bazhang<kppa> is there a to send code over IRC (multi line without your name appearing before each line)?02:37
IdleOneSome people never learn.02:57
ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:20
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (RobertBColton appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)03:20
bazhangyeah ikonia is still on the !emergency call list03:23
_WolfeZ_I``m baned on ubuntu-nl cause u was talking offtopic13:43
_WolfeZ_when no one needed help13:44
_WolfeZ_AlanBell, Why?13:49
Pici_WolfeZ_: We do not police international (-nl) channels from #ubuntu-ops. Your best bet would be to either ask in #ubuntu-irc or ask the op that banned you13:54
_WolfeZ_Pici, Im only asking about what ytou are thinking about this!13:55
IdleOneWe think that support channels should be used for support only.13:56
_WolfeZ_IdleOne, An if ther is no one for help?13:56
IdleOneoff topic chatter goes to off topic channels.13:56
IdleOne_WolfeZ_: maybe no one is asking for help because they see people chattering on about off topic stuff13:56
_WolfeZ_No! cause ther was no one joinend and if someone have  a qustion they just ask!13:57
IdleOneWell, you should still discuss it with the channel ops. We don't handle LoCo channel ban disputes13:58
_WolfeZ_IdleOne, I know but13:58
IdleOneI know but what? You asked what we thought and I told you. You disagree, but that doesn't change the fact that it is how it is.13:59
_WolfeZ_i read a bit of text: Offtopic offtopic chat should be in the offtopic channel but ive there i noone asking for support you just can talk about it! But ive some one ask help you need to stop!13:59
IdleOne_WolfeZ_: speak with the -nl ops14:00
_WolfeZ_Already did14:00
IdleOnealright then.14:00
_WolfeZ_He is just sayin shit14:00
_WolfeZ_He is only sayin tthe same thin tousend times aigen14:01
IdleOnechannel ops can govern their channels how they see fit provided they follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and Ubuntu IRC guidelines.14:03
_WolfeZ_IdleOne, So they can do what they want? NO14:04
chuHe didn't say that.14:04
_WolfeZ_chu, Its the way how its going!14:05
IdleOne_WolfeZ_: bottom line is that we will not override a channel ops decision, especially not a loco channel.14:06
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SnypeMyrtti, wanna smoke some shit buddy?18:54
geniiPici: Just booted him from #u now, if he returns I'll +b19:05
genii@comment 55561 Trolling Myrtti, drug references.19:08
ubottuComment added.19:08
genii@comment 55562 Ubuntu bashing spam19:36
ubottuComment added.19:36
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geniiLjL: What do you use when you have to work with Amiga drives under linux? arne__ in #u needs some specialized help and you're the only one that came to mind19:48
LjLgenii: oh, guess it's late, but anyway, i'm not sure about *drives*. floppy drives or hard drives? floppy, no idea, likely not doable without black magic; hard drives, should just be a matter of interpreting the partition table and filesystem, UAE should be able to do both, Linux itself can read the filesystem but perhaps not the partition table. reading floppy *disks*, on the other hand, was thought to be impossible until someone came up with a slow21:27
LjLconcoction that requires having 2 floppy drives on the PC (read-only)21:27
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* genii checks the coffeepot22:46
geniiLjL: I think he wanted to format it affs from in Ubuntu22:47
bazhang RichardStallman (~SamIamm@203-173-213-26.dialup.ihug.co.nz)23:17
bazhangtroll detected23:18
geniiWhere? I don't see them in #k ,#u, #l, #x , -server or any of thosee respective -ot channels23:23
bazhangZAchnood now23:24
bazhang"is Ubuntu spyware"23:24

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