I'm missing a line of removal still. doh!17:55
hatchcombine now handles that, yes?17:56
rick_h__hatch: right17:56
rick_h__hatch: so it was double adding the qs and cauing issues later down the pipe17:57
hatchwell then....guess you know what I'm going to ask for next :P17:57
rick_h__hatch: a pie?17:57
hatcha test!!!17:57
hatchweeeee tests!17:57
rick_h__hah, thought about it. but I'm testing that code that's no longer there no longer functions 17:57
hatchis there a test that checks to make sure the combine works properly?17:58
rick_h__hatch: correct, what was missing was a test that navigate had a query string on it, but now that navigate doesn't add a query string that test makes no sense17:58
rick_h__and by navigate I mean _navigate17:59
hatchsure okee17:59
sinzuiabentley, I think search is broken/missing from staging? Any insights17:59
hatchonce you remove the line creating qes17:59
rick_h__hatch: yea, that's pushed up. Hit refresh17:59
hatchqa I mean17:59
* sinzui can see that the staging logs are dominated by KeyError: 'branch_deleted'17:59
rick_h__log domination ftw!17:59
rick_h__...or not17:59
jcsackettrick_h__: if i'm understanding this, you've found a path wherein the QS was preserved, and then parsed out and added again, yes?17:59
abentleysinzui: Oh, that sounds like a problem.18:00
rick_h__jcsackett: no, I found a path that had a url witha valid query string, and then...reappended a query string again 18:00
jcsackettyou just said what i said with different words. or at least what i was intending to say.18:00
rick_h__if it had removed it, it might have worked :)18:00
rick_h__"parsed out" or whatever18:01
jcsackette.g. the nsRouter stuff now preserves QS, the code you deleted parsed the QS from the URL, then appended...but it was already there.18:01
jcsackettanyway, kill it.18:01
rick_h__jcsackett: I follow ya, yea. 18:01
jcsacketti can LGTM if you want, or you can self review.18:01
rick_h__jcsackett: LGTM please so I can say I was all official and people looked over my shoulders :)18:01
abentleysinzui: I believe abel's branch is broken and only works for new charms that have branch_deleted set.18:05
abentleysinzui: IOW a catch-2218:05
sinzuiabentley, yep18:05
sinzuiI reported the bug. easy fix.18:06
abentleysinzui: Sorry I didn't notice this in the review.18:06
abentleysinzui: I can take it if you like.  Just started on another bug.18:06
sinzuiabentley, okay. https://bugs.launchpad.net/charmworld/+bug/119000218:06
_mup_Bug #1190002: KeyError branch_deleted <ingest> <charmworld:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1190002>18:06
sinzuiyour choice of defensive coding or update and use the model.18:07
rick_h__gary_poster: so heads up, bug on the categories link that hazmat brought up is landing now. Small regression from last night to today so hopefully short lived and no pain.18:07
gary_postercool thank you very much rick_h__ 18:08
rick_h__next bug! /me is declaring it bug fixing day18:08
hatchgary_poster: did you see my q above?18:09
gary_posterhatch, no looking18:09
gary_posterhatch, only as far as we need today for header.  thank you.  if you've done any extra, great, but no need for more18:10
hatchhonestly I'm not exactly sure what needs to be done - this is to change things for the grey header?18:10
abentleysinzui: Odd, branch_deleted gets set by the lp scan.  I don't know how it's missing.18:11
gary_postersorry hatch I meant the notifications thing18:11
abentleysinzui: Unless the branch *just* landed.18:11
gary_posterhatch, huw doesn't want to have to  deal with bootstrap AIUI.  I think he also wants to have YUI style css control over the notifications panel18:12
sinzuiabentley, ~zulcss/oneiric/nagios looks very old18:12
hatchwell that's simply not going to happen without a new UI, the bootstrap styles controlling the notifications is ~150lns18:12
frankbangary_poster: retrying a CI run now. This is just to test if the problem was the error notification appearing due to an invalid config option in the charm defaults, and preventing the charm panel link to be clicked. If that's not the case, I'll continue tomorrow morning if not solved before. Created a critical card in Maintenance.18:13
hatchbut I separated them out for him so they are easy to modify now at least18:13
abentleysinzui: No, I mean unless abel's branch *just* landed.  Which I can see it didn't.18:13
gary_posterthank you frankban 18:13
sinzuiabentley, right, it was merge by tarmac about 24 hours ago18:14
sinzuiabentley, the first error is 2013-06-11 08:58:0718:14
gary_posterfrankban I will ask someone else to run with it this afternoon if not fixed18:15
gary_posterhatch, uh.18:15
frankbangary_poster: cool, thanks18:15
abentleysinzui: But the last error is 2013-06-11 09:00:0518:15
gary_posterhatch, I honestly have no idea what Huw's concern is tbh.  I don't see why he can't change the top header without changing the notifications panel18:15
gary_posterrick_h__, do you have any insight into above, maybe?18:16
hatchgary_poster: yeah - I'll propose my branch so you can see what I have done for him - see if it's what you had in mind18:16
gary_posterok thanks hatch 18:16
abentleysinzui: I think the problem was that the queued data didn't match the new code.18:16
abentleysinzui: And therefore it's no longer an issue.  Which leaves the other problem mysterious.18:17
gary_posterhatch, how trivial is it to disable and remove the top search?18:17
gary_posterdo you know off hand?18:17
sinzuiabentley, I see that ingest errors is current and nasty18:18
hatchumm - if I remember fairly trivial18:18
hatchnot sure what the side effects would ne18:18
hatchwe could remove the html though really easy :)18:18
abentleysinzui: Where do you see it?  I can't see a recent example in app.log or ingest-errors.log18:19
sinzuiabentley, ingest-lp.log18:19
gary_posterhatch, heh18:20
abentleysinzui: AttributeError: 'MongoQueue' object has no attribute 'charms'?  Yes, that looks bad.18:20
hatchwe would also need to remove the charms dropdown button18:20
hatchone minute I'll look deeper18:21
gary_posterthank you18:21
abentleysinzui: bin/enqueue exhibits the error locally.18:22
hatchgary_poster: so I'd like to say that it would simply be removing things from the instance creation constructor but should probably allow......4h? JIC18:23
gary_posterhatch ok18:23
gary_posterhatch, are you up for this or would you like me to find someone else?  This is more immediately pressing than the inspector work, but I really want that to proceed as well.  If you'd rather not do this right now, lemme know18:24
hatchsure I can18:24
sinzuiabentley, shall we consider the script to remove ObjectId charms? Ot was run on staging 4 hours ago, and production in the last 15 minutes18:24
hatchthis will definitely be a - diff :)18:24
abentleysinzui: What should we consider about the script?18:25
gary_poster:-) thanks hatch18:25
sinzuiabentley, I don't think the remove() call could cause the queue to loose charms, but maybe on second glance it is bad...http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5755316/18:26
hatchgary_poster: np! I'm going to move bens controller card into daily to free up space if that's alright?18:26
sinzuiabentley, this is the report from the production run...look good to me: https://pastebin.canonical.com/92568/18:26
abentleysinzui: I don't think the script is implicated.18:27
abentleysinzui: I think that ingest is broken, and all the current charms are in a bad state because of the last ingest.18:27
sinzuifab, then production probably wont go blank18:27
gary_posterhatch, how 'bout this18:27
abentleysinzui: For example, http://staging.jujucharms.com/charms/precise/apache2/json has an 'errors' member.  I bet all branches do.18:28
gary_poster(1) propose your/ben's current branch.  use Ben's card for that 18:28
sinzuiabentley, yes, that is what I thought at first when I saw the branch_deleted, but the 18:28
sinzuiAttributeError: 'MongoQueue' object has no attribute 'charms'18:28
gary_poster(2) hopefully you 'll have reviews for your alerts dropdown by then and can land18:28
sinzuiconfuses me18:28
gary_poster(3) then you'll have room :-)18:28
abentleysinzui: I get that locally when I run bin/enqueue.  I've never run  your script.  I think abel never tested locally.18:29
hatchhah sure - `recess` is throwing an error but doesn't tell me what the error is :/18:29
sinzuiabentley, we have two branches found by interfaces...and one is ~chilicuil that we discussed before18:30
abentleysinzui: Also, the API lists only two charms.18:32
sinzuiabentley, yep, those two. We can added a defensive check to the code.18:33
abentleysinzui: Sorry, I forget what context they were relevant to.  Are they potentially deleted?18:34
abentleysinzui: bzr certainly thinks they aren't branches.18:34
sinzuiabentley, ~chilicuil is my Cthulhu example form a few days about charms without branches that dominate the error logs18:35
sinzuithe recent change inverts the case where good charms error and dominate the logs18:36
abentleysinzui: It18:36
abentleysinzui: It is the charm that had no contentType earlier, suggesting a deleted branch.18:36
abentleysinzui: Anyhow, once we fix this MongoQueue error, I expect the non-missing branches to be fixed.18:38
* hatch wants to remove recess from our build18:41
abentleysinzui: It appears to be a one-line fix: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5755825/18:43
abentleysinzui: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/enqueue-broken/+merge/168788 ?18:49
abentleysinzui: I've successfully run enque and ingest-queued.18:50
abentleysinzui: I wonder whether we should drain the queues as part of a source code upgrade?18:53
sinzuiabentley, I think we should.19:00
sinzuiabentley, do you have time for https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charmworld/enable-migration/+merge/16879119:00
abentleysinzui: looking.19:00
abentleysinzui: I think production thinks it's already on version 7, so you need to rename version 7 to version 8.19:01
sinzuiabentley, production is not on 7, it failed to migrate19:05
abentleysinzui: Even after you made the 7 migration a no-op?  Are you sure?19:05
sinzuiabentley, you are correct.19:06
* sinzui copies and renames19:06
gary_posterbenji hijacked you into call tomorrow of potential juju core task.  let me know if you'd rather have a tooth pulled :-)19:09
benjiwhat time?19:09
gary_posterbenji 1500 utc.  on your calendar19:10
* benji takes out his UTC to Faux-Eastern slide rule.19:10
gary_posterheh, 11 for me benji19:10
rick_h__hatch: can you give me a ping when you get a sec?19:13
rick_h__I need someone to second my build issue isn't just me19:14
hatchwhat's up? just eating lunch19:14
rick_h__hatch: so can you check out trunk, make clean-all && make19:14
rick_h__and try to run the tests?19:14
rick_h__in a browser, test-server, not test-debug19:14
sinzuiabentley, I push my update: https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charmworld/enable-migration/+merge/16879119:16
abentleysinzui: Also rename TestMigration007 to TestMigration008 and you're good to land.19:17
hatchrick_h__: broke broke19:19
rick_h__hatch: k19:19
rick_h__hatch: now do me another favor19:19
hatchbrowser_charm_view "does not blow up when the scores from the api is null"19:19
hatchdoes blow up :)19:19
rick_h__hatch: yea, I've fixed that but now hitting other stuff :(19:20
rick_h__cascade fail19:20
hatchit takes forever to run the build when kerbal is also running haha19:28
abentleysinzui: I am in the middle of a forced ingest, and things seem to be returning to normal.19:29
sinzuiabentley, rock!19:29
MakyoSwapping routers again :S19:30
hatchwow throttle control makes a huge difference in how much bang for your buck you get in kerbal19:34
=== makyo_ is now known as Makyo
rick_h__hatch: I'm trying to manually fire an event in a test but having trouble. any hints for me? http://paste.mitechie.com/show/964/19:37
abentleysinzui: ingest complete.19:37
hatchrick_h__: I"m assuming that tabview is the proper object?19:38
hatchyou don't need to pass in a new eventfacade you can just fire it with an object19:38
hatch{newVal: 'Quality'}19:39
rick_h__hatch: yes, verified tab == view.tabview19:39
rick_h__hatch: the trouble is that it's not getting into the 'after' callback at all19:39
hatchthat's because selection is an attribute?19:39
rick_h__ah! gotcha19:39
rick_h__hatch: still fail, anything else jump out at you from this then? http://paste.mitechie.com/show/965/19:53
rick_h__hatch: nvm, hmm the selection isn't the link but the tab content. So I'm mixing it up a bit19:55
rick_h__it should still fire the event though, the attr was changed but it didn't take. ugh this is annoying19:56
hatchthe event will only fire if the value is different19:57
rick_h__yea, so now the wonder why it didn't take19:57
hatchtry just setting it to 'foo'19:58
hatchso it's totally different19:58
sinzuithank you very much abentley19:58
hatchrick_h__: oh19:59
abentleysinzui: You're welcome.19:59
hatchrick_h__: selection is readonly19:59
rick_h__hatch: bah!19:59
rick_h__screw it, bye bye test. 20:01
rick_h__this is so much fun, now that routing is fixed to not ignore QS and anchor tags the tests won't pass20:03
rick_h__frankban was doomed from the start20:03
rick_h__it's alive!20:14
rick_h__guess what standup I'll be on tomorrow :P20:14
hatchwhat was the issue?20:15
rick_h__so now that routing is un-borked any test that adds a #hash to the url causes everyone else's json loads to fail since they're relative20:16
hatchyeah that's not good testing to modify the url at all20:16
rick_h__yea, so I removed my one test that did it because it had so since I can't simulate the underlying selectionChange event to clean up the test20:17
rick_h__all the stuff in test_service_view that does it I just moved to the last tests to run period20:17
hatchwell you could change the selection :)20:17
rick_h__someone that knows how that works will have to adjust the test to not mess withthe url20:17
rick_h__hatch: right, but I can't seem to force it other than clicking on the link...that triggers the url change20:17
rick_h__oh wtf...now test errors in test-debug when it didn't fail on this anyway20:18
hatchI think selectChild does20:18
hatchI could be wrong though20:18
rick_h__selectChild is about the widget child I believe20:18
hatchok ok20:18
hatchugh this recess thing is irritating me20:20
rick_h__what was recess? the css minification stuff?20:20
* rick_h__ had to look it up before and is refusing to again :P20:21
hatchit's a css linter that fails on bootstrap code20:21
rick_h__ah, that's right20:21
hatch(made by twitter)20:21
hatchthere is absolutely nothing wrong with the style in question20:21
hatchand it doesn't give me a way to turn it off for a block of css20:21
hatchas far as I can find in the source or docs20:21
rick_h__oh crap, ran the wrong command *sigh*20:34
rick_h__what a freaking day20:34
hatchanyone available for a review? https://codereview.appspot.com/10197043/20:35
rick_h__hatch: jcsackett can I get an emergency call please?20:35
hatchit's a simple css restructuring one20:35
hatchloading guichat20:35
rick_h__guichat please20:35
gary_posterMakyo do you have time for quick review of hatch's https://codereview.appspot.com/10197043/ ?20:38
gary_posterit's fast :-)20:38
gary_posteruh-huh, sure20:40
hatchjcsackett: lol20:40
gary_postersorry, my comment was ambiguous but intended to be directed at Jon20:40
hatchgary_poster: sorry I committed the config :/20:41
gary_posterhatch np, easy to fix :-)20:41
rick_h__jcsackett: https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/juju-gui/trailing-slash-1189973/+merge/16880320:42
jcsackettman...i'm building a little cover that hooks onto the yubikey.20:44
gary_posterrick_h__, jcsackett fwiw the only big usability issue I have in charm browser right now is the lack of a back arrow sort of thing, or at least the ability to get back to the home page.  true back arrow doesn't work reliably either.  Is any of that slated to come up soon?20:48
gary_poster(navigating to categories are example of true back arrow not working)20:49
jcsackettgary_poster: i don't know that any of that is scheduled; back arrows are sporadically included in design, and i think true back not working is a new bug.20:50
gary_posterjcsackett, ok thanks, I will raise to UX then20:51
jcsacketttrue back arrow not working sounds like something we can bring up in standup tomorrow as a high priority, but i'll have more info for you post-standup.20:51
gary_postercool thanks jcsackett 20:51
jcsackettsinzui: ^20:52
jcsacketti've added a card to the next lane. probably worth more discussion tomorrow, since everyone is EoDing or close to doing so now.20:52
rick_h__gary_poster: so back button shuold work. The 'return to home' is a known UX issue that luca's had on their plate for a while tbh20:52
gary_posterrick_h__, ack, thanks.  I'll send something casual to him then20:53
sinzuigary_poster, rick_h__ speaks the truth20:53
gary_postershould I file a bug for category back arror thing?20:53
rick_h__gary_poster: did you see ^^ about tests and CI?20:53
sinzuiI would love a 'return to home' feature20:54
rick_h__gary_poster: I'll come on the stand up tomorrow, but the browser based tests are a bit fubar with the routing changes recently I think. I've landed a branch that should help, but does dirty tricks20:54
gary_posterrick_h__, I saw that there was a crazy slash thing that broke things somehow, and frankban fixed it in charm and you fixed it gui.  I haven't seen test runs since20:54
gary_posterok thanks rick_h__, sounds good (or sending an email would be good, but verbal is faster)20:55
rick_h__sorry, EOD and juggling sick toddler. 20:57
gary_posterhope toddler feels better soon20:58
gary_posterfor the sake of all involved :-)20:58
rick_h__gary_poster: ok, I guess there's some question as to the right way to fix permanently, but wanted to toss a heads up. phantomjs let things pass that FF/chrome would not have20:58
gary_posterah-hah :-/20:58
rick_h__so just a general heads up that the / wasn't even close to CI's big issue, but hopefully it's better now than this morning20:58
gary_posterCI's big issue being the diff between phantom and FF/chrome?20:59
gary_posteror something you will discuss tomorrow?20:59
rick_h__gary_poster: yea, it was either hitting that or about to once the other issue was unblocked20:59
rick_h__I had hatch verify that tsets failed for him in trunk big time before my branch20:59
gary_posterugh, wow21:00
hatchyeah....gota love FE development :)21:00
gary_posterwell, on the bright side tarmac will make that better21:00
gary_posterwhere's matsubara, anyway! :-)21:00
MakyoDogwalkination.  Back in a bit.21:00
gary_posteruh, hatch?  I think something fell over: http://uistage.jujucharms.com/21:06
hatchi'd say21:06
hatchthat's what happens when bootstrap isn't on the page21:06
hatchnow why isn't it...21:06
gary_posterI'm trying make21:06
gary_posteron uistage21:07
hatchhmm it is loaded21:07
hatchthe bootstrap styles aren't being replied21:08
gary_posterhatch, do you want me to do anthing on uistage21:09
hatchthe bootstrap and juju-bootstrap files are returning the index file21:10
gary_posterwell, this  is on prod21:11
gary_posterso it should be compressed, yeah?21:11
hatchcan't compress it, recess throws an error21:11
hatchand there is no way to tell it to ignore the line21:11
hatchoh but I suppose we could merge them21:12
hatchok going to go do that - I explicitly removed them from the merge so that they would stand out21:12
hatchbut that's not working :)21:12
gary_posterLesson: reviewers should always qa :-/21:13
gary_posteron prod21:13
hatchshould be fixed soon21:15
hatchsorry :*)21:17
gary_posters'ok, was my fault too21:18
hatchYeah!! that's right it was!21:18
hatchgary_poster: https://codereview.appspot.com/10197043 mind a qa please :)21:22
gary_posterhatch :-) on it21:22
gary_posterLGTM ship it!21:27
gary_posterhatch, go ahead and submit, but then, in charm browser, was change log broken in charms before you landed the bootstrap change?21:29
gary_posterwill try reverting to check21:29
gary_posterright now it takes up all vertical space even when collapsed21:29
gary_posterwhich pushes tabs down down down way down21:29
hatchgary_poster: yeah it's because it's using the .hidden class which sets visibility to hidden21:30
gary_posterhatch, ok, you on it?  21:31
hatchI'm not sure what other side effects there are with that change though21:32
gary_posterhatch, so...this is a bootstrap thing though, right?21:32
hatchstylesheet.less line 11521:32
gary_posterso not introduced by you hatch?21:32
hatchi'll revert trunk to see but I am almost certain no21:33
hatchwill report in 521:33
gary_posterok thanks21:33
hatchyes it was caused by me21:39
gary_postereasy to fix?21:39
hatchone liner yup21:39
hatchwill fix and submit21:39
gary_postercool thanks21:39
hatchgary_poster: can you make on uistage plz?21:48
gary_posteron it21:48
gary_posterlib/views/stylesheet.less is not working in Makefile to trigger css rebuild. did make clean && make.21:50
gary_posterfixed.  thanks hatch!21:51
hatchour css is a mess21:51
hatchhopfully with huw we can now clean it up21:51
hatchok now to merge ben and my branch21:53
hatchMakyo: thought you might like this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZYm0anhvLg it sounds better if you change the quality to 1080HD :)21:56
hatchyuidoc linter is throwing an error but I have no idea what it means....who added this?22:11
hatchlooks like I got it22:15
hatchgary_poster: https://codereview.appspot.com/10019050/ the databinding branch22:39

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