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geniiAfter clean install then update/dist-upgrade zentyal-core is having this issue installing: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zentyal-core/+bug/117559300:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1175593 in zentyal-core (Ubuntu) "package zentyal-core 2.3.21+quantal1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New]00:21
roastedHello. I'm testing kernel 3.9 on Ubuntu 13.04 as I was having random lockup issues with 3.8. Problem is I cannot seem to figure out my Broadcom chip (43228) with the 3.9 kernel. Any insight?01:11
Daekdroomroasted, Support for 13.04 is over at #ubuntu (and I'm not sure non-default kernels are supported by the community)01:16
roastedDaekdroom: I was told that due to me using a kernel unsupported by 13.04 that it would be +1 related.01:17
DaekdroomI think you're in the limbo.01:17
roastedI think so too. I'm just grasping for leads to get this working, regardless of where the leads originate from. :P01:18
roastedthe issue I'm having on 13.04 is giving me a lot of grief. I just want to make it not suck.01:18
roastedoh, okay01:18
IdleOneroasted have you seen the !broadcom info from ubottu ?02:30
roastedIdleOne: yeah. useless. :(02:46
IdleOnenot useless, maybe your card isn't supported. that is not the fault of the documentation02:48
roastedIdleOne: it was useless to this situation.02:57
roastedIdleOne: for the time being I am hanging back on the 3.8 kernel as there was a slight version bump in my update list. I'm hoping that it made the difference I was looking for, however the lack of discussion on the bug report leads me to believe it probably upgraded nothing that would benefit this particular problem.02:58
IdleOnenever know02:59
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BluesKajHiyas all12:03
murthyhello everyone12:20
FernandoMigueldarn power management12:42
FernandoMiguelmy battery won't last 2h12:42
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AlanBellevening all18:41
AlanBellhow is saucy today? should I take the plunge and upgrade from Raring?18:42
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wilee-nileeAlanBell, It is in development, I would not upgrade or run just it, without being backed up.18:45
AlanBellhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5755833/ looks like there is some issue with do-release-upgrade anyway18:46
AlanBellI thought it was supposed to disable PPAs before upgrading18:46
maxbIt does, but you can turn that off18:46
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AlanBelllooks like it was just a ppa that has gone, I deleted it from sources.list.d and the upgrade is in progress19:15
TheDrumsAlanBell: Could always do the alternate method, known as the Debian Way. :P19:17
AlanBellthe hands off Ubuntu "just works" way is going cool at the moment19:24
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FernandoMiguelanyone seeing unity-panel-service go crazy at each click?19:37
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isuckassatubuntuHI ALL23:57
isuckassatubuntucan somone help me please23:58

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