chris4585cyberanger, same, I have pretty good faith in sony, so far they have looked like they know what they are marketing00:08
chris4585a game console..00:08
chris4585the sony conference starts in 20mins00:09
cyberangeruhh, faith in the company that removed the other os feature, think I'll wait for valve00:15
cyberangersteam box00:15
cyberangeridk, just can't really believe either of them anymore00:18
wrstcyberanger: isn't a steam box just going to be customized ubuntu?00:31
wrsti'm sure some nice hardware00:31
cyberangeror debian, or something00:39
cyberangernot sure how far they're gonna tweak it either00:39
chris4585cyberanger, that is ture, but sony couldn't hurt their image more than microsoft right now00:53
cyberangerI can agree with that, however I don't think either have hit rock bottom yet00:57
chris4585I mean, sony has always appealed to me, but I'm really shifting now to PC gaming01:11
chris4585but I'm still really interested, mostly just for the game reveals01:11
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