pleia2meeting in 10 minutes :)17:50
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pleia2who all is here for the meeting? :)18:02
pleia2#chair Cheri703 Deindre18:02
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Cheri703 Deindre pleia218:02
pleia2#agenda http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda18:02
pleia2so it looks like our only agenda item is our blueprint18:03
pleia2#topic Ubuntu Women UDS-1305 Goals18:03
pleia2#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-1305-ubuntu-women18:03
pleia2Cheri703: do you need some help reaching out to folks for career days? (one of my items is helping you :))18:04
Cheri703uhm, yes. What I think I'll do is set up a google form so folks can input topic, desired day/time (or even desired month and go from there), and then I can send it out to folks18:05
Cheri703so I will let you know when I set that up and then request your assistance in getting contact info for everyone18:05
pleia2maybe checkboxes for months they might be available so they can check multiple? (probably want to space them out, only one per month seems to work well)18:06
Cheri703yeah, that's a good idea18:06
Deindreyes, it is18:06
pleia2ok, I can help with the form when you have a draft18:06
pleia2I haven't started working on the survey, I will in the next couple weeks (before our next meeting, certainly)18:06
Deindrepleia2: I'm very interested with the survey, because my talk on GUADEC18:07
pleia2Deindre: great, I'll make sure I launch the discussion on list so everyone can help18:07
Deindrelet's work together on it if you want18:07
pleia2sounds good :) AlanChicken also signed up to help18:08
pleia2(hehe, chicken)18:08
pleia2I was at AdaCamp this past weekend and was able to talk to a woman from WoMoz, I might be helping them out to do some profiles of women in their community18:10
pleia2so yay collaboration :)18:10
pleia2last thing on the blueprint looks like competition stuff, Cheri703 - have any plans there?18:11
Cheri703Now that your wedding and my move have settled, we need to get cracking on this18:11
Cheri703we need a. questions, b. "official rules", c. announcements/promotion18:11
Cheri703we need people to help with this. I know pleia2 and Pendulum were slated to help, did we have any other specific volunteers?18:12
Cheri703I can't honestly remember18:12
Cheri703if we try to limit participation to women only, that will be difficult because no one knows you're a dog on the internet18:14
pleia2I think we just need to trust that the people identify as women18:14
Cheri703ok, so you think it's alright to have a stated "women only participants" type of thing?18:15
pleia2that's how it's been for all our past things18:15
Deindreyes, why should a men faints to be a woman?18:15
pleia2the goal is to engage women in something related to tech and ubuntu18:16
Cheri703ok, as far as other rules, I'm thinking: one entry per IP address (could even have a link to what is my ip so folks can enter it in the form), only fully completed entries will be checked, only fully correct entries will be entered in the drawing for the prizes, 3 prizes total18:16
Cheri703chosen at random18:16
Deindresounds good18:16
Cheri703any other rules we should include?18:16
pleia2I think we also trust that the person is a real person, no IP address, just have them specify city, state, country (if they lie, we can match up address they give us with what they said in their form and deny sending)18:17
Cheri703ok, that works too18:17
pleia2address they give us to send prizes, that is18:17
pleia2we won't require a specific address to participate, I think it will be interesting to see roughly where participants are from though :)18:18
Cheri703yeah, definitely18:18
DeindreI'm not totally agree in ask address18:18
pleia2other than that, sounds good18:18
pleia2Cheri703: I can draft up the rules if you want to start working on putting a questions spreadsheet together18:19
Cheri703sure. I probably won't get to it today, but hopefully by the end of the weekend18:20
Cheri703if you are going to draft up rules, you can also explain prizes18:20
Cheri703one sec while I grab links18:20
Cheri703(as in, if you're prepping for a blog post or such)18:20
pleia2#action pleia2 to create doc and mail list to get survey questions going18:20
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 to create doc and mail list to get survey questions going18:20
pleia2#action Cheri703 to create private questions spreadsheet for competition18:21
meetingologyACTION: Cheri703 to create private questions spreadsheet for competition18:21
pleia2#action pleia2 to do first draft of rules for competition18:21
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 to do first draft of rules for competition18:21
pleia2I'll share the draft, so you can add in prizes if you want ;)18:21
Cheri703ok, sounds good, I'll have to find the links again18:22
pleia2just figure we get rolling with small tasks for now18:22
=== AlanChicken is now known as AlanBell
Cheri703sounds good18:23
Cheri703that's enough to get us started at least18:23
* pleia2 nods18:23
Deindrepleia2: I open a google drive document https://docs.google.com/document/d/15R5zL_647H1HNT_JQtYt3btZpuofY2k1nCOsTktykZY/edit?usp=sharing18:23
pleia2Deindre: I already have one, just need to structure it and share it out18:24
Deindreak ok, :)18:24
pleia2AlanBell, Deindre - if you want to PM me the gmail account you want me to send it to I can do that in a bit18:24
pleia2#topic Any other business18:26
pleia2anyone else have anything they wanted to talk about?18:26
pleia2alright, I think we can wrap this up then18:29
pleia2thanks for all the volunteering! good to see :)18:29
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jun 11 18:29:29 2013 UTC.18:29
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