InHisNameSo, what to do with a MutantTurkey ?00:01
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waltmanWhat's that bright thing up in the sky this morning?11:33
JonathanDMust be a cloud.11:33
waltmanHmm, could be11:36
waltmanIt was pretty wet yesterday. Was the holodeck acting up again?11:37
JonathanDI think it was leaking.11:37
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:10
SamuraialbaGood bacon to all!13:19
SamuraialbaHow is it going?13:28
SamuraialbaNew DELL R200 came in14:08
SamuraialbaNext purchase will be another DELL14:08
Samuraialbabut.. Need cash first14:08
Samuraialbasetting up some TS and Mumble boxen and Minecraft14:08
Samuraialbathis server is QUIET14:08
ChinnoDogSamuraialba: You have so many servers. Maybe you should open your own data center.14:12
SamuraialbaThinking about it14:13
ChinnoDogGood Bacon Hosting15:01
ChinnoDogFree bacon salt with every order.15:55
MutantTurkeybacon macon shamacon17:35
ChinnoDogVPS sizes will include "The Strip" and "The Slab"18:04
ChinnoDogManagement plans vary between "raw" to "extra crispy"18:08
jthanssh-agent ftw?18:09

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