hadsG: Hi, I use hackvana, there's a #hackvana channel01:08
hadsMitch, the guy that runs it is an aussie in China.01:09
hadsI also currently use Eagle which I don't really like but haven't had time to learn an open source alternative.01:09
Ghads: oh nice, thanks01:21
Ghads: oh wow, reading his FAQ/Guide, sounds like exactly what I'll need01:27
hadsYeah it's a really great service. There's no automated ordering at the moment but he's super easy to deal with and has very flexible options.01:42
hads<5x5cm and <10x10cm boards are a special price, US$20 and US$30 for 10 units I think.01:42
Gyeah sounds great, now I just need to think up my solution to my 3-pin header issues01:43
Gcurrent thought is getting some lengths of ribbon cable, and some of the connectors that sparkfun are advertising and build my own01:44
hadsI can help with that :)01:44
Ghads: yep :)   basically need to connect some hall sensors from up to 50cm away, so the thought is, get some 6 wire ribbon cable, split it into two, and use something like PRT-08096/PRT-08232 to terminate the cable to the PCB01:50
hadsYeah that's what I was going to suggest as a connector option. I think we stock those.01:51
Gthe question becomes though, what is the best way to hook up the sensors to the ribbon wire, or just solder them directly on w/ a bit of heatsink as insulation of the pins01:53
hadsFreetronics do a PCB mounted one if you want to go that route. Otherwise I'd just solder them directly as you said.01:54
Gyeah, I already have the hall sensors, so yeah, sounds best01:55
chiltsthumper: how much are you using Go these days? like 100%? You enjoying it?20:59
* chilts is going to play with either Go (again) or Rust20:59
thumperchilts: mostly 100% for work20:59
thumperstill using python after hours :)20:59
chiltsI feel they're quite similar20:59
chiltscool, nice to have two main languages to play with20:59
thumperparts of go are growing on me20:59
thumperit does have some cool bits20:59
chiltsI'm mostly doing JavaScript these days, and _way_ less Perl, so I think I need another language to futz around on20:59
thumperoh, yeah, javascript too these days21:00
chiltsyeah, I love the messaging21:00
thumperI'm doing web dev in the evenings21:00
thumperjquery, backbone etc21:00
chiltscool, I still haven't used Backbone or Ember, but I wanna play with Angular too21:04
chiltsawesome -> http://fr.slideshare.net/EmilandDC/dear-nsa-let-me-take-care-ou21:21
Ghads: hey quick question, is there any template in particular you work off for Arduino boards (for the pin placements)21:46
hadsG: Sorry, busy distracted.23:38
Ghads: no problem23:42
hadsYou mean in Eagle?23:48
Ghads: or anything, the Sparkfun/Adafruit libraries contain ones, but the templated shields actually look too big23:51

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