snap-lGood morning12:10
brouschNo. We're all getting some sickness12:12
snap-lUgh, that's not good12:13
snap-lJoDee's been fighting the allergy creeping crud for weeks now12:14
rick_h__yea, sick boy at home today so ugh here as well12:42
snap-lbtw: MUG meeting tonight12:43
snap-lHigh Performance Computing12:43
snap-lTried to get work to have a Charity Jeans Day for the EFF. Unfortunately it's hard to convince folks that the EFF is not a political organization13:01
snap-lAlso hard to come up with computing / technology charities that don't come off as "that's nice, dear"13:02
jrwren_good morning13:11
snap-lOffered up Child's Play and Wikimedia13:13
snap-lHey, if it means I can wear jeans, I'd support seal clubbing13:15
snap-lI'm easy that way. ;)13:15
jrwren_wtf is a jeans day?13:15
jrwren_why couldn't you wear jeans?13:15
snap-lBecause we're in a cubicle environment13:16
snap-land dress code is such that we don't normally wear jeans13:16
snap-lIt's like going to Catholic School again. :)13:16
jrwren_dress code, wow.13:18
jrwren_how soon I forget.13:18
snap-ljrwren_: Yeah, and they don't even have a Foosball table13:19
snap-lIt's like Stalag 13. ;)13:19
snap-lBut on the plus side, I can listen on my headphones, and I run Ubuntu on my machine13:21
snap-ljrwren_: No, but they have a Keurig13:23
snap-lIndustrial strength beastie13:23
jrwren_not all bad then13:26
snap-lYeah, so if it means I have to put on khakis instead of jeans, I'll manage.13:27
snap-lbut I'll do everything in my power to wear jeans as much as possible13:27
snap-lhence the intial onus for charities to give money to in order to wear said jeans13:28
jrwren_i prefer non jeans to jeans anyway.13:38
jrwren_and its sweet that you get to raise money for EFF13:38
snap-lWell, unfortunately no13:40
snap-lEFF was too political for them13:40
snap-lso I'm looking for alternatives.13:41
jrwren_GNU? :)13:42
snap-lTHought about it13:42
snap-lbut I'd rather the office didn't show up in three-piece suits in protest. ;)13:42
snap-lActually, GNU might not be a bad one since we use their stuff13:43
snap-lbut it's a hard sell next to "feeding homeless orphans" or "stomp out debilitating disease"13:44
snap-l"Free Software" <- "I already get all my software online for free anyway".13:45
jrwren_snap-l: those are good ones.13:50
jrwren_snap-l: the bad one that gets all the money is the Komen Foundation.13:51
snap-lYeah, and I have a hard time supporting the UNited Way as well13:53
snap-lUW is extremely forceful in trying to get money.13:53
jrwren_they have a well trained sales force :)13:54
snap-lThey have programs where employees can be shamed into giving13:54
snap-lI do not condone their practices.13:54
jrwren_rick_h__: http://blog.futurefoundries.com/2013/04/unittesting-with-localized-patching.html14:46
jrwren_or hell, pythonistas ^14:46
rick_h__jrwren_: cool, yea. I think people dump to DI to quick in languages that allow such flexibilility like python/js14:49
jrwren_me too14:49
rick_h__lol! I need some of these! http://www.leevalley.com/US/wood/page.aspx?cat=1,42207&p=7078814:49
snap-lrick_h__: Dude, totally14:59
snap-lalong with a brown leather top hat15:00
jrwren_i just love replacing a modules module instance temporarily with that with block. that is a great hack15:01
brouschWeird. I was just thinking about that kind of thing in today's Safety Committee Meeting15:01
brouschrick_h__'s goggles, that is15:01
greg-grick_h__: only $10, why not?!15:02
brouschAh, not rated for industrial15:02
greg-gthat just means jrwren_ shouldn't get one15:04
greg-ghe wouldn't be able to take em to the club15:05
snap-lAre they at least rated for dark wave?15:05
snap-lcold wave even?15:05
* snap-l still doesn't know what the difference is between dark wave, cold wave, and electropop15:05
snap-lnot that I care either15:06
* greg-g shrugs15:06
brouschCrap. Only 2 weeks to move my ass off of Google Reader15:13
rick_h__yea, removed reader from my phone today, along with the listen podcast app15:14
brouschWhat are you using?15:14
rick_h__newsblur and dogcatcher15:15
brouschI live in Reader and Listen15:15
rick_h__though I keep having this idea of ditching rss for a week and see what happens15:15
snap-lI used BeyondPod for podcatching15:15
snap-luntil I moved everything to the Squeezebox15:15
rick_h__I've paid for pocketcasts and I guess they do sync'ing15:15
rick_h__dogcatcher has syncing in a beta program I need to get into15:15
rick_h__would be cool to listen to podcasts across tablet and phone15:16
snap-lPocketcasts interface really bugged me15:17
rick_h__yea, why I went to dogcatcher15:17
rick_h__been using it on the tablet for months, but not moved on the phone15:18
snap-lNeat thing about the Squeezebox: it'll read from an OPML file15:19
snap-lso you can use a text editor to manage your podcasts, and not have to use their shit interface15:19
snap-lI just added the file as one of my favorites15:19
snap-lI think I'm going to take an identi.ca / pumpio holiday when the changeover happens.15:24
brouschUg. The newsblur interface is giving me hives15:29
rick_h__brousch: yea, it's ugh15:29
rick_h__brousch: spend some time tweaking it and you can tone it down15:30
rick_h__brousch: http://uploads.mitechie.com/lp/newsblur.png is how mine looks15:31
brouschIt's all so busy15:31
brouschyours is better15:32
rick_h__yea, go through the options and such15:32
rick_h__took me a few days to get it to where I didn't want to stab something15:32
brouschI'm in the sandbox15:32
rick_h__still not a huge fan, but oh well15:32
brouschI wonder if I could live without an Android app15:35
snap-lbrousch: One way to find out. Delete your Google Reader app on your phone15:40
snap-lnot like you won't be doing that in 2 weeks anyway.15:41
brouschI rarely use it on the phone, but often on my tablet15:44
jrwren_rick_h__: i need advice on those testing fakes.16:04
jrwren_should I include all the fake things in a single context or use many contexts?16:04
rick_h__jrwren_: so personally I like using the Mock library to use @patch decorators to take care of the bits I need in the single context.16:13
rick_h__jrwren_: then I might just add patches I use a lot into $Mymodule.testing as pre-written function helpers16:13
jrwren_rick_h__: awesome. I don't know what you just said, but it sounds awesome.17:05
rick_h__jrwren_: http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/mock/patch.html + http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0417/17:06
snap-lI'm glad I'm not the only one. ;)17:06
rick_h__jrwren_: with http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-jitsu/charmworld/trunk/view/head:/charmworld/tests/test_models.py#L983 as a potential example using it as a context mgr vs a decorator17:07
jrwren_Foord's page is 503 :(17:08
rick_h__oh hmm, loaded here17:09
jrwren_oh, does after a reload, wierd :(17:09
rick_h__http://mock.readthedocs.org/en/latest/patch.html tbe17:09
snap-lOh wow, that's nice.17:09
rick_h__yea, the Mock library really helped me get into testing more.17:09
rick_h__fits my brain a lot better and it's going into the stdlib in 3.3 or 3.4?17:10
rick_h__so cool to get on board with one in the stdlib17:10
rick_h__but anyway, in that patching os example, I'd just have patch'd it local to my test17:11
jrwren_/usr/local/bin/python3.3: No module named mock17:11
jrwren_oh, unittest.mock17:12
brouschgreg-g: Is there an Geodata API for wikipedia ?22:19
greg-gbrousch: first DuckDuckGo result: https://blog.wikimedia.org/2013/01/31/geodata-a-new-age-of-geotagging-on-wikipedia/ ;)22:21
snap-lrick_h__: Coming to MUG tonight?22:22
rick_h__snap-l: maybe22:52
rick_h__greg-g: http://uistage.jujucharms.com/precise/mediawiki-8/23:41
rick_h__front page woot http://uistage.jujucharms.com/fullscreen/23:42
rick_h__6mo work finally on by default yay23:42
snap-lTIme for the heavy drinking. :)23:42
rick_h__heh, missed the jobs section of the meeting :P23:43
snap-lI think you'll manage23:43
snap-lTrust me, working for the auto companies is ... suboptimal23:43
snap-lTHink of me as your career Titanic. ;)23:44

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