bigjoolsmwhudson: did you get anywhere with the split downloads yet?05:52
mwhudsonbigjools: no05:52
bigjoolsmwhudson: fair enough :)05:52
mwhudsonbigjools: i seem to have about three jobs all of a sudden!05:53
mwhudsonbigjools: did you get anywhere with your ... stuff?05:55
bigjoolsmwhudson: if you're talking about the sekrit stuff, waiting on a third party05:56
mwhudson(i was)05:57
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roaksoaxrvba: still around?14:49
rvbaroaksoax: yes, but otp14:51
roaksoaxrvba: ok let me know when done :)14:54
rvbaroaksoax: what's up?15:25
roaksoaxrvba: so I was wondering when are we going to have the autod-distro detection/;selection mechanisms15:26
roaksoaxor whatever is it that you guys are planning to have there?15:26
rvbaroaksoax: you mean using distro-info's output instead of hardcoding the name of the releases?15:27
roaksoaxrvba: I guess a better question would be what are the plans around it exactly? I think it would make sense to either do 1 of two things 1. maas-import-pxe-files determines which releases are available in MAAS itself, by enabling those for which we have images of. or 2. select the images that we will import in MAAS and make them available for maas-import-pxe-files to import15:28
rvbaroaksoax: it's definitely in a blueprint… but I confess we haven't thought about it much…15:29
roaksoaxrvba: i think it is something that we really need to care about soonish15:30
roaksoaxand try to SRU it15:30
ehwhey, guys, anyone know how to set the "public ssh key" in juju-core? -ENODOCS16:02
ehwgetting this: error: error parsing environment "maas": no public ssh keys found16:03
AskUbuntuNode is still in commissioning state! | http://askubuntu.com/q/30691116:21
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