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apwsmb, moin, can you remember the bot-stop- tag name07:30
apwppisati, moin07:30
smbapw, The thing about robots.thingy07:30
ppisatimoin moin07:36
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apwtseliot, i see that 3.10-rc5 kernel finally built, how did the dkms hacking go08:08
tseliotapw: I have started working on nvidia. It's going to be a rather invasive patch because of some changes in the kernel08:09
apwtseliot, nasty ...08:09
tseliotapw: yes, I have to switch to proc_create_data and proc_create, among other things08:10
tseliotI bet it will be the same for fglrx and broadcom08:11
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bjfapw, should be bot-stop-nagging13:10
apwbjf, ta13:10
rtg_apw, any objection to uploading saucy rebased on v3.9.5 today ? 3.10-rc5 still doesn't have aufs support, so I'm not sure we should be switching over just yet.13:32
apwrtg_, none, tseliot was having some trouble too, so i thin 3.9.5 is a good place to be13:33
rtg_apw, k, I'm just about done compile and smoke testing.13:33
apwrtg_, do you want me to do it, or are you already ... ok then13:33
rtg_apw, have you tested overlayfs in 3.10 yet ?13:33
tseliotapw, rtg_: yes please, I'm not done fixing the drivers yet13:33
apwrtg_, i am playing in that sandbox right now, not tested that specific combination but that is about to be a sane test13:34
infinityBenC: You want to do some install/reboot/fiddle testing of the PPC kernels in raring-proposed on some of your hardware?13:34
rtg_apw, aufs hasn't been updated since march, so we might end up dropping it completely if it is no longer maintained.13:34
apwrtg_, they will be pleased :)13:35
* infinity will mourn the loss of aufs.13:35
infinityThough, if the overlayfs/inotify argument ever amounts to anything, I might stop caring.13:35
ogra_so on the flipped container touch images i get a reboot loop on grouper (all other subarches seem to work and i can boot past the failure point using the grouper desktop kernel)  ...13:37
ogra_i assume it is the "Warning: unable to open an initial console" that makes init die ... any obvious idea how i could get that console (without having to enable fbcon which will break the android container)13:39
ogra_(teh kernel panic happens right after run-init switched us to upstart)13:40
rtg_ogra_, I'm not seeing an FBCON option for grouper. CONFIG_FB=y and CONFIG_FB_TEGRA=y are set.13:47
ogra_well, it is there since we use it on the desktop kernel ... 13:47
ogra_might depend on something else thats off as well13:48
ogra_but fbcon isnt an option anyway 13:48
ogra_it would break the android container13:48
rtg_ogra_, does saucy grouper still work on the desktop image ?13:48
ogra_i tried randomly setting CONFIG_VT and stuff, but didnt get much further13:48
ogra_well, the kernel is the same 13:49
ogra_or at least largely ... 13:49
ogra_just different configs 13:49
rtg_ogra_, configs can make a difference13:49
ogra_so for testing i can replace zImage in the bootimg we use for touch ... indeed it fails miserably later in the boot but it gets past the panic point13:50
ogra_err, yes, i know, thats why i'm here :)13:50
ogra_obviously the -nexus7 kernel has something enabled to make it boot ... which the -grouper one is missing ... 13:50
ogra_my way to debug that is to enable options one by one and to do a test boot after a fresh build ... but thats very time consuming so i was hoping you guys have a better idea or see something thats obviously missing or so13:51
rtg_ogasawara, lemme take a stab at diffing the configs13:52
rtg_ogra_, there are quite a few differences. http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/config.diff 14:11
rtg_CONFIG_HW_CONSOLE looks suspicious14:11
ogra_oh, yeah14:11
rtg_ogra_, just pushed a patch to ubuntu-saucy grouper (CONFIG_VT=y). Can you give that a whirl ?14:47
ogra_i have a call soon, so only afterwards14:48
rtg_I'll flash my N7 with raring in the meantime to make sure it still works14:48
ogra_but i think i tried with CONFIG_VT=y alone already 14:48
ogra_CONFIG_HW_CONSOLE sounds more plausible14:49
rtg_ogra_, the whole patch has several more console options enabled14:49
ogra_ah, k 14:49
tseliotapw: does 3.9.5 have this commit? https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=80e928f7ebb958f4d79d4099d1c5c0a015a23b9314:57
apwtseliot, not obviously14:58
tseliotapw: ok, just checking14:58
apwtseliot, i cannot see it by sha reference or title, so very likely not14:59
apwtseliot, something you need14:59
tseliotapw: no, something that breaks the driver15:00
Roberth1990hello how do I get BFS and BFQ?15:05
apwRoberth1990, i suspect we need a little more context to have any hope of helping you.15:08
Roberth1990they are a part of the ck patchset for the kernel15:09
Roberth1990which is there again a part og zen and pf patchsets15:09
apwif it is part of ck, then its not something we have any trees for, you'd have to apply it yourself15:10
jsalisbury** Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting15:11
apwhallyn, yo ... bug #1098378 ... test kernels in the bug, if you could check them out and report back15:59
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1098378 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "chroot+overlayfs seems to cause umount mis-behavior" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109837815:59
apwhallyn, and can you confirm this was new in raring, i think from the fix I expect it was16:00
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smbDaviey, That is probably outside the scope of the meeting but if you want dkms packages checked imo its up to you to provide a list of interest. And I cannot recall "all" being agreed anywhere ever.16:16
Davieysmb: not agreed, but that is what i requested 16:25
Davieyit seems easy enough to test all, as it does a handful.16:25
hallynapw: will look, thanks16:25
DavieyAnd for a test that seems really cheap to run, it seems like a good idea to the ubuntu ecosystem to do16:25
smbDaviey, Things are always easy when one has not to do it. :-P But anyway, I would say this is something the qa team will be responsible for anyway. So if they do, I won't complain.16:27
Davieysmb: it sounded like it was already in progress, from jibel.16:30
smbDaviey, It did, and plars just write that email. So we will see16:30
Davieysmb: Have you spotted complexity to it that i have blissfully sailed over?16:31
ogasawaraDaviey: sorry to jump in here, but I've been chatting with jibel about automated DKMS package testing16:33
ogasawaraDaviey: I actually have a meeting with him on thurs, he has something already prototyped for us to go through16:33
smbDaviey, To detect the build failing probably is simple enough (beside resource and time). Just the question what is done with that16:34
ogasawaraDaviey: but if you can get me the list of dkms packages that your team is specifically interested in, I'll be sure they try to land on the list16:34
ogasawaraDaviey: initiall, it's just getting a quick build test to ensure they still build with major version bumps of the kernel16:34
ogasawaraDaviey: specific testing of the modules/packages beyond that would be something I'd consider phase 216:35
Davieyogasawara: Right. Just validating that the dkms packages still cleanly install sounds super.16:35
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ogasawaraDaviey: yep, that's my initial goal16:35
DavieyI can get a list.. but as a ubuntu developer, i'd love all to be covered :)16:35
ogasawaraDaviey: indeed, and I suggested to him to to all the packages that rdepends spit out for dkms16:35
Davieyogasawara: I will make sure I have a favoured list.16:36
ogasawaraDaviey: great, thanks16:36
ogasawaraDaviey: I was assuming for you guys is was something like openvs and iscsitarget16:37
ogasawaraDaviey: not sure what else though16:37
Davieysomeone in server raised oss4-dkms as another... not sure why i care about that.16:37
Daviey(HINT, i don't think i do)16:38
Davieyopenswan module is interesting, but not demanded16:38
Davieydahdi-dkms is a server universe package16:39
Davieyopenvswitch-datapath-dkms is the priority 16:39
DavieyOne of the real challenges we face is making these packages work on current development version of ubuntu, and precise (all supported kernels) concurrently 16:40
smbThat oss4 may have been somehow misguided, but that sort of gets me back to the point that a list (not on irc) of interest and to what degree would help16:41
infinityogasawara: `reverse-depends dkms` isn't a remarkably long list, I wonder if jibel could just test the lot?16:43
infinityogasawara: Obviously, we have a priority list of what we care about fixing first, but I want to know if any of them are broken, so we can decide to fix or remove.16:43
ogasawarainfinity: indeed, I was suggesting to him to just test the lot since it didn't seem incredibly large.  I've got a meeting on thurs to sync with him so I'm happy to bring up everything with him and circle back with you et al.16:45
ogasawarainfinity: or I can just add you to the meeting if you wanted to sit in16:46
infinityogasawara: You can add me, and I'll see how social I'm feeling when it rolls around. :)16:48
ogasawarainfinity: ack16:48
smbinfinity, and how awake... 16:48
infinityAnd that.16:48
jsalisbury_## Meeting starting now17:01
jsalisburyHome: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Tues June 18th, 2013 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!17:14
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argeshas anyone here figure out how to upload .crash data from a kernel oops into a new launchpad bug? ubuntu-bug *.crash asks if I want to submit it but gives no feedback afterwards17:37
argesok looks like bug 99492118:06
ubot2`Launchpad bug 994921 in apport (Ubuntu Quantal) "'ubuntu-bug /var/crash/app.crash' (and even more so, 'apport-cli -c /var/crash/app.crash') should still allow manual bug filing in stable releases" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99492118:06
apw 2291 apw        9 -11  568m 5904 4792 S 200.0  0.1  1349154h pulseaudio                       18:23
BenCinfinity: Yeah18:33
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apwbjf, http://people.canonical.com/~apw/unstable-saucy/18:45
bjfapw, ta18:45
davmor2apw: I'm not sure I want to work too close to you now I see you are unstable and saucy ;)18:47
apwdavmor2, :)18:48
infinityBenC: Kay, I already marked it passed for regression-testing based on my own testing, but do let me know if it breaks for any of your platforms, so we can revert that. :P18:49
BenCinfinity: it worked when I built it, so should be good. I'll let you know if otherwise.18:50
infinityBenC: Compiler bugs and bitflips happen.  There's also the possibility that I effed up the checkout.  Better safe than sorry. :)18:51
infinityBenC: Alternately: "It works on 750, 970, POWER5, and POWER7, so sucks to be you if your flavours don't work, nyah nyah." ;)18:54
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