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kotuxgood evening03:56
kotuxping balloons03:57
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pittiGood morning05:07
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jibelgood morning07:11
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gemaapw: nicely fixed that regression09:10
gemaapw: thanks for spotting it and getting it fixed09:10
apwgema, yeah it looks much better now09:11
pittiboot speed?09:11
apwpitti, yeah09:11
gemapitti: i.e. http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/bootspeed/machine/1/i386/09:11
gemakernel + kernel_init09:11
apwpitti, and i think if we are to believe the numbers there may have beeen a small improvement as a result09:12
gemaapw: I'd wait a bit longer for the trend to show, but if you look at when we started running them09:12
gemawe seemed to be better back then09:12
gemain january09:12
apwgema, hard to say what is going on there as the same 'better' ones kerenl side are much worse overall09:13
gemayep, but that is because of the desktop regression, but if you look only at the kernel09:14
gemait was better in jan, then it regressed, I wonder if we updated the kernel between those two09:14
apwgema, probabally that is when we had broken ureadahead, so overall bootspeed was in the crapper09:14
gemaapw: ah, ok09:14
apwgema, and then we fixed ureadahead, perhaps that is affecting our overall kernel init numbers09:15
gemauhmmm, well, anyway, it looks really good now09:15
apwkernel is a tricky one as it is actually "kernel + userspace until root is mounted and we chroot in"09:16
apwit would be very helpful if we could click on those columns to get the detail page for that run09:16
gemaapw: it is in our todo09:16
gemaapw: but since all the mobile stuff has piled up, it's going to take a while09:17
gemawe may get it sorted for other mobile graphs and then use it here as well09:17
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samgabbayhello peeps12:06
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asacplars: how can i find out more about failure of https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/raring-touch-grouper-smoke-default/44/12:50
asacnot sure where i could find more logs12:51
shadeslayerjibel: did you have time to look at otto + kubuntu ? :)12:53
jibelshadeslayer, hey, not yet, I'm trying to make it run with Ubuntu on a tablet at the moment. But it's on my list, I'll keep you posted.12:56
shadeslayeroh, which tablet :D12:56
shadeslayererm, I meant, Nexus 10?12:56
jibelshadeslayer, nexus712:58
plarsasac: error: device not found13:09
plarsasac: it's in the console log there13:09
plarsasac: looks like adb failed, which happens every once in a while unfortunately13:09
plarsasac: I'll have to get someone in the lab to investigate, could be the device itself died too13:10
asacplars: ok. more info about device is not avail?13:17
asacguess not13:17
asaclab == lexington?13:18
plarsasac: it's a nexus7, and the system it's connected to can't see it over usb13:18
plarsasac: yes13:18
asacwho is supporting us there?13:18
asace.g. what is the support channel if i see such behaviour? any lab gent that ican poke and he checks?13:19
plarsasac: already poked, just waiting on a reply13:20
zygaasac: welcome back!14:31
asacnot sure what back means though :)14:39
asacits different place, different time, different look :)14:39
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ckingdoanac`, does the --runlist option to run_utah_phablet.py specify the path to where the tests are stored on the host or on the client phone?17:37
doanac`cking: i normally point to a bzr branch. however, if you don't do that it should be a path on client17:38
ckingdoanac` ta17:39
doanac`bzr is slow for test development though17:39
ckingindeed, so I will hack some scripts up on the client and then shove them in bzr or git or something17:39
ckingdoanac`, i was just hoping the --runlist option was going to copy the files up from the driving host to the client :-)17:40
doanac`cking: plars asked for the same thing. so I should probably add support for that.17:40
ckingdoanac`, that is a ++beer request :-)17:41
doanac`so persuasive17:41
plarsindeed, from both of us! :)17:41
ckingdouble good :-)17:41
plarscking: I have found that in some cases it's enough to be able to get to the device or vm after utah has provisioned, then run utah client from there and adjust my runlist to use the "dev" checkout method and point to the path on the device of the test17:43
plarsdo some in-place modifications to try things, and go from there17:43
plarsbut not always ideal17:43
ckingespecially if one accidentally re-provisions the device17:45
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ckingdoanac`, i've got some simple tests now running on the phone with UTAH - thanks for all your help and for putting up with all my questions18:43
doanac`cking: thanks for the input. sorry things are still so rough around the edges18:49
ckingdoanac`,  no probs18:50
ckingnow I have my head around it it's less of a mystery and I can get crackin' on writing some tests for my personal use :-)18:51
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balloonsNoskcaj, howdy20:33
Noskcajhey balloons20:33
balloonsso did you see my comments on the merges?20:35
Noskcajballoons, yep20:36
Noskcaji forget what the changes on the second merge where, checking now20:36
balloonssure thing.. did it make sense?20:37
balloonsit's ok to have 4 or 5 or more merge requests.. as you know it gets really hard if the merge is too big, and it can be complicated if there's a minor issue with one line, but the rest is good. Can't merge everything :-)20:38
Noskcajok. the second change in merge 2 was because i was trying to get it in line with the shotwell test (the example testcase).20:39
Noskcaj 4 or 5 or more merge requests.. as you know it gets really hard if the merge is too big, and it can be complicated if there's a minor issue with one line20:39
Noskcajoops, ignor the second paragraph20:40
NoskcajI could only make one merge because i didn't have access to the internet until i had finished20:42
balloonsNoskcaj, ok so let's go through them one at a time and try and clean up everything so they can be merged20:47
balloonsyou have a few mins?20:47
balloonsI think xchat can just go in20:48
balloonsthis one however I have some stuff I don't want20:48
balloonswhy did you remove the <ul> stuff? for example - <li>Your system have at least the amount a space indicated</li>?20:49
balloonsknome actually just made a nice fix to display that and bring it inline with proper convention ;-)20:49
Noskcaji was  trying to get the testcases down to just <dl> <dt> <dd>20:49
balloonson the non-english changes, Non-English Installation Full Network Support, I like fact you expanded the testcases but I'm wondering if we can't just link to the proper testcase and hmm.. I'm undecided20:50
Noskcajand i hadn't seen/heard about knome's fix20:50
balloonsanyways, I would merge those as-is20:50
balloonsI think the <ul> changes are the big thing to undo if possible20:50
balloonsyou need help undoing the changes?20:50
balloonsyou can revert the specific files with the changes in it and/or use a diff tool20:51
balloonshave you ever used meld?20:51
balloonsgo ahead and install it20:51
balloonssudo apt-get install meld20:51
balloonsit's a gtk app20:51
balloonsthen you can use this command to visually see all the file differences: bzr diff --using meld20:52
balloonswell, so here's what I would do when your ready20:54
balloonsin a new folder20:54
balloonsbzr pull lp:ubuntu-manual-tests20:54
balloonsbzr merge lp:~noskcaj/ubuntu-manual-tests/random-improvements20:54
balloonsbzr diff --using meld20:54
balloonsThat will show all the differences and let you easily edit/undo your changes as needed, one file at a time20:55
balloonsonce it's all done20:55
balloonsbzr commit20:55
balloonsbzr push lp:~noskcaj/ubuntu-manual-tests/random-improvements-fixed20:55
balloonsor you can overlay it on top if you wish20:56
balloonsbzr push lp:~noskcaj/ubuntu-manual-tests/random-improvements20:56
balloonsI hope that makes sense? ping with questions :-)20:56
Noskcaji keep getting: bzr merge lp:~noskcaj/ubuntu-manual-tests/random-improvements20:57
Noskcajbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/jackson/bzr/.bzr/branch/": location is a repository.20:57
balloonsNoskcaj, ohh sorry21:03
balloonsafter you bzr pull, you need to cd into the directory you pulled21:03
Noskcajnevermind, i used branch and it worked21:03
balloonsso cd ubuntu-manual-tests21:03
Noskcajso far : branch, cd, merge21:03
balloonsyou need to merge it into the source tree, else the diff won't work.. lol21:03
balloonssorry, I said pull21:03
balloonsthat's git terms mixing in21:04
balloonsmy bad21:04
balloonsyou got it :-)21:04
Noskcajeverything's working. i'm in meld21:04
Noskcajis the <ul> the only change you want undone?21:06
Noskcajballoons, for the CJK install, do i still put <ul> back in?21:12
balloonsNoskcaj, if you would21:12
balloonsNoskcaj, you figure out the app simply enough.. you can click to move changes back and forth and then save and edit if needbe :-)21:13
Noskcajballoons, i think i'm done,pushing now21:16
balloonsNoskcaj, ok21:16
balloonsif you push to the same branch everything will update in the merge request21:16
Noskcajballoons, done, i need to get food21:19
balloonsNoskcaj, k, I'll have a look21:19
balloonsNoskcaj, looking good so far ;-)21:23
balloonsdoes this affect your https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu-manual-tests/minor-xchat-fix/+merge/168368 at all I wonder -- hopefully not, we'll see21:24
Noskcajit shouldn't21:24
Noskcajballoons, to clarify, is <dd> written as "this should happen", "this happens" or "does this happen"?21:27
Noskcajthat need proper definition because it changes in every testcase21:27
balloonsdd should be this should happen21:29
balloonsperform an action, then expected result21:29
balloonsso the <DD> contains the expected result21:29
balloonsI realize some aren't so uniform on that front.. I saw you converting some of the questions to statement21:29
balloonsthat's the right way21:29
balloonsNoskcaj, ohh I do have one more potential snafu21:31
balloonsthe slideshow might not be in the language of the person installing.21:32
balloonshowever I suppose it's a bug regardless eh :-)21:32
balloonsthere aren't translations for every language on the cd for slideshow I don't believe21:32
Noskcajballoons, so only the network tests should required a localised slideshow?21:33
balloonsI'm going to leave it in for now, but it's an open question21:35
balloonsI'm not 100% sure of the behavoir21:35
balloonsif it's not localized, it's a bug. it might be a bug they won't fix for space or something, but it's still a bug and I'm ok with it21:35
balloonsif we hit it we can address it and update the test as needed21:36
balloonsNoskcaj, do you know about the format check script? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/ManualStyleGuide/test_case_format_script21:38
balloonsexcellent all looks good21:40
balloonstime to push the first one in :-)21:40
Noskcaji only just saw the format script.21:41
Noskcaji'll spend the day at school converting all the testcases to <dd> this should happen </dd>21:42
balloonswell everything passed through it.. just one minor snafu found21:42
balloonsa missing < from a  </dd>21:42
balloonslol, the script helps21:42
balloonsthat's amazing it was the only issue with all those changes21:43
balloonsyou did really well ;-)21:43
Noskcajballoons, is there a way we can make geany highlight the parts of the testcase?21:46
balloonsI'm sure there is.. Try using the html syntac21:46
balloonslet's see21:47
balloonsahh yep worked for me21:48
balloonsDocument->Set Filetype->Markup Lang->HTML21:48
balloonsmake it all nice and pretty :-)21:48
balloonsk, you are all merged Noskcaj21:52
* balloons is ready for more :-)21:53
Noskcajballoons, there will be more when i'm back from school.21:53
balloonsNoskcaj, enjoy! have a great day21:55
Noskcajballoons, one other thing. should we just remove the gnome classic parts completely?21:59
balloonsNoskcaj, I think so.. gnome classic really doesn't exist anymore.. I think we left them for 10.0422:03
Noskcajballoons, for the part at the very bottom of each testcase, do we want one line or two?22:11
balloonsI think we use two?22:11
Noskcajok, i'll fix that too22:11
balloonshowever knome also is working on not having to have that in every testcase22:11
balloonsso I wouldn't worry about changing it22:12
balloonsdoes that make sense? we'll probably gut them all22:12
Noskcajok. just <dd> should </dd> and fixing the hardware tests then22:12
balloonsperfect mate22:12
phillwI'll be glad when the test cases settle down a bit. I'm aware I still have work to do on the server ones :)22:20
Noskcajphillw, it's a big improvement over when i joined.22:21
* Noskcaj goes off to school22:21
balloonslol.. I love his part message22:22
phillwballoons: that's Aussie humour for you, and possibly true at times :D22:23
phillwballoons: how does http://pastebin.com/aDU4RVzY look?22:37
balloonsphillw, cool.. you script that?22:37
phillwno, one of our PPC team, there was a bug in it which Jonathan has just corrected.22:38
phillwwell, when I say bug.. It seems to work fine on PPC-Macs, but needs a flag setting for non PPC-Macs :)22:39
phillwnot sure why it didn't find my battery, but that's not too important as to what hardware we're running :) Is that enough details for hardware registration?22:41
balloonsphillw, it's certainly worth contributing to the dialog about it22:42
balloonsI'm open to whatever everyone wants to adopt22:42
balloonsI'd like to move to hexr, but until then.. I'm happy to do something.. and we've been waiting more than one cycle now, so it's best to do something22:42
phillwindeed, I was thinking of using the laptop version of scheduling up a machine, but that is a bit more involved22:44
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phillwtry this on your machine (ignore the errors), you should have the pastebin URL after it runs.....22:45
phillwhardinfo -ram devices.so | sed '/\*\*\*\*\*\*\*/,/\*\*\*\*\*\*\*/d' | pastebinit -b http://pastebin.com | clipit -c22:45
phillwIt is specifically set up to have no personal information, the sed stuff is just to tidy it up22:47
balloonsi needed all three binaries22:56
phillwballoons: ahh... yes.... sorry, my Bad! I'll ensure any wiki page is updated to download them 1st...22:59
balloonsphillw, it told me22:59
phillwI've been more concetrating in getting the last bit to work.22:59
phillwOh, indeed, it screams like a scalded pig :)22:59
balloonsit's nice like that.. it's like "The program 'hardinfo' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:"23:00
balloonspretty slick23:00
phillwthat's part of apt, the command simply calls all three of them.23:00
phillwhardinfo is standard for lubuntu, but the other two did need adding in.23:01
phillwballoons: So, until hexr is up and running, do you think that should give the devs enough information to work out what we have as hardware?23:02
balloonsphillw, I would think so23:13
balloonsdinner time for me now mate23:13
balloonshave a wonderful evening yourself23:13
phillwballoons: have a good dinner, I'll knock up a wiki page which you can peruse later (00:31 here, so I may well be in bed :) )23:31

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