MooDoomorning all06:59
MooDoomorning popey07:30
brobostigonjust so everyone knows, if i seem in a bad mood, my gf broke up with me this morning, by sms.07:31
brobostigonvery, yes.07:33
* brobostigon curses the existence of the mobile phone and the sms.07:34
SuperMattoh hey, gotta congratulate canonical on all the features they added to iOS707:40
MooDoobrobostigon: hugs :(07:40
brobostigonMooDoo: hugs, thank you, :(07:40
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mungbeanhang on , is xbox £600 or not?08:13
* mungbean confused08:13
dwatkinsI thought the XBone was $599, which probably translates as it being £599 in the UK eventually.08:28
dwatkinsif you compare other currently available products, we often pay about as many pounds as you'd pay dollars in the US for stuff.08:28
=== BigRedS_ is now known as BigRedS
popeyps4 is 350GBP08:32
bigcalmWhat's wrong with a bit of string and a cat? Hours of fun08:33
apacheuk_cat6 or cat508:34
mungbeani saw xbox pricing is £429 though dwatkins08:34
mungbeanmaybe thats a hobbled version08:34
mungbeanjust to set a baseline rpice08:34
ikoniapopey: has that price now been confirmed on the PS4 ?08:35
popeyit was in their announcement08:35
dwatkinswhatever MS do, they can't take back the fact they tried to force always-on DRM upon the world, I'm pretty sure the XBone will sell very poorly compared to the PS4.08:35
ikoniaI didn't think it had been confirmed08:35
ikoniacompared to Microsoft's numbers today that seems good08:35
popeyit was on a slide in their presentation08:36
ikoniadwatkins: unless a killer must have game comes out, the xbox is of little interst to me08:36
ikoniathey appear to have built a multi-media-home-hum+games box08:36
ikoniarather than a games console08:36
mungbeanif anything i'm more likely to get ouya type device, or steambox08:36
ikoniaand at £430 that's a lot when I just want to play games08:36
popeyprice in the story and on a slide08:37
ikoniathank you popey08:37
ikoniaI hadn't seen that08:37
mungbeani can't believe the console worshippers at these events08:38
ikoniaworshippers ?08:50
mungbeanwooping with joy, fawning and showing adoration08:51
mungbeandid you watch the bbc clip?08:51
ikoniano, the flash movie doesn't work on my linux laptop08:51
awilkinsYeah, the only appeal of the XBone is if someone cracks it and it turns out to be a cheap PC for the money08:53
mungbeanby design ikonia ?08:53
awilkinsBut even then, is it really worth it for all the hassle and having no warranty, etc08:53
awilkinsAlready have an i7 PC with 8GB of RAM08:54
ikoniamungbean: well, I've not installed flash plugin, so yes08:54
mungbeanor chrome08:54
ikoniaawilkins: the appeal of the xboxone is if someone forgets it's supposed to be a self facilitating media hub and remembers it's a games console, and develops some fantastic games08:55
awilkinsikonia, They could do that for a real PC and cut out the middleman. Basically the same APIs anyway.09:00
awilkinsUnless they fathom some astounding use for Kinect09:01
awilkinsKinect was rather more interesting in the world of utility computing than games09:01
dwatkinsikonia: agreed, I might get a PS4, but definitely not an XBone09:01
ikoniaawilkins: a console is a nice playing experience though and not everyone uses PC's these days09:01
awilkinsikonia, I think that's basically where Steam are going with their Big Picture project09:01
awilkinsikonia, A PC with a UI optimized for tellies09:01
ikoniadwatkins: both interest me, however the XBone (only just realised that clever play on words) needs some killer games to open my wallet09:02
awilkinsWhich is really what an XBox is anyway09:02
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Corn on the Cob Day! :-)09:02
directhexyou're making these up09:02
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directhexikonia, awilkins, i'm going to copypasta my console thoughts from elsewhere, because laziness.09:03
directhex<directhex> i'm going to wait & see, personally - i want to see a gaming experience which couldn't run on a 360 with the model detail turned down. something genuinely "next gen"09:03
directhex<directhex> the current generation, for me, was defined by Dead Rising, the first game which was impossible on ps2/xbox/gamecube09:03
dwatkinsikonia: for me, the significantly higher price, lack of reselling games and always-on Kinect mean that even if a game I really want to play is only available for the XBone, I'll be very unlikely to get one09:03
dwatkinsYeah, Dead Rising was a great game. I gather Dead Rising 3 is XBone only.09:04
ikoniathe second hand game thing is unusual09:04
ikoniadirecthex: yes, I want to see something and play something that makes me say "wow"09:04
dwatkinsikonia: yeah, I was very surprised at that - they seem to have forgotten that kids sell 2nd hand games and use the money to buy new[ish] ones09:05
JamesTaitdirecthex, I think *someone* is making them up, but it's not me.09:05
directhexdwatkins, dead rising 3 isn't "next gen" though. we already know dead rising is current-gen :p09:05
directhexdwatkins, i want the expanded hardware to open up opportunities for entirely new gameplay experiences, like dead rising originally did09:06
dwatkinsdirecthex: oh, there's nothing "new" in this 3rd version? That's a shame.09:06
ikoniadirecthex: ok - you're running microsoft's xbox division, what do you want to see09:06
dwatkinsyeah, next gen should mean games do something different, take advantage of the CPU/GPU grunt, networking etc.09:06
directhexwell, too early to say. but i feel confident saying they could run dead rising 3 on xbox 360, if they ported it, without any significant change to the gameplay experience. worse graphics, sure, but same core game09:07
dwatkinsI imagine GTA VI will be XBone only, as MS will probably pay Rockstar any money to have it on their console.09:08
awilkinsI think the only real revolutions can come from peripheral hardware at this point09:09
awilkinsLike the Wii09:09
directhexikonia, imho the key "next gen" feature in both the ps4 and xbone is the quantity of RAM. let's take skyrim as an example - skyrim is what you get if you build an open-world game for a console with 206mb of game-usable main memory. what do you get from a system with 20 times that, in terms of immersive world?09:09
ikoniadirecthex: ok, I'm following09:09
awilkinsRAM is OK but CPU is needed to run that RAM09:09
awilkinsThe more cubic game units you are running "live" the more CPU you need09:10
ikoniaI'm going to make a retro request, make some good quality games that can be played with a simple controller, less human interface interaction09:10
awilkinsWhich could be a feasible use of the alleged Cloud Computing aspect09:10
ikoniaI'd like to see quality old school style games with a moden twist09:10
dwatkinsBubble Bobble 3D09:10
directhexpong... 3d!09:11
awilkinsYeah, I like the look of things like Transistor for example09:11
awilkinsIsometric 2.5D with interesting gameplay09:11
directhexawilkins, mono on ps4!09:11
awilkinsMono? As in OSS .NET runtime?09:11
ikoniaI wouldn't quite say that old09:12
awilkinsIt makes sense, Bastion was Mono09:12
directhexikonia, ultimately the games i enjoy most have a strong narrative - i like to be told a story. that doesn't mean cut scenes and stuff - but it does mean strong art direction, and a world inhabited by characters i should care about09:13
awilkinsAnd you can cross-compile with Mono to native code, so it doesn't have to be a CLI running on PS4 to be developed in Mono09:14
ikoniadirecthex: I agree, to an extent, the bottom line is the basis of the game play should be good, rather than as you say nice cut scense.09:14
mungbeandirecthex: have you played dear esther?09:14
awilkins(CLI == .NET Common Language Infrastructure in this case)09:14
directhexawilkins, it is though. sony have a mono fork. it's the core of their indie offering.09:14
awilkinsdirecthex, Looks like Sony are grokking it better than MS. Although I suppose they went through the pain with OtherOS09:15
awilkinsMaybe they are in the "If you can't beat em, join em" stage09:15
directhexmungbean, i keep getting stuck within the first 5 minutes, which leaves me thinking "what the hell is this arthouse nonsense?"09:15
mungbeandear esther09:16
mungbeanwoops wrong window :P09:16
directhexawilkins, also relevant: http://www.scei.co.jp/psvita-license/mono.html09:16
mungbeanit is described as "experimental"09:16
awilkinsI mean, whale on EA, but I quite enjoyed Dead Space, and actually liked 2 and 3 better than 109:16
mungbean"The status of Dear Esther as a video game has been contested by reviewers,"09:17
DJonesAnybody heard of a webhost going bust in the last 10 days, a messageboard I use went offline about a week ago, the admins reason was that the hosting provider went bust and they were having difficulties getting it transferred to somebody else, just wondering which provider it might have been09:17
awilkinsWhich goes back to the "games with a story" aspect ; I really enjoyed sticking it to the Church of Unitology in the third one, carving their followers up with my plasma cutter like they were just necromorphs who didn't know it yet.09:18
ikoniadirecthex: zelda, secret of Mana, I'd love to see good "new" versions of that, but without things like Wii controllers, or Kinnet.09:18
awilkins"Hey, what do you know, cutting the limbs of PEOPLE works well too"09:18
directhexawilkins, i didn't buy DS3 - the idea of a horror game co-op makes no sense to me09:19
directhexalso, every game witrh forced co-op is terrible09:19
awilkinsdirecthex, I didn't play it co-op09:19
directhexikonia, wind waker remake excites me09:19
directhexawilkins, co-op with a bad AI09:19
ikoniayes !09:19
awilkinsdirecthex, It isn't forced, it's side-missions only09:19
awilkinsdirecthex, So I guess I missed out on some shinies09:19
awilkinsWind Waker but using a mic in the controller09:19
awilkinsYes - to play this one, you actually have to be Not Tone Deaf (tm)09:20
awilkinsWhistle the songs09:20
awilkinsThere's enough CPU power now you wouldn't even have to pause the action to think about what tune was being whistled09:20
mungbeandoes anyone have problem with firefox text tearing when slow scrolling09:21
* awilkins uses Chrome mostly now09:21
mungbeanrippples of lines etc09:21
awilkinsOr Chromium09:21
mungbeandisabled smoooth scrolling09:21
mungbeanseems to fix09:22
BigRedSmungbean: I've not seen any09:22
directhexmungbean, x11.09:22
awilkinsSmooth scrolling probably depends on hardware support09:22
directhexif it tears, it's x11's fault and unfixable09:22
mungbeanits a rippling effect09:22
awilkinsWhich means an unholy mess of drivers and other software have to collude to make it work properly09:22
mungbeanchrome is more busy on my disk09:24
mungbeanchug chug chug09:24
awilkinsPulseaudio : still annoying09:25
awilkinsMostly I think people who moan about Pulseaudio are going overboard09:26
mungbeanpulseaudio caused my youtube to speed up double speed in chrome yesterday, and half speed in firefox09:27
BigRedSI haven't had a problem with Pulse for as long as I can remember now09:27
BigRedSand, generally, I'm annoyed by all software09:27
Laneygrah ubuntu pastebin graghrhg09:29
Laneyrequiring authentication to download plaintext is the worst09:29
awilkinsFor me, Pulse has this one intermittent fault where it gets it's knickers in a twist when the audio breaks down a bit, and then you have to kill it and restart or all it produces is noise09:31
awilkinsHappens quite often if you're hopping around in videos, for example09:31
awilkinsLaney, I can see why they've done it, stops them being used as a general Naughty File Repository09:32
LaneyI know why09:32
awilkinsLaney, I find it mildly annoying also :-)09:36
Laneybecause I love having to manually copy and paste instead of wgetting |: :| |: :|09:36
awilkinsOch, yes, things that use horrible auth schemes that wget can't grok09:37
awilkinsV. annoying09:37
awilkinsLike CollabNet Teamforge file download thing09:37
awilkinsi) Needs cookie based auth so you can't use wget09:37
awilkinsii) Doesn't allow download resumes09:37
awilkinsiii) Their datacentre is over-utilized09:38
awilkinsSo you have a 500MB download that takes AAAGES and then falls over after 480MB and you bite the table09:38
awilkinsIn the end we resorted to downloading the file to one of our hosted machines and then fetching it via WebDAV from our home folders09:39
awilkinsBut to download it we had to install a whole desktop environment and NX on the remote server because as mentioned, stupid cookie based auth09:39
awilkinsWhich wget and text-mode browsers couldn't grok09:40
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davmor2Morning all10:03
* popey tickles Gary 10:06
* Gary likes that10:06
bigcalmMorning Gary & davmor210:06
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davmor2bigcalm: hey dude10:12
awilkinsNot for long10:51
Garywoot, almost lynchtime10:52
dwatkinsgood, I'm starving10:53
mungbeandoes anyone else have problems with monitors in portrait mode appearing blurry10:55
GaryI have a problem with everything being blurry10:56
Garyoh, I forgot to put on my glasses, oopsy10:56
awilkinsmungbean, I expect they might be blurry - is it mostly the text?11:01
awilkinsThe typographic stuff is all designed to anti-alias text on pixels in the normal orientation11:02
mungbeani suppose screens are not designed for sideways text?11:02
mungbeanis it fixable?11:02
awilkinsYou used to be able to mess with the settings11:02
awilkinsAbout sub-pixel rendering11:02
awilkinsBut I think it's one of the things that was removed in the great quest for not giving users too much control over things11:02
mungbeanactually using windows atm on that machine11:03
awilkinsAh, well, ClearType settings widget11:03
awilkinsDunno if it copes with vertical pixels but that's your best hope11:03
awilkinsApparently not11:04
awilkinsOnly works on vertical pixel stripes ordered RGB11:04
awilkinsMaybe if you turn it off things will be non-smooth but non-blurry11:05
awilkinsAnd apparently Ubuntu supports portrait model subpixel rendering11:06
mungbeanwhat's a good price for 2nd hand wii fit board and wii fit games11:09
Myrttiomg its Gary11:20
MooDoowho's garry?11:24
popeygary was one of the very first people in this channel11:26
Myrttior #ubuntu, or #ubuntu-offtopic11:27
Laneyhow do I get irssi to tell me when this channel was created?11:30
Laney10/06 19:48:39 -!- Channel #ubuntu-uk created Sun Nov 26 06:42:45 200611:30
Laneybah, can't find that old logs site pre-loco-channels-using-irclogs.u.c11:32
DJonesLaney: Just ask Gary, I thought he was the original founder11:33
Laneyfound some stuff on archive.org11:34
Laneyhttp://web.archive.org/web/20090107162546/http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2006/11/09/#ubuntu-uk.html is the earliest one that I found available11:35
GaryDJones, I took over from the founder, ages ago!11:38
JamesTaitGary! Welcome back!11:39
DJonesGary: Ah, I thought you were the original, uncopied, one and only :)11:39
MooDoopopey: sorry I know who gary is just couldn't remember the surname :D11:39
GaryDJones, I am original for sure11:39
MooDoohe is the one and only.....er ok no singing11:40
Garychannel was regged 8 years ago, I was only here, as me, 7 years back odd11:40
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Seeker`Who was the original founder? I have a feeling that LMM owned the channel when I first started coming here13:27
Garyyes, that was it!13:28
Garyoh my13:28
Seeker`That log must have been very shortly before I joined13:28
Seeker`Registered : Nov 20 23:44:23 2006 (6 years, 29 weeks, 1 day, 13:44:07 ago)13:29
Seeker`when my nick was registered13:29
popeyi am pretty sure LMM arrived later13:29
GaryI get " Registered : Dec 11 09:51:55 2004" for this channel13:30
popeyhe arrived around sept 2006 iirc13:31
Seeker`popey: what was his real name?13:31
Garyand is he still a councillor (local village council or something)13:31
popeynik butler13:32
Seeker`first appearance on the mailing lists I think13:32
Seeker`I can't remember 2006 properly :P13:33
mungbeananyone used get_flash_videos script?13:36
Garyblimey, linuxworld was 2006!  wow13:37
MooDooyay my first appearance in the ubuntu uk mailing list - 2006 october :D13:38
MooDoothink i setup my launchpad about then too13:41
popeyso LRL 2005 must have been the one where LMM got his name13:47
popeyoh, no13:48
popeymust be 200613:48
popey2005 was the first one, and I didn't go to that13:48
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popeyso LMM got his name on 23rd July 2006 during a Q&A13:50
brobostigonmy launchpad is apparently 07.05.200813:50
Dave2I thought the first LRL was 200413:52
Dave2oh, no, I only missed 213:52
Dave2so must've been 200513:52
popey2005 was at the statium13:52
Dave2I went to 07, 08, and 0913:53
davmor2popey: I still have my Ubuntu tshirt that LMM put together for the linux world13:53
Dave2LinuxWorld was definitely 2006 because it was during freshers week when I'd just started uni so couldn't go13:53
davmor2pre canoncial shop13:53
MooDooI went to the one in 200613:54
Dave2Apparently my launchpad account is from 2005. What was I doing with a launchpad account in 2005.13:55
davmor2I was pimping jokosher man that seems like a lifetime ago13:55
mungbeanwhat happened to that?13:55
popey!info jokosher13:55
lubotu3jokosher (source: jokosher): simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.5-5 (quantal), package size 1131 kB, installed size 4088 kB13:55
MooDoojust posted onto g+ a pic I took from LRL 2006 :D13:55
mungbeanisn't raring the latest release?13:56
mungbean!info jokosher raring13:56
lubotu3jokosher (source: jokosher): simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.5-5 (raring), package size 1131 kB, installed size 4088 kB13:56
davmor2MooDoo: you were at LRL13:56
MooDoodavmor2: yes in 2006, I've put a pic on google+ :D13:56
popeyhah, i think LMM has me blocked on his G+13:56
GaryI remember trying to chat up jono at LRL AND linuxworld!13:57
popeyif I look at his G+ in a private browsing window I see his posts, but not if I look when logged in.13:57
MooDoodavmor2: check FB!13:57
Garypopey, he hates you?13:58
popeymust do13:58
MooDoodavmor2: they were bright yello if I remember13:59
popeyhe still has his ubuntu t-shirts ☻13:59
davmor2MooDoo: the are indeed13:59
MooDooI've still got mine that he did as well....need a new one though13:59
GaryI've still got mine too, plus a few tshirts14:00
popeyooh, another blast from the past.. Mark Harrison14:15
MooDooblimey not heard that name in awhile14:16
MooDoothen again not seen or heard from paul sladen in awhile with his bike14:18
popeysladen pops up now and then ☻14:18
davmor2I remember refusing to allow sabdfl into the very first LRL without having his hand potato stamped :D14:21
davmor2The best of it was when he saw it was an actual potato he was all up for it :)14:22
* popey tags the image14:24
* Laney only went to one LRL14:46
Laneythe last one...14:46
* mgdm went to '0814:47
MooDooI think there should be a big reunion LRL tour 201414:50
MooDooDon't Listen Alone - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txfuND_KYz014:50
davmor2MooDoo: propose it to jono and wait for the laughter to die down14:52
MooDoodavmor2: pah rid a man of his dreams why don't you14:53
davmor2MooDoo: I didn't say it wouldn't happen just that the laughter would need to die down before you carry on with the conversation :D14:53
MooDoosuppose we could all do it google+ lol14:56
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daftykinsdoh - the age old dilemma - can't read the windows product key on the laptop COA sticker 'cause it's worn off with age :(16:28
mgdmthere's a tool that can grab the key from a running Windows image16:29
MartijnVdSdaftykins: isn't it in ROM?16:29
MartijnVdSdmidecode or something?16:29
mgdmMartijnVdS: the Windows product key? Why would it be in ROM?16:29
MartijnVdSmgdm: some Windowses can read it from there16:29
daftykinsmgdm: yeah, but manufacturers install with OEM copies and their SLIC licenses16:29
daftykinsso the key inside the OS isn't the COA sticker one16:29
daftykinsit's really annoying because it's so close to being readable16:30
daftykinsi've got a VM up right now i'm trying to type guesses into :D16:30
MartijnVdSdaftykins: photo + some sliders in gimp?16:30
daftykinsmight be worth a go, yeah16:30
daftykinsooh hang on16:30
daftykinsa character just changed16:30
daftykinsaww nah now it instantly rejects it16:31
popeyI hateses all license keys16:32
directhexmgdm, that's the windows 8 thing now. cd key is embedded in rom, not printed on laptop16:32
mgdmdirecthex: Oh, "nice"16:32
directhexalso, no more oem media. you use the windows 8 "reset" option to restore the hardware from the recovery partition16:33
directhexcrapware & all16:33
daftykinsfun times!16:33
daftykinsbut you can get 8 images easy so there's no need for that16:33
popeyI don't think I've even touched a machine that has Windows 8 on it.16:35
daftykinsa friend bought an Asus with it on, he called me and asked me to get rid of it ASAP :)16:36
daftykinsthat's the only time i have - first time i had to do an EFI install too16:36
* MartijnVdS did an EFI install on his new Haswell machine16:36
MartijnVdS(which had no OS on it ever before)16:36
MartijnVdSgetting an UEFI-booting USB stick was the hardest bit16:37
MartijnVdSunetbootin' doesn't make them16:37
daftykinso rry?16:37
daftykinsthey should be informed of this16:37
MartijnVdSthe "usb-creator" software in Ubuntu does work16:37
daftykinshrmm i think i've got this key right but it's just not being accepted, despite my using a matched disc image16:39
daftykinshow rude16:39
daftykinsdoes anyone fancy having a go? :)16:39
* shauno dusts off the rubber mallet16:40
popeyI'd end up just getting a key off some random website16:40
popeyespecially if it's a legit copy16:40
daftykinsnah, there are methods to inject SLIC data into memory at boot16:40
popeyand phone and shout at MS if it fails16:40
daftykinsso you can enable a legit manufacturer-auth'd laptop16:40
daftykins'Windows Loader' is a program that does it16:40
daftykinsyou're just in danger of any future Windows updates possibly trashing it then16:41
daftykinsi always keep systems legit where i can, never had to use the above16:41
popeyyeah, i have two windows installs, both legit16:41
* popey puts on some Donna Summer and boogies till he pukes16:43
Dave2I hope you're going to clean that up16:44
popeywhat a complete and utter16:44
popeythat too16:48
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popey0.744 is my fastest16:51
daftykinsi've got an image of this license key up if anyone would care to let me link them for guessing?16:54
mgdm0.513 :|16:54
popeyali1234 is quite good at that16:54
mgdmbecame easier when I noticed it doesn't care about capitilization :-)16:55
brobostigonthat was weird, bbc1/2 itv1 ch4 ch5, totally dissappeared from the sky box, untill i restarted it, and they came back.16:59
shaunoyou gotta wonder where we're going with this, when you have to reboot the TV17:00
daftykinsdone a firmware update for fun?17:00
brobostigondaftykins: no firmware update, that i know of.17:00
daftykinsfor the sky box? they happen all the time and there aren't really public knowledge of the dates17:01
zleapthere has been a message on my digi box to say retune the box,  i did and it still comes up maybe it just needed a restart for the same reason17:01
brobostigonah, could have been then.17:02
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* AlanBell contemplates an upgrade to saucy18:24
MooDoodavmor2: hello I guess jono stopped laughing :p18:24
davmor2MooDoo: did he now :)18:25
MooDoodavmor2: have you not seen the g+ comments on my image?18:25
davmor2MooDoo, popey: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha we'll see18:30
MooDoodavmor2: so there :p18:35
MooDoonever under estimate the power of the dark..er er :)18:35
davmor2Myrtti, MooDoo: butt, helmet!  You two are putting nothing into the word association game are you ?18:40
* ^aDaM yawns18:58
^aDaMDamn what has Ubuntu done to me? up early hours on Linux is not good :D18:59
^aDaMBut keeps my brain updated so I suppose it is good.18:59
^aDaMpopey, you got me hooked and I will never load a Windows cd in my drive again ... infact!19:00
* ^aDaM brakes all his OEM M$ CD/DVDs..19:00
* ^aDaM CRUNCH!19:00
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daftykins^aDaM: nooooooo19:54
AlanBellhelp, I got stuck in an upgrade http://paste.ubuntu.com/5756056/20:01
daftykinsooh-err, dependancy and version hell20:09
AlanBellyeah :(20:09
zleaphi all20:10
daftykinshey zleap20:11
DJonesAlanBell: On the basis you were asking about Saucy, have you checked in +1 might be something they've come across20:13
AlanBellnah, this is a separate thing altogether20:15
daftykinsindeed, looks like an older install20:17
daftykinsAlanBell: do you get anywhere manually installing a different one of the kernel deb's first from the APT cache? that's my only idea 'cause i'm a bit too noob20:17
daftykinssurely the sequence wouldn't matter but *shrug*20:18
daftykinsweird it's looking for older stuff :D20:18
popeyAlanBell: still not fixed?20:20
popeyAlanBell: is this a vm guest?20:21
popeyAlanBell: apt-cache policy linux-headers-generic-pae20:21
AlanBellit is a vm guest, but I installed it, nothing odd about the kernel setup20:22
popeywhat kernel is it currently running?20:22
AlanBellnow this may have something to do with it20:23
AlanBelland I removed that kernel by accident earlier as it was the oldest kernel in the list and I needed the space20:23
popeythats ye-olde20:23
AlanBelldidn't realise how long this server hadn't been rebooted for20:23
daftykinsi'd nuke all the older ones than currently installed, autoremove, then boot into the newest and try install again? but then i'm a newb20:24
popeyhow did you accidentally remove it?20:24
popeyapt or rm?20:24
AlanBellapt-get --remove20:24
AlanBelland it printed a warning that it was the running kernel as it cheerfully carried on and removed it20:25
* ^2fC try's to sudo apt-get -make sandwich in Terminal.20:26
* ^2fC E: Invalid operation sandwich20:26
popeymight be wise to reinstall that ye-olde kernel with dpkg first?20:27
popeyto get yourself straight?20:27
AlanBellso find the .dep in the archives and dpkg it20:27
popeywget it from http://ubuntu.mirror.cambrium.nl/ubuntu//pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-3.2.0-23-generic-pae_3.2.0-23.36_i386.deb20:27
daftykinsi've taken off the running one after installing a new one before, but not the other way around20:27
daftykinsi don't think that's necessary, you've got another 2 or 3 at least on, why not just reboot into a newer one?20:27
popeyor yes, apt-get install linux-image-generic-pae=3.2.0-2320:28
AlanBellit won't let me with apt-get20:28
popeydpkg should20:28
AlanBellyes, it did20:28
popeydaftykins: because it's generally better to tidy stuff up rather than reboot and hope20:28
daftykinsok, i see no hope to it though20:29
popeyi like tidy ☻20:29
popeyI dont like rebooting machines with a broken packaging setup, it's icky20:29
daftykinsfair play sir20:29
AlanBellyeah, me too, especially if the kernel is the borked bit20:30
daftykinsbtw after our talk of paella the other day, i just now finished a large one to myself20:30
popeyAlanBell: is that letting your apt-continue, now thats installed?20:30
daftykinsco-op claimed it was for 2 - pah20:30
AlanBellnope, similar problem . . .20:30
popeyoh, the co-op ones are okay20:30
daftykinsit was their fancy range though - £6 :S20:30
popeymaybe you also need the 3.2.0-23 headers etc?20:30
popeythe only downside is it lacks much chorizo and the fish can be chewy/overcooked20:31
popeybut nice enough20:31
daftykinsyeah i wouldn't say it broke my top 320:31
daftykinsok i've got to reboot my host, downsides of having Linux VMs atop a Windows system ¬_¬20:32
daftykinscurious to see how that goes though AlanBell20:32
daftykinsback shortly \o20:32
popeyAlanBell: odd you have an old half-installed kernel it seems20:32
popeycan you remove linux-generic-pae=
AlanBellE: Version ‘’ for ‘linux-generic-pae’ was not found20:38
popeymiss the .46 off20:38
AlanBellE: Version ‘’ for ‘linux-generic-pae’ was not found20:38
AlanBellalso E: Version ‘’ for ‘linux-image-generic-pae’ was not found20:39
popey  Version of linux-image-generic-pae on system is
popeyoh, its 3.2.0-3820:39
popeystupid apt lies20:39
popeyso apt-get remove linux-image-generic-pae=3.2.0-3820:40
AlanBellE: Version ‘3.2.0-38’ for ‘linux-image-generic-pae’ was not found20:40
popeydpkg -l linux-image-generic-pae | grep 3.2.0-3820:40
popeyis it listed?20:40
AlanBelliU  linux-image-generic-pae                    Generic Linux kernel image20:41
popeyah thats yes20:42
popeydpkg -r linux-image-generic-pae=
popeyi _think_ dpkg allows you to do that20:42
AlanBelldpkg: error: package name in specifier 'linux-image-generic-pae=' is illegal: character `=' not allowed (only letters, digits and characters `-+._')20:42
popeyso no20:42
popeywhat does it try to do if you dpkg -r linux-image-generic-pae  ?20:43
AlanBellooh, it removes something20:44
popeynow what if you apt-get -f install?20:44
AlanBellfan flipping tastic20:44
popeyis that good?20:44
AlanBellyes, very good20:45
AlanBellyou must pop round for lunch/beer soon20:45
daftykinsah finally back21:06
daftykinsdid you crack it in the end?21:07
daftykinsputting that one back on cracked it?21:08
popeyno, removing the busted package21:08
popeydpkg -r linux-image-generic-pae21:08
daftykinsjust some sort of partially-installed failure then?21:09
xnoxczajkowski: what the heck!21:27
xnoxczajkowski: i mean, what the heck!21:27
czajkowskixnox: pm!21:27
* czajkowski peers at Laney oi 21:31
Laneyczajkowski: when's hackntalk?21:33
Laney(is that what it's called)21:33
Laneynm I decided not to be lazy and googled it21:33
czajkowskilater this month21:33
czajkowskiafter I move house21:34
czajkowskireally didnt thinkn that one through21:34
Laneygoing far?21:34
Laneynot so far21:34
daftykinsi heard that place is quite the dive21:34
Laneywhat a nice thing to say21:35
Laneyhmm, there's some cheapish advance tickets to LDN on that day21:36
czajkowskiLaney: come visit!!!!21:36
Laneywill there be pub after?21:37
Laneyi.e. should I get a late evening train back?21:37
czajkowskiLaney: we didnt the last time21:37
daftykinsLaney: you should book a room in a hedge21:37
czajkowskibut no reason to not go for a beer21:37
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