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surgemcgeeAnyone used QtCreator as a quick Javascript text editor?01:41
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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Corn on the Cob Day! :-)09:03
nerochiarozsombi1: hi, busy ?09:06
om26ertmoenicke, hey! what's the lp project for the keyboard ?09:12
tmoenickeom26er: for the UI it is lp:phablet-extras/maliit-plugins09:14
om26ertmoenicke, where to report bugs ?09:15
tmoenickeom26er: touch-preview-images09:16
om26ertmoenicke, there is no specific launchpad project ?09:16
nerochiarozsombi1: for the IMA problem we discussed last week, if we don't have a bug number yet can you please file one and let me know ? I just want to have this issue tracked so I can put the reference to the bug in the workaround i'm coding and also om26er needed it09:21
zsombi1nerochiaro: I thought you already filed one... sorry...09:22
nerochiarozsombi1: no, because you and i think bzoltan said you thought it was an issue in hybris or something like that so I told you it's better if you file it yourself since you know more of what might be going on. so if you could please do that it would be helpful09:23
zsombi1nerochiaro: never the less the bug is in hybris or in SDK we have a bug to track it... I'll file a bug to SDK and we can drive that further09:25
nerochiarozsombi1: thanks !09:25
om26ertmoenicke, is there a way to run the keyboard on a desktop? I am looking into investigating bits for autopilot testing09:31
om26ertmoenicke, is there a way to run the keyboard on a desktop? I am looking into investigating bits for autopilot testing09:34
tmoenickeom26er: currently not. the desktop version is different09:34
tmoenickeom26er: unless the difference does not matter to you for your autopilot setup09:35
om26ertmoenicke, they are different visually but both rely on the same server ?09:36
om26ertmoenicke, is there a how to for installing on the desktop or I just just build and it will work ?09:37
zsombi1nerochiaro: om26er: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/118982509:39
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1189825 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[inversemousearea] taps on sensing area in phone must be very precise to produce clicked() signal" [High,New]09:39
nerochiarozsombi1: thank you09:40
zsombi1nerochiaro: pls confirm it09:40
tmoenickeom26er: you can just install the debian packages09:44
tmoenickeom26er: should all be ready09:44
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guschoSoMoN tmoenicke my current list ;) ^10:24
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oSoMoNgusch: looking into them10:30
guschoSoMoN: thx10:31
oSoMoNgusch: in exchange, I’ve got two tiny MRs that need reviewing up at https://code.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+activereviews10:31
guschoSoMoN: ok - I'm on it10:31
guschoSoMoN: approved one, commented the other10:49
oSoMoNgusch: thanks, answered your comment11:00
guschoSoMoN: you are right - approved11:02
dpmhi kalikiana, I was trying to build the api docs to test your breadcrumbs branch, the other day, but qmake started complaining. Which commands do you use to build the documentation?11:02
dpmhey all, can someone help with this question? http://askubuntu.com/questions/306056/how-to-detect-whether-an-app-is-running-on-a-mobile-device-or-on-the-desktop11:18
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kalikianadpm, I'm inclined to say the distinction shouldn't be black and white, but rather size-dependant11:30
kalikiana"mobile" is a whole span of different things11:31
kalikianadpm, there's actually toolkit API in the works that'd be relevant11:31
kalikianawhich is lp:~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/layouts - so you can do iOS like calculator with more features if there's more space11:32
kalikianabut it's not yet done11:33
dpmgood point11:35
dpmkalikiana, you asked me to review the docs breadcrumb branch. I've just built it and put it online on http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/sdk-docs/html/overview-ubuntu-sdk.html - I see some of the issues listed are fixed and some are still there. Was there any point in particular you wanted my feedback on?11:36
Laneyforgive me for pasting from #ubuntu-touch:11:49
Laney11/06 12:15:12 <Laney> is it an SDK bug that if I assign the image property of an UbuntuShape to a variable instead of directly to an Image  then it doesn't get the nice rounded corners?11:49
Laney11/06 12:18:54 <Laney> alternatively, can I make a fading transition happen when changing the image source?11:49
Laney11/06 12:19:05 <Laney> it updates after the duration but abruptly11:49
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kalikianadpm, I'd like you to confirm that the only remaing issues are mis-ordered breadcrumbs; and I'm wondering if we can for now live with that because that's not fixable in a generic way and I don't know how fast we'd have a fix in qdoc12:01
Kaleo_Mirv: actually the biggest reason we would need 5.1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/116368712:03
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1163687 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Impossible to insert any kind of foreign characters with the keyboard" [Critical,Confirmed]12:03
Kaleo_Mirv: backportable?12:03
MirvKaleo_: it seems to lead to https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,51555 , so if that's fittable on top of 5.0.2 and it's enough, then backportable yes12:08
Mirvlooks like it would even apply as a patch, so a test build would be possible with that12:12
Kaleo_Mirv: that'd be _great_12:18
Kaleo_oSoMoN: is that specific to the webview? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/118935212:21
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1189352 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Font fallback doesn't work " [Undecided,Confirmed]12:21
MirvKaleo_: I'm running a build locally and if it builds, push it to a PPA and report back at the bug report12:21
Kaleo_Mirv: wonderful12:22
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dpmkalikiana, done, reviewed and commented. What's the actual issue with the breadcrumb order? Is there no way of getting them in the right order? Looking at the Qt docs breadcrumbs they seem to have solved the issue somehow: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qquickimageprovider.html12:45
gatoxhi..... is there any way from an application to detect that the keyboard is opened in the tablet/phone so the screen gets scrolled up and the keyboard don't cover the textfield where the user is trying to type?? for example if i'm doing a chat application where the textfield is always at the bottom12:47
dpmhola gatox. I don't think I've got the right answer, but in case it helps, it seems the terminal app devs are doing something similar to what you're trying to do. You might want to have a look at their code: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-terminal-dev/ubuntu-terminal-app/trunk/view/head:/Terminal.qml#L912:50
gatoxdpm, awesome! thanks! :D12:50
dpmnp ;)12:51
dpmyeah, it seems they reduce the size of the usable screen when the keyboard appears12:51
oSoMoNKaleo_: looking into it, looks like a browser-specific problem indeed13:02
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seb128Laney, no luck having a reply here either it seems, maybe just open a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit13:15
nerochiaroom26er: do you know how i can download the result of a build for an MR from jenkins ?13:16
nerochiaromzanetti: ^13:16
om26ernerochiaro, you want the arm deb ?13:16
nerochiaroom26er: yes13:16
om26ernerochiaro, can you link me to the merge proposal you want the deb for13:17
oSoMoNKaleo_: I commented on bug #1189352, looks like a regression somewhere, no idea where though13:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1189352 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Font fallback doesn't work " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118935213:17
nerochiaroom26er: https://code.launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/camera-app/camera-app-translations/+merge/16865013:17
mzanettinerochiaro: there is a link in the comment from jenkins13:20
om26er_nerochiaro, sorry, I was having jenkins problems13:26
mzanettinerochiaro, om26er_: what's with the link posted by jenkins?13:27
om26er_mzanetti, jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com links in merge proposals have never opened for me. I always get page errors, now that I tried it actually opened13:29
om26er_aha so it seems mzanetti i usually opened the first link which indeed gives error 40413:30
mzanettiom26er_: if those links don't work, you should report to mmrazik13:30
nerochiaroom26er_: mzanetti: i had very little success with these links too13:30
mzanettinerochiaro: well, I know what's the issue for you :P13:31
nerochiaromzanetti: what is is ?13:31
mzanettinerochiaro: you always tried without having a VPN connection established back then when we were private13:31
nerochiaroyeah :) but i had it on today13:32
mzanettinerochiaro: and last time you complained about the link you changed the url from public to private jenkins but with keeping https :)13:32
nerochiaromzanetti: this time i just turned on vpn, then clicked13:32
mzanettinerochiaro: well, anyways, if they in fact don't work, please tell mmrazik13:32
mzanettiso he can fix them before he leaves :/13:33
nerochiarodone, in #canonical13:34
nerochiarohe's not here13:34
Laneyseb128: did do, about the first thing13:34
Laneythe second was more of a question13:35
Laneymaybe i'll post that on AU13:35
nerochiarooSoMoN: i followed your instructions on how to have translatable .desktop files, but the .pot file doesn't get updated with the new strings that it should pull from the .desktop.in13:58
nerochiarooSoMoN: anything special I should do to make that happen ?13:58
kalikianadpm, qt itself produces dixta xml and makes html out of that, completely different animal - for now I'm avoiding anything like completely changing how we generate docs13:58
oSoMoNnerochiaro: well you probably forgot something then, compare your changeset to the revision in the browser’s trunk to understand what’s missing14:00
nerochiarooSoMoN: i did, and it looks ok14:01
nerochiarooSoMoN: and the build generates no errors and the .desktop files are generated as well14:01
oSoMoNnerochiaro: try printing the xgettext command that’s being run, and paste it here14:02
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok14:03
dpmkalikiana, gotcha. But going back to the question: what's the actual issue that causes the breadcrumbs appear reversed?14:03
kalikianadpm, that's how qdoc works :-)14:03
kalikianaqdoc generates HTML, the result of that contains bugs14:04
dpmkalikiana, right, and what is the actual bug with breadcrumbs? I wonder if we could work around it with CSS14:05
kalikianadpm, the bug is that as you noticed don't look the way they should14:05
kalikianaI don't think you can re-order with CSS14:06
kalikianathough it can't hurt to see if somebody thinks it's possible14:06
kalikianadpm, I'm reluctant to add special cases like "replace foo with bar" in a way that requires magic commands for all new doc pages and I know we have more in the pipeline14:07
kalikianaif there's a CSS way maybe that's okay14:07
dpmkalikiana, I'm not in favour of postprocessing the HTML, either, as newer versions of qdoc would probably break those customizations. I'm just wondering how the actual output looks like and whether the breadcrumbs can be put in the right order via CSS14:08
kalikianadpm, well you see the actual output, that's what qdoc produces14:09
kalikianaand indeed we already have hacks to make the CSS work at all...14:10
nerochiarooSoMoN: working on translations basically14:13
dpmkalikiana, so is this the actual output for breadcrumbs -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5755002/14:15
dpmfor this page? -> http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/sdk-docs/html/resolution-independence.html14:16
kalikianadpm, yes14:16
kalikianadpm, the class name is added to the generated HTML to be accurate14:18
dpmkalikiana, ok, I've asked for help to the web team, perhaps we can fix this via CSS14:21
kalikianak, thanks14:22
dpmkalikiana, np, thank you for the work on this. I know fixing docs is not everyone's idea of fun14:23
guschboiko nerochiaro renato_ can you review? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-qml-qt-style/+merge/168376 and https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-src-qt-style/+merge/16837914:24
nerochiarooSoMoN: can't see any xgettext line in the build log, need to enable some debug flags i guess ?14:24
oSoMoNnerochiaro: you need to invoke make domain.pot (replace 'domain' with the name of the app), it’s not being built by default14:26
renato_gusch, I will get the second one14:26
boikogusch: I take the first one14:26
mzanettinerochiaro: btw... the notes-app seems to have some issues... can't un-focus a note14:27
guschrenato_ boiko thx14:27
nerochiaromzanetti: yeah, you can, you need to be very precise with your tapping timing. it's a bug in the sdk or hybris, need to workaround it14:27
nerochiaromzanetti: but i'm stuck with this translations at the moment, it's in the pipeline14:28
mzanettinerochiaro: and for some reason tests seem to be disabled for the notes app14:28
renato_oSoMoN, https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/mediaplayer-app/desktop-i18n/+merge/16868014:30
guschoSoMoN: what's the easiest way to update the .pot file?14:31
oSoMoNgusch: xgettext14:34
boikogusch: +    monitorSourceCollection(GalleryManager::instance()->album_collection());14:34
boikogusch: is album_collection renamed in a separate MR?14:34
guschboiko: yes - in the second MR ;)14:36
boikogusch: ok :)14:36
guschboiko: and I only fixed the intefaces (headers) - and didn't care for the implementation14:36
boikogusch: ok14:38
nerochiaromzanetti: tests disabled in jenkins or in the cmake files ?14:45
mzanettinerochiaro: jenkins14:45
mzanettinerochiaro: are you aware of that and is it intentional?14:46
nerochiaromzanetti: not aware of it14:46
mzanettiom26er_: can you then please take care of this? ^14:47
* om26er_ reads back 14:48
om26er_mzanetti, nerochiaro fginther is working on that already.14:49
mzanettiom26er_: ah ok... thanks14:50
boikogusch: just to make sure, rawCount is really raw counting, and not a typo for rowCount, right?14:51
guschboiko: hope so (that's "old" code ...)14:52
boikogusch: anyway, you can change that in a separate MR in case it is a typo14:52
guschboiko: yes (once I refactor the whole datastructure stuff ;)14:53
boikogusch: I have added a few comments14:54
boikogusch: I'll go for lunch now, after I'm back I check your answers to the comments, ok?14:54
guschboiko: let me see ...14:54
guschboiko: ok14:54
guschoSoMoN: "make gallera-app.pot" works more nicely than calling xgettext myself ;)15:00
dpmKaleo_, joining the app dev story call?15:04
dpmor bzoltan?15:04
oSoMoNgusch: indeed, I wasn’t sure of the context of your question, of course if you’ve implemented the pot target then invoking it is easier than invoking xgettext "manually"15:05
AskUbuntuqucikly dependecies problem | http://askubuntu.com/q/30688415:19
nerochiarooSoMoN: any idea how I can check what xgettext command gets run when i try to get the .pot updated with the .desktop.in translations during build ?15:25
oSoMoNnerochiaro: try "VERBOSE=1 make domain.pot"15:28
nerochiarooSoMoN: nothing to be done for po/share-app.pot15:30
nerochiarooSoMoN: nevermind15:30
nerochiarooSoMoN: needed to run it from inside po15:30
oSoMoNnerochiaro: shouldn’t be needed, you should be able to run it from the top-level dir15:31
nerochiarooSoMoN: then it's not working, it gives me that message15:31
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok i think i got what was wrong. i did need to say make share-app.pot and not make po/share-app.pot15:32
nerochiarooSoMoN: it seems to be doing the right thing: cd /home/nerochiaro/projects/phone/share/share-app-translations/po && /usr/bin/xgettext -o share-app.pot -D /home/nerochiaro/projects/phone/share/share-app-translations --from-code=UTF-8 --c++ --qt --add-comments=TRANSLATORS --keyword=tr --keyword=tr:1,2 --package-name=share-app --copyright-holder='Canonical Ltd.' main.qml share-app.desktop.in15:33
oSoMoNnerochiaro: looks good indeed15:34
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, this is weird, when i ran it manually like that the .pot got updated15:34
nerochiarooSoMoN: hmm15:34
nerochiarooSoMoN: the MR for that is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/share-app/share-app-i18n/+merge/16871015:37
Mirvkenvandine: hello. yes (to qtfeedback eventually to distro, from #elsewhere), it seems it's going to stick around, a newer snapshot would be probably needed first.15:56
kenvandineMirv, yeah, it no longer builds for saucy15:56
kenvandineMirv, do you know if it is in any PPAs?15:57
Mirvkenvandine: yeah, it's built here https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-proper/+sourcepub/3155432/+listing-archive-extra15:57
kenvandineoh it is :)15:57
kenvandinethat unblocks me :)15:58
Mirvand packaging is at  lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtfeedback-opensource-src , although it'd need love for archive quality15:58
Mirvyeah, just use it from there or copy it elsewhere15:58
kenvandinei have an old branch too15:58
kenvandineat lp:~ken-vandine/kubuntu-packaging/qtfeedback-opensource-src15:58
Mirvit's also in daily-build-next15:59
kenvandineno common ancestor though...15:59
kenvandinemy branch was first :)15:59
Mirvoh :)15:59
kenvandineso you could do a manual diff to see what we did differently :)15:59
kenvandinei mostly copied it from another qt package15:59
kenvandineand didn't look at it for distro quality at the time either15:59
Mirvok, doing that tomorrow, and maybe shaping up otherwise15:59
kenvandinethat would be great16:00
kenvandinewe have a real need for it16:00
Mirvtoday was the first time I saw a qml file which used import QtFeedback16:00
MirvI guess we'd need some qtubuntu-feedback or some other plugin16:00
Mirvto glue from device vibra motors to Qt16:01
guschoSoMoN: https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-translate-desktop/+merge/16871816:04
boikogusch: back16:06
guschboiko: pushed the changes for your comments :)16:06
boikogusch: great! let me check16:06
nerochiarooSoMoN: gusch: camera-app translation MR is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/camera-app/camera-app-translations/+merge/16865016:07
guschnerochiaro: ok - I take it16:09
boikogusch: just two small details to fix and it is good to go16:09
nerochiarogusch: thanks16:09
nerochiaroom26er_: can you tell me why jenkins marks this as failed even if it says that it pass all tests ? https://code.launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/share-app/share-app-i18n/+merge/16871016:10
nerochiaroom26er_: and more importantly why did it run two times on the same code, but there were no commits in between, and one time it succeded and one it failed ?16:11
guschboiko: and on it's way (actually it was on 4 places)16:11
boikogusch: oh ok :)16:12
boikogusch: approved16:13
guschboiko: thx16:14
nerochiaroom26er_: i'm referring to comments 3 an 4 from the top, i'm pushing new stuff to that branch16:14
om26er_nerochiaro, looking16:24
guschnerochiaro: can't see the translation in the desktop file :(16:26
om26er_nerochiaro, two of the medium tests failed that's why... but I wonder why didn't that show up in the merge proposal16:30
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om26erand the failing tests are, well failing tests seems to show that the app didn't start/crashed on startup16:31
om26eri have triggered a rebuild16:32
om26ernerochiaro, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/camera-app/fix_failing_test_device/+merge/168675 please :)16:41
om26erfixes an autopilot test and makes another reliable in jenkins16:41
guschrenato_: pushed an update16:45
nerochiaroom26er: fixed16:48
nerochiaroom26er: er, approved16:48
om26ernerochiaro, ;)16:48
nerochiarogusch: what do you mean you can't see it ?16:48
guschnerochiaro: soudn't there be a "Name[it]=..." in the .desktop file?16:49
nerochiarogusch: there wasn't before and it wasn't in oSoMon example commit i think16:51
guschnerochiaro: I thought after the debian build, the .desktop file would include all the translations16:52
guschnerochiaro: I have to admit, I didn't test it for the gallery ...16:52
guschnerochiaro: I'll check (with gallery, and webbrowser)16:53
guschnerochiaro: it's neither in gallery, nor webbrowser - I wonder if we all have an error there, or if I'm wrong16:59
nerochiarogusch: i don't know how it's supposed to work, oSoMoN should be able to clarify on that17:00
om26ernerochiaro, hey! that issue was because we have the missing deps on Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts17:07
om26erI overlooked that one17:07
nerochiaroom26er: which issue ?17:09
om26ernerochiaro, about the share-app failure17:10
om26ernerochiaro, https://code.launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/share-app/share-app-i18n/+merge/16871017:10
nerochiaroom26er: but why did it post two comments with two different results ?17:12
om26ernerochiaro, that's probably a glitch, we;ll know more once the re-run completes17:14
nerochiaroom26er: ok, in the meantime, can you tell me more about that missing dep ?17:14
nerochiarogusch: can you check with olivier tomorrow what's missing in that translation MR for camera ?17:15
nerochiarogusch: i will try to be around too but not sure yet17:15
guschnerochiaro: yes I will - I have to do the same for gallery ...17:15
nerochiarogusch: ok great, thanks17:15
guschnerochiaro: or I can approve what's there atm.17:15
nerochiarogusch: that would probably help already, and we can fix the desktop files in another one17:16
guschnerochiaro: ok - so I'll approve17:16
nerochiarogusch: the important thing is that the .desktop gets generated, even if with the wrong transltions for now17:16
guschnerochiaro: ok - approved17:17
guschrenato_: would be cool, if you could approve this one today https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-src-qt-style/+merge/16837917:31
om26ernerochiaro, sorry, took a bit. I was looking for where that package comes from... I think we need to depend on qtdeclarative5-accounts-plugin17:32
renato_gusch, I will wait for jenkins to approve it then I will approve17:36
guschrenato_: cool thx17:36
om26ernerochiaro, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/share-app/fix-deps/+merge/16874617:39
nerochiaroom26er: approved17:53
nerochiaroand i'm out17:53
om26erbye ;)17:53
AskUbuntuHow to use ActionSelectionPopover QML Component | http://askubuntu.com/q/30699420:13
surgemcgeeI noticed that Julius was installed a few updates ago. Is there speech to text capability in 13.04 yet?23:17
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