spooncan i flash ubuntu with clockwork and if so do i flash both files?00:18
compuspitalHello all00:25
compuspitalIs it safe to flash saucy onto nexus 7 hw?00:26
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GeekyGamer14Hello people02:28
GeekyGamer14Is anyobdy there?02:28
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rigvedhi everyone03:59
rigvedi have put Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7. But I am unable to connect it to my home wi-fi (WPA2 Personal). After I type in the password and click OK, it shows the list of available wi-fi networks again. It does not connect to the wi-fi. So, I have to enter the password again. But still, it does not connect. Just shows the list of available wi-fi networks again.04:02
rigvedcan anyone help?04:02
RAOFrigved: I've not seen that, but hang around; perhaps someone else has.04:06
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rigvedRAOF: ok sure. thanks.04:55
rigvedjust fyi, my password is very long. so, is the wi-fi connection timing out by the time I have entered the password?04:55
rigvedsorry for repeating my question:05:17
rigvedi have put Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7. But I am unable to connect it to my home wi-fi (WPA2 Personal). After I type in the password and click OK, it shows the list of available wi-fi networks again. It does not connect to the wi-fi. So, I have to enter the password again. But still, it does not connect. Just shows the list of available wi-fi networks again.05:17
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AskUbuntuUnable to connect to secured wi-fi from Nexus 7 running Ubuntu Touch 13.04 | http://askubuntu.com/q/30673406:51
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awafaarsalveti: and here i thought you wanted to talk to me :(08:50
krs360Morning all, quick question if anyone is able to answer..08:52
krs360Does the ubuntu release still come with all of the dummy data, contacts, etc?08:52
ogra_not the latest ones, no08:54
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krs360orga_: Ah ok, thats good. Has much changed since release?09:17
krs360I did install but all of the dummy data was annoying :p09:17
ogra_since release ?09:17
krs360well, I flashed the first day the preview became available09:17
ogra_the release is due for october, there was no release yet09:17
krs360and pretty much went abck to cynogen mod the day after09:18
ogra_since then a lot has changed09:18
krs360geez, cannot type today.09:18
ogra_there are people that use it as daily driver09:18
krs360may give it a shot again then09:18
deiuis 3G data going to be added soon? :)09:19
deiuthat's pretty much the only thing stopping me from switching right this moment09:19
cdesaiIsn't it working already (with some manual tinkering needed) ?09:20
ogra_3G data works since two weeks, there is no UI to cionfigure it though, you need to do it via adb09:20
krs360so in your opinion it's good enough at present to be used as a daily release?09:20
ogra_dunno, ask someone who does it use that way :) i know there are people, i personally dont since i break the image to often during development09:22
krs360I've got time to burn today so I might give it a spin, not like reflashing another distro is hard09:24
krs360cheers for the answers.09:24
daniel3I tried using it, but couldn't do anything, couldn't open any apps, change settings, etc.  Could only just swipe around09:26
ogra_you can make calls, surf the web, send text messages, import your contacts etc09:27
daniel3I was trying on my nexus 7.09:27
daniel3I am using the Ubuntu full image on my Nexus 7 and it works decently/09:28
ogra_well, many of the coreapps should work too09:28
ogra_the nexus7 desktop image was just an interim thing, it is dead09:28
krs360meant to ask, is there an email client in the core apps?09:31
ogra_nope, not atm09:32
krs360ah ok, I'll hold fire then - thanks again :)09:32
ogra_(feel free to write one :) )09:33
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Laneyis it an SDK bug that if I assign the image property of an UbuntuShape to a variable instead of directly to an Image then it doesn't get the nice rounded corners?11:15
Laneyalternatively, can I make a fading transition happen when changing the image source?11:18
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Laneyit updates after the duration but abruptly11:19
ogra_sergiusens, do you already build saucy android images ? (i'm looking for one with the new qtubuntu stuff in it)11:43
sergiusensogra_: when was it merged?11:45
ogra_dunno, there was an upload to saucy last night11:45
sergiusensogra_: qtubuntu or hybris?11:46
sergiusensogra_: ok, so yes I do, it's in jenkins11:46
ogra_great, is it in the raring ones ?11:46
sergiusensthe android/saucy thing confused me for a bit :-P11:46
seb128Laney, you might want to try #ubuntu-app-devel for sdk questions (though I think most people who are on there are on -touch as well, but I've been told it's the sdk channel)11:46
ogra_well, i wasnt sure we build two different android sets now11:47
sergiusensogra_: as soon as I get a green light it will be in the same location11:47
Laneyseb128: oh ok, more channels I guess11:47
* Laney finds one to leave11:47
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ogra_plars, didnt you write a patch for upstart to support things like "reboot bootloader" and "reboot recovery" ?11:58
ogra_we could need that in the flipped container images11:58
cdesaihey popey11:59
cdesaianyone with whom I can talk about the emulator?12:00
popeycdesai: depends, got specific questions?12:00
popeyif it's about the way the image is deployed to device, sergiusens is probably the guy12:01
cdesaiyep that's what I was thinking of now12:01
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krabadorok people, all very good, but in my samsung i9100 i can't use RIL, please dev staff, help the community.12:42
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diwicogra_, to try out the flipped container images, am I supposed to use "raring-preinstalled-*" images? I see nothing starting with "saucy".12:49
ogra_diwic, onlt mako and maguro work currently, and yes, they use the armel zips12:50
diwicogra_, ok. I'll wait for the grouper to start working then12:51
ogra_sadly grouper is evil to me ...12:52
ogra_just goes into a reboot loop12:52
diwicogra_, that's not nice of it12:53
ogra_nope ... it slowly moves away from being my favorite arch12:53
ogra_diwic, oh, btw, where did you look for the images ?12:54
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ogra_diwic, flipped ones are at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/12:54
diwicogra_, ah, thanks, I think I selected ubuntu-touch-preview12:55
ogra_ah, thats the jenkins sync for non flipped12:56
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plarsogra_: no, wasn't me, sorry13:13
ogra_plars, oh, i thought you did that for the desktop n7 image tests13:13
plarsogra_: ah, no I was just removing the boot partition to force it to reboot into fastboot13:15
plarsthat way it could be reflashed on reboot, and booted over fastboot with a new kernel and whatever options we wanted13:15
ogra_ah, k, i think we better dont do trhat in production :)13:15
plarsyeah :)13:17
ogra_iirc xnox looked at upstart for this too13:18
xnoxplars: ogra_: "$ sudo reboot -f bootloader" works with phablet images and gets one into fastboot mode.13:21
xnoxogra_: or were you after something else?13:22
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ogra_xnox, doesnt work with upstart ... you are using the android init there :)13:24
ogra_xnox, i need it to work in upstart for the flipped container13:24
xnoxogra_: it does. and reboot binary above is from the upstart package.13:25
xnox(works with ubuntu-core images as well)13:25
ogra_do we have a bootloader option too ?13:25
xnoxit's just a syscall with optional "string" parameter. you can type anything there. kernel does something with it, like passes to firmware and we shall hope firmware knows what to do.13:26
xnoxogra_: from trial & error: bootloader - gives fastboot mode; recovery - reboots into recovery.13:26
xnoxI have no idea if others are supported. I got the above two from adbd source code =)13:26
xnoxalso no idea how portable this is across devices.....13:27
ogra_should be good as long as there is an android kernel13:27
ogra_thanks !13:28
cdesaixnox: recovery should be supported on most devices, and I think Samsung is the only exception for fastboot, most of the others have it13:29
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sergiusensballoons: do you know why these are blocked on a build from May? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/270/builds14:08
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AskUbuntuHow do I get an UbuntuShape to transition (fade) between different images? | http://askubuntu.com/q/30686814:41
ZDmitrymhall119, ping14:49
nik90popey: ping14:51
popeynik90: hey14:54
nik90popey: would you be attending today's hangout for Alarms API meeting?14:54
nik90It was organised by mhall11914:54
nik90popey: and hi :-)14:55
nik90popey: do you have the link to the hangout?14:56
popeypm'ed you14:58
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didrockssil2100: nerochiaro: oSoMoN: notes-app, camera-app and mediaplayer-app now in saucy! :)15:17
didrocksogra_: sergiusens: FYI ^15:17
nerochiarodidrocks: yay15:20
* ogra_ hugs didrocks 15:27
ogra_awesome !15:27
* didrocks hugs ogra_ back15:28
oSoMoNdidrocks: yay!15:29
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MacSlowSaviq, splitting up and successful testing of the backend- and shell-part done... the two MRs are up.15:51
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SaviqMacSlow, yup, saw that, nice!15:52
MacSlowSaviq, also sent and email to you and Jussi15:52
MacSlowalready CI-approved :)15:54
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nik90ckpringle: ping16:14
seb128mhr3, kenvandine: better to discuss here than in the middle of didrocks' meeting16:15
kenvandinemhr3, the account settings UI works now on saucy16:15
didrocksthanks :)16:15
kenvandinebut the stack isn't built for raring yet16:15
kenvandinemhr3, for now you have to use the uoa-create script16:15
mhr3kenvandine, my primary question is whether we'll have the social scope available on the phone, people said that it might not be because uoa isn't there yet in good enough state16:17
kenvandineuoa works fine16:17
kenvandineand as soon as the images are switched to saucy they'll have the UI for setting them up16:17
mhr3kenvandine, well using a script to set it up is probably the "not good enough state" :)16:18
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kenvandinei think we are close to switching the builds to saucy... and everything is there for the settings UI for saucy already16:18
kenvandinejust waiting for that switch16:18
kenvandinemhr3, hope that helps16:19
mhr3kenvandine, awesome, yep it does16:19
mhr3kenvandine, so the current S desktop scope will work ootb, right?16:20
kenvandinemhr3, yes16:20
kenvandinei'd love to see that on the phone :)16:20
pmcgowanmhr3, is there a porting guide for the new scopes api? I need to fix a lens16:23
mhr3pmcgowan, not atm, python scope?16:24
pmcgowanmhr3, maybe a model to look at and compare?16:25
pmcgowanexample I mean16:25
mhr3pmcgowan, any of these should do - https://code.launchpad.net/unity-scopes16:26
mhr3for example https://code.launchpad.net/~submarine/unity-scope-wikipedia/trunk16:26
pmcgowanmhr3, ok thanks16:26
mhr3pmcgowan, we might make it even simpler for python at some point, so if you're not in a hurry to port you can try to wait a bit more :)16:27
pmcgowanmhr3, sounds compelling!16:28
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stgraberlool: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-image is the new location for our various branches. Only got mine moved there so far but expect barry to do the same soonish.16:43
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ironhalikI'm wondering - is Ubuntu touch supporting pin locked SIM cards on GNex?17:20
ironhalikI've got this evil SIM card where you can't disable PIN lock17:21
lAdubuntuwill ubuntu touch be available for galaxy s4?17:49
lAdubuntuanybody here?17:52
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AskUbuntuHow to install Ubuntu Touch on unofficial cyanogenmod ports | http://askubuntu.com/q/30697619:23
balloonsnik90, so I'm starting on that common emulator we spoke about yesterday for ubuntu sdk apps and autopilot :-)19:24
balloonsjust wanted some feedback on what utility functions might be useful we haven't though tof19:25
rickspencer3hey all, cellular data is not working for me today :,(19:28
rickspencer3did something change?19:29
rickspencer3I get "No suitable device found: no device found for connection <my connection>19:29
rickspencer3cyphermox, ^ ?19:31
ogra_do calls work ?19:31
rickspencer3ogra_, yes19:31
cyphermoxrickspencer3: wifi connection?19:31
cyphermoxdoes nmcli dev list /ril_0 ?19:31
cyphermox'nmcli dev'19:31
rickspencer3cyphermox, hold on, I need to reboot the phone19:33
rickspencer3I guess19:33
nik90balloons: sure, go ahead :)19:33
cyphermoxrickspencer3: you're using today's image?19:33
rickspencer3cyphermox, yes19:33
rickspencer3the osk is not displaying the buttons for the terminal app :/19:33
cyphermoxis that the saucy image?19:34
cyphermoxso I didn't get the right image19:34
rickspencer3cyphermox no19:34
ogra_that would be worse :)19:34
rickspencer3I just used phablet-flash19:34
rickspencer3cyphermox I ran nmcli dev list /ril_0... what am I looking for?19:35
cyphermoxI'm sorry I was unclear19:36
cyphermoxnmcli dev19:36
cyphermoxyou should see /ril_0 in the list there19:36
rickspencer3cyphermox, no, not in there19:36
cyphermoxif not, NM didn't see ofono for some reason... after reboot it might be because something changed in the image we build, and now you don't have the right version of NM there19:36
cyphermoxcould you run19:37
cyphermoxdpkg -l network-manager | cat19:37
cyphermoxnormally you should see there19:37
* rickspencer3 plugs in phone to switch to ubuntu_chroot19:38
rickspencer3cyphermox, is says
cyphermoxrickspencer3: ok19:47
cyphermoxI'll just reflash to the right image to debug that19:47
rickspencer3cyphermox, note that I hit this when I was moblie19:48
rickspencer3let me reboot and see if it works before I go out of range of the wireless19:48
cyphermoxrickspencer3: are you on IRC from your phone?19:49
cyphermoxah ;)19:49
rickspencer3cyphermox, no19:49
cyphermoxso reboot doesn't help?19:49
rickspencer3didn't know there was an irc client19:49
cyphermoxno, there isn't an irc client19:49
cyphermoxI'm thinking I might write a QML frontend for quassel when I don't need to fight fires19:49
cyphermoxbut for now... I mean 3G was working great so far, I'm not sure why it's broken for you just now19:50
rickspencer3I did adb reboot19:50
rickspencer3$adb root19:50
cyphermoxperhaps there was a piece that crashed in ofono or NM19:50
rickspencer3$adb shell19:50
rickspencer3$ubuntu_chroot shell19:50
rickspencer3then got19:50
rickspencer3root@ubuntu-phablet:/# nmcli dev19:50
rickspencer3DEVICE     TYPE              STATE19:50
rickspencer3wlan0      802-11-wireless   connected19:50
cyphermoxis ofonod running?19:50
rickspencer3cyphermox, hmm, ps doesn;t work in ubuntu_chroot shell19:52
rickspencer3cyphermox, how do I check if it's running?19:52
cyphermoxmount -t proc proc /proc19:53
cyphermoxps -ef | grep ofono19:53
cyphermoxor sudo start ofonod19:53
cyphermoxactually, that's without the d19:53
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rickspencer3root@ubuntu-phablet:/#  ps -ef | grep ofono19:54
rickspencer3root      1021   261  0 19:49 ?        00:00:00 ofonod --noplugin=atmodem19:54
rickspencer3phablet   1144   261  0 19:49 ?        00:00:00 /usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-ofono19:54
rickspencer3root      1442  1256  0 19:53 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto ofono19:54
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cyphermoxrickspencer3: could you run "sudo restart network-manager" ?19:54
cyphermoxrickspencer3: maybe someone changed the start sequence19:54
JC_someone here?19:54
rickspencer3cyphermox, ok, done19:55
cyphermoxJC_: can I help?19:55
rickspencer3root@ubuntu-phablet:/# nmcli dev19:55
rickspencer3DEVICE     TYPE              STATE19:55
rickspencer3wlan0      802-11-wireless   connected19:55
cyphermoxJC_: just ask your question and give me a bit of time to finish helping rickspencer3 :)19:55
cyphermoxrickspencer3: wow19:55
cyphermoxrickspencer3: I don't know why it's not working19:55
rickspencer3cyphermox, well, it should be working now, no?19:55
cyphermoxrickspencer3: I'm reflashing to the raring image now, I would see the same behavior19:56
cyphermoxrickspencer3: totally19:56
cyphermoxit should be working19:56
rickspencer3cypher, sorry19:56
rickspencer3 /ril_0     gsm               disconnected19:56
cyphermoxrickspencer3: you still get calls?19:56
pmcgowancyphermox, nothign new should have been added to raring afaik19:56
rickspencer3xchat thought I was making a call19:56
cyphermoxrickspencer3: ok19:56
cyphermoxrickspencer3: so things good to enable data now?19:56
rickspencer3cyphermox, sorry, xchat thoght I was making a commend19:56
cyphermoxif the device shows up, you should be able to bring up the connection19:57
JC_i have a samsung galaxy tab, and i try to install ununtu touch but i can't, i've been guide for this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install19:57
cyphermoxsure. I get bit by that everytime I past that output too19:57
cyphermoxJC_: did you get the images for the right device from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working.2C_but_not_available_from_cdimage.u.c ?19:58
cyphermoxtoo bad I gave away my galaxy tab 2 some time ago19:58
rickspencer3cyphermox, well, it didn't get the same error, but looks like it is going to time out19:58
rickspencer3maybe I am not getting cell reception here19:58
cyphermoxrickspencer3: if it times out, try again once, if it still times out, there's definitely another issue19:59
rickspencer3let me go up front and try19:59
cyphermoxrickspencer3: I noticed every once in a while the Online property doesn't get set properly19:59
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rickspencer3cyphermox, so, when I went up front where the signal is strong, it connected immediately20:00
rickspencer3or at least appeared to, I didn't test the connection20:00
cyphermoxrickspencer3: perhaps I'll upload a new NM to the ppa for raring to enable debug output for NM by default20:00
rickspencer3cyphermox, why do you think it couldn't see ril when it started?20:00
cyphermoxrickspencer3: was it immediately from boot?20:01
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rickspencer3cyphermox, ?20:01
rickspencer3not sure what you are asking20:01
cyphermoxwas it broken from boot or was it broken after a while?20:01
rickspencer3I can adb reboot and then see if it sees ril, if that's what you mean20:01
rickspencer3cyphermox, it was broken from boot, I think20:02
rickspencer3let me try rebooting20:02
cyphermoxI expect from a clean boot /ril_0 should pretty much always be there20:02
rickspencer3cyphermox, what is a "clean boot"20:02
rickspencer3I usually use adb reboot20:02
cyphermoxwell, adb reboot is good20:02
rickspencer3cyphermox, there is no ril after adb reboot20:03
rickspencer3then I restart network manager, and it is there20:03
rickspencer3I just repro'd it20:03
rickspencer3cyphermox, certainly I am not the only one seeing this?20:04
cyphermoxshouldn't be, no20:04
cyphermoxofono must have changed20:04
pmcgowancyphermox, I have 153 and there is no ofono update to get20:04
cyphermoxor... something, anyway, has to have changed. it was working fine for the past two weeks no?20:04
pmcgowanI wonder about android bits20:04
pmcgowanrsalveti, ^^20:04
JC_i think yes20:05
JC_well in the manual instalaction its seems a litle strange, tell us to do two equal things20:07
cyphermoxJC_: it's not the same image20:08
cyphermoxJC_: for the unofficial images you should really follow the xda-developers forum posts for installing the images20:08
JC_can u give me a link?20:09
cyphermoxdepends on the actual device you have20:10
JC_samsung galaxy tab 2 10.120:11
cyphermoxJC_: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=3845629620:12
cyphermoxnotice the entries around the middle: generic part is something you need to flash anyway, using what's at wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install20:12
cyphermoxand then you'll need to download the device-specific image from that mediafire link20:13
cyphermoxyou flash the device-specific part first, and then the generic part20:13
cyphermoxthat's the best I can offer20:13
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cyphermoxrickspencer3: I got /ril_020:20
cyphermoxrickspencer3: can I send you diffs for small changes to make to the network-manager and ofono init scripts so we get more logs?20:21
rickspencer3cyphermox, well ...20:21
rickspencer3should we rather wait until we have saucy images?20:21
rickspencer3and debug those if necessary?20:21
cyphermoxmaybe, but since you can already reproduce the issue it would be good to still have a trace of it20:22
rickspencer3I worry about pouring too much into this image if by Thursday or so we are on saucy, which may have a different set of problems20:22
rickspencer3cyphermox, ok, tell me what to do :)20:22
cyphermoxit already has a different set of problems tbh :/20:22
cyphermoxrickspencer3: you'd need to edit /etc/init/ofono.conf to add -d as a parameter20:24
cyphermoxand to edit /etc/init/network-manager.conf to add20:24
rickspencer3hmm, I thought I did20:24
cyphermox--log-level=debug --log-domains=core,mb20:24
cyphermoxperhaps the one for ofono is already done20:24
rickspencer3maybe it got blown away when I did phablet-flash20:24
rickspencer3cyphermox, at what line do I add the log-level switch?20:27
cyphermoxto exec NetworkManager20:27
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rickspencer3cyphermox, done .. next?20:28
cyphermoxthat's all20:29
cyphermoxadb reboot20:29
cyphermoxthen send me /var/log/syslog20:29
cyphermoxit will have the debug logs for the initialization of NM and when it asks ofono about modems20:29
rickspencer3cyphermox, do you want me to delete the existing syslog first?20:29
rickspencer3seems like it might end up a pretty long file if I don't20:30
cyphermoxas you wish, a new boot is pretty evident anyway20:30
rsalvetirickspencer3: stopped working with the same phone and same sim card?20:33
rickspencer3rsalveti, yes20:34
rickspencer3cyphermox, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5756160/20:34
rsalvetilet me compare the changes, but nothing really changed20:34
* rickspencer3 hopes there are no passwords in there20:34
cyphermoxrsalveti: no, nothing appears to have changed20:34
cyphermoxrickspencer3: there shouldn't be any passwords in NM logs, ever20:34
rsalvetihm, similar logs as we had when people were roaming20:34
rsalvetisergiusens: ^20:34
rickspencer3could it be because I am rebooting the phone somewhere where there is not good cell receptivity?20:34
rsalvetimaybe, there's a similar issue when people are roaming, might be that you got connected to a different network20:35
rsalvetibecause of the low signal20:35
sergiusensrsalveti: rickspencer3 if it's the issue I had, the modem would be unAttached20:37
sergiusensbut if coverage is low, not sure it's the same thing20:37
rsalvetiJun 11 20:32:12 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[540]: gril/gril.c:handle_response() RIL Reply: RIL_REQUEST_SET_NETWORK_SELECTION_AUTOMATIC serial-no: 40 errno: SUCCESS20:38
rsalvetiJun 11 20:32:12 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[540]: gril/gril.c:ril_request_create() req: RIL_REQUEST_VOICE_REGISTRATION_STATE, id: 71, data_len: 020:38
rsalvetiJun 11 20:32:12 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[540]: gril/gril.c:dispatch() RIL Event: UNSOL_RESPONSE_VOICE_NETWORK_STATE_CHANGED20:38
rsalvetiyou keep getting:20:38
rsalvetiJun 11 20:32:12 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[540]: gril/gril.c:dispatch() RIL Event: UNSOL_RESPONSE_VOICE_NETWORK_STATE_CHANGED20:38
rsalvetiwhich is usually related with low signal20:39
rickspencer3rsalveti, so when I go to where there is signal, I can make a call, but NM doesn't know about ril being there yet?20:39
rsalvetirickspencer3: maybe the signal is not good enough to make data calls, and something we might not be handling internally yet20:40
cyphermoxrsalveti: it's irrelevant to the modem showing up in NM though20:40
rsalvetiand I'm not sure the stack would get fixed automatically once you get good signal again20:41
cyphermoxthere's a sleep 8 as a pre-start script for ofono though20:41
rsalveticyphermox: right, it's probably internal ofono20:41
rsalvetithat's a different issue20:41
cyphermoxso it will take 8 seconds before ofono starts...20:41
rsalvetithat's because the socket is not there yet20:41
cyphermoxwell, that does tend to affect NM though20:41
rsalvetirickspencer3: so mind rebooting the phone in a place you know you have good signal?20:41
rsalvetijust for a quick test20:42
rsalveticyphermox: why?20:42
cyphermoxof course there isn't /ril_0 if nmcli dev is run too early20:42
rsalveticyphermox: nm should be getting all the events when the modem is up20:42
sergiusenscyphermox: but shouldn't affect calls20:42
cyphermoxsergiusens: correct, it wouldn't affect calls20:42
rsalvetithe problem right know is that inside ofono we just expect things to work right from boot20:42
cyphermoxyou could only do calls from after ofono is started20:42
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rsalvetiif you don't have a signal, or if you're roaming, it might need a few changes so it can better track the network state changes20:43
cyphermoxrsalveti: sergiusens: I think you're mixing issues though20:43
cyphermoxonce ofono is started, NM should immediately see the modems from ofono, regardless of GPRS, modem, or Sim status20:44
cyphermoxwhat I'm trying to figure out is why /ril_0 wasn't listed in nmcli dev20:44
rsalvetiour issue might be that the signal might be enough for calls, not for data20:45
rsalvetihm, right20:45
cyphermoxthe issue might be that while sleep 8 solves the issue with that socket most of the time, sometimes it's not sufficient20:45
rsalvetiI don't think this is related with the sleep20:45
sergiusenscyphermox: if the modem is not attached, it doesn't show, right?20:46
rsalvetias we're already looking for signals20:46
cyphermoxit always shows20:46
cyphermoxas long as the modem is detected20:46
rsalvetiJun 11 20:31:09 ubuntu-phablet NetworkManager[415]: <info> ofono is now available20:46
rsalvetibut might be missing an interface still20:46
cyphermoxas soon as ofono runs through setup_ril, it will show up20:46
cyphermoxthe dbus interfaces are irrelevant at this point20:47
rsalvetiright, but nm will only see ril_0 once the expected interfaces are up20:47
cyphermoxwell, as soon as the modem interface is up20:47
cyphermoxand/or the ModemAdded signal was triggered20:47
cyphermoxthat still just points the issue towards a race or something in ofono20:49
rsalvetiI can probably try to reproduce this here as well, if the problem is indeed signal20:49
rsalvetiright, I want to check that, doesn't make any sense20:49
rsalvetibut I noticed last week that sometimes nm wasn't getting the interface signals20:50
rsalvetibut I could see them with dbus-monitor20:50
cyphermoxah, found an issue20:50
rsalvetisomething is broken somewhere :-)20:50
rsalveticyphermox: where?20:50
cyphermoxNM doesn't enumerate modems when ofono appears after it20:51
cyphermoxthat's really sucky ;)20:51
rsalveticyphermox: hm, but what is the side effect of that?20:51
cyphermoxany modem already detected prior to NM finding ofono are not going to be seen by NM20:52
rsalvetiogra_: sergiusens: cyphermox: qtubuntu is finally published20:52
rsalvetiogra_: if around, we can already trigger a new build20:52
rsalvetioh, ok20:53
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cyphermoxso if you restart ofono after NM is running, you'll get everything20:53
cyphermoxbut if ofono has time to bring up the modems before NM notices the dbus service is up, you'll be missing those20:54
cyphermoxthis is why you can then restart NM to get the full list, because in that case the ofono dbus service is already up, so for sure you need to enumerate devices20:55
rsalvetiright, but here nm is always starting before ofono20:57
rsalvetia bug, but not necessarily related with this issue20:57
cyphermoxit's a reasonable thing to explain the current behavior20:57
cyphermoxand it's easy enough to fix that it will improve our understanding of the problem regardless of whether it is the actual cause or not20:58
cyphermoxrsalveti: notice the order in which things happen too20:59
cyphermoxie. Jun 11 20:31:0920:59
cyphermoxNM notices ofono appeared then20:59
cyphermoxbut the modem was actually brought up...20:59
cyphermoxhere: Jun 11 20:31:08 ubuntu-phablet ofonod[540]: src/modem.c:emit_modem_added() 0x151c78020:59
cyphermoxrsalveti: can I upload a fix for this to the ppa?21:01
cyphermoxor actually21:01
cyphermoxprior to that we'll test the fix21:01
cyphermoxrickspencer3: I'll get you updated NM packages21:02
rickspencer3cyphermox, sure21:03
MinsteI can't connect to 3g? Have done the step-by-step guide, but when i try to "nmcli con up id mobildata" i get "Error: Unknown connection: mobildata."21:16
Minsteany tips for getting 3g connection on my galaxy nexus?21:18
pmcgowanMinste, is that the id of the connection in the system-connections file21:21
pmcgowanMinste, make sure you see it with nmcli dev21:22
Minstepmcgowan: nmcli dev gives me DEVICE     TYPE              STATE         /ril_0     gsm               disconnected  wlan0      802-11-wireless   connected21:23
Minstealso have tried to use ofono scripts and id are mobildata21:23
pmcgowansounds right then21:24
Minstepmcgowan: phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ sudo cat /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/mobildata [sudo] password for phablet:  [connection] id=mobildata uuid=8b235f54-7148-43d2-9492-dfd96c20332121:25
pmcgowanrsalveti ^^ any ideas?21:26
pmcgowanMinste, did you try bringing wifi down first although I dnot think you should need to21:26
rsalveticyphermox: mind if I review the debdiff firsT?21:27
rsalveticyphermox: just to have some sort of review there21:27
rsalveticyphermox: right, ofono is sending the signal, but nm might not be getting that21:27
rsalvetiwhich was what I had here last week21:27
rsalvetibut couldn't reproduce it anymore after we fixed everything21:28
rsalvetiMinste: to be able to connect you first need a valid modem interface for NM21:28
rsalvetinmcli dev is not showing the ril interface21:28
rsalvetikind of the same issue we're debugging here21:28
cyphermoxrsalveti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5756308/21:28
rsalvetiMinste: is it the first time you're trying to connect or did it work before?21:29
pmcgowanrsalveti, it is showing it /ril_021:29
cyphermoxindeed, it is21:29
Minsteactually I can't disable wifi. my wifi has id:dlink. when i do "nmcli con down id dlink" = non error, but when I do a nmcli dev it still are connected.21:29
rsalvetioh, right21:29
Minstethis is the first time21:29
cyphermoxMinste: check the permissions on your connection file in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections21:29
cyphermoxit should be 60021:29
rsalvetiso it's probably an issue with the network id21:29
Minstehow can i check permissions?21:30
rsalveticyphermox: +1, just remove ~mtrudel121:30
cyphermoxls -l21:30
cyphermoxrsalveti: that was for my ppa21:30
pmcgowanadb shell ls -l /etc/...21:30
rsalveticyphermox: cool, but feel free to push it to saucy and raring21:31
Minstephablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ls -l /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/mobildata -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 150 Jun 11 22:55 /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/mobildata21:31
rsalvetiyeah, need to change that21:31
rsalvetisudo chmod 600 /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/mobildata21:31
cyphermoxMinste: indeed, sudo chmod 600 /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/mobildata ; sudo touch /etc/NetworkManager/system-connectons/mobildata21:32
cyphermox(I touch it after because I noticed NM didn't see the connection sometimes21:32
Minstetouch: cannot touch ‘/etc/NetworkManager/system-connectons/mobildata’: No such file or directory21:33
Minsteforget it21:33
Minstemy fault21:34
MinsteIt works :D Thanks21:34
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alo21I can't receive sms and calls on my galaxy nexus22:56
alo21I am in italy23:00
sergiusensalo21: please log a bug http://sergiusens.github.io/posts/good-logs-for-telephony-and-wifi-bug-reporting.html23:35
E-P_Hey anyone know is ubuntu touch working on Nexus 7 3g? According website codename grouper is working on nagasig? Getting error while installing ubuntu touch with asser failed message23:40
E-P_*assert failed message23:40
E-P_installing .zips with clockworkmod23:41
sergiusensE-P_: you probably need to remove the assert in the updater-script in the zip23:41
sergiusensE-P_: but I'm not aware of the hardware differences so I'm not going to advise on how to do that23:41
E-P_what is the assert doing in the package?23:44
sergiusensE-P_: checking if the product id is correct for that zip23:45
E-P_thx sergiusens, im gonna skip installing unbuntun touch it might be that kind of newish version of the tablet is not supported23:49
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