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dholbach_good morning07:25
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dholbachhey dpm09:49
dpmhey dholbach10:06
dpmok, it seems now my internet connection is more stable10:09
dpmhey dholbach10:09
dholbachhola muchacho10:09
dholbachdpm, time for a quick hangout?10:09
dpmdholbach, sure10:09
dholbachdpm, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/8099f77bf11f3492130529e69b7b886314576a27?hl=de10:09
dpmdholbach, just a sec, nearly there...10:11
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dholbachall right my friends - have a great rest of your day - see you tomorrow!16:06
jcastromarcoceppi: 29 leaves this month17:34
jcastromarcoceppi: go17:34
marcoceppijcastro: 30 :)17:34
marcoceppinot even kidding17:34
marcoceppijcastro: http://imgur.com/2QDrtXk :P17:35
jcastroI hate you17:36
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jcastromarcoceppi: maintenance window is in  ~45?21:11
marcoceppijcastro: yes21:11
jcastroI am salivating21:13
* popey prepares the screenshot button21:14
jcastroeven popey stayed up late21:14
marcoceppiso much preasureee21:18
jcastromarcoceppi: HERE WE GO!21:59
marcoceppijcastro: and, start!22:00
popeyhmm, logo is busted?22:20
popeyoh, works now22:20
popeythat looks awesome22:21
popeyhttp://test.ubuntu-discourse.org/t/jolly-june-screenshot-thread/13/23  :D22:22
marcoceppipopey: yeah, some things are in cache, hard refresh should fix it22:31
popeynice one marcoceppi22:36
jcastrochrome's caching is really persistant22:36
jcastroI had to remove it via the settings in order to clear it22:37
marcoceppiAlright, all features tested. Now it's time for taco tuesday!22:39
jcastroLOOKING GOOD SIR22:40
jcastromarcoceppi: AU oneboxing working for you?22:43
jcastronot for me22:43
marcoceppijcastro: it should22:49
jcastroI tried AU and iloveubuntu.net22:49
marcoceppiiloveubuntu.net isn't added it22:50
jcastronot sure what software they used, so I asked them22:50
marcoceppiYou never resubmitted your pull request22:50
jcastrooh so the domain whitelist isn't there?22:50
marcoceppionly omgubuntu is22:50
marcoceppijcastro: all your fault22:50
jcastrook I will follow your new directions post-dinner22:51
marcoceppijcastro: cool, I'll look in to onebox issue22:51
marcoceppijcastro: it works on my local setup22:56
jcastrooh kill me23:04
jcastrothe iloveubuntu guy uses drupal23:04
marcoceppijcastro: yeah, you're not going to get easy oneboxing from that anytime soon23:04
jcastrowebupd8 is blogger23:04
marcoceppiIf I have spare time I'll try to add rudimentary drupal support to oneboxing for upstream23:04
marcoceppijcastro: not sure about that, *might* work23:05
jcastrohey, is au in the domain whitelist?23:05
marcoceppijcastro: the code works fine on my dev vagrant23:36
marcoceppiso I'm not sure what's up23:36

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