tgm4883so I somehow managed to accidently upgrade to saucy :/03:16
nibalizerdoing it right03:23
bkerotgm4883: How's bleedingedge?03:29
tgm4883bkero, it's not so bad. Not too many crashes03:30
tgm4883bkero, unity needs some tweaking though03:30
tgm4883apparently someone thought it was a great Idea to have everything default to preview mode03:30
bkeroUninstall ALL the glances.03:31
tgm4883well I'm probably going to reinstall 13.04 and install the amd 13.6 beta driver03:32
tgm4883I'm not entirely sure what a glance is03:40
tgm4883it seems dumb though that a left click now does exactly the same thing as a right click03:40
bkerensatgm4883: your supposed to want to upgrade to saucy... thats the idea behind testing ;p06:11
bkerensatgm4883: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/118865606:17
lubotu1Ubuntu bug 1188656 in unity (Ubuntu) "Bring back single left mouse click to open unity dash icons" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:17
tgm4883bkerensa, I agree. I just wish I knew how it upgraded to saucy16:51
bkerensatgm4883: sabdfl did it... they have root you know ;)20:38

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