adam_g_jamespage, on-the-fly stable branch changelog generation happening in bzr now for folsom and grizzly, eg: lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/folsom-commit-tracking00:10
ccssnetwhat sense does it make to have a pae only install cd kernel!?!?00:20
ccssnetsomeone using 32bit, should later update to pae kernel if they need it. the install cd apears useless as is00:20
adam_g_Daviey, if you have a minute the latest openstack stable stuff (2013.1.2) is in-queue for raring-proposed00:26
hallynstgraber: do you think you'll be pushing any fixes to saucy/lxc in the next week?  if so i'd like to sneak the lxc-stop exit code fix in there with it03:26
stgraberhallyn: pretty busy with the Ubuntu Touch image updater at the moment and don't have anything urgent on my lxc todolist, so I'm unlikely to have an upload to do03:27
stgraberhallyn: oh, though I still need to take a quick look at that merge proposal of yours, I guess you could bundle the lxc-stop fix with that03:28
stgraberhallyn: MP processed, sorry for the delay there, forgot to put it on my todolist...03:30
hallynstgraber: cool, thanks03:31
Chunky56I have a software RAID 5 array where one of the hard drives died--I got a replacement hard drive, but do I need to initialize it before I try to add it into my array? I ask because I tried to add it into my array and it is not automatically resyncing05:45
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zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/heat/ubuntu-refresh/+merge/16851710:56
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koolhead17zul: salute11:18
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zulkoolhead17: hey11:53
koolhead17zul: how are things sir? long time11:55
zulkoolhead17:  busy11:55
koolhead17zul: hopefully things would have gone much easier now11:55
zulkoolhead17:  you would think so ;)11:56
koolhead17i mean better than before for sure. See am not making much noise here11:57
zulneither am i12:03
koolhead17zul: is that not evident we are in peace :P12:08
zulhallyn:  i havent had a chance to run the libvirt qa testsuite but 1.0.7 works ok for me12:43
hallynzul: ok, cool12:47
mardraum1.0.7? o.O12:47
hallyni suspect he meant 1.0.6?12:48
mardraumok, thought maybe I blacked out for a few weeks :P12:49
mardraumhallyn: it's not in your ppa right?12:59
mardraum1.0.6 has fixed the migration issues for other distros users I have talked to13:00
zulyeah 1.0.613:06
hallynmardraum: not in mine, nope13:10
zuljamespage:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/13:16
AtuMHi. After upgrading to 13.04 I see no cursor in any of the installed desktops (fwmm, wdm, fluxbox).. Xorg reports no errors - the mouse works fine13:19
AtuMdefault wm is wdm13:19
zulAtuM: #ubuntu please13:27
AtuMzul, that's on the server distro.. desktop guys point me to this channel.. besides.. with the earlier kernel version (3.5.x) mouse cursor is seen.. with the latest one it is not13:30
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AtuMis there a way to get a newer kernel installed?13:37
jamespagezul, bug 118990913:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1189909 in quantum "dhcp-agent does not provide IP address for instances with re-cycled IP addresses." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118990913:41
jamespagezul, took me a while to track that one down13:42
zuljamespage:  awesome! ;)13:42
AtuMusing the cursor is inivisble, using the keyboard and mouse don't work.. system freezes (using usb keyboard, no ps2 port). will try an even older version13:47
PiciAtuM: Ubuntu server doesn't have any gui at all, you should be asking in #ubuntu13:48
AtuMPici.. so installation of fwwm uses desktop repos?13:48
PiciAtuM: Both -server and -desktop share the same repositories.13:50
AtuMPici, then how come i have 3.8.0-19 as the latest kernel.. and the server has 3.8.0-23 ?13:51
PiciAtuM: Sounds like you don't have the -updates or -security repositories activated. 3.8.0-19 was the version that was provided when 13.04 was released.13:52
AtuMPici, thanks. hope I get this issue solved in #ubuntu ;)13:54
genii!info hockeypuck precise-backports15:13
ubottuPackage hockeypuck does not exist in precise-backports15:13
genii!info hockeypuck quantal-backports15:14
ubottuPackage hockeypuck does not exist in quantal-backports15:14
geniiSo just Raring onwards.15:14
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smoserroaksoax, you asked about simplestreams and download for maas..15:18
smoserutlemming, are the maas simplestreams ready ? i think there is still work there, right?15:18
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah15:18
smoserso there is work to get the streams correct on maas.ubuntu.com/images15:19
utlemmingsmoser: yeah, I was just looking15:19
utlemmingsmoser: its being generated...just not correctly, I think15:19
utlemmingsmoser: I can get that done this week15:20
smoserroaksoax, but my plan was to use the command-sync tool 'sstream-sync'15:22
roaksoaxsmoser: ok, so replace maas-import-ephemerals to use sstream-sync instead?15:23
smoserthats the basic idea, yeah. and also we'll have data for pxe files too15:23
roaksoaxsmoser: ok, so that would replace maas-import-pxe-files and maas-import-ephemerals all together15:24
smosertools/hook-image-id in lp:simplestreams might be a start.15:24
roaksoaxsmoser: and what about the root images? are we still looking into generating them from a script?15:24
smosertools/hook-check-downloads too15:24
smoserroaksoax, i'm still not sure what to do there...15:25
smoseri really dont towice15:25
smoseri really dont want to download the same data twice15:25
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah15:25
roaksoaxmakes sense15:25
smoserthe path that sabdfl wants is to just use the ephemeral image for the source15:26
smoserby 'cp /'15:26
jamespagezul: just testing this stuff now prior to upload for staging - http://people.canonical.com/~jamespage/ca-updates/15:34
jamespagethe json-* ones also need a look15:34
jamespagezul, http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/havana_versions.html15:34
zuljamespage:  +115:36
Willanyone have a upto date guide on making a ubuntu web server with zpanel or webim?15:36
jamespagezul, OK - once they have build tested I'll upload15:36
NishokHello everyone, I am having issues starting my MySQL server after I have restarted my VDS, here is a screenshot of the SSH: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1730.png Does anyone have any idea?15:41
dlloydcheck syslog for more error messages15:45
rbasak/var/log/mysql for mysql-specific errors on Ubuntu IIRC15:46
Nishokdlloyd and rbasak: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1748.png15:48
Nishok(ignore "ls /var/log/syslog", was a typo :P)15:49
dlloydare there any messages in syslog relating to mysql?15:52
Nishokcat isn't showing anything for syslog.. is it empty?? http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1753.png15:53
dlloydlooks that way15:54
Davieyadam_g jamespage zul smoser, why is hallyn up as the next chair?15:58
jamespageDaviey, no idea15:58
smoserwhy should he not be?15:58
zulno idea15:58
smoseri did last week15:58
jamespagesmoser, ah - I see15:59
Davieysmoser: he is embedded in the middle of the queue15:59
smoser"Char Candidates" != "queue"15:59
Davieyit always used to be..15:59
smoserwell, i did last week15:59
smoseri dont know who did the week before that16:00
smoseri think zul16:00
zuli did the week before smoser16:00
smoseri could tell you, but no one uploaded meeting minutes btween 0423 and last week16:00
DavieyWhen did people stop moving their name to the tail of the list?16:00
jamespageadam_g_, zul: I'm really hoping one of you spotted the missing epoch from the 2013.1.2 updates prior to upload16:07
adam_g_jamespage, where?16:07
jamespageadam_g_, for example - https://code.launchpad.net/~gandelman-a/ubuntu/raring/cinder/2013.1.2/+merge/16817716:07
adam_g_jamespage, oh ya, i caught that after i merged but before uploading16:08
adam_g_jamespage, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+queue?queue_state=116:08
Davieywell, it would have got rejected :)16:08
adam_g_need to push corrections back16:08
jamespageadam_g_, good-oh16:09
adam_g_oh actually i fixed them in the merge16:10
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jamespagezul: most of those uploaded16:25
jamespagepython-testtools needs a new dep16:25
zuljamespage:  do you want me to do testtools?16:26
jamespagezul, sure - that would be helpful16:26
utlemmingsmoser: re Bug 1079897, would you have time to upload that to -propsed?16:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1079897 in walinuxagent "[SRU] walinuxagent mangles server identity and access on upgrade" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107989716:26
zuljamespage:  ack16:26
utlemmingsmoser: I have the branches prepped.16:26
smoserit is marked fix-released everywhere.16:27
utlemmingsmoser: whoops, wrong bug :)16:27
utlemmingsmoser: bug 118957116:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1189571 in isc-dhcp "[SRU] "Unable to set up timer: out of range" caused by bad 64_bit timer" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118957116:27
hallynzul: all tests passed on 1.0.6!  woohoo.  now that was on ec2 without /dev/kvm...16:29
zulhallyn:  good enough for me :)16:29
zuljamespage:  need python-mimeparse as well16:30
EDocToorAll I wanted to do was to run one OPENSOURCE package called "ofbiz" and it seems that I have to be a Computer Technical wizard and learn EVERTHING server before I can even get started... I would love to quit windows.. but everytime I try to do anything in linux I am deluded by the overwhelming prospect of becoming a Scolar before I can do anything.. Ok, I have to choose between the Red Pill or the Blue Pill... I'll do more resear16:30
EDocToorch and return when I discover what my question is.. have a great day everyone ;-)16:30
utlemmingsmoser, Daviey: I'm not sure if this a bug, but it look likes like libpam_modules no longer creates /etc/update-motd.d16:32
smoser$ dpkg -S /etc/update-motd.d/16:33
smoserbase-files, update-notifier-common, ubuntu-release-upgrader-core: /etc/update-motd.d16:33
utlemmingsmoser: take a look at the latest daily for the cloud images16:33
jamespagezul: http://people.canonical.com/~jamespage/ca-updates/16:34
zuljamespage:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/16:34
zuljamespage:  +116:35
jamespagezul, you need more -v16:35
utlemmingsmoser: this is in regards to saucy16:35
zuljamespage: doh..16:35
zuljamespage:  but its the last changelog entry before the upload16:36
jamespagezul, it really needs to be the changelog since the last upload to the CA16:36
zuljamespage:  ah ok16:36
zuljamespage:  and if its a new dep?16:36
jamespagezul, -v since whats in precise16:36
utlemmingsmoser: oh, never mind, it's there...but on first login you don't get anything16:37
zuljamespage:  ack16:37
jamespagezul, I though it was always like that16:37
jamespageat least thats what my script does that I use16:37
zuljamespage:  nope16:37
zulim using adam_g_'s script in the openstack-ubunt-testing bzr branch16:38
smosergiven http://paste.ubuntu.com/5755400/16:38
smoseris there a way that i know what is "daily" and what is released?16:38
adam_g_zul, you can specify how many changelog entries to include in .changes16:38
jamespageadam_g_, zul: ooo - I have a bit of python which works out what the right version to -v from is16:39
jamespagebased on whats in the CA already16:39
zuljamespage:  oooh16:39
utlemmingsmoser: er, you should be seeing dailes...16:39
zulthat would be nice, mind throwing it in openstack-ubuntu-testing scripts16:39
smoserutlemming, thats 'azure vm image list'16:40
smoseri'm just confused as to what that represents. which thing is "released" and which is just a daily16:40
utlemmingsmoser: the dailes are supposed to be something like Ubuntu_DAILY_BUILD-saucy-13_10-amd64-server-20130611-en-us-30GB16:40
smoserit'd be really nice if they were named something like:16:41
smoserie, consistent16:41
zuladam_g_:  how?16:41
adam_g_zul, -v16:46
zuljamespage:  ok updated16:48
utlemmingsmoser: okay, the dailies are public now16:53
utlemmingsmoser: that was a builder error, that is now fixed16:54
smoserutlemming, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5755460/16:55
smoseri dont see saucy16:55
smoserand is still am confused about which is released and which is daily16:55
utlemmingrun it again...it looks like some of the end points haven't seen the publication flag yet16:55
hallynstgraber: I'm going to push the lock move patch to staging, as noone has reviewed it, fwiw.  we can always revert it17:08
stgraberhallyn: must have missed that one17:11
stgraberhallyn: was that the /run/lock change?17:11
hallynzul: could you accept the nomiation for series on bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1188850 ?17:13
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1188850 in libcgroup "cgrulesengd cannot process symlinked executables" [High,Fix released]17:13
zulhallyn:  done17:14
jcastroutlemming: or smoser: who wants to field this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/306634/differences-between-aws-ubuntu-image-and-a-fresh-install17:14
hallynzul: thanks!17:14
stgraberhallyn: I guess we already have code in there to recursively create the directories?17:14
hallynthat's the mkdir_p17:15
hallynoh yeah that's not in the patch context, i see17:15
stgraberhallyn: yeah, that bit wasn't visible in the diff17:15
stgraberok, sending my ack now17:15
hallynthanks - ttyl17:16
zulhallyn:  about to upload libvirt17:19
hallynzul: ok17:19
rbasakmdeslaur: thanks for the php5-gd fix!17:34
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mdeslaurrbasak: np! :)17:34
Willhaving trouble instaling zpanel to my ubuntu server17:43
NishokHello everyone, I have installed MySQL-Server-5.5 but I can't start it by using "service mysql start", it gives the error "unrecognized service". Here is a screenshot of it being installed + trying to run it: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1945.png17:46
zottai want to uninstall bind917:46
zottabut it won't stop17:46
zottaError: /run/resolvconf/interface either does not exist or is not a directory17:46
zottawhen i do service bind9 stop17:46
zottahow to uninstall it?17:47
sarnoldNishok: what does ls -l /etc/init/mysql.conf give you?17:48
Nishokzotta: apt-get purge bind9 should do the trick (it will remove everything of bind9)17:48
Nishoksarnold: ls: cannot access /etc/init/mysql.conf: No such file or directory17:49
sarnoldNishok: is mysql-server-5.5 installed?17:49
zottaRemoving bind9 ...17:49
zotta * Stopping domain name service... bind9                                                                           resolvconf: Error: /run/resolvconf/interface either does not exist or is not a directory17:49
zottainvoke-rc.d: initscript bind9, action "stop" failed.17:49
zottadpkg: error processing bind9 (--purge):17:49
Nishoksarnold: Yes, look at the screenshot to see the information of the mysql-server 5.5: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1945.png17:50
zottadoes not work17:50
sarnoldNishok: that shows mysql-server is installed, but says nothing about mysql-server-5.517:50
sarnoldzotta: this is a bit gross... but perhaps "sudo mkdir -p /var/resolvconf/interface ; sudo apt-get purge bind9"17:51
zottayay: killall named did the trick17:51
sarnoldoh better :)17:51
Nishoksarnold: Well, I did "apt-get install mysql-server" and it installed, including asking me to keep the current root passwords or change them, etc.. :/17:51
sarnoldNishok: hrm...17:51
sarnoldNishok: what does dpkg -l 'mysql*' look like?17:51
Nishoksarnold: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1952.png17:52
sarnoldNishok: aha :) normal is 'ii', 'iU' indicates something is wrong.. try dpkg-reconfigure -a17:53
Nishoksarnold: TIL :D17:54
NishokAnyways, here: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1953.png17:54
sarnoldNishok: harumph. :)  okay, try "dpkg-reconfigure mysql-client-5.5 mysql-server mysql-server-core-5.5" ...17:56
Nishoksarnold: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_1957.png17:58
swWhat would be the tar command to put /dir1 /dir2 /dir3 in a .tar.gz called backup_YYYYMMDD?17:59
sarnoldNishok: there might be a 'polite' way to fix this, but if this were mine, I'd copy the databases and configurations elsewhere, apt-get purge everything, and re-install.17:59
NishokI have a backup17:59
Nishoksarnold: I have a backup of the whole /var/lib/mysql/ folder18:00
NishokIs that all I need?18:00
sarnoldNishok: and probably /etc/my* something18:00
Nishoksarnold: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_2001.png18:02
sarnoldNishok: uninstall mysql-server, mysql-server-5.5, and so forth, in the same command18:02
Nishoksarnold: All clean: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_2005.png18:05
NishokWhat is the best way to install them again?18:05
sarnoldNishok: mysql-server-5.5 is still 'in', not 'un'... I'd do that one too18:06
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Nishoksarnold: Do I run the autoremove? http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_2006.png18:07
sarnoldNishok: not yet, maybe later..18:07
Nishoksarnold: Well, then the mysql-server-5.5 will stay "in"18:07
sarnoldNishok: okay. now, hopefully "apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client" will do the right thing18:09
Nishoksarnold: Ended with an error? http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_2010.png18:10
dlloydsee the line about disk space?18:11
sarnoldNishok: "no space left on device" for /var/cache --- you've got bigger problems to solve. :)18:11
sarnold*sigh* once again, odd errors that don't look right --> should check disk space first. How many times do I have to learn that lesson?18:12
Nishoksarnold: I already checked disk.. it has 9GB left D: http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_2012.png18:12
sarnoldNishok: the important column is 'Avail' -- the nine gigs is actually held aside for root's exclusive use.18:13
Nishoksarnold: Ah.. Give me a minute to remove some stuff then.18:14
geniithe 5% reserved, yadda yadda yadda18:14
sarnoldNishok: tune2fs -m  can change the percentage.18:14
sarnoldNishok: but don't change it too much, maybe 4 percent, just to get you back up and running, and then clear out space...18:14
sarnold(without free space, the filesystem will fragment itself to death quickly)18:14
Nishoksarnold: I already cleared 4.7GB (says Avail) and FTP is still going, so I am fine, no need to change % ^^18:15
Nishoksarnold: Should I just type "apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client" again?18:15
sarnoldNishok: yeah18:16
Nishoksarnold: ugh, error because it is already partially installed. Give me a minute to remove them again xD18:16
Willanyone have a recentish upto date guide on setting up a webserver with ubuntu? i've been following one but im returning some errors involving my sql root18:20
sarnoldWill: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/web-servers.html18:21
Nishoksarnold: Seems to be installed correctly, only I think the configs are gone (got deleted before I contacted you tho :S), how can I change the config to be able to connect? http://therealnishok.com/screensnapr/2013-06-11_2023.png18:24
sarnoldNishok: oh nuts :/ that'll be /etc/my.conf or wherever the configuration is stored..18:24
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Nishoksarnold: Looks empty D:18:26
zottaI have a self-compiled program (without a package, makefile, etc) and want it to be useable in console without specifying the path18:26
zottawhere should i put the elf?18:26
Nishoksarnold: Got it ^^18:27
sarnoldzotta: I make a new ~/bin/ directory and add $HOME/bin to my PATH on every system I use...18:27
sarnoldNishok: oh good :)18:27
zottasarnold: from other users18:28
sarnoldzotta: /usr/local/bin18:28
Nishoksarnold: I assume bind-address is the IP I should change? (currently set to local:
sarnoldNishok: yes, you may need to hcnage others too18:28
zottacan i su to a user with /bin/false shell?18:30
zuladam_g_:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/18:30
Nishoksarnold: W00T, got connection, thanks for all your help, holy shit I would have cried in a corner without you :)18:31
sarnoldNishok: nice! ;) have fun ;)18:32
Nishokty ^^18:32
adam_g_zul, lgtm18:32
zuladam_g_:  thanks18:32
Willsarnold: is there a step by step guide for this like http://ubuntuserverguide.com/2012/11/how-to-install-zpanelx-web-hosting-control-panel-on-ubuntu-server-12-04.html/218:58
sarnoldWill: sorry, no idea on zpanel things..18:58
Willi was looking into webim as thats the reccomended one18:59
adam_g_smoser, i think ive hit saucy cloud-init terminating while installing packages across a bunch of machines. all logs end at the same place: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5755881/19:03
smoseradam_g_, it just blocks ?19:04
smoseryou have /var/log/cloud-init.log ?19:05
adam_g_smoser, no, i dont see anything blocking it.19:05
adam_g_one sec19:05
adam_g_smoser, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5755890/19:06
adam_g_in any case, its runcmd is never running19:06
smoseradam_g_, The following packages will be upgraded:19:08
smoser... upstart19:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1124384 in cloud-init "Configuration reload clears event that others jobs may be waiting on" [High,Confirmed]19:08
adam_g_smoser, ah19:09
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adam_g_zul, was pbr supposed to eliminate python-setuptools-git?19:37
EnichI am running a lot of ubuntu minimal cd (machines) on a libvirt kvm installation.   And sometime experience that the servers hang in the grub menu.   I cannot seem to figure out the pattern behind it and wanted to know if someone out there has had the same experince19:37
zuladam_g_:  no its a dependency checker thing19:37
adam_g_zul, so its dependency on python-setuptools-git is valid?19:38
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EnichI gotta figure out how to get apt-cacher-ng to pick the fastest mirror, it seems it is currently by default just using us.archive.ubuntu.com   any idears ?20:19
andolEnich: Does apt-cacher-ng even make any mirror selection by itself? Doesn't it just go to whatever your local sources.list is pointing it to?20:26
vlad_starkovQuestion: I got a problem after apt-get upgrade on Ubuntu 12.04 with raid1+encryption+lvm. After reboot the LVM-passphrase is always wrong! Anyone know this issue?20:29
utlemmingvlad_starkov: did you follow the recommendation and backup the LUKS header?20:35
vlad_starkovutlemming: NO!20:36
vlad_starkovutlemming: I just started reading about LUKS header...20:36
vlad_starkovafter this happened20:36
vlad_starkovon another exactly the same machine I made apt-get upgrade and reboot and it's fine...20:37
Enichandol, Im not sure.. it seems like it has mirrors in the etc directory ..20:37
utlemmingvlad_starkov: I might suggest going to the #ubuntu-devel channel for this question. Off the bat, it sounds like the header may have been corrupted/damaged.20:37
Enichit for some reason picks us mirrors despight im en europe20:37
vlad_starkovutlemming: thnaks20:37
SlybootsHuh.. you cant to RAID5/6 with Btrfs?20:37
vlad_starkovutlemming: But I read that if I use dm-crypt there is no such a thing like header20:38
vlad_starkovutlemming: how can I know what I use?20:38
madpropsI set up an ircd-irc2 server but it takes a lot of time to establish connection, is there a way to make this faster?20:39
utlemmingvlad_starkov: "cryptsetup isLuks <Device>"20:39
andolEnich: From what I recall that mirror list is mostly to merge the cache files from different mirrors containing the same files.20:39
sarnoldmadprops: probably disable identd lookups20:39
vlad_starkovutlemming: If it is raid I should do in initramfs "cryptsetup isLuks /dev/md1" ?20:40
andolEnich: No matter if apt-cacher-ng can do magic or not, you can definetly point it to a specific mirror using your sources.list entry, so why don't you just pick a good local mirror for now?20:40
vlad_starkovutlemming: this command returns nothing20:42
utlemmingvlad_starkov: is the raid assembled? i.e. does /dev/md1 exist?20:42
vlad_starkovutlemming: yes20:43
vlad_starkovutlemming: and cat /proc/mdstat returns healthy result20:43
utlemmingvlad_starkov: I would go over #ubuntu-devel....you'll find the encryption experts hanging out there.20:44
SlybootsDamn, this is a bit of a downer, weird taht btrfs doesnt support anything other than RAID1/1020:44
vlad_starkovutlemming: Asked a question there. But there is silence for the moment...20:46
madpropssarnold, should I be using  /ircd-hybrid/ ?20:46
utlemmingvlad_starkov: what does "sudo blkid" show?20:46
sarnoldmadprops: I'm not sure. On the one hand, taking a distro-provided ircd means you get the community to help support it; on the other hand, if you're running a public network, being 'hooked in' with the upstream ircd developers would probably be useful, whether that's oftc-hybrid or plain hybrid or whatever..20:48
Enichandol,   The issue is that the deployment is done automatically so i would have to do it via a kickstart file20:48
andolEnich: I'm afraid I really don't see the problem. Nevertheless, I'm off to bed now.20:50
vlad_starkovutlemming: oooops..... blkid: TYPE="CRYPTO_LUKS"20:53
utlemmingvlad_starkov: so it is a luks...I would backup the header now.20:57
vlad_starkovutlemming: the server is on the remote side20:57
utlemmingvlad_starkov: i.e. cryptupsetup luksHeaderBackup /dev/md1 header.img20:57
vlad_starkovutlemming: so it will copy it to the RAM?20:58
utlemmingvlad_starkov: yeah, it won't hurt....just don't reboot until you get into the box20:58
swWhat would be the tar command to put /dir1 /dir2 /dir3 in a .tar.gz called backup_YYYYMMDD?20:59
sarnoldsw: where are you stuck?21:00
vlad_starkovutlemming: ok that command returned nothing. ls -al shows header.img with 2097152 bytes21:03
utlemmingvlad_starkov: try "crpytsetup luksOpen /dev/md1 volume"21:04
SlybootsSo, heres a query since I cant use btrfs.  Planning on building a NAS/general purpose server for a home user.  What sort of FS would you recomend?21:06
vlad_starkovutlemming: I'm supposing to launch /lib/cryptsetup/askpass 'unlocking' | /sbin/cryptsetup -T 1 luksOpen /dev/md1 md1_crypt --key-file=-21:06
SlybootsI know you can just use raid5 with MDADM, but thats very slow doing building/syncing21:06
SlybootsSo I.. really dont know.21:07
shodan45anyone use atftpd in ubuntu server?21:11
utlemmingvlad_starkov: just a hunch, but does /lib/crytsetup/askpass even exist?21:12
shodan45and as a daemon, not via inetd, etc?21:12
vlad_starkovutlemming: I'm rebooting.... will try to enter upper i instead of lover L21:15
vlad_starkovutlemming: It works!!! I feel myself like an idiot spent 1.5 hours dealing with it21:16
vlad_starkovutlemming: Thank you! As you recommended me I asked people in #ubuntu-devel in addition to #ubuntu-server. Your advices were almost the same as slangasek's from #ubuntu-devel. Thank you guys so much!21:19
utlemmingvlad_starkov: no problem...just back up your headers...and do a lvm backup as well. It never hurts to have a backup of those in case things go south on you.21:20
vlad_starkovutlemming: what would be the cheatsheet for backup luks and lvm headers? "cryptupsetup luksHeaderBackup /dev/md1 --header-backup-file header.img" for luks. And what will be for LVM?21:24
utlemmingvlad_starkov: its been a while since I've done that....I have not used LVM in a good while. :(21:25
vlad_starkovutlemming: not a problem. I'll ask in #ubuntu-devel. Anyways now I know that there is LVM headers exist and that I have to backup them :-)21:26
vlad_starkovutlemming: as far I go with Ubuntu as far I get new knowledge21:27
vlad_starkovutlemming: thanks again! God save IRC :-)21:28
* vlad_starkov backup backup backup...... and backup!21:33
utlemmingvlad_starkov: try looking at the vgcfgbackup command21:35
vlad_starkovutlemming: Thanks21:35
madpropssarnold, pretty much every google result regarding ircd refers to ircd-hybrid21:51
madpropsI'm trying to enable ssl on ircd-irc221:51
sarnoldmadprops: e.g. http://www.oftc.net/CodingProjects/21:53
EDocToorI am so stupid...23:03
EDocToorI guess no one is going to debate that... ummm23:03
Willim logged in as root through ssh (putty) and running some commands but having no response, any ideas?23:04
EDocToorwe are prob doing the same thing23:04
EDocToorwith vi /etc/network/interfaces23:04
EDocToorand not knowing what to put in there23:04
Willim trying to do touch /etc/network/interfaces23:05
Willand it wont do anything23:05
Willnor repond with an error etc23:05
EDocToormy apt-get won't even work23:05
EDocToorso your better than I23:05
Willah mine worked there, lol23:05
Willyou running in a virtual machine?23:05
Willlike virtualbox?23:06
EDocToorNo new US Box23:06
EDocTooronly thing I touched was interface23:06
EDocToornothing works now23:06
Willi went through that guide mate if u want to follow it23:06
EDocToorso I know that I have the address, netmask, network, broadcast, gateway or dns-nameserver wrong23:07
EDocToorAwesome.. I will see it that helps23:07
Willthis is doing my head in, even ls command isnt repsonding23:07
EDocToorwe just don't know the rules...23:08
EDocToorand it isn't obvious to us23:08
EDocToorWere you here yesterday? Will23:08
sarnoldWill: what do you mean, "ls command isn't responding'?23:08
EDocToorI remember23:09
sarnoldWill: can you pastebin what you've got on screen?23:09
Willdoesn't ls list the files in the current directory through bash/putty23:09
EDocToortake care Will .. I will read that tutorial and be back...23:10
Willsarnold: http://pastebin.com/gE6AFsyv23:11
sarnoldWill: your current working directory (/root in this case) has only "dotfiles" in it; ls doesn't show _all_ files by default. try ls -la to see the dotfiles and extended information on those files23:13
sarnoldWill: cp and touch and similar commands will only print output if there are problems23:13
sarnoldthey worked fine, so no output.23:13
Willahh right23:14
EDocToornice... so your good23:14
Willbut when im doing touch /etc/network/interfaces meant to open that up?23:16
Willfor editing?23:16
Willoh wait no23:16
Willit creates the directory doesnt it23:16
Willif its not there23:16
Willtouch is used to create files23:16
sarnoldWill: no; touch only updates the timestamp on a file -- or creates the file, if it does not yet exist.23:16
Willyeh, i remember now, cheers23:17
Willbeen a while since bash ^^23:17
EDocToorI haven't used touch yet... and wouldn't even know why I would ..23:17
EDocToorThanks Will that link might be what I am stuck on.. if it shows what I should type for gateway23:18
Willsarnold: http://pastebin.com/6tLGDELi23:23
sarnoldWill: &gt; is an HTML entity that should expand to >23:24
sarnoldWill: you might want to find a better guide to learn from :)23:24
Willahh haha, guy must of not scripted his blog correctly there then23:24
Willcheers for the translation23:24
sarnolda ton of blogs and the like very completely destroy things that you should copy-and-paste.23:25
sarnoldmy favorite is the idiot websites that turn " into smartquotes. I think that's a wordpressism.23:25
Willyeah i never bother with the copy paste just for that factor23:25
sarnoldit's nearly invisible to the naked eye why things break...23:25
sarnoldWill: there's other good reasons to not copy-and-paste from websites: http://thejh.net/misc/website-terminal-copy-paste23:26
sarnoldgenii: lol23:26
SlybootsHey.. Uh, can anyone give me some advice on a problem so I can finally go to sleep :P23:49
SlybootsTrying to creatre a 5x disk RAID5 array in Ubuntu 12 server, but for some baffling reason it creates a 4disk array, then tries to build the 5th as a "recovery"23:50
madpropsfsck it, fsck it all night long23:50
Slybootswith the resync going to take.. well, days and days.. and days..23:51
SlybootsRight now I've got 5 partitions (all the same size) across 5 disks as /dev/sd?6.  So  I run mdadm /dev/md3 --create --raid-level=5 --raid-devices=5 /dev/sd[abcde]623:51
SlybootsThe only noteworthy thing in syslog is this "[ 4470.184731] md/raid:md3: raid level 5 active with 4 out of 5 devices, algorithm 223:52
SlybootsAny ideas?23:52
sarnoldSlyboots: the first bits of googling I find suggest mdadm ... --level=5   not --raid-level=5. Can you check that parameter in the manpage?23:54
Slybootssarnold, Sorry.  I have been using --level523:54
Slyboots# mdadm --create /dev/md3 --level=5 --raid-devices=5 /dev/sd[abcde]623:54
sarnoldSlyboots: I see a result about --spare-devices=N -- can you try adding --spare-devices=0 and see if that forces the behavior your want?23:54
sarnoldSlyboots: drat :)23:54
SlybootsAdding --spare-devices=0 does not seem to alter the behavior23:55
sarnoldSlyboots: sorry, that was my best idea..23:56
SlybootsI mean, at this rate its going to take over 11 days just to build the array :P23:56
SlybootsThe problem does seem to be its treating disk 5 as a spare ( 5       8       70        4      spare rebuilding   /dev/sde6)23:57
EDocToorNew Ubuntu Server Install; ifconfig results; addr:,, Bcast:,, Mask:,, Loopback addr:,, Mask: -- and I edited interfaces iface eth0 inet static, address,, netmask,, network:,,broadcast:,,gateway:,,dns-nameserver
EDocTooram I doing something wrong that is obvious23:58
SlybootsMaybe Raid5 doesnt like working on 5 disks?23:58
sarnoldEDocToor: your gateway is in 192.168.1.xxx but your network is 192.168.0.xxx -- one of those is probably wrong.23:59
sarnoldEDocToor: you _can_ have a gateway address that's not in your "local network", but it takes more work, so it isn't very common.23:59
Slybootsyour addr and Bcasta are also on different subnets..23:59
SlybootsI seriously doubt thats correct23:59

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