zhanxok can't seem to get folders to share using lxle01:40
Unit193Generally you should seek support in #lxle, or ##lxle, but you can try setting up samba using...01:41
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:41
zhanxUnit193, think i tweaked my samba config too much01:41
zleaphows you10:31
thedoctarI am fine10:31
thedoctarhow are you?10:31
zleapi am good10:37
zleapi am sorting some stuff out to try and fix a windows computer on thursday10:37
zleapeasy solution = usb key with lubuntu on10:38
zleaphowever I need to figure out why norton (its subscription has run out) is blocking everything10:39
thedoctarnorton antivirus?10:41
thedoctarwhat do you mean blocking everything?10:42
thedoctarin any case, this question isn't really realted to lubuntu10:42
thedoctarif norton isn't behaving as you want, why not just disable it?10:43
zleapi am downloading useful windows software for a computer fix11:23
zleape.g free software, gnu4win etc11:23
Unit193I think you may have mixed your channels up.11:23
zleapno as I am hoping to get them to move to lubuntu11:24
zleapbut need a way of making windows so it has the tools tht are remotely useful for fixingf stuff in the shorter term11:24
Unit193Still, should be ##windows for support, or general talk in #lubuntu-offtopic.  This is the Lubuntu support channel.11:25
zleapok sorry11:25
zleapi will find oujt what hardware they have and then cross reference that with ubuntu to make sure stuff is supported11:26
Unit193LiveCD could help there too of course.11:26
Unit193If for nothing else than to get some good lshw output.11:27
zleapis lshw-gtk included on the live cd11:27
* zleap also has the opendiagnostics cd, with a useful tool to remove windows passwords on :)11:27
Unit193Nope, just lshw.11:28
zleapi think their computer is a few years old,  so it should run Lubuntu nicely11:29
zleapproviding all the hardware works with it of course and or I can get that running, i think their windows install could be really screwed up thanks to norton if it won't let them do anything11:30
zleaphi hyperair11:32
ShapeShifter499I'm just wondering if I hit the up arrow key (or any other key for that matter) during a scp transfer, does that do anything to the file in transit?12:56
phillwShapeShifter499: nope13:14
phillwCtrl-C will cancel it.. so don't do that one!13:14
ShapeShifter499phillw, other channel helped me figure it out, I knew ctrl-c canceled and the other ctrl ones but I had no idea what happened to a character if I accidentally typed it into the window of a running program13:16
ShapeShifter499*terminal window of a running program13:16
phillwokies, glad it got answered :)13:16
vn151502510hi! How can I re-enable showing a notification about network connections?15:04
vn151502510I clicked on "never show again" in xfce4-notifyd, now I need it back15:07
Lasokkidear #lubuntu, why am I closing terminal over and over again, when typing15:34
Lasokkialso, why am I pasteing text over and over again15:34
LasokkiI hate touchpads :I15:34
Lasokkiah, two finger tap pops up the menu15:41
Lasokkiok, this is the worst gesture ever15:42
Lasokkiwell, let's hope that setting PalmDetect to 1 helps15:50
LasokkiI wonder why default isn't 1?15:50
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