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elias_olá boa noite a todos01:59
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WdaeHello :D05:28
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mokushI've removed all ruby* packages, using muon, and ruby -v still works. any idea why?08:17
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apacheloggermokush: using muon or using the muon software center?08:54
mokushapachelogger: muon08:54
mokushbut it seems that removing everything solved the issue I had with compass. so now, after I removed everything ruby* related, ruby, sass and compass work fine :)08:55
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Roberth1990hello, will kubuntu adopt mir or wayland?10:53
lordievaderRoberth1990: I believe that is still a topic of discussion.11:03
Roberth1990lordievader: okay11:05
FluxBox23Hello :)11:33
noaXesson a customer server i get after each command a line like: 134[2013-06-11 13:34:06] pts/0@server ~11:35
noaXessany idea how to disable it?11:35
noaXessit's root user and shell is /bin/bash11:35
monkeyjuicenoaXess:  kind of looks like every command is being logged..12:00
BluesKajHiyas all12:03
monkeyjuicemorning BluesKaj12:03
BluesKaj'Morning monkeyjuice12:04
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khaledhi , the synaptic and update managet don't open any help?12:14
murthyhello everyone12:19
noaXessmonkeyjuice: got it.. there was a .bash_options which does that ;).. renamed and done13:16
noaXessand bash view is now default..13:16
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n8whey guys13:37
BluesKajhi n8w13:37
n8wis there any way how to clear up the notification(in the sys tray) automatically?? e.g. after certain time13:37
n8wim talkin about the notification widget...13:38
BluesKajn8w, not that i know of ..it's somewhat buggy , the notifications ahng around for a long time after the action is finished , it's a pain alright13:40
BluesKajhang around13:40
n8wBluesKaj, well i always have to clear it up manually:)...13:41
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BluesKajn8w, I've never tried the hidden setting for it, maybe that will work :)13:42
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n8wBluesKaj, i dont even have the option to automatically hide..wtf13:43
BluesKajyeah , there is a guy who is asking ppl for their experience with notifications , seele_ in #kubuntu-devel13:44
BluesKajn8w, ^13:44
n8wBluesKaj, cheers13:45
n8wBluesKaj, ye man its a bug(still!!!) https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=16030813:49
arthurb_hello all, I'm having issues integrating gpg with kmail (4.9.5), is anyone using such a combination?13:55
BluesKajarthurb_,  gpg with kmail ? please explain13:58
arthurb_BluesKaj: ur, I just want to sign and encrypt emails with my gpg keys... the gpg command line works fine13:59
arthurb_I've added my key to my identity in the kmail conf, but if I try to sign an email, it goes "Could not compose message: Bad passphrase"14:00
arthurb_without actually prompting me for a passphrase14:00
BluesKaj arthurb_, ok understood , i just don't use kmail or need to certify or supply a COC for them14:01
BluesKajCOC = chain of custody14:02
BluesKajseen similar security feature requirements over the years , but never thought it would be needed with emails14:04
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Roberth1990anyone know how I can get BFS and BFQ on ubuntu?15:03
goodtimesorry but i dont understand Roberth199015:03
goodtimeis it in the package manager?15:04
Roberth1990Brain Fuck Scheduler and Budget Fair Queuer15:04
geniiRoberth1990: May want to enquire in #ubuntu-kernel15:04
Roberth1990a cpu scheduler and disk queuer15:05
goodtimelol i never even heard of that15:05
Roberth1990it makes the system much more responsive for desktop use15:05
Roberth1990a lot lower latencies15:05
geniigoodtime: The kernel can use different scheduling systems for processes, it's moving towards whats called "tickless" which is even-driven model, etc15:05
goodtimeok nice15:06
goodtimei just might have to look into it15:06
Roberth1990http://pf.natalenko.name/repos.php hmmm this kernel has them15:07
RiddellRoberth1990: file a needs-packaging bug (or package it yourself)15:08
Riddelloh well15:08
* genii makes a note to perhaps create !needs-packaging15:09
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)15:09
Soru__Someone knows how to build a multisieat easyly?15:10
geniiSoru__: There's a decent tutorial at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX15:11
Soru__But... It really works? Someone tried it? I tried it one day without luck... Maybe I need to try it again :/15:12
Soru__For example15:13
Soru__I don't have any xorg.conf file15:14
Soru__I'm on kubuntu 1315:14
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geniiSoru__: No xorg.conf file is made now by default. but if you create one then it does get used.15:21
Soru__Well, I'll try to follow the steps15:22
Soru__I'll say somthing here15:22
geniiSoru__: I am in many channels, if you need to get my attention at some point please just put my name in your message so that I will get a notice :)15:22
Soru__Great genii, thanks for your help!15:23
* genii makes another pot of coffee and gets back to work15:23
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sven_oostenbrinkI'm on kubuntu 13.04 and I have no audio whatsoever.. system settings > multimedia shows the pulseaudio sound server, no other optoins.. how can I debug / fix this?15:42
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, , what about the preferred devices tab in phonon ?15:44
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: I only see PulseAudio Sound Server15:45
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, no device preference tab?15:46
sven_oostenbrinkthat is the list where I see audio playback, audio recording, and video recording, right?15:47
sven_oostenbrinkand in there, I select, for example, audio playback > music, and in the list on the right, all I see is "pulse audio sound server"15:47
sven_oostenbrinkI click there, press "test", and hear no sound15:47
BluesKajnot video recording itself just the audio track,m but yes15:48
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: well yea, but I am not interrested in video recording atm :) just want to hear music, but I hear zip15:48
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, what's in the list ?15:48
sven_oostenbrinkwell like I said, pulse audio sound server15:49
sven_oostenbrinkNothing else15:50
sven_oostenbrinkI do see two other tabs15:50
sven_oostenbrinkaudio hardware setup15:51
sven_oostenbrinkand backen15:51
sven_oostenbrinkbackend only gives me a list with "gstreamer"15:51
BluesKajok, sven_oostenbrink , open a terminal and run aplay -l15:51
sven_oostenbrinkthe audio hardware setup gives me a device with HDMI stereo output..15:51
sven_oostenbrinkone sec15:51
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5755257/15:52
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, run sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , there will be no output ..you're just loading the kernel module audio driver , then reboot15:54
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sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: the reboot is necesary? I'm running something that I should not really interrupt for like, the next 25 mins15:55
sven_oostenbrinkwell, more like next 10 mins15:55
sven_oostenbrinkso if I could do without reboot, would be great! :)15:55
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, it usually is , but you could try this altho it doesn't always work , sudo alsa force-reload15:56
sven_oostenbrinkmeanwhile, dumb question but.. isnt alsa something from linux sound stoneage? why is it still being used? nofi15:58
sven_oostenbrinksorry, BluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5755271/15:59
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, actually alsa worked very well until politiccs and egos thrust pulseaudio on us , just another layer of audio processing at the time , now alsa has been put to the back burner devel-wise and were stauck with pulse if we want audio on websites with flash16:02
BluesKajotherwise alsa works great wwithout pulse16:02
sven_oostenbrinkwell yeah, from what I have gathered, linux sound system is a bit of a mess... gstreamer, alsa, pulse, phonon, etc etc.. again, nofi, I just want my audio to work :)16:02
sven_oostenbrinkso ok, I did the alsa force reload, I posted the results.. should it work no?16:03
BluesKajyeah it's a dog's breakfast alright16:03
sven_oostenbrinkI should see more devices in system settings > phonon?16:04
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, dunno for sure , it might16:04
sven_oostenbrinkdont see anything yet16:04
sven_oostenbrinkmaybe I better do this reboot :)16:04
BluesKajyeah , that's why the reboot is required , all the configs need reloading16:05
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sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: I'm back16:11
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, ok and ?16:12
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: in system settings > phonon I now see (when selecting audio playback > music) one "built in audio analog stereo" whcih is greyed out, dunno why, and another one saying "GF 106 High Definition Audio Controller Digital Stereo (HDMI)16:12
sven_oostenbrinkthat second one is not greyed out, but cliking on it, then "test" gives me no sound yet16:13
sven_oostenbrinkProbably because of -from what it looks like- being HDMI audio16:13
sven_oostenbrinkI need audio out of the standard jack plug :)16:13
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, have you updated/upgraded lately16:14
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: updated the system with 13.04 packages? every day.. upgraded.. IIRC, I installed this 13.04 (which btw is VERY VERY VERY buggy all over the place)  directly, not an upgrade from 12.1016:15
BluesKajHDMI is actually a combo of video and audio output and the audio is fed from the soundchip to the hdmi port along with the video16:16
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, do a dist-upgrade now16:16
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj:  apt-get dist-upgrade ?16:17
sven_oostenbrinkJust done that, nothing16:17
sven_oostenbrink0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:18
BluesKaj sven_oostenbrink  add this to  /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf,  options snd-hda-intel index=016:18
sven_oostenbrinkAt the bottom?16:18
sven_oostenbrinkI take it reboot would be necesary again?16:18
BluesKajyes and yes16:19
sven_oostenbrinkhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5755341/ contents of the file after modification16:19
sven_oostenbrinkok like this?16:19
BluesKajyes ......you are using the onboard audio16:21
BluesKajcorrect ?16:21
sven_oostenbrinkrebooting, one sec16:22
Guest74723 Hi,I am getting an error while cmake ..  : the installed kdelibs version 4.8.5 is too old, at least version   4.9.4 is required.So,how can I update it ? sudo apt-get update does not work out :/16:22
BluesKajGuest74723, try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:26
BluesKajone has to upgrade after updating16:26
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sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: Back16:27
BluesKajupdting merely populates the package changes , you need to apt-get-upgrade to bring down the changes, Guest7472316:27
sven_oostenbrinksystemsettings > phonon > device preference > audio playback > music, still dont see any other evices16:28
Guest74723@BluesKaj beside I used sudo apt-get upgrade after sudo apt-get update now using sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:29
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink,  open alsamixer in the terminal16:30
BluesKajwhat chip shows up in the upper left?16:30
sven_oostenbrinkCARD: HDA Intel MID16:31
sven_oostenbrinkF6 gives me list of sound cards.. should I select from there?16:31
sven_oostenbrinkCard: HDA Intel MID, thats what it shows16:31
BluesKajyes try the hde intel without the MID if possible16:32
sven_oostenbrinkI see there HDA Intel MID , HDA NVidia and USB2.0 camera16:32
sven_oostenbrinkHDA NVidia gives me 4 S/PDIF controls whcih are all on 016:33
BluesKajthe nvidia hda should also show a pcm control16:34
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, make sure the nvidiahda is showing as the audio chip16:35
sven_oostenbrinkIf I select the NVidia, I see Card: HDA NVidia, Chip: Nvidia GPU 11 HDMI/DP, and only 4 S/DPIF controls, all on 0 and I cannot move them16:35
sven_oostenbrinkChip: Nvidia GPU 11 HDMI/DP is what shows for chip16:35
BluesKajGPU is the video chip16:36
BluesKajnever seen intel mid before16:36
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: sooo.. I have the video chip showing as audio chip.... ?16:36
BluesKajthe hdmi is sown which carries both video and audio16:37
BluesKajwhy the intel-hda is using MID or midi is beyond me ...I'm out of ideas16:39
sven_oostenbrinkweirdest of all is16:39
sven_oostenbrinkall this worked under 12.04... Most of the big trouble began when I started using 13.04.. The entire office here is having lots of trouble with this version, while 12.10 was actually quite good.. We're probably going to downgrade to that one again until 13.10 is out and hope that one will work :)16:40
sven_oostenbrinkkmix hangs all the time when I try to use it (99% CPU usage), lots of plasma problems, audio works nowhere, lots of system freezes..16:41
BluesKajmy onboard audio chip feeds thru the hdmi out , that's a standard setup16:41
sven_oostenbrinknone of that was happening16:41
sven_oostenbrinkso you have audio over HDMI?16:41
BluesKajyes , I have the option16:41
BluesKajand I have to go out for a while16:42
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: well, thanks anyway for the help so far!16:42
BluesKajsorry  I couldn't comeup with a solution16:43
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sven_oostenbrinkno problem, at least you tried, thanks for that!16:58
aLEXzION_Hi everyone, I have some problem with Chromium in Kubuntu 12.10 and checking version I saw is not the last version available...., there is some reason for this ? and much more imporant , there is some extra repo to have the latest version of Chromium ?16:58
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Guest6208Hi, on sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and restarting I am still getting CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake:1390 (message):   ERROR: the installed kdelibs version 4.8.5 is too old, at least version   4.9.4 is required17:00
Guest6208Please help!!17:00
Guest6208any suggestion?17:03
gribouille2I'm using the kubuntu livecd and when I adjust the time, it is ignored by gmail17:03
gribouille2some programs seem to ignore the modifications to the current time I make17:05
pangolinohello! Does anybody know if I can install Kubuntu 13.04 with the alternate installer? I want to enable full disk encryption.17:06
pangolinoI've read that can be done using the alternate installer, but read another post that says Kubuntu uses a new "Unified installer" now that doesn't support setting up LVM with encryption.17:07
pangolinoit looks like it's not possilbe. Thanks!17:10
lordievaderGood evening.17:11
murthylordievader: hi17:12
lordievaderHey murthy, how are you?17:12
murthyGuest6208: have you tried reinstalling kdelibs ?17:12
murthylordievader: I am fine, how are you?17:12
lordievadermurthy: I'm doing good too :)17:12
Guest6208sudp apt-get install kdelibs ? @murthy17:13
murthyGuest6208: sudo apt-get install --reinstall kdelibs517:14
murthyGuest6208: it seems you have some package dependency issues17:15
Guest6208still I am getting the same error .17:15
murthywhat does "sudo apt-get cache policy kdelibs5" tell you17:16
murthyGuest6208: use paste.kde.org17:16
Guest6208heena@heena:~$ sudo apt-get cache policy kdelibs5 E: Invalid operation cache :/17:17
mhbHi: I am getting a DPKG error -- dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: files list file for package `sysv-rc' contains empty filename17:18
murthyGuest6208: small error in the command17:18
murthyGuest6208: its "sudo apt-cache policy kdelibs5"17:18
murthybrue: in 2 months of leave i forgot that :)17:19
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murthyGuest6208: can you give some info about the upgrade>17:21
Guest6208what info?17:21
murthyGuest6208: upgraded from version?17:22
Guest6208I used sudo apt-get dist-upgrade then restarted ..17:23
murthyGuest6208: before the update what version of ubuntu were you using?17:23
Guest620811.04 I think17:24
murthyGuest6208: then i guess you are in trouble17:24
Guest6208uhm any thing I can do?17:25
murthyGuest6208: we can always try :)17:25
Guest6208suggest something :/17:26
murthychecking for a solution, please wait17:26
murthyGuest6208: what version of ubuntu  does it show when you run this command "lsb_release -a"17:30
Guest6208heena@heena:~$ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Release:        12.04 Codename:       precise17:31
Guest6208it is 12.04 :D17:31
Raporlu_Delihi all17:31
murthyGuest6208: you want 12.04 or 13.04 ?17:33
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Guest6322@murthy I think which ever works17:35
murthyGuest6208: open muon package manager17:36
murthyGuest6322: sorry17:36
murthyGuest6322: you are in the terminal right?17:36
Guest6322@murthy muon s/w manager or package manager? next step?17:38
murthyGuest6322: package manager17:40
murthyGuest6322: in the mesnubar select settings->configure software sources17:41
Guest6322yes then?17:42
murthyGuest6322: in the dialog shown goto the updates tab17:42
murthyGuest6322: in that tab for the "show new distribution releases" setting select "normal releases'17:43
murthyGuest6322: then after that press the close button17:43
murthyGuest6322: after that run this command "sudo do-release-upgrade"17:44
murthyGuest6322: what happened?17:51
Guest6322after that?17:51
murthyGuest6322: what happened after you ran that command17:52
Guest6322it is installing shall i put it in pastebin?17:54
murthyGuest6322: then wait till it finishes, after that restart your system and see if it solves the problem17:54
murthyGuest6322: how fast is your internet connection ?17:55
Guest6322it is mtnl connection17:56
murthyGuest6322: from India?17:57
lordievaderIs there a way to get KDevPlatform 1.3.60 in Precise?18:09
murthylordievader: is it not possible?18:11
lordievadermurthy: It doesn't seem to be in the repo.18:11
murthylordievader: in that case you could file a request bug18:11
murthyI am mean bug report18:12
murthylordievader: why do you want a deb?18:12
lordievadermurthy: I'm trying to compile kdev-python, and it needs
murthylordievader: then compile that first :)18:13
lordievadermurthy: Changed the CMake file, gonna see if this works ;)18:15
murthylordievader: why?18:15
lordievadermurthy: Because I don't want to compile kdevplatform.18:16
lordievadermurthy: Can I simply compile version 1.5 without breaking things?18:20
murthylordievader: It may18:21
murthylordievader: i mean it may break something18:21
lordievadermurthy: Only kde software I think? If so it is okay, it is for a server.18:22
murthylordievader: wait18:22
lordievadermurthy: Sure no problem.18:23
SN3_god I love KDE18:23
SN3_it is so easy, friendlyand productive18:23
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, are you still around ?18:23
lordievaderSN3_: :D18:24
murthylordievader:  i just checked now and it seems it wont affects kdevelop18:28
murthylordievader: wait18:28
murthylordievader: i just checked now and it seems it affects only  kdevelop18:28
murthylordievader: me sleepy18:29
lordievadermurthy: Ok, shall I just see what happens?18:29
alex______alquien que hable español? todavia no entiendo que es eto..18:29
lordievader!es | alex______18:29
ubottualex______: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:29
murthylordievader: try18:29
lordievadermurthy: What I'm after is equipping my server with kdevelop so that I can simply rdp into my server and work on python projects in a good editor.18:35
murthylordievader: cool18:37
murthylordievader: compiling?18:38
lordievadermurthy: Jup.18:38
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murthylordievader: I am off to bed now see you later18:40
lordievadermurthy: Sleep well.18:42
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mhbHi: I cannot get security/system updates to install - I get a dpkg error as: dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:  files list file for package `sysv-rc' contains empty filename19:30
mhbAnyone got any ideas on how to fix this?19:31
BluesKajmhb, using apt-get to update ?19:32
mhbwell was using Muon Update manager, tried synaptic and apt-get - same error19:33
BluesKajmhb, or muon?19:33
BluesKajmhb, could you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list  please19:35
lordievadermhb: Could you also pastbin the full output of "sudo apt-get install -f"19:42
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BluesKajmhb, you're missing the srcs , like deb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu , for restricted , universe and multiverse19:46
dolamhello, the left of my touch pad is not working anymore; it's clicking at random times when i don't touch it, or sometimes stop clicking at all; i suspect this is a software issue; does someone know what can i do to fix it? i have tried sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprove psmouse but it didn't solve anything19:47
lordievadermhb: Ok, so it really is dpkg failing on the sysv-rc package. Might be a corrupted package.19:47
mhbProbably, but how do I replace it. it hust don't want to know19:48
mhbBluesKaj: do you think the sources could make a difference?19:49
lordievadermhb: The package is probably in /var/cache/apt/archives, remove it and try to install sysv-rc again trough apt-get.19:49
BluesKajmhb, try lordievader's suggestion , it's a more direct method than what I was going to recommend.19:53
lordievadermhb: sudo apt-get clean & sudo apt-get autoclean works too. But please keep it in-channel.19:55
goodtimelo lordievader19:56
goodtimehows it going19:56
goodtimehmm some good commands im guessing19:57
mhbI cleaned that up with sudo apr-get clean  and  sudo apt-get autoclean20:00
lordievadermhb: sudo apt-get clean & sudo apt-get autoclean works too. But please keep it in-channel.20:01
lordievadermhb: And now a "sudo apt-get install sysv-rc"20:01
mhbjust tells me that it is already installed20:07
lordievadermhb: Ok, run another update/dist-upgrade.20:08
mhblordievaders: was just trrying to copy your name and it jumped to you20:09
mhbI will give it a try and see what happens20:10
mhbWell that did not work20:59
mhbThere are a bunch of files  /var/lib/info/sysv-rc.* that a=ll seem to be corrupted21:01
mhbWhat happens if I delete them?21:02
felix89is there a way to turn off the graphic tablet manager? I want to use xsetwacom manually21:26
mhbHi, There seem to be a bunch of files in my /var/lib/dpkg/info that are corrupted, is there a way to reload them?21:29
wxlanyone here have experience with poor printing of pdfs in okular 0.16? 0.14 behaves fine21:34
wxlit does print out an error page that indicates an "undefinedresult" from the offending "awidthshow" command but i'm not sure what to do with that21:35
stack_@murthy_ are you there?22:03
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esingAccording to cnn Asus has 104000 employees and according to Forbes Asus has 21000 employees?22:42
OerHeksesing both are true22:48
OerHeksone number from 2009, the other from this yeear 201322:48
esingMaybe the CNN number includes Asus sister company 'Pegatron'22:53
esingPegatron's employees 104,608 (April 2011)22:53
valoriefolks, we have #kubuntu-offtopic for a reason22:56
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