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tgreerhrw: ping?10:42
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hrwtgreer: pong11:20
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tgreerhrw: tried setting that flag to Y11:36
tgreerbut still getting the same issue11:37
tgreerwas just wondering if you had any other tips11:37
tgreeralthough i ticked another few boxes so not sure if that made a mess or not11:38
tgreerSupport for the traditional ATAGS boot data passing is selected11:39
tgreer Provide old way to pass kernel parameters11:39
tgreeris selected11:39
tgreeras is Supplement the appended DTB with traditional ATAG informati11:39
hrwtgreer: but have you appended dtb to the kernel?11:45
tgreerno idea11:45
tgreerhow would i do that11:45
tgreeri think i can see the option for it in make menuconfig11:47
tgreerbut no idea what to put11:47
hrwtgreer: https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/1432321/11:47
tgreerhrw: so i need a dtbImage.... where would I get one of those?11:51
tgreerboard-dt-tegra20.c << aha11:53
tgreerstill no idea how to use it :(11:55
hrwmarvin24: you know Tegra more than I do. can you help tgreer?11:56
marvin24tgreer: make dtbImage?12:00
tgreeroh that simple?12:00
marvin24I usually attach it "by hand"12:01
marvin24so I don't know, but it seems like this12:01
tgreermarvin24: so what make dtbImage12:01
tgreerand then flash that to the bootloader12:01
tgreeror is that not the right image?12:01
marvin24ah, there is a .<dt>12:01
marvin24tgreer: what do you want to do at all12:02
* marvin24 didn't read the backlog12:02
tgreertegra 250 harmony development board12:02
tgreertrying to get an updated kernel on it to include pcie and the wifi drivers12:02
tgreercurrently running  3.1.10-g1ff6b94 that came with ubuntu core12:03
tgreergot the latest kernel source from ubuntu's git repo12:03
tgreeri have 2 questions: which are the right options under Boot options in make menuconfig12:04
tgreerand the 2nd is what commands should I run to get the relevant file12:04
tgreernormally i do make menuconfig12:04
marvin24ubuntu has a tegra kernel?12:04
tgreerand then make zImage12:04
tgreermarvin24: the armhf kernel boots on it12:04
marvin24you have to make dtbs target12:04
marvin24and then cat arch/arm/boot/dts/tegra20-harmony.dtb >> zImage12:04
tgreeris that after i make zImage?12:05
tgreeror instead of12:05
marvin24at the same time ;-)12:06
marvin24make zImage dtbs12:06
tgreermarvin24: ok thanks12:06
tgreerbefore i make the image again12:06
tgreerwas just wondering if you could confirm if i have the right options ticked12:06
marvin24this dtbImage isn't upstreamed as it seems12:06
tgreeri will be documenting ALL of the things once i get it working12:07
marvin24tgreer: make tegra_defconfig should give you a usable config12:07
tgreerwill just double check it has the right bits in it for pci-e and then boom we're on12:07
tgreerokay make zImage dtbs -j2 running just now12:10
tgreerand then will do the cat12:10
tgreerall going well i owe you some beer12:10
marvin24does you board run uboot or fastboot loader?12:12
tgreerthe nvidia dev kit instructions to load u-boot onto it just make it KO12:13
marvin24tgreer: in this case you need to modify the tegra_defconfig defaults12:13
marvin24e.g. appended_dtb you know already12:13
tgreermaking clean and starting again12:14
marvin24no need to clean12:14
tgreerso set appended dtb to y12:14
tgreerand thats it?12:14
marvin24I think you also need COMPAT_ATAGS12:14
marvin24mmh, maybe not12:14
marvin24that's only for 3.1 and uboot12:14
tgreerok set appended_DTB12:15
tgreerstarting compiling again12:15
marvin24also ccache helps speedup kernel builds12:15
tgreer(for the record I'm not cross compiling)12:15
tgreer Supplement the appended DTB with traditional ATAG information (ARM_ATAG_DTB_COMPAT) [N/y/?] (NEW)12:15
tgreeri'm getting propmpted for this12:15
marvin24fastboot isn't really supported on mainline12:15
marvin24tgreer: answer no for now12:16
marvin24mainline doesn't have atags12:16
tgreeris there a better kernel tree to use instead of the generic ubuntu one?12:16
marvin24I think the ubuntu kernel doesn't compile at all on arm, I mean the 3.10 one12:17
marvin24at least not last time I tried12:17
marvin24but that's because mainline is broken for multisoc12:18
marvin24tgreer: just try and find out12:18
marvin24tgreer: I have CONFIG_ARM_ATAG_DTB_COMPAT set in my config btw12:18
ogra_mainline broken for multisoc ?12:18
ogra_we ship it with multisoc12:18
marvin24well, mutlisoc + enabling all kinds of modules12:19
marvin24in 3.1012:19
ogra_for armadaxp, omap and highbank iirc12:19
marvin24(the saucy kernel)12:19
marvin24they are not build I guess12:19
marvin24at least now two weeks ago12:19
ogra_hmm, i thought they were12:19
tgreermarvin24: ok will try it without12:19
marvin24ogra_: some fixes are already upstreamed12:20
marvin24but I guess not all will make it in12:20
marvin24tgreer: you won't be able to supply kernel command line without12:20
marvin24or you need to compile in a command line12:20
ogra_well, i guess the kernel team will maintain them as sauce patches then12:20
marvin24yes, sad enough12:20
ogra_and aim for the next merge window for upstreaming12:20
tgreermarvin24: do i need to?12:21
tgreermarvin24: i dont supply any kernel command lines at the moment12:21
marvin24tgreer: well, you won't get far I think without (e.g. no root), but you can try12:21
tgreerok will just stop and add it12:22
marvin24do you have hdmi output connected?12:22
ogra_(or a serial console)12:22
tgreerserial console12:22
tgreerno hdmi output working yet12:23
marvin24yes, serial console should work12:23
tgreerso added in CONFIG_ARM_ATAG_DTB_COMPAT=y12:23
marvin24hdmi should also work btw12:23
tgreermarvin24: getting nothing out on it currently12:23
tgreerbut that's next on my hitlist...12:23
ogra_you will need fbcon and friends enabled in your config12:23
tgreerdo i need to add anything else into the .config12:23
ogra_for hdmi12:23
marvin24tegra_defconfig should have them already12:23
tgreeri need what?12:23
ogra_framebuffer console12:24
tgreerneither of them are in the .config12:24
marvin24oh, it doesn't ;-)12:24
tgreerlets make menuconfig12:24
tgreerand find them12:24
tgreerwhere abouts are they12:24
ogra_device drivers ... graphics devices12:24
ogra_also take a look at character devices, youo want virtual terminals ... (i.e. if the config pmes originally from android thats always off)12:25
tgreerthey're enabled12:25
tgreer <*> Framebuffer Console support12:25
tgreeras is  <*> NVIDIA Tegra DRM12:25
marvin24maybe I was looking at the wrong branch12:26
* tgreer gets some air while it compiles12:27
tgreeri shall report back in when done12:27
tgreerthanks ogra_ marvin24 and hrw12:27
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tgreercompiled :D13:08
tgreermoment of truth :)13:11
tgreerkernel booting :)13:12
tgreerroot@tegra:~# uname -r13:12
tgreerannoyingly i dont see the wireless card though13:12
marvin24you need to build the modules13:13
marvin24and install on mmc before booting13:13
tgreeri thought when it was * it was build directly into the kernel13:13
tgreernot as a module13:13
marvin24well, wifi cannot be in the kernel because it needs firmware13:14
marvin24maybe this changed today, but I don't know13:14
tgreerah right ok13:14
tgreerbut the drivers in the kernel tree these days?13:15
tgreer  │ │    <*>   Atheros mobile chipsets support                            │ │13:16
tgreer  │ │    <*>     Atheros ath6kl SDIO support                              │ │13:17
tgreer  │ │    <*>     Atheros ath6kl USB support                               │ │13:17
tgreer  │ │    [*]     Atheros ath6kl debugging13:17
marvin24they should13:17
tgreerroot@tegra:~/ubuntu-raring# modprobe ath6kl13:18
tgreerlibkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod.c:554 kmod_search_moddep: could not open moddep file '/lib/modules/3.8.13/modules.dep.bin'13:18
marvin24yes, no modules installed13:18
marvin24copy them to a usb drive13:18
marvin24if you have usb-storage compiled in13:18
tgreeri havent built the modules13:18
marvin24make modules ...13:18
tgreerall the kernel compilcation is on the live SDcard13:18
tgreermaking it just now13:19
marvin24ah, lucky you13:19
tgreerdo i need to do a make moduleinstall or something?13:23
tgreermake modules_install it seems13:24
tgreerusbcore: registered new interface driver ath6kl_usb hmmm13:27
tgreeryou mentioned firmware... should i stick that in lib/firmware/ar6000?13:31
tgreerrighto. so it cant be in the kernel because it needs firmware... so i should rebuild the kernel without that module in it...13:33
tgreerhave it as an actual module13:33
tgreerand then modprobe it to get it in?13:33
marvin24it should auto probe13:33
marvin24so all should work as it is now13:33
tgreerright just by putting the firmware in the right place?13:33
marvin24if you installed linux-firmware it should be there already13:34
tgreerer dont think i have..13:34
marvin24check the dmesg, maybe you find some hint13:34
marvin24it should be automaticly installed13:34
tgreerusbcore: registered new interface driver ath6kl_usb is the only mention of it13:35
marvin24nothing before that line?13:36
marvin24do you have /lib/firmware/ath6k/AR6004 ?13:36
tgreerno.. but then i didnt have linux firmware... i had the firmware from the nvidia devkit13:36
tgreerlet me install linux firmware and try again13:36
marvin24well, both should work13:37
tgreerroot@tegra:~# ls /lib/firmware/ath6k/AR60013:37
tgreerAR6003/ AR6004/13:37
tgreeri think mine is a 600213:37
tgreeri'll put my ar6002 folder in there13:37
tgreeronly mention of ath is in: usbcore: registered new interface driver ath6kl_usb13:39
marvin24maybe you are still missing something13:39
tgreerno luck with the wifi...13:46
tgreerany ideas on getting hdmi out to work13:46
tgreerError: Can't open /dev/nvhost-ctrl13:47
tgreerOpening channel failed 713:47
marvin24tgreer: that's old userspace14:13
marvin24you need to remove it and install opentegra14:13
marvin24what's the output of lsusb? (to some pastebin please)14:14
marvin24tgreer: there is no usb wifi14:17
marvin24only the 3g modem14:17
tgreeri've noticed..14:17
tgreeralso: https://launchpad.net/~ac100/+archive/ppa/+build/4306566 << this one?14:17
tgreerhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/TEGRA/AC100#Hardware says to use nvidia-tegra14:18
tgreerThe nvidia-tegra package is not yet available for armhf. For now, just stay with the default open source driver.14:18
tgreerignore me14:18
marvin24tgreer: the nvidia tegra package is for downstream kernels only (v3.1)14:20
tgreerremoving and adding opentegra14:21
marvin24mainline uses a totally different driver (open source)14:21
tgreerlibudev0 is needed14:23
tgreerand isnt in raring packages14:23
infinityNope, you can fish it out of quantal, if you really need it.14:28
tgreeroh its in raring-proposed it seems14:28
infinityBut if you run into upstream binaries that link libudev0, please yell at them to recompile.14:28
infinityIf it's in raring-proposed, that's NBS cruft, and I'll remove it. :P14:29
tgreerits not14:29
tgreerits gone now14:29
tgreerits the opentegra package thats linking it14:29
infinityWhere does this opentegra come from?14:30
tgreeronly place i can find it14:31
infinityOh, a simple rebuild might fix that.14:32
infinitymarvin24: Want to rebuild that PPA upload? :P14:32
tgreertegra-hdmi hdmi: cannot set audio to 44100 at 81620000 pclk14:34
tgreerwell thats progresss14:34
marvin24tgreer: rebuild for saucy?14:34
marvin24tgreer: that's harmless14:34
infinitymarvin24: The libudev0 -> libudev1 transition happened in raring, you probably want to rebuild https://launchpad.net/~ac100/+archive/ppa/+build/430759714:35
tgreermarvin24: yes harmless14:35
marvin24infinity: I think I build on raring, should I change depends14:35
tgreerbut still not output on hdmi14:35
infinitymarvin24: You built on raring, but before the transition.  A no-change rebuild should fix it.14:36
tgreerxrandr gives me Can't open Display14:37
tgreermarvin24: do you have an example xrandr?14:37
marvin24tgreer: check Xorg.0.log first14:38
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marvin24infinity: sorry, how to rebuild - I cannot find it in the web interface, do I need to bumb the version?14:40
infinitymarvin24: Yeah, bump the version and reupload.14:41
infinitydch -i 'No-change rebuild for the libudev0 -> libudev1 transition.'14:42
* marvin24 really hates launchpad for you cannot replace a package version ...14:42
infinityThat's a feature, not a bug. :P14:42
* marvin24 hates this "feature"14:42
infinityHaving two different packages with the same filename/version is generally a Bad Thing.14:42
marvin24I know14:42
marvin24but I still hate it ;-)14:42
tgreeroutput from startx14:49
marvin24tgreer: looks fine14:57
marvin24what kind of device is this "800x480" with hdmi?14:57
tgreerexcept nothing on display14:58
tgreerits a small touchscreen device14:58
marvin24change the console14:58
tgreeri need a keyboard for that14:58
marvin24chvt maybe14:58
marvin24btw, you can get rid of all the command line parameters except root= and rootwait14:59
marvin24they are all downstream kernel specific15:00
marvin24and console=ttyS0 of course15:00
tgreerstill 0 on display15:02
tgreerits showing as no input15:02
tgreerif i plug it into my laptop works fine15:03
marvin24tgreer: hdmi is not hotplug capable yet15:05
marvin24did you rebooted?15:05
tgreerhmm yes but i'll try again15:05
marvin24maybe adding cma=64M may also help, but I think this is only required for large screens15:06
tgreerlet me try vga..15:08
tgreerstill no signal :(15:09
marvin24tgreer: paste output of dmesg15:10
tgreeri wonder if video=tegrafb  is the issue15:12
marvin24remove it15:13
marvin24remove everything not needed15:13
tgreeri dont know where thats set..15:13
marvin24something which created the bootimg15:13
marvin24mkbootimg ?15:13
marvin24vdd_ldo7,avdd_hdmi: disabling15:15
marvin24vdd_ldo8,avdd_hdmi_pll: disabling15:15
marvin24that's bad15:15
tgreerso remove videospec15:16
marvin24I'm off for now, but will come back in a few hours ...15:17
tgreerok will try it without videospec and see what happens15:17
tgreermade no diff15:20
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tgreerwould i be better off with u-boot as my bootloader?15:43
tgreerseems the fastboot binary has those details hardcoded15:43
tgreerthis is so complex... tried changing the fastboot.bin and still same kernel command lines15:50
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marvin24tgreer: how do you flash the kernel?18:04
tgreerusing the flash.sh included in the nividia sdk18:04
marvin24tgreer: so I guess you need to edit this one18:19
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